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The Pinkerton Detective Agency

In the mid to late 19th century, there were few police forces, few public security forces, and the US Military was quite small.  Such times allowed for private security, law enforcement, and military forces to thrive.  The largest and most powerful private security firm in the world at the time was the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, founded in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton.  During the later half of the 1800’s, if you needed a stagecoach full of valuables guarded, needed to protect a train from robbers, needed the services of mercenaries, needed a private detective, or even needed a bounty hunter to hunt down a notorious outlaw, “The Pinkerton Guards” were your go to guys.

Most of the Agency’s services focused on providing security guards to protect wagons, trains, and stagecoaches transporting valuables, especially bank and payroll funds.  However the Pinkerton Agency could provide a large number of special agents for a variety of services.  During the American Civil War, the US Government hired Pinkerton Agents as bodyguards for Abraham Lincoln, other politicians, and Union Generals.  Unfortunately for Lincoln the man assigned as his bodyguard the night of his assassination was not a Pinkerton Guard, but an incompetent local police officer.  Pinkerton Agents could also serve as detectives, trackers, and bounty hunters.  In 1895 a Pinkerton Detective named Frank Geyer became famous for tracking down and apprehending the infamous serial killer H. H. Holmes, who operated a hotel in Chicago where he tortured, mutilated, and murdered somewhere between 27 to 200 people.  Perhaps the most famous case of the Pinkerton Detective Agency was their nationwide hunt for the “Hole in the Wall Gang”, a pursuit that was so dogged Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was forced to flee to South America.

At its height the Pinkerton Detective Agency had tens of thousands of employees and sported more armed men than the US Army.  In fact, in some cases the Pinkerton Agency could provided uniformed soldiers for private military contracts.  Despite the Agency’s wide variety of services, the Pinkerton’s became most notorious for their use by wealthy industrialists as strike breakers.  In the 1870’s Pinkerton Agents successfully infiltrated and broke up the “Molly Maguires” in the Pennsylvania coal mines.  Pinkerton Agents also took part in breaking mining strikes in Colorado and West Virginia, including the infamous Ludlow Massacre.  In 1892 300 Pinkerton Agents were hired by Henry Frick to protect Andrew Carnegie’s steel factories from striking workers in Homestead near Pittsburgh.  It is unknown who fired the first shot, but the agents opened fire on the strikers, killing 16 and wounding 23 others.

By the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Pinkerton Detective Agency began to decline as local, state, and federal government agencies began to take over their duties.  The Agency saw a revival during World War I and Prohibition.  Today the Pinkerton Detective Agency is now called “Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management” and operates as a security company under ownership of the Swedish company Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc.









Winn, at least, is in the midst of an adventurous tryst with his own sweetheart-from-outer space when he comes to realize that Lyra is a thief of the grand variety. “She uses Winn to break into an art museum, saying, like, ‘Hey we’re just gonna have fun’ — and they do have fun,” Jeremy Jordan shares with a smile. But when Lyra (Tamzin Merchant) uses her

extraterrestrial ability to avoid detection by security cameras to pinch a priceless painting, it’s Winn who is left holding the bag.

“Winn is feeling very deceived by Lyra, somebody he’s put his full trust in and fallen very fast and very hard for,” Jordan says, adding: “It goes down a pretty dark path. Winn and Lyra’s future is definitely up in the air after this big deception.”

If there’s any silver lining, Jordan points out, “I get a couple really fun scenes with Floriana [Lima],” as Maggie does her best — though it may not be good enough — to keep Alex’s DEO colleague out of the clink.

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Avvarian Marriage

Disclaimer: All of this is completely canonical knowledge. Nothing headcanoned, there are sources for it and I’ve gathered from every source that I could. This includes: Codices (A Good Marriage), Dragon AGE: Blood in Ferelden (Where Eagles Lair) P.78, Dragon Age Core Rulebook, In-Game Dialogue (Jaws of Hakkon). Nothing is headcanon and nothing is taken from an unreliable sources (i.e. Wikipedia).

I did promise it for all those interested. If you haven’t, you might want to also check out my Burials post. It includes Avvarian burial practices, as well as that of other races in Thedas. Also just for reference:

*Clan in this post means (family unit)

Basic Information

The first thing to be said about Avvarian Marriages is that they are not long or permanent. It is up to the couple to retain the marriage if they so wish, by completing the untying of knots at the end of their marriage cycle.

Because of these relatively brief unions and naming conventions, Avvar do not take or change last names like other human cultures.

Avvar do not often marry within their Holds, as Avvarian Holds are often made up of the Thane’s family and the clans of extended family members. In order to avoid this, they are more likely to marry Avvar from other, neighboring Holds.

Although it should be mentioned, that Avvarian Brides who are taken to a new Hold are expected to give up their ties to their old Hold for loyalty to their new home. This is due to the fact that even allied Holds can go to war with one another at any time, given a good reason. Because of this, most brides are met with scrutiny by their old Holds.

The Ceremonies

The First Ceremony: A Kidnapping

Courting starts with the kidnapping of a bride, though it never without the Hold’s or bride’s consent. The kidnapping is always partially arranged in advance by at least the elders of the target Hold and clan, and the one announcing intentions.

A groom who kidnaps a bride without first announcing intent or trying to wrongfully kidnap a bride without permission will be put to death and a blood feud started with the intruder’s Clan or Hold.

Before the kidnapping, the kidnapper may approach their bride-to-be directly and secure her help on the success of the kidnapping. On occasion, a bride-in-waiting may approach a man she wishes to be her husband, if she finds one she desires before another comes to her.

With permission given and a plan laid out, a warrior will prove himself by slipping into the Hold and securing his bride without detection. A warrior caught on his first try is beaten severely, but never to death. However, on his second try, if he is caught he is sentenced to death, usually by Hold Beast.

The Second Ceremony: A (Un)Tying of Knots

“Sounds like a good deal to me. See if you like living with your handsome new husband or wife once the bloom’s worn off.” ~A Good Marriage 

Once a bride has been kidnapped and taken to her husband’s Hold, they then participate in an Untying of Knots. The bride will tie knots in a piece of rope, she will then sing the hymn of a selected God while her husband unties the rope. For every knot he is able to untie, before the Bride finishes her song they will be married another year.

Once the number of years of marriage are up, the Avvar can perform the knot ritual once more or they can separate, there is no requirement for them to stay together if they do not wish it. Both bride and groom can be remarried to each other or to others at any time after the years allotted are up.

The Bride’s Influence

Despite the kidnapping of the Bride, the Bride has many times and chances to reject the union, giving her the most power when it comes to completing a Marriage Ceremony.

She is given a choice at the beginning, to give the groom permission to kidnap her. Should, for some reason, the kidnapper not heed her wishes, she can then do whatever she can to undermine his kidnapping. If he is caught, and was never given permission, he is immediately executed (see above).

Should the kidnapping succeed, either unrightfully or if she has second thoughts/wants a shorter marriage. The Bride is then able to influence and sabotage the Knot ritual. She can chose a shorter hymn, chant it at whatever speed she wishes, and tie the knots as tight a possible to make it harder on her husband-to-be. Though her husband-to-be can also choose to only untie as many knots (or untie none at all) as he wishes.

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You know, I've had this in my mind for a while. But, at some point (i forget when) you said something along the lines of villian!izuku sneaking into the class 1A to terrorize the students. And the first thing that popped in my mind afterwards was "... how did he even get into UA in the first place? how did he bypass security?", and now, with the recent post, the question came back in the "mouse man didn't stop me" part, and I can't help but wonder if he let izuku because of reasons...

how did izuku bypass security, indeed. i’m pretty sure izuku could break in, he just might not be able to do that undetected. that’s not his concern, though, he mostly just wants to raise hell for the hell of it. the first time izuku breaks in, he calls the principal as he does so ( “hey, this is [izuku’s villain name here] but you can call me deku!! just to let you know, i’m breaking into yuuei right now to visit bakacchan, but i’ll be out of your hair in a jiff.” ) and gets chased off the premises by aizawa. 

every time he breaks in, he calls the principal, actually. he doesn’t really have to – the security system would detect him and notify nedzu anyways – but it doesn’t take long for nedzu to realize that it’s a gesture of good will. an “i mean no harm” message, if you will. in fact, izuku is quite nice about the whole thing – he never tries to hack the system, and he (usually) stays in sight (when not setting up some kind of trap). nedzu wouldn’t call deku “not a threat,” but perhaps he can say he “has no ill will to the students.” he’s curious, and he does some digging. 

“ah, [izuku’s villain name here]? he’s…something,” says tsukauchi. “he stole my coffee machine the last time he was here, but he replaced it with a small cabinet of alcohol with the instructions for a molotov cocktail taped to it. i don’t know.” 

“he’s been showing up at yuuei quite a lot recently,” nedzu says. “is it worth the time to try and stop him?” 

“no,” says tsukauchi immediately. then, “it’s easier to let him do what he wants. i have been trying to arrest him for years and it never works. he seems to have taken a shine to your school; he won’t do it any permanent harm.” 

“he is a villain,” nedzu reminds tsukauchi. 

tsukauchi sighs. “i know. but he…how do i say this? he’s compassionate, and he cares. i think he might have been a hero if he wasn’t raised a villain, but… well. the first time i met him, he reverse pickpocketed me and gave me ten dollars he just stole from the bank. what’s the point of stealing from the bank if you only take ten dollars? i don’t know. he’s weird, but he doesn’t do irreparable damage. he even helps sometimes.” 

“helps?” nedzu queries. 

“this is off the record,” says tsukauchi, “but [izuku’s villain name] saved some of our deep cover agents, once. he…well, it certainly isn’t legal. but he’s intervened where neither heroes nor police can, before. and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been investigating a case and some important information mysteriously gets stuck to the bottom of my desk with gum.” 

that seems to be the general consensus from the heroes: deku is a chaotic, destructive villain, but no one has ever been permanently injured or killed by his attacks. “and even his attacks seem more like highly elaborate pranks,” midnight tells nedzu. “he attacked gang orca’s office after it suffered a large-scale villain attack, once, but it was mostly just confetti and a very sparkly game of dodge. then he gave gang orca an amateur attempt at a wedding cake. the office chased him off, but they seemed happier afterwards.” 

nedzu thinks about it, and he watches deku as he tricks yuuei students into fighting smarter and harder. interesting indeed. 

the next time deku calls to tell nedzu he’s breaking in, nedzu says, “why not stop at my office for a talk, first?” 

there is a pause. 

“do you have tea?” deku asks. 

“quite an excellent selection,” nedzu says, and laughs. 

“i’ll be right there,” deku says cheerily, and hangs up. 

the discussion is enlightening. deku never manages to sit still for more than a minute before his attention starts wandering, consumes three cups of tea, and pulls out something that looks a bit like a gutted clock’s innards to fiddle with during their talk. (he also starts to take apart nedzu’s clock before nedzu stops him, at which point he puts the thing away.) nedzu gets the impression that deku is trying to behave, which is really quite entertaining. 

“you may visit yuuei,” nedzu says, “but i have some conditions.” 

“sure,” says deku. “it’s your turf, right? that’s fine.” 

nedzu smiles. “excellent,” he says. well, he was expecting more resistance than that. deku really is strange. “first – no harming the students, physically or psychologically.” 

deku has climbed onto nedzu’s desk and sat himself there in the time it took to say that. “are you sure? is that like, a rule rule? is no fighting allowed?” he looks disappointed. so very disappointed, and he has a truly splendid pair of puppy-dog eyes. 

“no permanent harm,” nedzu clarifies, and is amused by the way deku lights back up. 

“okay, can do!” deku chirps. “what else?” 

they hammer out some ground rules. no excessive property damage; no interrupting a lesson more than twice a week, and not for the same teacher in the same class. things like that. overall, a very productive session. nedzu offers izuku a yuuei ID before he goes, but izuku pulls a face and waves him off, citing the fact that he hates paperwork. the ID isn’t even paperwork – it’s a card – but izuku is not dissuaded. 

probably for the best, nedzu thinks, amused. he peels the tracker disguised as a sticker off the ID. no sense in wasting resources. 

he’ll keep an eye on things, but as long as yuuei students remain unharmed, he’ll do nothing else. 


or, the one where izuku respects nedzu for reasons unknown, and nedzu is amused and takes advantage of this, and nedzu also sits back and enjoys the show.


Fall greetings from United Nations Security Dogs at UN Headquarters in NYC.

Our canine colleagues are from all over the world with distinct personalities and talents. Every day, they come to work with their handlers to keep all the staffers, delegates and visitors on the UN premises safe. Our K9 dogs are highly trained by UN security officers for the detection of explosives and firearms. They spend their days checking vehicles, meeting rooms, packages and more.

Thanks to the handlers and their four-legged partners for all they do to keep us safe!

📷: UN Social Media Team / Elif Gulec


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  • what she says: Jim being part changeling is possible I guess but idk
  • what she means: Jim being part changeling because of one of his parents would explain so much. it would explain how an amulet meant for trolls could’ve chosen him to be the Trollhunter. it could explain why his father left he and his mother so out of the blue. it could explain part of why Strickler takes such an interest in Barbara, a seemingly human woman, if she had been with a changeling before or has troll blood in her own veins. it aligns with the foreshadowing Jim says in regards to Strickler being a changeling “if he’s one, i’m one”. and you can argue the horseshoe didn’t affect Jim, but we’re given multiple examples of things designed for trolls that don’t work right for Jim because Jim is not a full troll, like the amulet at first and the furgolator. It makes sense that an item designed for a full changeling wouldn’t work right either if Jim is only part changeling. this could also be how Jim manages to get through the Darklands without being detected in s2. when Toby sticks his head through the small portal we witness a frightening glowing creature fly at him, demanding to know who he is, as if the glowing creature is a sort of security system in the Darklands meant to weed out anyone who doesn’t belong. But if Jim has changeling blood in him perhaps the security system won’t detect him since the Darklands is the home of the changelings. this could be how Jim stays alive. this could be how he saves (or doesn’t save) Enrique. if Jim were part changeling he’d be bridging not only the trolls and humans as the Trollhunter (as he’s done so far, starting to erase the prejudice trolls have toward humans) but also the trolls and the changelings (as he’s also started to do, extending the olive branch to NotEnrique and Strickler, and in turn encouraging his teammates to begin trusting them too). if the other trolls can also see past their prejudice toward changelings, if they can see the hypocrisy in pitying Arrrgh for being kidnapped by the GumGum and forced to be something he wasn’t but condemning changelings for essentially the same thing, if they can do that, perhaps again starting with Jim, the Trollhunter they’ve come to trust and respect, then maybe they can come together. this could dismantle the Janus Order and in turn give the trolls and changelings a common enemy: Gunmar. this could be why Jim was chosen to be the Trollhunter instead of just another troll. because if he’s part changeling, he represents trolls, humans, and changelings; he bridges the gaps between all of them, brings them all together. and perhaps the time has come for them to do so, to put aside their differences and work together to defeat what threatens them all, so that they can then, hopefully, exist in relative harmony at last.

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Hesitant Kiss prompt for Thulaz, our sweet soft boys 💕

Ulaz strode down the dark, quiet hallway. A pair of gleaming yellow eyes watched him from the other end of the corridor, waiting. The shadow approached and Ulaz met him under the ultraviolet glow of the Galra ship’s lights. They stepped into an alcove where the security cameras couldn’t detect them unless they were at a precise angle, which only happened once every two minutes.

Thace leaned close to Ulaz so that the surveillance couldn’t pick up his words. His breath drifted hot across Ulaz’s face. “Here is the information you requested. Destroy it by midnight,” Thace whispered, and pressed a flash drive into Ulaz’s hand. His fingers brushed against Ulaz’s palm as he did so, and Ulaz’s heart fluttered. It was the first intimate touch either of them had felt for months. The Galra empire didn’t tolerate such distractions.

Thace made a move to pull away, but Ulaz grabbed his arm and gave him an imploring look. Without words, he had to convey that the temptation of standing so close to him was too great to bear.

“We shouldn’t,” Thace said, but by the way his breath hitched, Ulaz could tell he was desperate for it too.

They stood there for another moment, bodies pressed together and mere inches between their lips, before they gave in. Thace touched his lips to Ulaz’s, and Ulaz responded with his teeth and tongue, pulling Thace in for an electrifying kiss that would hold them over until their next encounter.

Then, too soon, Thace pushed him away. “Be safe, love,” he whispered, and turned on his heel and went back the way he came.

Ulaz knew he should feel satisfied with that, but as he watched Thace walk away, he just felt frustrated. How could he give him a taste that only left him wanting so much more?

fic: forgetting the future

Summary: kid fic, mostly but not entirely fluff, in an au where season nine never happened. two days in the lives of a young william and the people in his life.

Notes: I meant to post this about a month ago (the reason why will become apparent if you read) but deadlines are hard, especially self-imposed ones.

Length: about 4,500 words

Will awakens abruptly, sensing someone in the room with him. He twists his head around to face the doorway. “Mr. Skinner.” He blinks in surprise and confusion, still disoriented with sleep.

Skinner feels a little uneasy. He and William are somewhat friendly, but he isn’t a regular babysitter, not by any means, and he doesn’t quite know how to talk to the boy. “Your parents, they had to run an errand,” he explains. “I’m going to take you to summer school today.”

William’s parents’ instructions for how to deal with Mr. Skinner are complicated. On the one hand, he is expected to be extra well-behaved and respectful (the only other people he has to call “Mr.” are teachers), but on the other, his dad once said that if he ever gets a bad feeling about him, he should “kick him in the ‘nads and run like hell.” His mom later agreed, then taught him the proper technique for such an action, and also that the better term is “genitals.” They still have regular self-defense nights, which William loves, because he gets to beat up on his mom and dad, and they always have ice cream afterwards.

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The Justice League is an organization housing the most powerful superheroes. Bartholomew Henry Allen has been struck by lightning, gaining the ability to vibrate his molecules at incredible speeds. Flash can evade anything and even travel through time. Victor Stone is a former college athlete and football star. Following a horrible accident, his father saves him via the use of a Mother Box that crafts cybernetics onto him. After becoming a cybernetic organism, Cyborg has various superhuman powers, like the ability to interface with technology and the power to reshape parts of his body into equipment, and the freedom to alter the shape of his left arm into a cannon, which generates concussive blasts of blue plasma that are hot enough to disintegrate debris. Diana Prince is a warrior princess who works as an antiquities dealer. As the daughter of Zeus, Wonder Woman is an extremely powerful being whose strength rivals that of the strongest beings. By clashing her bracelets together, she can release a huge spherical blast of orange energy to send anyone flying. She is also roughly 5,000 years old, making her an ageless immortal. Arthur Curry is the king of Atlantis. Thanks to his half-human physiology, Aquaman can survive on both the surface and underwater. Bruce Wayne is a muscular vigilante whose condition surpasses that of any fit human. Batman is a skilled marksman, utilizing his Batarangs and grapple gun with a high degree of accuracy. Batman is an immensely formidable master of stealth capable of breaching high security facilities without being detected. He has an extremely fearsome presence and can instill fear into the hearts of criminals, with some not even daring to shoot him after he fiercely gazes them in the eye. Although he has no powers, he has tremendous determination, which makes him an extremely formidable foe.

Color, by Nick Romano.

To be lonely

I just watched the Lego Batman movie, and how funny it is when a kids movie hits you right where it hurts. For those who haven’t seen the movie don’t worry I won’t spoil it. I am just going to say that the theme of loneliness is explored, so I felt inspired to write this, usign Jason Todd. Hope you like it and excuse the grammar. Good night :) 

It had been a while since Jason visited the Batcave, truth to be told, he did everything he could to avoid it, too many memories; but tonight he needed to talk with Bruce, something was going to happen in Gotham and whether he liked it or not the help of the Batman was required. It was late but still too early to find Bruce at the Batcave, more likely he was patrolling; Jason thought he should be doing the same, he should be helping Kori and Roy with the investigation of this new threat but tonight was one of those nights. Sometimes Jason just needed to be alone. There were days were all the noise in his head became too much to bare and being around people didn’t really help, but ironically being alone also didn’t help either, but when he felt like that it was easier to be alone. Usually he would just wander around the city until he found a place high enough to get away of all the stridency of the city, put on his earphones and loose himself in the music for a while until it was time to go back to reality. And even though the Batcave was full of memories he tried very hard to ignore, right now he needed the shelter of better times. Once he mocked Alfred’s sentimentality, his knack of nostalgia and his predisposition for keeping memorabilia, back then he didn’t know that he wasn’t that different. He was standing in front of his old Robin suit, and right beside it a picture of him and Bruce, a picture that commemorated his first night as Robin, taken of course by Alfred himself. Jason’s thoughts were interrupted by music. American money by Borns, that was odd, Alfred’s taste in music was excellent but it wasn’t much actualized, and definitely that was not Bruce. He followed the music and it lead him to the supercomputer. There he found (y/n), the new Oracle since Barbara returned to be Batgirl; she was working on her own laptop, she must have connected it to the speakers of the supercomputer for the music was too loud to be coming from the laptop, she was drinking whisky, neat. That surprised him, (y/n) didn’t look like a girl that drinks specially a neat whisky. He didn’t know her very well, but regardless, he liked her because she was one of the few people inside the bat circle that didn’t harass him; she let him be.

He approached her but the music was so loud and she was so concentrated in her work that she didn’t hear him so when she saw him she got startled and almost dropped the whisky on her laptop. When she recovered herself she turned down the volume, she debated between hiding the bottle of whisky or to just leave it there, he had seen it anyways so she left it there, still she felt embarrassed.

“Um, hi Jason… can I help you?” Said (y/n).

“I am waiting for Bruce actually”.

“Oh, ok”. (y/n) looked extremely uncomfortable, clearly she didn’t know what to do or say. Barbara had told him that she was nice, but too serious and shy, she needed to establish enough trust with someone to show her true colors, before that she was plain awkward. So he decided to soothe her uneasiness.

“That’s a cool song, you like Borns?”

“I like this song, and Electric love too”.

“So you only like those two song of Borns?”

“It’s just that I am more of a song person more than an artist person”.

“I get it”. Jason was looking at the bottle of whisky, (y/n) noticed it and blushed, and actually her face was full on red.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell, can I have a glass?”

“Sure”. (y/n) took another glass and poured the liquor. “Do you take it neat?”

“Neat is fine, thanks”. Jason smiled at her.

That smile made him look younger, Jason rarely smiled; (y/n) hadn’t seen Jason a lot of times but when she did he never smiled. It was a nice smile but it disconcerted her, why was he being nice to her? He barely knew her.

“Where is Alfred?” Asked Jason.

“He went to sleep, he felt tired. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you entered the cave without being detected?”

“The security system it’s still the same, when I was Robin Bruce thought me how to activate and deactivate it”.

In that case, she had to talk with Bruce about upgrading the system, if he could enter than someone else might be able to do it.

“What are you working on?” He doubt she would tell him, nevertheless he asked, just to keep the conversation going.

“I am… investigating on the recent events that have been going on, of the people that has been under the influence of some substance that has made them hallucinate of strange figures and attack other people”.

Good, they were working on it. “Any idea who is doing it?”

“No, I hope that when Bruce comes back he will have a lead, or new evidence”.

He nod, and drunk his whisky. For a while he drunk in silence and (y/n) put the music back on and went back to work. Jason enjoyed her taste in music, it went from The Killers to Jimmy eat world, Artic Monkeys, Adele, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, MØ, and even Drake and Daddy Yankee, who would have thought.

He liked this, the silent company. It was a nice change, Kori and Roy were good friends but sometimes he found them overwhelming; he was grateful for them, he would never admit it though. But they were rarely quiet and were always trying to make him talk when he didn’t want to, and right now she was giving him what he wanted without even knowing. Curiosity sparked within him; what was she doing here at this time of the night? Did she have a family or friends? He didn’t want to make assumptions but she seemed to be a lonely person. Loneliness wasn’t something new to him or in the super hero world, but she was a normal person who could live a normal life. Then why did she look so lonely?

“(y/n) hope you don’t mind, but can I ask you something?”

(y/n) felt wary at this turn of events. What could he possibly want to know? Jason Todd intimidated her; she was not afraid of him, she didn’t believe that he would hurt her, it was just that he was so… astounding. So secure of himself, so strong and imposing, like nothing could put him down; it was admirable and also intimidating.

Even so she found herself saying: “Yes”.

“Why are you here? I mean, don’t you have someone waiting for you at home or somewhere else to be?”

Of all the things he could have asked those were the least expected. And she didn’t expect them to hurt this much. Dumbstruck, she did what she always did when she couldn’t answer a question: Respond whit another question.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, it’s Friday night and even though and invisible threat it’s looming upon Gotham, I think there is still time to enjoy, and no offense but you are not a metahuman, a vigilante, a police officer, or a…”.

“Hero?” She finished for him.

“Yeah. So why are you here?”

She could have counteract by asking him the same thing, wasn’t he supposed to be patrolling as well? That was her common response, to be defensive when she felt attacked or questioned. But she didn’t find anything insulting in Jason’s tone, he was honestly curious, it was like he was saying instead: If I were you, I wouldn’t be here, I would be anywhere else with my love ones, enjoying myself… living; you can afford that, why are you here instead?

It was a valid reasoning, she had asked that to herself; so she answered honestly.

“I don’t have nowhere else to be; my family is not here in Gotham, which I am grateful for and making friends it’s not my strong suit, so here I am”. She wasn’t going to tell him about her self-esteem issues, of how she felt that if somebody got to know her for who she really was, she wouldn’t be love; he could figure that out himself he was smart. Her tone came out defensive, she didn’t intent to but she couldn’t help it, at least it was an honest response.

“I am not judging, honestly, I am a reserved person to”.

She gave him a look that said No shit Sherlock. God, how many whiskies had she drank? She was feeling less and less nervous and more like herself. Sad that she required alcohol to be herself.

And how many whiskies he had? She doubt he was a lightweight. He seemed quite loose.

Anticipating what she was thinking he said. “It’s just that… don’t think that I am presuming of knowing you, but you seemed to me like a person that like me, is lonely, and the only person that I know that is like that is Bruce… and I wonder why do we do that? Why do we isolate ourselves? Why are we so afraid of establishing connections? Do you ever ask yourself this questions?”

Boy, he was more intense than what she believed.

She could have excused herself or simply denied to answer his questions, she didn’t own him anything. But she could tell that he longed for answers and maybe she wasn’t the correct person to give him those; yet, she could calm his worries.

“Jason, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your isolation, and Bruce’s, are normal. You guys have gone through very difficult situations, you’ve been hurt, let down multiple times; nobody can blame you for doing that, and you are protecting yourself, who wouldn’t? Your behavior is justified. But me, I have no excuse. I have a family, but I keep them away for reasons I cannot understand, if I wanted to I could be in a relationship or to have friends, still I don’t. I have no excuse. So don’t feel bad, you are not wrong”.

Now Jason was the one who was dumbstruck. No one had ever tell him something like that: That his feelings weren’t incorrect. For once in a long time he felt understood. (y/n) looked at edge, he had touched a nerve, he meant no harm, and he hoped she knew that.  

“I better go, it’s getting late, and Bruce will be here soon”. (y/n) wanted to leave, she had said more than she intended to.

“I’ll accompany you”. Jason offered.

“No need, but thank you, you can have the rest of bottle if you want”.

She quickly gathered her stuff and before leaving she wish him a good night and left before he could say anything else.

How strange was to find someone that had an idea of what he felt; he wanted to tell her to also not be too hard on herself. Positively, she likely hadn’t gone through the same things than him and Bruce had gone, but he heard so much sorrow when she spoke those words to him. She had gone through some things as well, that was obvious. He wanted to tell her to not lessen her pain, which was unfair. Next time, he would tell her that she made him felt less alone. Something he didn’t believe that could happen.


Staff Sgt. Brian Vosper, the 379th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron explosive ordnance disposal flight team leader, walks to the vehicle search exercise location at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, Aug. 26, 2017. Vosper was participating in a vehicle search exercise where a military working dog with the 379th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, detected abnormalities with a vehicle. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Amy M. Lovgren)

Line In The Sand - Chapter Sevyn

Tama Tonga/OC

Author’s Note: It’s been a month since the Orlando trip.

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After a month’s times Tama still hadn’t gotten over what Colin had done to Sevyn on the jet. He tried to hide it when he spoke to Colin, it was hard to say the least. Sevyn wanted nothing more but to be up under him when they were together but he every time he let her, he had flashbacks and terrible thoughts. He was having an intense battle with himself, that didn’t look to be anywhere near an ending.


“Tama, come back to bed,” Sevyn whined groggily.


The threat of Terrance and his people had grown into more a problem, particularly for Sevyn. While she was out shopping a week after visiting her father she was approached by a girl Tama had assumed to be an old friend of hers. He stayed close to her just in case something went wrong. She was sent by Terrance to lure Sevyn away. However, she couldn’t bring herself to walk Sevyn into her own death. After issuing a warning to both Sevyn and Tama, she made herself scarce leaving Tama to rush Sevyn away to safety.


Pablo had made reservations at a hotel in Tampa while Jacob notified Colin. They had been in Tampa ever since. Tama barely slept. All Sevyn seemed to be doing was sleeping.


“In a second, Sevyn. Just let me do this real quick,” he mumbled checking the property’s cameras. He put his degree in Computer Science to good work, hacking into the company’s security cameras without being detected. He wanted to be sure none of Terrance’s people had followed them.


Sevyn pouted as she threw the comforter off then crawled to the foot of the bed where Tama sat with his laptop in his lap. She felt him tense a little when she squeezed his shoulders. Placing a kiss on each of his shoulder, she snuggled up to him lying her head in the crook of his neck enjoying the warmth that radiated off him. Her hands found their way to his sides, gliding to his front over his abs.


“Daddy, please come back to bed. I can’t sleep if you’re not next to me.” She pled with him. His dick jumped in response but he ignored it. Her safety was his focus right now. “I said wait, Sevyn. I need to do this.” Tama’s voice was stern. A tone she had only heard him using when speaking to others when he was in a tight situation or upset. Figuring it would be best to leave him alone, she unwrapped herself from him and moved back to her spot in the hotel bed waiting for him to join her.


Pablo had gotten them a suite with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room area. Tama had started to put his stuff inside of the second bedroom when they arrived but Sevyn had other plans. With the time they had to themselves, she wanted to have him near her every chance she could. After they were settled in, Sevyn had him several times on the kitchen counter, the sofa and the whirlpool bathtub. He had meant it when he told her that she could have it anytime she wanted it.


“Alright,” he whispered tossing his laptop on top of his duffle bag. “I’m all done and we can go back to sleep.”


“What were you doing?”


Tama pulled her body closer to his, allowing her to lay her head on his chest. He had grown fond of having her this close to him while he slept. She felt like home to him.


“I was checking the premises, Sugar. Wanna keep you safe.”


“Is the hotel in Colin’s pocket, too? How did you even get into their cameras?” She asked moving her head so she could see him.


“No, they’re not,” he chuckled, “I hacked into them.”


“What the hell, Tama? How?”


“Put my degree to good use.” He told her pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Now go to sleep, beautiful. We’ve got a flight in the morning.”


“A flight where? Why didn’t you tell me before hand?”


“Pablo sent the email while I was checkin’ the cameras. We’re goin’ to Cali, baby.”




“Welcome to Cali, baby.” Tama whispered in Sevyn’s ear. The two of them were waiting outside LAX for his brother in law to pull his SUV up. She leaned against him with her arms wrapped around his waist. She was content. Being away from Colin was like a vacation, even if it was to escape Colin’s murderous ex-business partner.


“Is it always this sunny?” She asked pulling her sunglasses down over her eyes.


“For the most part, beautiful.”


His brother pulled up and hopped out the SUV to help Tama put their bags in the trunk. Sevyn watched the two men work, admiring their connection. The way they laughed and played around was something she missed. It had been a long while since she had the familiarity with a friend.


“Sevyn, this is my good brother, Roman.” Tama brought her closer to them by her wrists. “Roman, this is Sevyn.”


“Nice to meet you, Sevyn,” Roman smiled pulling her into a bear hug. It scared her a bit, she wasn’t expecting it at all but she relaxed in his arms. “You’re way prettier than the pictures Tama sent.”


She pulled away from the hug to look at Tama, who looked rather guilty. “You sent him pictures of me, Tama?”


“I mean I was in them, too.” He laughed as he pulled her to the car, opening the back door for her.


“How’s my sister, man?”


“As good as she can be. You know how she is, Tama.” Roman looked in the rearview mirror at Sevyn who was staring out the window, He could tell she was young and from what he had been told she had a lot going on in her life. “You tell her about Melanie?”


“Only that she’s my sister.”


“You can’t walk her into that blind, Tama. You know how Mel is and how she feels about Sevyn. Mel is gonna eat her alive,” Roman whispered.


“What was I supposed to say,” Tama whispered harshly. Their trip to LA was so last minute and under less than appealing circumstances that Tama didn’t have time to or nerve to warn Sevyn about his sister.


Roman shook his head, turning his attention back to the road. Melanie was going to eat the poor girl alive, Roman could feel it in his bones and he felt terrible for Sevyn.


As they walked into the two story home, Melanie’s voice could be heard loud and clear talking on the phone. Roman led the way while Tama pulled Sevyn along by her hand. He held it tightly, his anxiousness had taken over. Roman kissed her cheek then sat beside her on the sofa, watching the three of them for his wife’s reaction.


Melanie turned to look at her brother smiling, it fell as she laid eyes on Sevyn. She sized the young girl up, mumbling to her caller that she would call them back. As she rose from the sofa, Sevyn stuck her hand out giving Melanie a small smile.

“I’m Sevyn. It’s nice to meet you,” she said waiting for Melanie to accept her handshake. “You have a beautiful home.”


Melanie stared at the outstretched hand in disgust before turning her gaze to Tama. Sevyn frowne din confusion dropping her hand back to her side.


“You brought this hoe to my house, Tama? Seriously. You must be out of your mind,” Melanie spat pointing her finger in his face.


Sevyn’s excitement had died down, being replaced with anger and confusion. “Don’t call me a hoe. I’m not a hoe.”


“Looks like a duck. Quacks like a duck. It’s a hoe.”


Sevyn turned her lips up into a snarl. “That doesn’t even make sense. And you don’t even know me to be calling me that.”


“Hey! Hey! I told you not to call her that, Melanie.” Tama tried stepping in the middle of them but was pushed out of the way by his sister. It was as if he hadn’t uttered a word. Roman sat quietly knowing better than to get in between a disagreement that his wife was involved in. He shook his head at Tama for even attempting to.


“I know enough to know that you let my brother fuck you before you even knew his favorite color. And that you fuck Colin because of his money and what he can do for you,” Melanie snapped. “You know it and so does everyone else.” Melanie stepped closer to Sevyn, just within arm’s length of her. Sevyn didn’t feel threatened by her, she wasn’t scared of her at all. She stood firmly in her spot ready for anything Melanie was going to throw at her.


“You don’t know me,” she spoke slowly.


Melanie scoffed loudly, “Your parents must be real proud of you. Getting on your knees for a man twice your age for money and clothes and anything else shiny that your sugar daddy will buy you.”


“You don’t like me and that’s fine but you don’t have to speak to me like that and you for damn sure won’t mention my father, Melanie.”


“You don’t like what I’m saying to you then you can get the hell out of my house. I don’t what my brother was thinking dragging your classless ass in here in the first place.”


“Alright, alright! Calm the fuck down,” Tama yelled. “Both of you take a step back and just be quiet.”


“Don’t you come in here yelling after you brought all of this to my front door when you knew how I felt about that hoe, Tama.”


“Sevyn! Her name is Sevyn, Melanie! Stop being so damn childish.”


“Oh really, Alipate? You’re mad because I’m telling the truth? She’s a hoe and you know it. You heard about her just like the rest of us have.”


Tama and Melanie stared quietly at each other both breathing hard. They have always disagreed over the women in his life, Melanie has never liked any of them. Sevyn was no different, she was actually getting the worst of it. After all the stories she had heard about Sevyn she didn’t want her anywhere near her brother.


Sevyn watched the siblings stare each other down. She had no idea she would be walking into a battlefield. Had she known that she would’ve stayed in the car or chosen to go to the hotel instead of this.


Melanie looked around Tama directly at Seyn, “You can leave. You know where the door is.”


“I’ll be at the car, I’m not dealing with this shit,” Sevyn shook her head turning to leave the room.


“Oh no ma’am, you will not be hoping your hoe ass in any of my vehicles. You’re not sitting your hot ass in my car. Use some of that money you fucked outta Colin and call you an Uber.”


Her fists clenched at her side, Sevyn gritted her teeth and turned to charge over to Melanie. Tama blocked her from getting too close to Melanie, Roman stood in front of Melanie finally trying to help the situation.  


“I’m so fuckin’ sick of your judgmental ass. You don’t think I’ve heard all the shit people say about me? You think you’re the only one that feels the way you do? Well, newsflash … You’re not,” she yelled ignoring Tama holding her shoulders, “If all I had to do was fuck Colin for money and shit, I wouldn’t be as fuckin’ miserable as I am! You don’t know what the fuck I go through, alright? You have no fuckin’ clue.!”


Melanie scoffed trying to get around Roman, “Oh it must be so hard to be a kingpin’s little Barbie doll. If you didn’t like it then you could have left. You like havin’ his dick in your throat probably liked havin’ my brother’s there too.”  


Sevyn had heard enough, she pushed pass Tama causing him to lose his balance. His lapse in balance allowed her to get closer to Melanie. Roman had his back to her, facing his wife and not a lot of time to react to Sevyn. She cocked her open palm back and slapped Melanie’s cheek hard sending her to the floor with the impact.  


“Aaah shit,” Roman groaned kneeling to check on his wife.


Catching his balance, Tama roughly pulled Sevyn out of the way. For a moment he was torn on who he should tend to, he looked to Melanie first but he could only see how nasty she had been to Sevyn. He remained with Sevyn, wrapping his arm around her pulling her into his chest as she sobbed angrily.


Tama grabbed the keys to his Audi RS 7 that he had left with his sister and Roman before leaving California as they walked through the foyer. He could hear Melanie cursing and complaining to Roman but he had brought it all on herself. All he was focused on was getting Sevyn to the house Colin had purchased in the Hills and calm her down.

My Big Scary baby (Jurassic World X reader)

 Requested by: @fandomnationwhore Sorry it took so long! I’ve been super busy! I Hope you like it!

 request: Hi, could you do a jurassic world fic where Rexy (the killer hybrid dinosaur) tries to attack the park again and reader (who raised her kinda like a mom) tell her to go back in her pin and Rexy is scared thinking shes mad at her, just a little angst and fluff please, thank you! :)

Summary: You’ve been with the I.Rex since she was born. Your job, like Owens, was to study her behavioral instincts. When she escapes, your terrified that she won’t remember you, when you have to stop her from killing others.  What happens when she does? 

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The two little Indominus Rex hybrids slowly emerged from their eggs. You watched in amazement in how the scientists were able to modify the hybrids with other Dino DNA. You were one of the Dinosaur researchers. Like Owen Grady. He was just starting to imprint on his raptors. Your job was for the Indominus Rex.

You noticed how one baby hatched much quicker than her sister. The lab was quiet, you and Dr. Wu being the only ones in the lab during the hatching.

“Their claws…” You muttered as you looked at the baby dinosaurs claws.

“It’s how we programmed them,” Dr. Wu stated. “They said bigger, scarier, more teeth.”

“How big will they get?” You asked as you put on gloves to hold one.

“They will both be 50 feet long when fully grown… bigger than the T.Rex.” He smiled.

“I don’t get it, why do we have to make modified hybrids? They’re dinosaurs! Isn’t that enough?” You asked. “If I didn’t work here, I would still come just to see them. No special attractions needed.”

“I agree. Jurassic Park could’ve survived, if we only had fired that computer programmer.” Dr. Wu said.

“This one is having a hard time hatching.” You pointed out as you put on gloves and went to help break away the shell.

“I would help that other one, your the one they have to imprint on. She’s already almost out.” With a nod, you went to the other table and examined the little girl.

She looked almost scared at the new world around her, but her teeth were snarled as a warning. Her giant claws moving to clear any goo from her big blood orange eyes.

You carefully picked her up, she was so tiny. The baby cooed at your touch and snuggled in your hand. Surprised by how she was acting, you looked at Dr. Wu who had the same expression on his face.

“Why is she acting so gentle and not trying to bite my finger off?” You asked as Dr. Wu recorded some notes in his journal.

“You are the first person she has come in contact with. Plus, it’s normal for any living thing to react positive to females, than males. Motherly instinct, I guess.” He concluded.

“Let’s call her Iris.”

—– A Few Months Later——-

Iris was able to walk now. She and her sister were about as tall as your knee. They always play fought. At least that what you thought it was. They would growl and jump on each other, and wrestle.


They were getting big. Fast. Iris and Indy were now the size of a fully grown raptor.

After getting back from a meeting with Owen, Claire, and Mr. Masrani. You went to the paddock to check your daily evaluation for the I. Rex’s. They both have a huge bond with you. Since they are still somewhat young, and they trust you, you sometimes go inside the pen and do the evaluation from there.

As you walked in the pen, it was eerily quite. You suddenly smelled something awful. Walking into the trees and shrubs, you heard crunching?

You saw a small patch of white through the bushes.

“Indy? Iris?” You called as you heard a slight growl.

Peeking over the bushes as you heard fly’s buzzing everywhere. They haven’t been fed yet. Even if they have, it’s nothing that would attract this many fly’s. Getting up the courage to look over the bushes, you hesitantly peeked over and the sight before you horrified you.

There was the Indominus eating her sister. You recognized her as Iris because of her eye color. With a terrified gasp, Iris looked up with her blood covered jaws and walked towards you with some meat in her mouth. She dropped it at your feet and you almost threw up.

“Are you offering this to me?” You asked in bewilderment not really expecting her to a answer, she still gave a grunt that sounded like a ‘yes’.

“I’m sorry about this…” you muttered.

You grabbed your radio and told Claire.

“Claire, Iris ate Indy. Indy is dead. Send ACU to stabilize Iris while we take care of the remains.” You grimaced as you took another look at the corpse.

—– A Few Years Later——

“Hey Claire, did you seal the deal?” You asked as you walked into the control room.

“Yep! Verizon Wireless present the Indominus Rex.” She said as she looked at the security cameras.

“Do they know what Indy looks like?” You asked.

“No, not yet. They do know the base genome is a T. Rex. The exhibit opens in a couple months. The public will find out then.” She smiled as she moved the trash can closer to Lowery with her foot.

Just then, he reached to push a button and knocked his drink into the trash. This made you laugh as he turned around and smiled at you.

“Nice shirt, Lowery.” You said.

“Thanks. 150 bucks on EBay. The mint condition was like $340-”

“It’s distasteful.” Claire cut him off with a scoff.

“I know people died, it was horrible. But that park was legit. They only needed living, breathing dinosaurs. And why Indominus Rex? Why not make cool names ourselves. Pepsisaurus. Tostitodone.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I named her Iris.” You smiled making him laugh.

“Hey, Y/N, Mr. Masrani wants us to ask Owen Grady if he thinks the paddock is safe enough.” Claire called as she started leaving.

“Why not have me inspect the paddock?” You asked as you followed her.

“He wants another expert opinion.” She said as the elevator beeped.

“I’ll go back to the paddock and you go get him.” You said as you hopped on your motorcycle.


Claire soon came back with Owen.

“Good to see you again, Owen.” You said as you went up to him.

“Well, well, well. Y/n. My fellow partner.” He laughed as he pulled you in for a hug.

“You two know each other?” Claire said with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah we trained in the Navy together.” You said.

“It’s really nice to see… you….again.” Owen droned off as he looked at the broken and cracked glass.

“Did she try to break the glass?” He asked.

“Yes, we believe she was testing the glass for weak spots.” Claire said as she tapped the glass.

“Where is it?” She said, growing impatient. “Can we get a steer down here?”

“I used to feed her by bringing her her food, but once she got bigger than me, I was a bit intimidated.” You said.

“Has she ever been outside of this thing?” Owen asked.

“We can’t exactly walk it.” She sassed.

“Claire, these are real animals. You can’t keep referring to them as ‘it’.” You said as you crossed your arms.

“It’s not like they can here me.” She sassed with a small smile and playfully rolled her eyes.

“And you feed her with that?” Owen said as he placed his hands on his hips, as he watched the crane drop down a skinned steer.

“Is there a problem?” Claire asked clearly getting annoyed.

“Animals raised in isolation their whole life aren’t always the most functional.”

“Your raptors are born in captivity.” Claire remarked.

“With siblings. They have social skills. And I imprint on them when they are born. As trust. The only positive relationship this dinosaur has is with that crane and hopefully Y/N if she even remembers her.” Owen said.

Suddenly a loud beep was heard from the security cameras as bold red lights came from the computer.

“No thermal heat detected?” The security guard repeated as he pressed a few buttons. “This doesn’t make any sense, these gates haven’t been opened in weeks.” He said as he finished his sandwich.

“Has those claw marks always been there?” Owen asked as he pointed to the claw marks on the wall.

“Oh my god…” Claire gasped slowly. “She has an implant in her back, I can track it from the control room.” She said as she made a dash for the exit.

“Let me show you the inside.” The guard said and lead you and Owen to the paddock door.

As the security guard and who you thought was one of the architects for the wall, led you and Owen in the paddock.

Green trees, shrubs and the eerily quiet sound in the paddock was scary. Owen ran his hands along the marks on the wall.

“You really think she climbed out?” The guard asked.


“On what?”

“What kind of dinosaur they cooked up in that lab.”

Owen turned to you suddenly and grabbed your shoulders.

“Do you know what she’s made of?” Owen asked.

“No. Besides the genome of a T. Rex, they only told me 'Bigger. Scarier. More teeth.” You said.

The security guards radio was making static noises as he tried to answer the call.

“Yeah. What’s up?”

 "It’s in the cage! It’s in there with you!“

“Go! Run!” Owen said as he pushed you in front of him.

Suddenly Iris emerged from the trees and gave out a very threatening roar.

Owen grabbed you again and pulled you behind him as you two started running. Iris latched her long claws one of the guards.

As she chomped down on the man, you let out a terrified scream and the Indominus turned her head to you and let out a roar as she started to chase you and Owen.

The security guard opened the paddock door and you and Owen barely got enough room to squeeze through. The dinosaur used her strength to push open the door.

Owen saw a truck and grabbed your hand as he forced you and him underneath it.

The security guard hid behind a car as he had a terrified look on his face.

Iris lurked behind the car, immediately sensing his heat and smell. He looked at you and Owen and then behind him as he noticed the tail of the dinosaur.

Suddenly Iris knocked the car to the side and glass flied everywhere. She latched her jaws on the man and ate him.

Owen grabbed his knife and cut a wire. Gas spilled out as you both rubbed it down on yourselves.

Iris started to lurk closer and made a low  growl. You started to breath heavily, getting scared as you feared for your life. Owen quickly covered your mouth with his hand.

Iris’ head was now leveled with the truck as she started to growl even more as she smelled the air. When she didn’t smell anything unfamiliar, she got up and gave out a loud roar, while you whimpered under Owens hand.

She started to walk away, but you had a different idea. You struggled under Owens grip until he finally let you go and you stood out from under the truck.

“Iris!” You yelled in a shaky voice.

The dinosaur stopped in her tracks and looked back at you before slowly walking towards you.

“Get back in your cage.” You said sternly.

She turned her head in a confused tone and stepped closer to you.

You pointed to the cage.


She growled as a threat.

“C'mon Iris. .” You said as she got close enough so you could put your hand on her head. She smelled you as she started to recognize your sent.

“C'mon Iris. Go back in your cage…NOW!” You said.

Iris made a sad sound and refused to move from her spot.

“Iris! Move Now!” You yelled. She somehow with her blood orange eyes, made them look like puppydog eyes.

“I’m not mad at you.” You said as you petted her skin.

No, you were terrified. She just ate two people with no remorse. You could still see the blood on her teeth. But you weren’t mad. Its a dinosaurs natural instinct.

“I love you…” You hugged her snout and she cooed at your touch.

She pulled away and started to walk away towards her cage.

Owen climbed out of the truck and went over to you.

“Y/N?” He asked. Your body remained frozen as you gave the 1,000 yard stare.

“Look at me. Your okay. Your not dead.” He said, while he put his hands on your shoulders to comfort you.

“I just told a fucking dinosaur to go back in her cage. She listened. I thought she would kill me.” You breathed.

“It’s over. Look at her.” He pointed to Iris who was curled up, sleeping.

“Aww…” You walked up to her sleeping figure and suddenly her tail moved and brought you closer to her.

You fell down and she curled up again with her tail protectively wrapped around you.


 Jurassic World was still running and better than ever.

They transported Iris to her own paddock, now that it was ready.

You still visited her everyday, trying to keep up with your research. She got closer to you, now that she recognized who you were.

Blue had all her sisters.

Claire got back together with Owen.

Her nephews got closer to each other.

Jurassic world started a new feeding habit. Where they would let animals into the paddock, while the dinosaurs used their natural instincts to hunt.

“You sure this is a good idea?” You asked Owen as his raptors went into Iris’ paddock.

“Don’t worry. We have precautions in case this goes wrong.” He smiled.

Okay! Let 'me in!“ You shouted as the raptors entered the paddock while Iris was camouflaging.

"It’s okay girl!” You comforted as she came out of hiding and started to communicate with the raptors.

“Holy shit. She’s part raptor.” Owen gave a small laugh.

“Are we ready to introduce her to the T. Rex?”

It continues to boggle my mind that dudes are surprised that other dudes do terrible things

Like, all the time. From my patient load THIS WEEK which is two days long and I’m only going in for an emergency (not actual emergency) child rash thing…

-dude hit wife with car

-dude hit girlfriend with chain

-dude raped teenager

-girl repeatedly raped by dudes in a variety of bad situations

-evaluated a 4 year old for sexual abuse

-got my records pulled by the SVU detective

-security is walking me to and from my car and the clinic to protect me from one of the above dudes because I’m the one who called the cops.

I mean, my longer appointment times with focus on women’s health and trauma informed care gives me a bit of a bias but I am 700% done with most dudes from first contact. Your fave is problematic. Most of your faves with any degree of power socially or financially are problematic.

You yourself have probably made a woman uncomfortable in the last month- by off color joke or enjoying a really objectifying video game or by physically or emotionally being a douche.

Yeah, I know it’s not all men. But it’s most men, and it’s all the goddamned time.

Do Over

Featuring: JJ x Female Reader

Requested by: @marvelfanlife

A/N: Thanks for requesting another piece! This is my second JJ fic (Sorry, I just assumed Will died, please don’t judge me). She is difficult for me to write because I find JJ too near to perfect. It is another long one; I hope I met your expectations! ***Fox @starbucksreid made a moodboard for the fic and I just had to add it! ***xoxo Stu

Warnings: Violence, high school (okay I’m listing this as kind of a joke, but you know it is a trigger for most of us) teacher, fluff and angst.

Stepping into the bathroom, you recoil at the puddle of cold liquid encasing the bottom of your bare foot. You quickly grab a towel off the rod near the door, covering the bulk of the water.

“Henry? Buddy? What happened in the bathroom?” You called to your girlfriend’s oldest son. You were not a morning person. You had to keep your voice down because everyone else was still sleeping. Cleaning the bathroom floor was not how you wanted to start your day off. Henry did not respond. After finishing your business you headed downstairs to investigate the case of the flooded bathroom.

A trail of water led you down the stairs and into the kitchen. You found Henry diligently watering the plants with his favorite Star Trek cup. “Hey, Henry? You’re kind of making a mess, dude.”

“But if I get my chores done early then I get more,” Henry reached up to a high shelf, balancing on his tiptoes. You held your breath as he poured the last of the water into the aloe plant. “I get more time to play, Y/N, I’m just doing chores.” You nodded, knowing that his intentions were honest.

“Are you all done with that one?” You asked carefully. He nodded enthusiastically. “Great, now I have a new one.” After you and Henry cleaned up his trail with towels wrapped on your feet, you convinced him it was time for breakfast.

JJ came downstairs with Michael after you and Henry had started digging in. The toddler on her hip and the yoga pants on her muscular legs made you smile, she just made it all so easy. Your eyes met her knowing grin while catching you and Henry with both of your mouths overstuffed. “Good pancakes?” You nodded in unison.

JJ had found a great place to raise her boys, the neighborhood embraced you like one of their own. You hadn’t officially moved in yet, but you were there so often that you probably should talk to your landlord. Perhaps you should have that talk with JJ after the boys were in bed that night. The phone rang while you were all at the park at the far end of the subdivision. Scratch that, maybe next week.

JJ decided to drop the boys off with her mom as she headed in for the case. You didn’t have to work because it was the weekend, but you really wanted to get through the lab write ups your students turned in the day before. Mrs. Jareau was great with the boys and really made you feel like part of the family. You weren’t sure if it was because she missed having two daughters or if she really loved you as JJ’s partner.

Heading back to your loft, you checked the mailbox in the front entryway. You kept your head down, rummaging through the junk mail and few bills. The figure behind you didn’t catch your attention. But the heavy crash of metal on your skull did. Your head exploded in pain as you fell face first into the taupe paint.

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‘Economic tsunami’ may result from Europe-U.S. laptop ban on flights

U.S. Homeland Security officials and their European Union counterparts exchanged security information Wednesday in Brussels as U.S. officials pressed their plan to ban laptops and tablets from the cabins of trans-Atlantic flights amid warnings of a resulting “economic tsunami.”

“Participants provided insight into existing aviation security standards and detection capabilities as well as recent security enhancements … related to large electronic devices placed in checked baggage,” DHS and the European Commission said in a joint statement.

The participants “reaffirmed their commitment to continue working closely together” and will meet again in Washington next week, the statement said.

The controversial U.S. plan would expand a ban established in March for in-flight laptops and other large electronics for U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and Africa. The expansion involves routes carrying up to 65 million people annually on more than 400 daily flights, DHS says.