security (finance)

Saturn Limitations
  • Saturn in the 1st house: Self expression, identity, self confidence
  • Saturn in the 2nd house: Self worth, finances, security
  • Saturn in the 3rd house: Mental control, education, communication
  • Saturn in the 4th house: Safety, inner peace, Abandonment
  • Saturn in the 5th house: Joy, Creative self expression, self essence
  • Saturn in the 6th house: Mental control, health, self worth
  • Saturn in the 7th house: Relating, attachment, loneliness
  • Saturn in the 8th house: Vulnerability, loss of control, unconscious to conscious trauma
  • Saturn in the 9th house: Acknowledging intelligence, higher education, faith
  • Saturn in the 10th house: Self merit, quality of existence, finding purpose
  • Saturn in the 11th house: Social conduct, Receiving love, Friendships
  • Saturn in the 12th house: Guilt complex, untapped psychic energy, sickness

The position of mercury or the 3rd house ruler indicates the learning style and topics of interest. 

Aries mercury/Aries 3rd house/mercury in the 1st: Energetic mind enthusiastic to learn. Does well in a classroom when they have motivation, physical activity and the freedom to immediately express thoughts/opinions at will. Could focus on topics that concern themselves, competitive sports, future goals, independence and social activism.

Taurus mercury/Taurus 3rd house/mercury in the 2nd: Values and finds beauty in education. Does well through hands-on experience and in serene, comfortable environments. Heavily relies on the physical senses to learn. Could indulge in learning and find pleasure in it, concerning themselves with topics like music, art, fashion, food and cooking, finance, cosmetology, security and moral codes.

Gemini mercury/Gemini 3rd house/mercury in the 3rd (☿): Extremely adaptable to most learning styles, preferably active and communicative learning activities as well as visuals that stimulate the mind. How well they perform in the classroom depends on their attention span. The eternal student and natural teacher. Interested in a variety of things, such as technology, journaling, media, science, gossip, sociology and communications. 

Cancer mercury/Cancer 3rd house/mercury in the 4th: Learns well with one-on-one interactions, such as private tutoring. How well they pay attention and their performance in the classroom depends on their mood and comfort. Good memory, especially if the lesson appealed to the emotions. Could be interested in topics about motherly principles, children, women psychology, social welfare, cooking, the home and spirituality.

Leo mercury/Leo 3rd house/mercury in the 5th: Takes pride in their intelligence and does well in settings that encourage and praise their efforts. Any insults to the mind directly injure the ego. Wants learning to be fun, playful, expressive. Passionate learner interested in studies concerning the development of ego and identity (psychology), self-expression, creative writing, the arts, romance, childcare and youth.

Virgo mercury/Virgo 3rd house/mercury in the 6th (☿): Extremely adaptable to most learning styles, preferably logical and precise lectures as well as systematic methods that structure the mind. Natural educators. How well they perform in the classroom depends on the state of their nerves. Topics of interest may include journaling, science, mathematics, mental and physical health, self-care and healing, technology, social service and work ethics. 

Libra mercury/Libra 3rd house/mercury in the 7th: Does well in settings where the environments are calm, civil and equalized. Interested in esthetic matters, the arts, social debates, equity concern, mediation, social justice, law, and relationships. Benefits from participating in projects where they can exercise the mind and work with others. 

Scorpio mercury/Scorpio 3rd house/mercury in the 8th: Learns well in settings that challenge the mind, where they can critically question concepts and ideas. Wants learning to empower them and strengthen their perceptions, can become fixated on topics that catch their interest such as science, esoteric research, politics, social injustices, death, criminology, conspiracy theories and law. 

Sagittarius mercury/Sagittarius 3rd house/mercury in the 9th: Adaptable to most learning methods preferably ones where the individual is able to learn from experience such as through traveling or ‘outside classes.’ Interested in religious, spiritual, theoretical, political, cultural, ethical and existential topics which have no limits and could be further expanded on. A constant search for “god,” in other words, a sense of fulfillment through learning.

Capricorn mercury/Capricorn 3rd house/mercury in the 10th: The mind is focused best in environments that provide structure and order, with methodical designs and encouraging figures. The individual is concentrated on topics having to do with morals, law, family principles, public and political issues, power and future ambitions. The mind most inclined to be groomed as a natural mentor to others.

Aquarius mercury/Aquarius 3rd house/mercury in the 11th: The learning style is best cultivated through unordinary methods and only does well when the nerves are stimulated, otherwise boredom causes static and unfocused restlessness. Engages in topics that are bizarre, concerned with society, social wellness and justice, Utopian ideas, politics, technology and spirituality.

Pisces mercury/Pisces 3rd house/mercury in the 12th: An extremely adaptable and impressionable mind with a visual learning preference and a liking to environments where they are able to work and study alone. Could devote themselves to topics involving mysticism, religion, healing, the arts, mental illness, psychology and social welfare. 

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It’s Now Time for Medicare for All

Senator Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Jeff Merkley, are introducing a Medicare For All bill in the Senate. It’s a model for where this nation needs to be headed.

Some background: American spending on health care per person is more than twice the average in the world’s 35 advanced economies. Yet Americans are sicker, our lives are shorter, and we have more chronic illnesses than in any other advanced nation.

That’s because medical care is so expensive for the typical American that many put off seeing a doctor until their health has seriously deteriorated.

Why is health care so much cheaper in other nations? Partly because their governments negotiate lower rates with health care providers. In France, the average cost of a magnetic resonance imaging exam is $363. In the United States, it’s $1,121. There, an appendectomy costs $4,463. Here, it’s $13,851.

The French can get lower rates because they cover everyone — which gives them lots of bargaining power.

Other nations also don’t have to pay the costs of private insurers shelling out billions of dollars a year for advertising and marketing — much of it intended to attract healthier and younger people and avoid the sicker and older.

Nor do other nations have to pay boatloads of money to the shareholders and executives of big for-profit insurance companies.

Finally, they don’t have to bear the high administrative costs of private insurers — requiring endless paperwork to keep track of every procedure by every provider.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Medicare’s administrative costs are about 2 percent of its operating expenses. That’s less than one-sixth the administrative costs of America’s private insurers.

To make matters worse for Americans, the nation’s private health insurers are merging like mad to suck in even more money from consumers and taxpayers by reducing competition.

At the same time, their focus on attracting healthy people and avoiding sick people is creating a vicious circle. Insurers that take in sicker and costlier patients lose money, which forces them to raise premiums, co-payments and deductibles. This, in turn, makes it harder for people most in need of health insurance to afford it.

This phenomenon has even plagued health exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.

Medicare for all would avoid all these problems and get lower prices and better care.

Ideally, it would be financed the same way Medicare and Social Security are financed, through the payroll tax. Wealthy Americans should pay a higher payroll tax rate and contribute more than lower-income people. But everyone would come out ahead because total health care costs would be far lower, and outcomes far better.

A Gallup poll conducted in May found that a majority of Americans would support such a system. A poll by the Pew Research Center shows that such support is growing, with 60 percent of Americans now saying government should be responsible for ensuring health care coverage for all Americans — up from 51 percent last year.

Democrats are wise to seize the moment. The time has come for Medicare for all

style vibes

in ref to this post

  • rising/1st house: the reason behind what you’re wearing

how we approach the world, our persona (our 1st house) can give insight into why we wear what we do  

aries asc - i want to wear something to be bold, whether it catch someone’s eye or makes me appear tough 

taurus asc - i want to wear something that flatters my figure; something that makes me appear prosperous/stable 

gemini asc - i want to wear whatever twin wants to show today; i can dress as casual as day or as crazy as a saturday night; i never want to appear boring

cancer asc - i want to wear something that caters to my surroundings; i don’t approach things for extravagance, comfort is key 

leo asc - i want to wear something that puts me in a spotlight or makes me seem confident/bright; i want to appear stylish and royalty-like

virgo asc - i want to wear something that is effective; i approach things in a calculated manner so there’s always reason behind what i’m wearing

libra asc - i want to wear something that is always in trend; my appearance should reflect my accommodating approach, balance is key 

scorpio asc - i want to wear something that is purposeful; i approach things like an investigator, i want to evoke curiosity 

sagittarius asc - i want to wear something just because; i approach things jovially and i want to appear carefree

capricorn asc - i want to wear to wear something to appear mature, whether it makes me look older or more business-like, i like to appear put together 

aquarius asc - i want to wear something to be unique; i never want to appear ‘in the crowd’, i want to stand out 

pisces asc - i want to wear something that is reflective of my delicate, imaginative approach; i want to appear artistic

sun in 1st: adds a desire to draw more attention to yourself; appear as your sun sign 

moon in 1st: adds a desire to appear more expressive or feminine 

mercury in 1st: adds a desire to appear more refined

venus in 1st: adds a desire to appear beautiful/extravagant/graceful or appeal to others through going with trends 

mars in 1st: adds a desire to appear more rugged/provocative/athletic 

jupiter in 1st: adds a desire to appear more cultured or nonchalant 

saturn in 1st: adds a desire to appear more sophisticated/reserved and consistent 

uranus in 1st: adds a desire to appear off-beat/have shock value/be quirky

neptune in 1st: adds a desire to appear more ethereal/be what people want to see them as 

pluto in 1st: adds a desire to appear more compelling/mysterious 

  • 2nd house: the amount you’re willing to spend or where you’re willing to shop; what makes you physically comfortable

in a fire sign (aries, leo, sagittarius)

impulse purchases; very generous with money; finds physical comfort in having the ability to spend on an adventurous whim, may gravitate towards apparel that has a certain warmth to it or an uninhibited quality (athletic-like apparel)

in an earth sign (taurus, virgo, capricorn)

frugal; very practical with money; finds physical comfort in having the ability to have & dip into their savings if necessary, may gravitate towards apparel that is more simplistic 

in an air sign (gemini, libra, aquarius)

purchases for hobbies/interests; a certain detachment from finances; finds physical comfort in having the ability to spend on whatever next idea they have, may gravitate towards apparel that reflects their hobbies/interests

in a water sign (cancer, scorpio, pisces)

purchases based on emotion; constantly worried about finances; finds physical comfort in having the ability to spend on those close to you or simply having long-term plans, may gravitate towards apparel that is more casual or reflective of memorabilia

sun in 2nd: your ego lies in your finances/self-worth. you are innate in dealing with money, you don’t mind expending your paycheck, you are more than willing to spend as much as you can on clothes because your identity feels lackluster without some sort of material security 

moon in 2nd: your emotions revolve around security. like a 2nd house cusp in a water sign, your purchases can be based off emotion. you can become strongly attached to your possessions, you may spend out of sympathy. your emotions feel secure when your finances are 

mercury in 2nd: your thoughts revolve around security, you think a lot about finances and what makes you physically comfortable. you’re more sensible with your finances because you aspire to sort them out, categorize them, do all that you can for them to be organized; be careful not to let your thoughts be consumed by superficiality. you may have the capacity to ponder before purchasing, leaving you to be a less impulsive buyer. 

venus in 2nd: you love valuables, you love money, you love all things security. you can be overly generous with your money in hopes of winning affection of others or only seeing yourself as beautiful through your physical security. you have a natural inclination of knowing what is and isn’t of value.

mars in 2nd: you have a drive that is aimed towards acquiring physical security, and can be quite merciless in the process. try not to let your resentment or competitive nature run your finances since you can act quite brash in your financial dealings. this placement reminds me of ‘black friday’. 

jupiter in 2nd: spend, spend, spend. you may be lucky when it comes to physical security but you can take advantage of this, you may become overindulgent in your spendings since you rely so heavily on your luck/optimism; always assuming that there will be more money just around the corner. 

saturn in 2nd: physical security may come unhurriedly, you have life lessons to be learned in regards to physical security. you feel limited in physical security, you may feel like nothing quite surmounts to what you need to live contently. you’re frugal out of fear of losing your values

uranus in 2nd: physical security that you want to rebel against; physical security that is never set in stone. you have an individual approach to your finances and live detached from them. one day you may be at an all time high and the next, struggling to pay for necessities

neptune in 2nd: hazy finances. you’re a bit delusional to the amount in your bank account and spend carelessly because of this. you don’t know what to think of money, you seem to have trouble grasping the concepts of financial security. you may spend your money due to your need to feel charitable

pluto in 2nd: you may be secretive and obsessive over your possessions. how powerful you feel relies on how much is in your bank account. you like to be in complete control of your finances, balancing your own checkbooks, and you are distrustful of others handling your money.

  • 10th house: how you’d like your style to be conveyed in public

i want the public to think my style is…

aries in 10th - daring 

taurus in 10th - lavish 

gemini in 10th - versatile

cancer in 10th - comfortable 

leo in 10th - striking

virgo in 10th - modest 

libra in 10th - elegant 

scorpio in 10th - enigmatic 

sagittarius in 10th - blithe

capricorn in 10th - serious 

aquarius in 10th - uncommon

pisces in 10th - expressive

sun in 10th: my ego is evident to the public; my identity is influential to the public; i want to be conveyed in public as reflective of my identity 

moon in 10th: my emotions are evident to the public; my emotions cater to the public; i want to be conveyed in public as moderate 

mercury in 10th: my thoughts are evident to the public; i speak for the public; i want to be conveyed in public as deliberate 

venus in 10th: my relationships/beauty&creative expression are evident to the public; i love the public; i want to be conveyed in public as beautiful

mars in 10th: my passion is evident to the public; my passion caters to the public; i want to be conveyed in public as evoking 

jupiter in 10th: my wisdom/optimism is evident to the public; my wisdom caters to the public; i want to be conveyed in public as cultivated 

saturn in 10th: my restrictions/life lessons are evident to the public; my boundaries stem from the public; i want to be conveyed in public as matured 

uranus in 10th: my rebellion/individuality is evident to the public; i reform the public; i want to be conveyed in public as original 

neptune in 10th: my delusions/spirituality/compassion is evident to the public; i am perceived as the public wants to perceive me; i want to be conveyed in public as expressive

pluto in 10th: my transformations/disruptions are evident to the public; i transform the public; i want to be conveyed in public as impactful 

  • venus: what we find beautiful; how our beauty is expressed

my beauty is expressed as…

aries: courageous

taurus: sensual

gemini: effusive 

cancer: soothing

leo: showy

virgo: demure 

libra: charming 

scorpio: mysterious

sagittarius: lively 

capricorn: powerful 

aquarius: mellow

pisces: fervid

The Conservative Party Vote

If you signed up to vote in the Conservative Party for leadership, here is a run down I’ve done of what each Candidate on the Ballot stands for. Also, remember when Voting, to only VOTE FOR THE TOP TEN PEOPLE not anyone you wouldn’t choose! Since there is 14 candidates, you only have 10 top spots for voting.

Chris ALEXANDER: Former MP who lost his seat last election, voted against Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312 (to study the definition of human life), so NOT pro-life (hopefully pro-choice!). Has spoken out against M-103 (on Islamophobia). Didn’t have the opportunity to vote on the issue of assisted suicide, but didn’t oppose or promise to re-visit it. Did pledge as immigration minister to favour refugee claims from LGBT Russians after the country introduced its “gay propaganda” law. Wants to find resources for Indigenous Peoples   because “If you can find resources for Syrian refugees, you can find resources for indigenous people.“

Maxime BERNIER:  Does not have a pro-life voting record, and is pro-choice. He would welcome debate on other ideas, including abortion, supply management and privatizing Canada Post. Voted against C-14 which legalized assisted suicide. Bernier supported Motion 12, which would have re-opened debate on the definition of marriage in 2006, he spoke out in favour of dropping the old definition at the 2016 convention. He marched in Toronto’s pride last summer. Unfortunately he has tweeted:  “Our immigration policy should not aim to change the cultural character and social fabric of Canada, as radical proponents of multiculturalism want.” AKA: He’s xenophobic. Wants to cap immigration to 250,000 per year. Wants to support 35 million Canadians not Agriculture producers, believes in a mixed health care system, with private and public, elimination of federal health taxes and make each province in charge of their own services. Wants the military to get 2% - not sure if that’s 2% of NATO target or Budget.  Bernier says indigenous people should be responsible for their own prosperity rather than the government giving millions of dollars. There should be property rights on reserves and it’s unacceptable to still have boil water advisories in First Nations communities, says Quebecers are highest taxed and he would lower the tax so they can come out of poverty, he has been accused of being too much like Trudeau, apparently.

Steven BLANEY:  “While I support the position of our party not to reopen the debate, I respect the freedom of members on matter(s) of conscience.” Seems Pro-Choice. While he voted FOR Motion 12, he later retracted and said he was open for discussion on the meaning of marriage. Voted against C-14, and would rather see people die by their own will instead of through legally assisted suicide. Seems against Immigration, as well. Also wants women to uncover their face during ceremonies, and wants to “take back power” of Canada.

Michael CHONG: Best candidate so far, Pro-Immigration, Pro-choice, Pro-Same-sex Marraige, Pro-Transgendered rights, Pro Assisted Suicide. Really good french, apparently. Supports Indigenous peoples and wants them to have more rights, education and funding. 

Kellie LEITCH: Pro-life, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Assisted Suicide, hateful rhetoric typical xenophobic trying to promote “Canadian Values” for screening of immigrants. PRO TRUMP. Approves dismantling of health care and thinks Climate change is a hoax.

Pierre LEMIEUX: Does not support any access to abortion under any circumstances! Anti-same sex marrage, and assisted suicide. Wants to repeal Transgendered rights bill, thinks Canadians are worried about terrorists and wants to improve security, plus reduce immigration and wants immigrants to speak french or english to be let in.

Deepak OBHRAI:  Pro-Immigration, Pro-choice, Pro-Same-sex Marraige - believes in equal human rights for all, Pro-Transgendered rights, Pro Assisted Suicide. Apparently his french is bad, though. Supports Indigenous peoples and wants them to see more rights and funding. 

Kevin O’LEARY: Our of the race, thank god. 

Erin O’TOOLE: Pro-life but says he will not bring his beliefs into legislation, meaning he wouldn’t stop abortions, Supports Same-sex marriage, against assisted suicide, wants immigration levels to be “stable,” and needs to maintain public security, doesn’t like that Canadian’s pay too many taxes and has a health care plan he wants to introduce, and supports supply management. 

Rick PETERSON: Vancouverite, fluent in french, business man, not pro-life, “knows how to balance a budget,” supports same sex marriage, supports assisted suicide, says he wants to show Trump that they want American investments, wants to give agriculture tax breaks, wants to finance security to stop “bad people” from coming to Canada, and let the “good ones” in, wants to eliminate corporate business tax and believes this will help Indigenous peoples, believes that we will grow poor under Trudeau, just like Trudeau’s father let down Canada before.

Lise RAITT: Not generally concidered Pro-life, is for same sex marriage, against assisted suicide, she says Canadian’s are more upset about economic issues not immigration, French is okay but shaky, agreed with Bernier’s statement that  ‘Indigenous Peoples should be responsible for their own prosperity, and not be given money, but that there shouldn’t be water-boiling alerts on reserves,’ but also is more concerned about general economic issues than specific  Indigenous issues. Believes Trudeau will leave debt for her children to pay for and doesn’t want that. 

Andrew SAXTON: Pro-life, spoken against Islamophobia - saying that we need to stop criminals and terrorists from coming in, capping the immigration numbers at 250,000, says he’s a business man and can handle Trump. Seems really shady about putting anything down solid. Says that MP’s should be able to vote with their conscience, but doesn’t want to re-open anything the government has put through already.

Andrew SCHEER: Pro-life, voted in favour of re-opening the debate of what marriage should be considered (wants it to be between a man and a woman), against assisted suicide, wants to focus on security and to integrate immigrants into our communities.

Brad TROST: Pro-life, against same sex marriage, against assisted suicide, wants to work with Trump and says he will not be hard, believes Radical Islam is a clear and present danger to Canadians, thinks the entire system relating to  Indigenous Peoples needs to be redesigned, has very bad French. 


On making retrogrades work for you

When a planet goes into a retrograde period its energy becomes somewhat distorted from its natural expression. Retrograde periods are times in which we have access to a different flavor of the planetary energy, and are able to grasp at it in different ways than normal. This of course means that all of the “normal” ways of utilizing this energy become more difficult, but we are offered a rare chance to delve into pieces of ourselves that are normally off limits.

To see the areas of life affected by this shift of energy you should look to your natal chart. Where in your chart does said planet rule? These houses, as well as the house in which the retrograde occurs are going to be focal points for the shift in planetary energy. 

Let’s take a look at an example:

Mercury Retrograde:

In my natal chart, Mercury rules both the 12th(via Gemini) and 3rd(via Virgo) houses. When Mercury goes retrograde, I have much more desire to seclude myself from others, and focus on the internal, subconscious workings of my mind (12th house). In addition to this, I typically have a hard time reaching out to others and communicating with them. Like pretty much everyone I have the usual disruptions of communication and technology, but for me there is another layer of this. It becomes difficult to properly convey what’s going on in my mind, and I sometimes have to work very hard to word things correctly before I’m comfortable sending messages/responding to people. While this can be common for someone with say a natal retrograde of Mercury, my Mercury is well placed in both Libra and the 3rd House, meaning that typically I have little to no problems with this.

This time around Mercury is retrograding in my 6th House. This means that in addition to my usual issues with MercRx (H12/H3) I will be additionally affected in areas having to deal with this house. This means that communications with coworkers might break down or have issues. I may be forced to re-examine my daily routines and my attitudes toward my physical health and diet. These things will become a focal point for me and I’ll need to think about whether or not there are things in this area of my life that no longer serve me, and therefore should be let go.

So many people see retrograde periods as monstrous periods of time when everything seems to go wrong, but if you can identify where you’ll be affected you can better use the shifted energy to your advantage. 

I know that when Mercury goes retrograde it will be a period of intense self-reflection, and a time in which I am forced to reconnect with myself because I am unable to connect with others. For this reason I take more time for myself than usual, and I don’t force myself to be social if I don’t feel like it. Mercury Retrograde in particular has become a fruitful time for me, as I’m able to reconnect with myself, reevaluate who I am as a person, and the goals that I’ve set for myself. I’m able to take time to intellectualize and examine old habits and skills (H3) and let go of things that are no longer serving me (H12).

Other retrogrades affect us similarly, but outer planets tend to have a much more subtle effect since their transits are longer and slower moving.
I encourage you to look to the houses ruled by retrograding planets and make retrogrades work for you, rather than constantly working against a retrograde.

Personal Planets:
Mercury rules the signs ♊ Gemini and ♍ Virgo and is associated with communication and intellect
Venus rules the signs ♉ Taurus and ♎ Libra and is associated with love and relationships
Mars rules the signs ♈ Aries and ♏ Scorpio(Sub) and is associated with passion, aggression, and vitality

Social Planets:
Jupiter rules the signs ♐ Sagittarius and ♓ Pisces(Co) and is associated with expansion and grace
Saturn rules the signs ♑ Capricorn and ♒ Aquarius(Co) and is associated with restriction and discipline

Transpersonal Planets:
Uranus rules the sign ♒ Aquarius and is associated with change and upheaval
Neptune rules the sign ♓ Pisces and is associated with illusion and spirituality
Pluto rules the sign ♏ Scorpio and is associated with transformation and control

The 1st House represents the self, self-image, and body
The 2nd House represents the value system, finances, and security
The 3rd House represents the communicative ability, skills, and learning
The 4th House represents the home, family, and connection to the past
The 5th House represents the creative ability, amusement, romance, and children
The 6th House represents health, routines, and analytical ability
The 7th House represents one-to-one relationships, the law, and marriage
The 8th House represents collective finances, depth relationships, and the transformative ability
The 9th House represents travel, higher education, philosophy, and religion
The 10th House represents career, public persona, and aspirations
The 11th House represents social networks, dreams, and rewards
The 12th House represents isolation, the subconscious, spirituality, and undoing

anonymous asked:

What's going to happen if the funding goal isn't met in time?

Hey anon! 

Check out these updates for further details:

But essentially:
1) We’ve been able to secure some alternate financing so we don’t need the full goal amount anymore.
2) We’ve surpassed the bare minimum we needed to raise from crowdfunding.
3) We have a solution to close the remaining gap between the amount raised and the funding goal, so we can put the crowdfunding money towards season two.

TL;DR: Season Two is happening.

Caramel Flan

Street racers!AU

warnings: street magic to the extreme, the series is slowly piecing itself together so the newcomers might get confused, ft. Ha Minho, theft, guns, virus codes, betrayal and secrets because everyone does, confident Samuel  

You stood there on the pavements amidst the downpour and rowdy crowd. As the lights flashed on you, you greeted, “Great day to all over Kingstown, and a great night to experience the things we don’t understand.”

People paused around you as they recognized who you were–the red horse. You flashed them a smile when they started cheering, but you quickly silenced them to speak, “In spite of the heavy rainfall, I want you to pay close attention. But not too close, you’ll only see less of anything.”

“I won’t clear up the skies for you, but we’ll go crazy with the rain like a snap of a finger where it,” you waited before ending, “stops.”

The rain suddenly stopped around you which made the crowd scream and shout in amusement. But the show didn’t end there, you questioned, “What if they turn into diamonds?”

You snapped your fingers before the droplets hit ground in their solid state. You laughed, gesturing towards the clothed water tank behind the people. You raised a finger directing them to look at your next reveal, you said, “Look closely, some things aren’t what they always seem.”

Dragging the fabric away from the glass tank, all of the diamonds were already inside. However, something bothered you, your friend said through the other line, “You need to leave, now.”

You climbed the ladder beside the tank making the people roar, afterwards you finished, “The closer you look, the less you see.”

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Pagan/Polytheist Prayers for Each Day of the Week

*Non-witchy post! Sorry to all of my non-Pagan followers. I’ll post more witchy stuff tomorrow!*

I’ve been posting a lot of witchy stuff lately, so I wanted to share some Pagan stuff for you guys. You can alter these prayers to use different pantheons if you work with specific pantheons. You could change it to say Goddess and God instead of gods and goddesses if you are Wiccan, for example, or you could alter it in some other way to fit your own personal practice. These prayers have plenty of room for personalization, and they play off of the magical correspondences of each day of the week. I, personally, am a Pantheist, believing that all gods and goddesses are aspects and manifestations of a single universal force. Because of this, I wrote in each prayer something along the lines of “You who has been known as (list of deities associated with that day)”. You can change this to fit your own personal beliefs. Like I mentioned before, you can totally make these prayers your own. I give full permission for you to change and alter these as you wish to fit your own beliefs and make them work for you :) *please do not repost this without credit*

Oh gods and goddesses of the rising sun, thank you for this beautiful day. I welcome the start of another week, as your sun shines down upon us. You who has been known as Helios, Apollo, Hemera, Brigid, Ra– thank you for your blessings. Fill me with creative light, and grant us with hope as this week begins. May this week bring beauty and new light to all of your creatures.

Oh gods and goddesses of the glowing moon, thank you for this day. I thank you for another day and for the opportunity to continue in your path. You who has been known as Artemis, Selene, Thoth– thank you for your nurturing. May those who are sick or in pain be healed, and may we be filled with your wisdom as we continue this week. May we be renewed in your sacred light.

Oh gods and goddesses of iron will and everlasting fire, thank you for this day. I awake now to continue to push forward this week as your devoted children. You who has been known as Ares, Athena, Nike, Morrighan, Tyr– thank you for watching over us in times of discord. May those who are in fear be protected, and may those with ill-intentions be cast away. May we march forward towards victory with pure intention and action, guarded by your iron shields. So mote it be, amen.

Oh gods and goddesses of traveling winds and currents, thank you for this day. I welcome this day, nourishing my mind and soul with new understanding. You who has been known as Hermes, Iris, Athena, Odin, Lugh– thank you for your swift wisdom and guidance. Help me to be eloquent and clear in conversation as I begin my journey today, and may only good news and messages be delivered today. May we be safe and secure in relationships and finances today, rejoicing in your benevolence.

Oh gods and goddesses of bountiful harvest and life, thank you for this day. I rejoice today as I seek to honor you in all that I do. You who has been known as Zeus, Demeter, Hera, Thor, Freyr– thank you for your loving generosity. Gift us with bounty and joy today, and help us to bring honor to you as we go about our day. May we be joyful and renewed today as we sing your praises.

Oh gods and goddesses of beautiful love and friendship, thank you for this day. I welcome this day with open heart, ready to love and be loved. You who has been known as Aphrodite, Eros, Freyja– thank you for your kind and lovely hands. Help me to grow in my relationships, achieving harmony with my loved ones and friends. May we be filled with peace and harmony as we relax in your loving arms.

Oh gods and goddesses of magic and creativity, thank you for this day. I welcome the end of this week, allowing all negativity to be washed away that I may start the next week with a clean slate. You who has been known as Hecate, Saturn, Persephone– thank you for your protection and cool, lead strength. Help me to be free of negativity and to be rid of those that may harm or hinder me. May we be filled with good fortune and hope as we end this week and return to the beginning of your ever-turning wheel.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found these helpful and useful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an ask.


Don't call me an a**hole.

I worked in the finance department of a dealership. In order to secure financing, vehicles had to have proof of insurance submitted to the finance company before the customer can take possession. That was my job, so when the customers first sat down with me, I’d tell them to get their insurance arranged and send me proof.

One day I hear my name being paged for a phone call. I pick it up “hello, qwer-asdf-zxcv speaking, how can I help you?”

The voice on the phone says “are you the a**hole who needs proof of insurance?”

Me: “excuse me?”

Him: “did you sell a vehicle to mr and Mrs. X and now want me to get the insurance?”

Me: “well we sold them a vehicle yes…”

Him: “how the f*ck can I arrange insurance without a VIN”

Me: “Uhhhh they have a copy of the bill of sale”

The conversation continued like this for a whille, him swearing, me answering his stupid questions. Basically he blamed me for the customers not giving him the information he needed. And apparently the customers were quite antsy to pick it up, so when I told them I hadn’t received proof of insurance, they must have called him and gotten angry.

So anyways, I have no problem talking to insurance agents if the customers didn’t do what they should have, but nobody calls me an a**hole and gets away with it.

Revenge step 1

Use to ring him every 10 minutes at 3am. That’s what you get for having your home number in the phone book.

Revenge step 2

He is an insurance broker, so he does a fair amount of advertising. One of the places he advertises was on kijiji (Canadian craigslist). I had seen his ads a ton (he was actually pretty successful) One nice feature about kijiji is you can see “posters other ads”. This a**hole also happened to have rental apartments all over town. So with a couple fake email accounts I arranged viewings for his dozen or so apartments every day of the week for the next month. (Never f*ck with a retail salesperson, they have way too much free time). I got about a dozen angry emails back asking why I didn’t show before I noticed he stopped advertising on kijiji.

Revenge step 3

My piece de resistance was shortly after I quit the dealership. I still hated this guy, or well, I actually didn’t care, but he seemed like a d*ck. My friend works IT for a large insurance company, and I had helped him out with something that required me to get an email address with the insurance company’s domain. So I logged in, and created my signature as “VP of acquisitions”, and gave him a call.

I told him we were interested in buying his brokerage, since we saw his success from afar. He was sucking my d*ck from the beginning, telling me how successful he was, and how inch business he generated. I told him to email me his relevant financials and that I would call him back. So he does, and I actually put the effort into coming up with a reasonable purchase price. And then I added a couple hundred thousand to make it enticing for him.

I called him back, gave him the offer, and then asked if he would be interested in he team as a VP after the buyout. He said he would so I asked him to come down to our offices for an interview.

The key part here is the offices of this insurance company are in a big city, a four hour drive from where he lives. I told him I’d like to meet at 9am. So this a**hole has to leave his house at 5am to make it ( I also told him to bring me a coffee).

At this point I tell me friend to delete the email address ( he knew what I was doing, although perhaps not as in depth) and I also called him from a blocked number because, well I didn’t want to get caught. so unfortunately I can’t say for 100% sure that it worked.

But two weeks later, I did call his brokerage from my regular number. He answered the phone. I said “Are you the a**hole who drove four hours to x city for a fake interview?” . There was a long pause, I can hear him steaming up through the phone, and then he said “who the f*ck is this?”. I hung up.

Don’t be rude.

Why Don Cheadle Named a White Co-Star for his Miles Davis Film

In the wake of the brouhaha over racial diversity at this week’s Academy Awards, I wanted to make sure you didn’t overlook Don Cheadle’s angle on that subject, and in particular what concession he says he needed to make to secure financing for Miles Ahead, his forthcoming Miles Davis film.

-Nick Moy

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house stelliums

1st house stellium: a lot of energy focused on self. When things go wrong, devastating problems regarding the identity of the individual may arise. Can be egocentric, selfish and too self-involved if not dealt properly. 

2nd house stellium: a lot of energy focused on security. Throughout the individual’s life, useful skills could be learned regarding security, finances and possessions. The negative side of this stellium is the exaggerated importance given to material possessions. A solution would be letting other people manage this aspect of their lives.

3rd house stellium: a lot of energy focused on communication. Too many choices and interests. The individual finds it difficult to relax mentally. People with this stellium tend to focus on something and become obsessed, becoming oblivious to everything else.

4th house stellium: a lot of energy focused on activities regarding the home. There’s a tendency to get emotionally stuck in the past. The home life is often turbulent and there’s a need to “get out” of the individual’s own home and focus on a professional activity that deals with the 4th house issues.

5th house stellium: a lot of energy focused on creativity and fun. These individuals work well with creativy groups. Just like the 3rd house stellium, it can bring too many possibilities for the individual. If the individual has children, they can take up too much of their energy.

6th house stellium: a lot of energy focused on work and perfection. It’s not unusual for a hypocondriac to have this stellium. Obsession with work and routine is likely, and dangerous! It’s recommended to get away from work from time to time so the person can stay balanced. 

7th house stellium: a lot of energy is focused on relationships. The individual doesn’t feel complete without a partner, and when they’re in a relationship, they tend to lose themselves which often makes them run away from relationships. They focus on the person they’re with and forget about everyone and everything else. They can be excellent psychologists or lawyers. 

8th house stellium: a lot of energy is focused on control. They need to control their stuff, if not, it all becomes devastating. This stellium is somewhat dangerous. The individual tends to “get tired” of being one thing and they transform into the opposite, taking it to the extreme. It’s necessary to touch the bottom of it all so they can react and climb right back to reach the light again. If the energy is focused on healthy interests, it can be a good thing.

9th house stellium: a lot of energy is focused on beliefs and studies. These individuals tend to live too much on their heads. They are always thinking about theories, which makes them miss oportunities of the real and tangible life. They tend to consume information and not release or share it. 

10th house stellium: a lot of energy is focused on the public life and career. These individuals may have problems with authority figures so they enjoy being their own boss. They also might have had issues with a parental figure. They’re naturally ambitious and they can be workaholics, which is as problematic as it’s good.

11th house stellium: a lot of energy is focused on groups, organizations and friendships. These parts of their lives swallow up the individual and it makes them lose perspective. They need to focus more on individual goals and values. They tend to have a lot of friends and they’re really social. It reminds me of those activists who focus a lot on the topic and forget about everything else.

12th house stellium: a lot of energy is focused on ideals and their own mind. All the planets that fall in this house are hidden and they don’t really participate, they just watch. Those planets are locked inside their minds, without shining. These individuals tend to shut down when they’re around people who are more focused on the external world. 

The Magician Spell

To secure success in contracts, finances, acquisitions, examinations, and business; for protection against fraud or embezzlement, success in legal entanglements, and victory in court decisions; for increased writing skills and foreign travel; for the ability to influence others favorably, particularly those with influence over you or who are in a position to bring benefits, material or otherwise, into your life.

Lay down a white altar cloth. Lay the Magician Card at the center of the altar, between two lit yellow or white candles. Place the oil burner containing cinnamon or clove essential oil in the north of the altar and light it. Visualize your seating area becoming surrounded by a wonderful circle of yellow light, with yourself at the center. Starting as a small point of light, you see a figure eight pattern emerge and flow around the edges of the circle. As it does so, the circle solidifies into a three dimensional sphere of light, like a miniature sun, resplendent and radiating security, harmony, and intelligence. On a piece of paper, use red ink to paint or draw the symbol for Mercury in red. Carefully fold or roll up the symbol and place it in a drawstring pouch as a talisman. Wear this around your neck or carry it with you in a pocket or purse until you are satisfied with the success you have achieved. To enhance its efficacy, dab some of the essential oil onto the pouch for several days after performing the spell.

From Terry Donaldson’s The Tarot Spellcaster


Where Gaby’s estranged father was an international mafia boss, after his death his will instructed his two right/lefthand guy Illya Kuriyakin (arm dealing/security) and Napoleon Solo (finance/forgery) to get his daughter back as the next heir.


-Gaby is not only a mechanic but talented weapon designer 

-Illya and Napoleon weren’t informed that this extraction was not a solo mission and ended up thinking the other was working for another opposing member/or sent to assassinate Gaby

-Mafia power struggle, the OT3 works to secure their place

-(If Napollya; but I am always for Napollya :P) Gaby uses boss order and boss voice to order them to get on and fuck already, and also secure that arm trade while you are at it

schatten-geist  asked:

Good evening. For the tarot card question, will I find financial security?

I drew The Tower for you. I think my deck objects to the term “financial security.” There is nothing really secure about finances, and putting your faith in money may not work out for you. There’s nothing here to indicate you won’t make a decent living, but the card is telling me that you need to learn to see money in a different way than as protection or security. God, I’m sorry, this reading sounds so preachy and obnoxious!

This reading is left over from yesterday evening: I am not currently taking any new requests! Thank you!