i’m just reading all these latin urls and sitting with my head in my hands. actually understanding the grammar to this language can be a curse.

Poly Relationship Headcanons

-An A/A/O relationship and the three of them house hunting but having a difficult time with it because the Omega is being very picky about finding a house with a bathtub big enough for all three of them to fit in, which is nearly impossible. The Alphas are slightly frustrated but they also think it’s cute how important it is to their little mate

-An A/B/O relationship and the Alpha and Beta are all curled up on the couch watching a movie when their Omega walks in all grumpy (because they are low-key feeling left out) and silently shifting as the Omega squeezes themselves between the two and settles for a nap, sighing contently as one set of fingers run through their hair and another traces light circles on their shoulder

-An A/O/O relationship and one of the Omegas is pregnant and as the months go by and the other Omega helps take care of them, the nonpregnant Omega declares that they have no desire to ever go through all the pain and discomfort that comes with being pregnant…that is, until the babies are born and the Omega is so in love with them and they tell their Alpha they want to try for pups during their next heat…ignoring the smug looks on their mates faces at how quickly they’d changed their mind

-An A/A/O relationship in which the Omega seems very innocent most of the time but low-key gets riled up whenever the two Alphas get physical with each other. The Alphas catching on to the Omega’s secret pleasure and randomly making out with each other just to make their cute little Omega squirm until they decide to turn their attention to them

-An A/B/O relationship and during the Omega’s heat the Alpha does most of the fucking but the Beta is present, pulling the Omega to lie against their chest, stroking their hair and murmuring praises while maintaining eye contact with the Alpha because they know the Alpha loves it. The Beta taking it upon themselves to make sure everybody stays hydrated and happily pleasuring the Omega during the less intense waves of heat when the Alpha is less possessive and willing to share more

-An A/O/O relationship and whenever one Omega gets mad at the Alpha, the other Omega almost always takes their side because they are extremely sensitive to their Omega mate’s distress and they get very upset with the Alpha for making them unhappy

-An A/A/O relationship where both Alphas are obnoxiously horny and the very frequent activity is making the Omega tired and grouchy and finally they are just, “Honestly if you need it so badly just fuck each other for godsake, I need a nap.” and it’s not until the Omega is curled up in bed that they hear noises downstairs and with wide eyes and red cheeks they realise that the Alphas had obviously taken the suggestion to heart…sleeping becomes very hard after that

-An A/B/O relationship in which the Omega is more aggressive and outspoken and the Beta is very quiet and gentle, so outside of heats the Alpha and Omega treat the Beta how Omegas are usually treated. The Omega acting much softer around the Beta and being so content to hand feed them little snacks they’ve made, always lighting up whenever they receive praise for their cooking. The Alpha absolutely loving it when the usually reserved Beta plops down on them and demands cuddles and affection that the Alpha is all too happy to provide, being even more happy when their grumpy Omega finally comes in and gives them both a kiss before settling in to cuddle the Beta as well

-An A/O/O relationship in which one Omega is very anxious and gets depressed a lot when left alone so the Alpha suggests adding another Omega to the relationship so they won’t be as lonely anymore when the Alpha is busy. Both agreeing but being nervous as the Alpha tries to find an Omega that they think will be suitable and quickly becoming attached to a very sweet and cheerful Omega…the Alpha being thrilled when their current Omega forms an immediate attachment to the new mate that they chose

Talvez meu maior erro foi depositar em ti todas as expectativas que colecionei ao longo desse nosso tempo, que passa por tantos ciclos, e em todas as viradas, eu penso enxergar o fim. É difícil enxergar esse fim todas as vezes, sempre fico com o coração ofegante de desespero. O tempo passou pra gente sem se quer deixar um aviso do que viria depois de passarmos por tudo… Um bilhete, sabe, já seria o bastante, um “Olha seus otários eu tô deixando vocês se resolverem sozinhos. Fui.”. Nem isso. Às vezes me pego pensando  nos termos mais obscuros como “Trouxa” “Idiota” e eles se encaixam perfeitamente comigo em relação a você. Procuro saber de você mesmo você nem lembrando da existência deste ser aqui, é muita esperança ou muita “trouxice” que nem diz os seres humanos por ai? Às vezes penso seriamente em deixar tudo que passamos para trás, simplesmente esquecer, mas por idiotice minha fico aqui, pensando dez mil e quinhentas vezes em cada chance se nos dei. Não dei chances apenas pra você, dei chances pra nós, eu sempre via um nós no meio de cada briga, de cada discussão, de nada palavra mal dita, em cada lágrima que derramei, sempre vi um nós em tudo isso e não apenas ou você e eu separados. Sempre tive a esperança de que passaria, que nossos nós seriam atados novamente, mas pelo visto, apenas eu acredito nisso… é difícil lutar por algo sozinha, é complicado esperar sempre o melhor e receber essas palavras meia boca, é loucura!!! Sim, mais uma vez, eu deveria ter desistido, mas esse seu sorriso, ah, mas que droga, a pior droga de todas, sua falta me dói tanto.
—  Escrito por Lorrayne, Leticia S., Bianca e  Aline em Julieta-s

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Where do you watch got7 episodes with the eng subs?

Real GOT7 - season 1, season 2, season 3
GOT7′s Hard Carry

You can watch their A Song For You, Running Man, and Weekly Idol episodes on KShowOnline. There are still a number of shows that I haven’t listed so if there’s a specific show that you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll try to find it for you.