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Unexpected Pt4

Hi guys, the last chapter of my story is up… probably my last… I don’t like to write anything in stone though. 

Anyways, I’m so glad people seemed to enjoy the last chapter. Original Team Arrow needs to be back together, one way or the other. I didn’t feel like Olicity could talk about the future without including Diggle. 

And now, we return to Olicity to find the way they’re going to be moving forward. 

But first, my tags… or is that tagees? I’ve enjoyed reading all of your comments so much. Thank you. *hugs* 

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Chapter One

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Felicity screaming his name had Oliver sitting bolt upright in the bed the next morning. He was out of the bed and running towards the sound when he nearly knocked Felicity over as she appeared in the doorway. “What is it?” he asked urgently, voice still croaky with sleep.

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