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wait, sorry to ask, but why/how are you skipping up high school into college? how'd you do it?

i took the california highschool proficiency exam to test out idk if all states offer that kind of exam or what or like how i registered even (bc my mom did it for me lmfao) so i couldn’t give any like, useful information on How To Do the Thing Lyric Did but thats how i did it

I was so hype about finally getting the 75 Years Of Robin book, and it wasn’t until I opened it that I realized…I already have a collection of early Dick-as-Robin stories, I have almost everything on Damian, everything Carrie Kelley, and I have A Death In The Family/ A Lonely Place Of Dying, so I have probably half of what’s in the book lol.

Well, at least there’s some extra Jason, Tim, Helena and Steph for me, I guess.

[ARTICLE] 150727 BEAST’s Dongwoon Explains Why He Gave Himself the Nickname ‘Gangdong-gu Won Bin’

BEAST’s Dongwoon recently revealed the story behind why he said he looked like actor Won Bin and gave himself the nickname ‘The Won Bin of Gangdong-gu (Gangdong District).’

On the July 26 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” cameras followed the members of BEAST to the set of their music video filming, where they sat down for an interview with a reporter of the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter mentioned that Dongwoon’s nickname in middle school was ‘Gangdong-gu Won Bin.”

In response, Dongwoon explained where that nickname came from: “I said that during a variety program on another broadcast, but at that time, I was a bit hasty, to be honest. The broadcast wasn’t going very well in the direction that I had hoped, so I worried about what I should do. After thinking about it a little, I just blurted that out, but the reactions were actually good and I ended up with that nickname.”

While he received a positive reaction during the broadcast, Dongwoon went on to reveal that the responses online weren’t as positive: “The comments sections [on the articles about it] were filled with a lot of harsh comments, saying, ‘I live in Gangdong-gu but I have no idea who you are,’” making everyone laugh.

Dongwoon then shared that he has reflected, expressing, “I’m sorry for making such a rash decision and telling a lie,” which made his fellow group members burst into laughter.

Source: Soompi