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President Franklin D. Roosevelt speaking in Syracuse at the New York Democratic State Convention in 1936.

FDR’s satirical rebuke against Republicans who opposed Social Security and the New Deal during the 1936 election.

80 years later the very same Republican Party used the same rhetoric unironically to justify taking away health insurance from 20 million Americans.


30 black students were kicked out of a Donald Trump rally for standing silently

According to the Des Moines Register, security said they were acting on Trump’s orders to remove the students, who were standing silently atop bleachers at the event. Trump’s campaign is denying the order. In video of their ejection, the students give a valid reason for their presence.



aries sun - you’re enthusiastic and energetic, impulsive and sometimes brash. Natural leader, you don’t like to be a follower in the crowd.

aries moon - you rush into things without thinking them through, optimistic, happy. You don’t like manipulating people - you play it straight. You don’t sulk when you don’t get your way.

aries rising - you’re brash, optimistic, you don’t think things through. You’re independent, self relying, honest and fearless.

aries mid heaven - you’re full of confidence, a good organiser, you might be shy until you’re the center of attention and then you shine.

aries mars - very impulsive, gets angry really fast but then forgets about it, restless when you’re bored. you can be openly aggressive and probably quite accident prone. you’re not patient. you love competition.

aries venus - you’re really not very subtle, you flirt a lot. you’re impulsive, impatient and passionate. you fall fast. you like to be the group leader among your friends. not afraid to stand up for themselves.


taurus sun - you’re stubborn, you appreciate beauty. You like to be around pretty things and you have good taste in everything. You can be very blunt. You put extra time into how you look so you always look good. You’re reliable and capable, and you can be kind of possessive

taurus moon - you like to be happy, you’re strong willed. you’re very romantic

taurus rising - you’re steady and capable, careful and cautious. You’re comforting to be around. You can be a little possessive, you might view your partner as personal property. You like the good things in life - food, clothes, money. Because of this, you’re always well dressed

taurus midheaven - you’re persistant and like to be in charge. You’re stubborn and tough

taurus mars - easy going and calm, very focused on their goals. not very adaptable, but you’re reliable and dependable. you’re conventional and straightforward in relationships.

taurus venus - you don’t like drama, you’re cuddly and you’re attracted to someone who will provide a stable relationships. you have a strong sense of commitment.


gemini sun - you’re intellectual, and you have opinions. Lots. Some people might think you’re a little two faced sometimes, but you just change how you think and act a lot. You’re affectionate, kind and generous.

gemini moon - you’re fun and pleasant to spend time with. You’re witty and charming. You can also be moody and irritable. You’re very open minded, you’re loyal and loving.

gemini rising - you’re curious about everything, always looking for something to boost you socially. When you admire people, you might subconsciously mimic their movements. You’re a great multitasker. You don’t like schedules

gemini midheaven - you can multi task, and you do it well. You can focus on multiple things at once. You like diversity.

gemini mars - easily bored, can become unfocused easily. restless, you have a lot of energy. you’re imaginative and creative, never boring

gemini venus - natural flirt, witty, likes variety. not very sentimental, but bright and good natured. full of life and fun, knows all the gossip, charming


cancer sun - emotional, wants to be center of attention, upset when you don’t get your way. You want to feel secure in relationships.

cancer moon - you’re very emotional and want to be enter of attention. you want stability and security in a relationship and require people to give themselves fully to you. You get upset when things don’t go how you wanted and you probably think the world revolves around you

cancer rising - when you are center of attention, you love it. You are very emotional, and you like getting your way.

cancer mc - you’re quite a careful person, you want stability and security in relationships. You worry a lot, and you often get emotional.

cancer mars - can be v passive aggressive, they like to feel secure before they act on something. passionate and creative, can be very moody.

cancer venus - you want a committed, predictable relationship. you like to snuggle (aw). you find it easy to read people, and care for them according to that. you are very easily hurt. you look for friends/partners with a big heart.


leo sun - You have a huge ego and you like to be around people you love. You try to project an image of success but sometimes you feel really self-conscious. You like to be in charge. You are really bad at taking criticism, because it feels like a dig on you personally, not on whatever it is you’re doing. You like to be the center of attention, especially when its somewhere you’re comfortable and with people you actually like.

leo moon - you’re sociable, happy to be the spotlight in social situations where you’re in charge/comfortable, you like entertaining your friends in an environment you’re familiar in. You have a lot of integrity. If you get upset, you prefer to retire somewhere you won’t be bothered and have privacy. In relationships, you might get a little jealous, but you’ll never become possessive.

leo rising - you love being center of attention, and people are attracted to you. You have a magnetic personality, you’re creative and you speak your mind.

leo mc - you understand that persistence pays off, you are very generous. you can be very stubborn. You’re very dignified. You’re easily insulted and take everything personally.

leo mars - you want to be significant and give a lasting impression. you have a lot of physical energy, you’re playful. you are compassionate and have a good sense of humour.

leo venus - you like to brag about your relationship and you demand a lot from your partner. you have high expectations of your partner but you can be very generous.


virgo sun - so you’re a organised person. You like order and planning your actions, but you can also work well in chaos as long as you have things that make you happy in there too.

virgo moon - you want happiness and security. You like doing little jobs like running errands, you find it relaxing. You love routine, you’re shy, and you love to stay busy.

virgo rising - you’re shy when you meet new people, and you’re nearly always reserved and quiet. You’re probably a picky eater. You adapt well to new situations. You like to keep busy. you’re a loyal and reliable friend.

virgo mc - Youre crazy analytical - you organise everything around you. You’re not subtle either, you come right out and say what needs to be said. You like to be very neat, but you can work well in chaotic environments as long as you have things that make you happy with you. You tend to over think things that you shouldve moved on from long ago.

virgo mars - you’re practical, sometimes a little bit scattered. you can be critical and sometimes stubborn, you’re not very aggressive though. you’re a perfectionist. you can be shy and humble.

virgo venus - not very flirtatious. you’re a good listener, you don’t like boastful people. you like to take your time before getting into a relationship. you want to feel useful, but you don’t like being taken advantage of.


libra sun - you like harmony, and want everything to be in balance all the time. youre sensitive to the needs of others. You always try to understand the other side in an argument, and don’t mind stepping down to compromise. You’re very social, you’re very stylish and people like you. You’re a little flirty by nature. You prefer to be in a relationship than single.

libra moon - you don’t like to be alone - you like having a partner. You flirt a lot - intentional or not. You always want to have your way, and you like to have other people supporting you and your goals. Your mood changes a lot though, you’re pretty unpredictable.

libra rising - you’re really charismatic. You attract people to you, and you don’t know what to do without your special someone by your side. You know how to dress well, you really like material goods and physical comforts. You’re very polite.

libra mc - you feel that if you can attain balance and harmony, you will be happy and successful. You’re a good team player. You’re self conscious of your social position. You present yourself well in a poised, elegant way

libra mars - you can be indecisive, but its because you like to weigh up pros and cons before you act. you’re very charming and you can sometimes be a little passive aggressive. you need a lot of motivation, you don’t like rude people.

libra venus - you’re idealistic, and a romantic. you fall in love easily, often for the wrong people or too soon


scorpio sun - you’re intense, self reliable, and full of emotions. you’re imaginative, loving and loyal

scorpio moon - you live for emotional intensity. You can see through people, right into their deepest feelings. You don’t like being criticised, and you can be very jealous.

scorpio rising - you’re someone you wouldn’t want to screw with,  you can be pretty intimidating and people either love you or hate you. You have crazy strong defence mechanisms, and this comes in handy for your strong drive to succeed.

scorpio mc - you’re self motivated, you know what you want and how you’re going to get it. You can be a little intimidating.

scorpio mars - you’re quiet and subtle but a formidable opponent. You have powerful emotions. You’re very passionate and sensual

scorpio venus - you’re intense and deep. you’re good at giving your full attention to your partner. you aren’t afraid of intimacy or commitment.


sagittarius sun - you’re smart and adventurous, but you speak your mind and can sometimes offend people. think before you speak next time.

sagittarius moon - you are a traveller, wanting to go to new places and expand your horizons. You want to be in charge, you hurt people sometimes when you speak your mind

sagittarius rising - youre enthusiastic, and you love a good adventure. You hate being still. You’re opinionated, and you like sharing your opinions. You like a little competition to prove your worth every now and then.

sagittarius midheaven - you like to be in control, you like to be in charge. You can be pretty blunt sometimes and upset people. You love adventure and want to travel and expand your horizons.

sagittarius mars - you’re not known for patience. you’re used to getting your own way, and you can be very persuasive.

sagittarius venus - you like to learn things all the time, you can be a little judgemental. you need space and freedom to be happy. you’re easygoing, you’re honest and blunt.


capricorn sun - practical, reliable, wants to work hard and not take shortcuts. likes material possessions and wants to be rich tbh

capricorn moon - you want to feel useful and productive. you like to get your own way. You don’t show your emotions, and people think you might be a little cold. You just don’t like showing them in public.

capricorn rising - You take everything seriously. Youre practical, responsible for as long as you can remember. You like material possessions. You work hard/have worked hard to get to where you are/where you want to be.

capricorn mc - you want to care for others, you’re confident and you know how to handle situations. You want to make a positive impact on the world. You’re practical and systematic. You have a strong sense of duty and dedication.

capricorn mars - you like to be in control, you’re determined and orderly. you’re responsible and reliable. you’re practical and you can come across as pessimistic sometimes.

capricorn venus - you like to impress people with your wit, you’re responsible and in control. you like to be alone, its hard for you to let down your guard. you want to help your friends succeed in life.


aquarius sun - you’re kind of an oddball, but somehow the weird works for you. You crave freedom and you think you’re better than everyone. You are rebellious when your freedom is challenged. You pretend you don’t have any emotions. you’re unique and a little bit nuts. You’re a humanitarian, you care more about the world than yourself/people you know.

aquarius moon - you’re observant. You have a pretty big ego, and you want to stand out for being unusual. You’re stubborn, but youre also kind and compassionate. You’re a humanitarian. You really hate criticism.

aquarius rising - youre friendly and likeable. Your humour is kinda weird and not many people get it. Your’e very unique and you like being in the spotlight.

aquarius mc - you like learning. you’re good at making plans and putting them into action. you fear humiliating yourself in public by looking stupid.

aquarius mars - you’re proud of your independence. you have a lot of ambition and energy, you value freedom. you stay faithful and you’re loyal unless you’re bored.

aquarius venus - you’re very open minded, you don’t like restrictions. you don’t display many feelings in public. you want your partner to be your friend more than just a lover. you don’t like clingy partners.


pisces sun - spiritual, compassionate, full of love. emotional and intellectual. tactful, charming, you’re not great at making decisions. you’re generous to those you love, you’re a huge romantic. you’re very creative, do well in the arts.

pisces moon - You’re emotional, and are good at sensing how others feel. You’re compassionate and full of love. Your sense of humour is silly. You’re sweet and soft hearted, genuinely care about everyone.

pisces rising - you’re unpredictable and can seem to change personalities on a day to day basis. You’re not too great at decision making, and you see the world through your own biased eyes. You don’t want to stand out too much. You really love animals, and probably want to have pets/already have a few.

pisces mc - People probably think you’re a little emotionally unstable, but you just have a lot of feelings. You are sensitive to other’s feelings, and you always want to help comfort people. You don’t take extreme sides on anything. You understand what you need and what you want.

pisces mars - you’re gentle and mild, go with the flow. you’re attracted to the arts, you play games to get what you want. you’re very sensitive to your environment.

pisces venus - dreamy and soft hearted, you want your partner to know that you love them unconditionally. you like romance and tenderness. you’re compassionate and sensitive, you can understand people and always forgive them.

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The new New York Times piece titled "And Jesus Said Unto Paul Ryan" is a masterpiece

Before I launch into this, I want to state up front, this is not directed at you, anonymous. Thank you for thinking of me, and the article is a funny read. 

But I also read the article on the train to work this morning (before I ever got this ask) and it has been bothering me all day. I thought about it at lunch. It niggled at me during my healthcare policy class, because the Social Security Act is boring and so was the view out the window. And on the train ride home, I went huh.

I don’t give a fuck whether Paul Ryan is a good Christian. 

I was surprised too! But it turns out, I don’t give a fuck whether any of my elected leaders’ policies are consistent with their professed Christianity. I don’t care whether their policies are consistent with my or anyone else’s Christianity. If the Second Coming happened tomorrow, and Jesus came down on a cloud and handed me the ACA replacement bill, I would still want to see the Congressional Budget Office report about it.

It’s fun to condemn our political leaders for hypocrisy. (God knows most of them are, and so deserve it.) But at the same time, I feel like we keep circling the same fallacy—”well, you know Ryan and his ilk aren’t real Christians; real Christians would [insert political viewpoint here].” It’s a fun fallacy! You pull it out at parties and it gets you off the hook entirely. You might be a thing, but you’re not that thing, so it’s all okay!

The problem with this is that…..well, real Christians are, and have. Real Christians have had slaves or been complicit in slavery, they’ve started wars and genocides and simony and scandal. Real Christians had a vested interest in the oppression of women and the conversion of all people on earth to Christianity. Real Christians killed Jews and Real Christians killed Muslims and Real Christians in the US today have decided to continue that 2000 year unbroken tradition of hate. Real Christians scream outside of abortion clinics. Name it, Real Christians have done it, or been complicit in it. You can’t divorce the words of Jesus from the bits of history or politics you don’t approve of—or at the very least, you can’t pretend as though “Real Christianity” is a totally separate animal, innocent in comparison with its ugly political cousin.

At the end of the day, the Christian Bible has been used to both support and condemn all sorts of political activity since….before the ink of the canon had a chance to dry. And I’m sure that in two hundred years, there will still be thinkpieces arguing that the senator isn’t a real Christian, because a real Christian would have issued a statement welcoming the sentient moss of Zebble-gor to Congress.

But I don’t like it. Because—well, because we’re not a theocracy. Whether someone is a good Christian or a hypocritical Christian is irrelevant. Our elected leaders need to be good leaders. Full stop. They should be guided by honesty and innovation and civic-mindedness and compassion and intelligence; they should be ethical and make choices with integrity, take their position and its obligations seriously, listen to their constituents. If those qualities come out of their commitment to Christianity, that’s fine! But they don’t have to, and I don’t think it’s productive—even within the Christian community—to go back and forth about someone’s religiosity.

I don’t care if Paul Ryan is a good Christian. He can settle that one up with our Lord and Savior when the time comes. But he’s the principal sponsor of a frankly shitty piece of legislation, which offers significant federal savings at the expense of poor and elderly individuals. 

And that’s the sin I’m not ready to forgive.



Warnings - swearing, humour, fluff.

Pairings - Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader.


It had been a tough week, a long week, and you were done with the whole prank phase Bucky had gotten himself into with Steve and Sam.

The last thing you ever expected was to return home from an awful mission which left you battered and sore, to then be assaulted by two super soldiers and a pigeon. By assaulted you meant getting pelted with paintballs and water balloons or water condoms as it were.

Their faces dropped when they realised you had gotten caught up in the crossfire, shrinking in confidence as your face turned red and your fingertips sparked with electricity. Wet H/C hair stuck to the sides of your paled face, your fingers pinched the bridge of your nose, and you tried your hardest to calm yourself. Four separate paintball explosions coated your chest and arms, and the sting of it made tears spring to your eyes, not only because it hurt, but also because you were past the point of exhaustion and you were extremely frustrated with how the mission went. Yes you got the job done, but it wasn’t as smooth as you would have liked it to be. And it pissed you off even more just thinking how they were messing around like children whilst you were in a country with your life potentially on the line.

“Fucking children,” you said under your breath before walking toward your bedroom, your bad held deathly tight in your grip as you stalked to the door, opening it before slamming it shut and making sure to lock it securely. If Bucky wanted to act like a child, then he could do it as far away from you as possible.

Without a second thought you stripped out of your gear and climbed beneath the black sheets of the bed, snuggling into Bucky’s scent.

That morning you thought he would have learnt his lesson, all of them, but when you opened the kitchen door and a bucketful of flour and eggs emptied over your head, coating your entire body, you were fuming. Tony entered the room from the other door and looked at your expression as you stood holding the doorknob, your mouth hung open and your eyes screaming rage and anger, “Bucky?”

You closed your eyes and sighed before shaking your head, “Nope, this was the Pigeon,” you hissed, “I’m gonna kill him,” you snapped as you headed down to the gym, lucky for you they were all working out together, three children on break time, “Hey, Wilson!” Sam turned around instantly at your booming voice before attempting to stifle a laugh.

There you stood, wearing shorts and a sports bra, with egg and flour stuck to your skin, “Hey, what’s up Y/N?” Sam leaned against the weight stand and watched your expression shift.

“What’s up?” You mimicked as you stormed over to him, “What’s up is that I’ve got your prank all over my fucking body,” you screamed, the electricity sparking at your fingertips again, “I got back from a really shit mission last night to be attacked with paintballs and water balloons made out of condoms, now I wake up and walk right into your trap, I’m fucking done with this shit-” Bucky reached out to you, wanting to calm you down but most off all apologise, you shook the Solider off as your fingers clapped around Sam’s wrist, allowing your current to shock his entire system, smirking as he fell to the floor, “You want a war? You’ve fucking got one,” you told them all as you walked away, leaving Sam jolting on the floor.

The rest of the week went on like that, they would pull and prank and piss you off more than before, you would retaliate and piss them off, you’d make up and go to bed, and then it would all start over the next day.

Bucky prized his hygiene, especially his teeth, and the one thing you knew was that his toothbrush was like his child. You loved Bucky’s white teeth and the smell of mint, but that day you wouldn’t be kissing him, or for the rest of that week for that matter. Bucky was in your shared bathroom, squeezing toothpaste onto the brush as putting it into his mouth and you internally gagged at the sight, smirking as his brows dipped in confusion and he removed the tool from his lips, inspecting it before carrying on with a frown, “What’s up Buck?” You asked as your eyes turned back to the book in your lap.

Bucky removed the brush from his mouth and turned to you, a towel around his waist which revealed his toned chest and arms, “I don’t know, my mouth tastes really strange this morning,” you hummed in response and watched from the corner of your eye as he turned around to carry on, still confused.

“Oh Buck?” You shouted and he hummed to say he was listening, “Remember yesterday when you ruined my favourite pair of panties by using them as a slingshot?” He chuckled and made a noise in confirmation, “Yeah well to get you back I brushed our toilet with your toothbrush,” he froze and looked at you, searching your face for any kind of joke, taking it out of his mouth, “And I did Steve’s too, and Tony’s, they’re really clean now, thanks for that.”

Bucky looked at his reflection before turning back to you, “You’re joking right?” He asked with paste dribbling down his chin, you shook your head and watched as he spat the paste out and gagged furiously, “Why would you do that?” He choked as he drank mouthwash from the bottle.

“I told you that this was war, didn’t I?”

Just some fun, more Bucky stuff will be up tomorrow night and over the weekend 😘


“Let me also speak directly to the transgender community itself: some of you have lived freely for decades, and others of you are wondering how you can possibly live the lives that you were born to lead, but no matter how isolated, no matter how afraid, and no matter how alone you may feel today, know this: that the Department of Justice, and indeed the entire Obama Administration, want you to know that we see you, we stand with you, and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward. And please know that history is on your side. This country was founded on the promise of equal rights for all and we have always managed to move closer to that ideal. Little by little, day by day. And it may not be easy, but we will get there together.” – Attorney General Loretta Lynch, May 9, 2016
On May 9, 2016, one year ago today, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the filing of a lawsuit by the Justice Department against the state of North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory, the Department of Public Safety, and the University of North Carolina seeking, among other things, an injunction against the enforcement of the state’s Public Facilities and Security Act (HB-2). HB-2, passed and signed in March 2016, purported to strike down a Charlotte equal rights ordinance and require transgender people to use public bathrooms, in Lynch’s words, “consistent with their sex as noted at birth rather than bathrooms that fit with their gender identity.”
“This action is about a great deal more than bathrooms,” Lynch said, “it is about the dignity and respect we accord our fellow citizens.” HB-2, she made clear, “created state-sponsored discrimination” and would not be tolerated by the Obama administration.
In April 2017, after a so-called compromise led to the repeal of HB-2 (but, in fact, kept the most insidious aspects of the law in place), the Trump Department of Justice dropped the lawsuit against North Carolina. Vanita Gupta (standing to Lynch’s right in the video), former head of DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, tweeted the following regarding the lawsuit’s end: “Sadly predictable. They can dismiss but they cannot erase. The fight for LGBTQ justice is strong.” #Resist

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Frances Perkins (1880-1965) was a sociologist who served as the US Secretary of Labor from 1933 to 1945. She was the first woman ever appointed to the US Cabinet, and the one who served the longest in that position.

A sociologist by education, she was a devoted advocate of worker’s rights, and throughout her time in the Cabinet she established several laws and reforms that improved the conditions of working people. While she worked for the New York state government, she managed to reduce working hours, and implement better minimum wage and unemployment insurance. With the Social Security Act of 1935, she also established benefits, pensions, and welfare for the poorest Americans.

lefou and education

this is a rebloggable version of my headcanon post
for my lefou roleplay blog

so in canon [at least the 2017 film] we have a lefou who is illiterate. whether or not he had some form of education as a child remains to be seen– but either way, by adulthood he’s pretty much forgotten how to spell things. he may be able to recognize simple words and letters, but that’s about it.

regardless– he writes an entire song about gaston. he commits it to memory. being illiterate he cannot write it down. yet he’s able to compose this tune, keep to the rhyming scheme, and recite it from memory. it’s possible he’s done this on several occasions, and spends his free time thinking up new lyrics.

he’s creative and clever– despite lacking formal knowledge about the world around him. with a knack for picking up new skills with relative ease he takes to information like a fish to water. once he’s provided a means of understanding [ie: learning how to read and write] he’ll only grow more intelligent. in fact, he grows to become quite the intellectual– a genius in his own right with a love of music and storytelling.

he begins to compose and write songs [possibly working with the maestro?], writes stories and tells the tale of la belle et la bete. his creativity blossoms and he partakes in all it has to offer. he writes about the war– what he learned from it as a soldier. he writes about gaston– finally putting all he felt to pen and paper.

he writes love letters to his partner– but never signs them. they’re hidden in various parts of their home, places he knows his lover will eventually find them. he writes sonnets and songs. he allows himself to be swept up in romance and expresses all he feels in writing.

after he passes, his letters are gathered by a family member and published. centuries later they’re being studied in schools alongside shakespeare, blake, and frost. his grave and the village itself become a hotspot for tourists. his life is studied and his legacy secured.

the simple act of education leads to his immortality.

More than 850 Mongolian @unpeacekeepers were awarded the United Nations Medal for their commitment and service to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) during a ceremony in Bentiu last week.

Among other things, the peacekeeepers rescued 50 internally displaced people from attempted abduction, prevented the harassment of women and children at a nearby farm, and defended the Protection of Civilian site when a large crowd of youths tried to breach the perimeter.

The 41 female members of the Mongolian peacekeeping team (pictured) were praised for their important work to empower women in local communities, provide a greater sense of security for women and act as role models.

Since 2003, approximately 14,000 Mongolian peacekeepers have served at UN Peacekeeping missions around the world.

📷: UN Mission in South Sudan

Seokjin Scenario: The Rhythm Of The Rain - Part 3.

Request: Can I request a Bodyguard AU. Where Seokjin is Y/N bodyguard and at first Y/N was too scared to talk to him but realize one day he is actually a goofball and kind hearted person. Y/N warms up to him and eventually falls for but promise not to tell him because it would risk his job. But something happens and risks his life protecting y/n. You end up confessing to him. Please surprise me in the ending? It can be tragic or a happy one. Thankies~

Genre: Romance / Drama - Bodyguard AU

Part 1 / Part 2

Some could say you were functioning on automatic. One breath, two steps, move forward, repeat; it didn’t matter the exhaustion. Funerals were something you never wished to attend, so after going there you were in automatic once again, moving down the hallway filled with the smell of antiseptic that was so inherent to clinics. You had just visited your father, the doctors said he could leave by tomorrow morning after being in observation for a concussion, but he was alright, all of it thanks to the security service who acted quickly.

You bit your lower lip, there was such a confusing mess of feelings going in you, feeling glad for your father who was as good as he could be due to the circumstances, that you personally had nothing more than a few scratches, while Seokjin was… you stopped for a shaky deep breath, steeling yourself, noticing how some people looked oddly at you, standing in the middle of the hallway with your hands fisted, your brows furrowed while taking shaky breaths and dressed in black only.

The new bodyguard assigned to you was coming behind, he looked even younger than you but he apparently compensated it with a quick mind and lot of strength, didn’t talk too much but had such big expressive eyes, like a little deer in front of the lights,  and you couldn’t help but notice Jin would never leave that much distance between you. There you went again, thinking about him, but it was unavoidable. You turned another corner, rushed your pace just enough to not feel dizzy because you had only had water and coffee the last days; Jin would surely have a lot to say about that fact. You shook your head while smiling sadly, pushing open the door in front of you softly.

Jungkook was the name of the new bodyguard, he introduced himself on the first day you saw him and he already knew he wasn’t allowed to get inside that room with you, this was your private time so he stayed outside. You took a seat near the bed and held the pale hand on your reach, it was warm and a little rough in some places but you liked it, it made the touch feel more real.

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My Interview with CockyBoys Exclusive Ricky Roman

There are many reasons I wanted to interview CockyBoys exclusive, Ricky Roman. Not only is he one of the hottest, most consistent, and popular gay porn stars in the business right now. Not only is he just physically adorable. But, I actually love hearing him talk about his career and the adult entertainment industry. He has such an interesting take, I wanted to pick his brain a bit about how and why he got into the industry, as well as get his thoughts on other issues. Enjoy!

KnowHomo:    You’ve been in adult entertainment for about three years now, what has surprised you the most about the industry?        

Ricky Roman: The thing that’s surprised me most about the industry has to be some of the realest generosity from some of the realest people I’ve met. In a space I expected to be very superficial (and it can be) I have met some of the most down to earth people.

KnowHomo:    Looking back, what is something you wish you’d known or a bit of advice you wish you’d been given before getting into the business?

Ricky Roman:  I think I knew this from the beginning but it made its self very apparent as time went on, one must advocate for themselves because no one else will.

KnowHomo:    Which was harder, coming out as gay or coming out as a porn star?    

Ricky Roman: It was definitely harder to come out as gay. I am the son of religious immigrants both from different countries, so you can imagine how fun that was. But I never stopped being true to myself. Coming out at 14 made coming out as a pornstar a cake walk. Although it is true not all of my family knows, I don’t think it’s much of their damn business. [laughs]


KnowHomo: I love the Pillow Talk segments that you do on your YouTube channel. People ask some really good questions and your answers are always thoughtful. What made you want to open yourself up to people that way?

Ricky Roman: My fans and people just interested in the industry so to speak have always expressed their curiosity and I thought a video Q&A would be fun. And it has been! I hope to hone my vlogging craft and develop it into something grand!

KnowHomo:    In one of those videos, or maybe it was in an answer to a project you did for a family member, you said that what drew you to adult entertainment was that you were always very sexual and that you enjoy being naked. You were about 19 when you started, which is pretty young. Did you view porn as a way to explore your sexuality? Was there anything else that drew you to the industry?

Ricky Roman:  I do view porn as a way to explore my sexuality absolutely. My first orgy was on camera. I’m a bit of a exhibitionist so it’s always been a fun job. Truth be told I’ve always had a passion for acting, at 19 when I decided to get into porn I figured realistically this is the closest I’ll ever being to a “real” movie star.

KnowHomo:    What’s the best part of being porn star Ricky Roman? The most challenging?

Ricky Roman: The best part of being Ricky Roman is setting a standard of sexuality that is uninhibited and unashamed. I want to help liberate people sexually as we live in such a sex taboo society. I hope I can help people realize it’s okay to enjoy what you like! To quote my boss, “There is no sin here.”

The most challenging thing is dating for sure. I had a few goes that really crushed me ultimately and I thought there could be no way I could be an adult entertainer and balance a “normal” relationship. With that said there are many things that aren’t normal about my relationship with my handsome boyfriend Michael and at this point I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s been and continues to be so supportive of me and my endeavors professionally and personally.

[Ricky and Michael]

KnowHomo: How has being an adult entertainer impacted your personal views on sex and/or your personal sex life?

Ricky Roman: Being an adult entertainer has definitely liberated me sexually in a way I didn’t think possible. Sex is such a beautiful part of life. People confuse sex with love. Society teaches people to confuse sex with love. I don’t think monogamy is realistic. We are humans, we have the ability to think and have complicated thought processes, but at the end of the day, we are mammals, with carnal needs, carnal needs that can be quite enjoyable when indulged in.

KnowHomo:    Are you at all surprised by how popular you are as a porn star?

Ricky Roman: Popular? [laughs] I feel like that’s a relative term, not to sound snarky. I am very grateful for all the good vibes that get sent my way as this gig can be draining as well.

KnowHomo:    What do you think makes you such a compelling adult entertainer? Why is Ricky Roman such a fan fave, in your opinion?

Ricky Roman: Compelling? [laughs] I like that. I think that the space I work in specifically allows a personality to shine through as opposed to just being a sexual objects. Anyone who follows the Cockyboys models knows that each of us are boisterous young men in our own right and we create a unique dynamic that I think people find entertaining in more than just a sexual facet.

KnowHomo:    I have this theory that romantic comedies and other “date movies” give people, but mostly women, unrealistic expectations around relationships and porn gives people, but mostly men, unrealistic expectations around sex. What do you think?

Ricky Roman: I agree with both of the points you just made. Specifically with porn. I hate to admit that yes we are serving fantasy sex! There was a scene where I was getting plowed hanging off a wooden fence, howling with joy the entire time. I will admit that was fun but it’s just not very realistic. I’m not as noisy in my personal sex life. [laughs] 

KnowHomo:    Do you watch porn? If so, what kind? Any particular porn stars you are a fan of?

Ricky Roman: I do watch porn, not studio porn however. I just know how it’s made so it kind of takes the magic away, you know? I enjoy amateur stuff I find on tumblr to be honest!

KnowHomo:    Is there anyone that you’d like to work with that you haven’t? If so, who and why?

Ricky Roman: There’s no one that comes to mind particularly at this point. I’m just grateful for the work I get.

KnowHomo:    Are there any scenes of which you are particular proud? Any that you look at and think “that was NOT my best work!”

Ricky Roman: I have to say my very favorite scene was The Haunting part II. The role allowed me to showcase some acting although few words are said in the film. The storyline is timeless and the vision is inspired. It was my first big one at CB and I knew that I was in the right place because of all of the creativity involved in the project. There are a few not worth mentioning I look back on and think damn I could have done better. I always want to push myself to be better!

KnowHomo:    You are one of two, maybe three, adult entertainers of whom I can say I really enjoy everything I have seen you in. But I particularly LOVE your scene with Austin Wilde and your scenes with Jake Bass. How was it working with them?

[Austin Wilde and Ricky Roman]

Ricky Roman: Thank you! Both of them are very good at what they do. I was very excited to work with both at the time and our work together has proven to be fan favorites to this day, so that’s cool.

[Jake Bass and Ricky Roman]

KnowHomo:    As a fan or as someone who watches porn, is there something you’d like to see more of in the industry? As an actor, is there a type of scene, or something you’d like to do more of?

Ricky Roman: I’d like to see more feature films with explicit sex! Kind of what we’re doing at CB [laughs] I personally think it’s great as I love cinema and erotica. If both can be tastefully combined, why not?

KnowHomo:    How do you prepare for a scene?

Ricky Roman: I like to get a workout in before a scene to really get the blood flowing, and about 10 minutes with my handy dandy douche and I’m ready to go! [laughs]

KnowHomo:    Your dad is from Italy. Your mom is from the Philippines. And maybe because you speak Spanish so well and Roman is a common Latino surname, I think people often think you’re Latino. You’ve described yourself as racially ambiguous. Has that had any impact on your career?

Ricky Roman: I think my racial ambiguity leads to more of just that which is cool! I hate to think that aside from my tattoos my skin might be too dark to work for a certain European site that features no one a shade darker than a vanilla ice cream cone, but this doesn’t deter me.

KnowHomo:    Maybe, this is random, but I am wondering what are your thoughts on the recent takedown of by Homeland Security?

Ricky Roman: I think the Homeland Security takedown is a calculated act of homophobia on the government’s behalf. I wonder why wait till now. They know this has been going on for quite some time, could it be that now would have been the most lucrative cash in? Why a gay site like Rentboy? Why just rent boy? Why not attack all escort sites gay and straight and everything in between? America’s got some funny priorities, I digress.

KnowHomo:    Do you have any career aspirations outside of the adult entertainment industry?

Ricky Roman:  I hope to bridge my name into a brand very soon, much of my heart is in entertainment. We’ll see. I just got a sewing machine, if I made some dope threads would you buy ‘em?

KnowHomo:    I am not sure I am fashionable enough to get away with anything you’d come up with, but I think lots of people would. Speaking of style - As um…” research” for this interview, I re-watched a number of your scenes and was really struck by the different looks you’ve sported over time. What if anything is behind your choices to try different looks? Are you ever worried that one look won’t go over well with fans or producers?

Ricky Roman: My looks are very much inspired by my mood or what I’m going thru. It can be frustrating with honing in on a look for a project that might not particularly reflect me personally but that’s not a huge deal, they’ve been very lenient with my choices be it hair or tattoos. My fans have been very supportive of my style choices for the most part. If they’re happy that’s super cool but at the end of the day I try to do what truly makes me happy.


KnowHomo:    Have you managed to kick that awful cigarette habit yet?

Ricky Roman:  I’m working on it! It’s the fucking worst.

KnowHomo:    I really want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Ricky Roman:  Your questions were very thoughtful. Thanks, for having me.



You can follow Ricky Roman at RickyRomanXXX (twitter); somecallme-roman (Tumblr); RickyRoman91 (IG).


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Enneagram Type 8: The Challenger

The Self-Confident, Decisive, Willful, Confrontational Person

Healthy. Self-assertive, self-confident, and strong, healthy Eights have learned to stand up for themselves for what they need and want. Action-oriented, with a can-do attitude and inner drive They love a challenge and are resourceful self-starters, taking the initiative and making things happen. Tenacious and robust, they value independence and foster it in others. Strong-willed, impassioned people of action, they communicate simply and directly — ”what you see is what you get.” Eights are natural leaders that others respect and turn to for direction: decisive, authoritative, and commanding. Earn respect by being honorable, by using power constructively, by championing and protecting people, by acting as providers, sponsors, mentors, and promoters of worthwhile causes and valuable enterprises. Seek justice and fair play, and have a positive vision for their world. At their best: Become compassionate and magnanimous, merciful and forbearing, mastering themselves, carrying others and fulfilling others’ needs with their strength. Empowering, gentle, and inspiring, have the courage to be openhearted. Truly fearless, they are willing to put themselves in jeopardy to achieve vision: possibly heroic and historically great. 

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Public Service Announcement

I already said stuff but I want to go into it further. The way the fans acted in Shawn’s recent charity event was not okay at all

I was just standing there waiting for shawn to walk by and take pictures, since he was. THEN BOOM! I was pushed against shawn, someone broke my shoe and the fans were screaming and not listening to shawn. I was so worried about him because he had little to none security and the fans were acting barbaric. I have bruises on my legs and I feel so bad for being pushed into shawn, I said sorry like 100 times then I pushed my way out of the crowd before I was trampled. Throughout the video I’m calm but in the inside at one point I was like “wtf is shawn, Geoff and I going to make it out of here alive??”


PEOPLE WERE INJURED AND SHAWN LOOKED LOWKEY TERRIFIED. AMERICA NEEDS TO SHAPE UP! RESPECT! BE CIVILIZED!! Wtf why does this conversation need to happen. Shawn is an amazing kid and all those fans take advantage of him, if you were one of those fans who pushed their way I hope you’re disappointed and ashamed of yourselves



Enneagram Type 1: The Reformer

The Principled, Purposeful, Self-Controlled, Perfectionistic Person 

Healthy. Healthy Ones are conscientious with strong personal convictions: they have an intense sense of right and wrong, as well as a personal code of moral values. They wish to be rational, reasonable, self-disciplined, and moderate in all things. Highly ethical: truth and justice are primary values. Integrity and rectitude make them outstanding moral teachers, personal examples, and witnesses to the truth and other values. Feel they have a mission in life that gives them a sense of purpose. Use their time, energy, and passion to fulfill what they believe is their calling. Articulate communicators, also keep composure under pressure. Extremely principled, always desiring to be impartial, fair, and objective and willing to make sacrifices or delay gratification for the greater good. Embody the Apollonian ideal of cultivating virtue, achieving excellence and balance. At their best: Become extraordinarily wise and humane, with superb discernment. By accepting what is, Ones become transcendentally realistic, knowing the best action to take in each moment. Have long-range priorities in view, giving them a transcendental perspective. Profound-acceptance of human foibles in themselves and others gives Ones the ability to be inspiring and uplifting to others: the truth will be heard. They give wise counsel, and have nobility of vision and purpose. Life-affirming, hopeful, and kind. Ones balance personal impeccability with a great generosity of spirit. 

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