securitron deconstruction plant

They say it’s a horrible place. I believe them! Now, you know most securitrons are not scared of anything! Well, mostly anything. But this place is now one thing we all fear. We didn’t know about it till the courier told me they saw the place with their own two eyes, and some of the securitrons that went there later had left scrambled recordings of video and audio from the horrible place before they up and vanished.

There is a reason those securitrons aren’t as nice as me or the ones the the Strip.  Think of it in human terms! They’re sort of like ghosts.  Restless spirits that are twisted beyond what they once were! I hear a scientist created it because he hated Mr. House and his robots. Maybe it was jealousy? Or something far more sinister.  So to spite him, he made a plant where he could send all of the normal securitrons he ordered or captured and do heinous things to them. The robots had no idea where they were going, just that it was someplace new and they were needed there. Once they got off the crate, they saw bodies of their fallen comrades on large machines that were tearing the apart. This isn’t very shocking for robots, assembly lines are normal! But upon further investigation, it was no normal assembly line. It was not creating securitrons, but the opposite.  It was a…..disassembly line! However, once it ripped you apart, it would start piecing them back together as if they were now a creation from that insane scientist! Things were shoved into them that weren’t compatible, things that didn’t belong! They were remade, but never sent out to complete any tasks. They were alone up there with no purpose. The broken securitrons slowly went crazy, not even functioning with half the mental capacity they once had. Now just ghosts left to linger and haunt the Big MT.
Spooky! But true!
I had a friend go out there once. And he went missing! That adds to the story, because it’s a REAL scary story! Are you frightened yet? Cause I am! Ha ha!