My friends were so confused when I laughed so hard at this part because although they watched the show, they didn’t read the comics so they didn’t know who he was and I just


October 17th is the birthday of John Stewart, Green Lantern of Sector 2814.  Happy Birthday, John Stewart!  (Not to be confused with the fake news guy, Jon Stewart)

Created by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams, John Stewart first appeared in Green Lantern v.2 #87 in December 1971.  He is DC’s first African-American superhero.  (The Black Racer appeared earlier in 1971, but is not exactly a “hero”).

A former Marine and architect from Detroit, John Stewart was selected by the Guardians of the Universe to be the backup Green Lantern for Hal Jordan when Guy Gardner was seriously injured.  He served as the backup Green Lantern several times before becoming the primary Green Lantern of Sector 2814 in Green Lantern v.2 #182 (November 1984), when Hal Jordan relinquished his ring.  He has remained a member of the Green Lantern Corps, even after Hal Jordan returned.  He has also served as a member of the Justice League.

Here are a few John Stewart comics from the DuGarm Collection at the University of Iowa: Special Collections.

Green Lantern v.2 #188 (May 1985), cover by Joe Staton and Bruce Patterson

Green Lantern: Mosaic v.1 #3 (August 1992), cover by Cully Hamner and Keith Aiken

Green Lantern v.2 #190 (July 1985), cover by Joe Staton and Bruce Patterson

Crisis on Infinite Earths v.1 #1 (April 1985), cover by George Perez

Green Lantern v.2 #165 (June 1983), cover by Gil Kane

Crisis on Infinite Earths v.1 #2 (April 1985), cover by George Perez

Green Lantern v.2 #182 (November 1984), cover by Dave Gibbons

Green Lantern Corps v.1 #202 (July 1986), cover by Joe Staton and Bruce Patterson

Green Lantern v.3 #6 (November 1990), cover by Pat Broderick

Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe v.1 #9 (November 1985), cover by Paris Cullins and Dick Giordano

Jessica Cruz would be a big move in the Green Lantern mythos as she’s a relative newcomer and also, a Latina. This would definitely be left-field for mainstream fans but if you’ve been reading the books, you’ll be familiar with how much ass she can kick. She was corrupted by the power ring of Volthoom, a.k.a. The First Lantern, but was eventually purged fighting Grail and Darkseid off in the Darkseid War event.

Here, she showed how formidable a soldier she was in the field of battle and Hal Jordan recognized her potential as an elite space cop. He eventually linked her battery to another newbie through the troubled Muslim, Simon Baz, and had them hone their skills together. This movie offers a door for Baz to slip in, but most importantly, it allows Cruz to represent her community (which is severely underrepresented in terms of leading blockbuster movies) through her characteristic strength and resolve while protecting Sector 2814.

All I’m seeing on my dash is Green Arrow/Black Canary but wHY IS NO ONE GETTING EXCITED ABOUT JESSICA CRUZ








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Holy crap, there’s a fictional superhero called Simon Baz and I just felt like I had to share this info

Yes! I know who you are talking about. He is a member of the Green Lantern Corp, patrolling Sector 2814 (aka Earth) along with Jessica Cruz. He got the ring by accident through a series of weird events. He and Jessica are the latest to hold that position after big names like Hal Jordan (first modern Green Lantern in comics), Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart. Yes, I am also a comic nerd along with a snowbaz nerd 😁


OK, this will be a list of all the new revelations that have been revealed about DC Rebirth characters and stories. If you want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now. 

- There are now 3 Jokers.

- Wonder Woman has a twin brother called Jason who has been missing for 60 years.

- Superman has an adolescent son.

- New 52 Superman is dead, so the pre-flashpoint Superman is now the main Superman again. It seems New 52 Superman’s powers have possibly been passed on to multiple people including Lois Lane (the new Superwoman) and a new Chinese Superman Kenan Kong.

- The pre-flashpoint universe is back in continuity, kind of, one person knows about it. The New 52 was created as an experiment by Doctor Manhattan meaning the Watchmen are firmly in the main universe. 10 years of continuity was stolen in the process of creating the New 52 and original Wally West is the only one who is aware of it. 

- Darkseid is now the baby of Superwoman. Not Lois Lane, a different Superwoman.

- There are now two Wally West’s in continuity, original pre-flashpoint (white) Wally and the New 52 (black) Wally. Original Wally will be in the Titans and new 52 Wally will be in the Teen Titans. 

- Aqualad is back and is now gay.

- The Blue Beetle’s scarab is in fact magic after all, and he will be mentored by the previous Beetle, Ted Kord. 

- Ryan Choi is back as the Atom. He has to rescue Ray Palmer from the microverse. 

- Aquaman proposes to Mera. 

- The original Justice Society of America will make a comeback, but no one remembers them. 

- Saturn Girl has travelled from the future to find present Superman. It’s not clear why, but it involves a Legion Flight Ring. 

- Green Arrow and Black Canary will get back together.

- Harley Quinn has a new militarised redesign. 

- Pandora is dead. 

- Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz will be the new Green Lanterns of sector 2814. 

            Hal smirks slightly at Bruce as he watches his boyfriend get surrounded by several overly interested socialites. He’ll save the glaring man in a bit; he’s still a bit pissed about Bruce flirting with Catwoman earlier that week. He’d asked Bruce to get the woman to back off and so far he hasn’t, claiming it’s a risk to his secret identity. Hal’s tempted the next time they have a mission together to kiss Bruce on camera. The other can whine about secret identities all he wants, but no one knows who Green Lantern is any more than anyone knows who Batman is.

            Well, Hal amends mentally, not anyone on Earth at least knows who Green Lantern is. Even off Earth, outside the Corps his name wasn’t exactly known. He’s just the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 then. In some ways it’s nice.

            “Lost in your thoughts?” teases Bruce, the blue eyed man having slipped away from the socialites. “Thinking about our upcoming trip?”

            “Now I am,” says Hal with a pout. He has to focus on anything other than a private vacation out to Bruce’s personal island for a week that’ll basically just be them fucking without interruptions. “I had been planning how to free you from your ‘guests’, but I guess you didn’t need that,” Hal smiles and presses a kiss against Bruce’s cheek.

            “No. They were hoping my charming Air Force Captain boyfriend would come over,” Bruce says, wrapping an arm around Hal’s waist. “Then again, one did make a comment about how nice your ass looks in your dress uniform.”

            “Everyone likes how I look in my dress uniform. Much like how they all love the way you look in a tux,” purrs Hal. “Exactly how long do we need to be here again?”

            “Twenty minutes more,” Bruce sighs after a glance at a clock. “I’d like to get you out of your dress uniform sooner than that, but I guess I don’t have much choice, do I?”

            “Nope. Sorry Spooky,” murmurs Hal, letting Bruce steal a kiss; the other man nips his lips in response to saying ‘Spooky’. Not like many people know Green Lantern calls Batman that.

            “Captain Jordan? There’s a man here looking for you. He’s says it’s urgent,” Alfred says, the butler startling both men. “He says it involves your job.”

            By the emphasis Hal knows it’s someone from the GLC. It’s gotta be Sinestro; the Korugarian Lantern’s the only one who’d come searching for Hal on Earth. ‘Wog would just wait till he got back to Oa and so would most of the others. If it’s an emergency he would have been called on the ring.

            “I’ll go see what so urgent. Maybe you should talk to Fox about the project with Carol?” Hal says, giving Bruce another kiss.  “Meet you in the bedroom then?”

            “Don’t take off your uniform. I want to do that,” Bruce says. “Now go see what your friend wants. I’ll go chat with Carol. I can see her.”

            “’K. Have fun,” Hal says.

            “Please follow me then Captain Jordan,” Alfred says, the older British man oddly tense.

            “You alright Alfred?” Hal asks, concern painting his voice.

            “It was…a surprise to have your friend show up at the front door,” Alfred replies. “He did something so he appeared as you or I, but I was able to recognize the ring and what it meant. Once he stepped inside he dropped whatever he was doing to disguise himself. He’s waiting for you in the front parlor.”

            “Alright,” Hal says.

            He steps through the parlor doors.


            The dark opulence of the house wasn’t what Sinestro imagined a lover of Jordan’s would own. Jordan had made an offhand comment once about his lover’s home, but this isn’t what the Korugarian imagined. Then again, when he’d met Jordan he’d also thought the human was single. He’s impressively close mouthed about his lover, Bruce Wayne, but from what information he has managed to glean from Jordan the man was one of wealthiest human’s alive and a very private man. They’d met by chance, Wayne investing in some sort of military project that Hal had been involved in. They’d begun dating not long after.

            The butler had guided and left Sinestro to wait in a room as he went to retrieve Jordan. Apparently an event was going on, some sort of fundraiser for a charity. Both Jordan and Wayne were the hosts for the event. Only a few minutes later he hears low voices, Jordan’s being the only he recognizes.

            He almost swallows his own tongue when Jordan steps into the room.

            The man is wearing a dress uniform, likely a holdover from his military days. Multiple medals and ribbons adorn his chest. His hair is slightly ruffled like he had run his hands through. There’s something about the way Jordan moves, a confidence that the man doesn’t show in his Green Lantern uniform. Oh, there’s a swagger there, an arrogance, but it’s not the same sort of easy confidence being in this dress uniform seems to give Jordan.

            A familiar surge of envy and want floods Sinestro as he admires Jordan. He’s wanted the younger man since practically the first moment he’d met him. There’s something about Jordan that draws Sinestro’s attention. That makes him want the human as his. It…irritates him to no end that Jordan already had a lover and is in a devoted relationship.

            “Hey Sinestro. What’s wrong?” Jordan asks, a look of concern on the human’s face. “You normally ping my ring when you need me. What happened?”

            “Jordan, did you remember that you have a meeting with Ungaran diplomats?” Sinestro asks, grasping at the excuse he had to come here.

            “Yes. It’s in three Earth weeks,” Hal says, confusion filling his face. “Did something happen? Do they need to move it up?”

            “No. I had come to brief you about the political relationship between Ungara and Tevalos,” Sinestro replies. “I had been given the impression that your meeting was this week.”

            It’s a lie, but one he suspects Jordan won’t call him on.

            “Really? Huh, thought I made it clear that I had a prior commitment this entire week,” Hal says, scratching at his chin.

            Or at least, not overtly call him on it.

            “I must have been mistaken. What prior commitment do you have for an entire week?” Sinestro asks with a slight frown.

            “It’s my and Bruce’s anniversary. We’re spending it out on another property he owns,” Hal says, a faint smile crossing his lips. “We’ve been together for close to three years. He says he has a surprise waiting for me at the vacation house. I’m curious about what it’ll be.”

            “Oh,” Sinestro says, not certain what else he can say. “I’m assuming then that you don’t want to do your debriefing now.”

            “Nah, with my luck I’ll get so distracted by the trip that I won’t even remember what you told me,” Hal says with a slight chuckle. “How about we meet up in two weeks, after I come back from my trip. Sorry you came all the way out to Earth for no reason.”

            “It’s fine, I should have verified when your meeting was with the Guardians,” Sinestro says, knowing Hal’s thoughts have already slipped away to his lover. “I will see you in two weeks then.”

            “Alright, see you then. Bye,” Hal smiles, eyes already distant.

            “Goodbye,” Sinestro says. It takes all of his self-control not to do something.

            (A month later he almost breaks one of the training rooms and comes as close as he has in years to breaking a ring after he finds out about Jordan’s engagement. That had been the surprise Jordan’s lover had for him. A marriage proposal.)