Low Woodwind Sectionals
  • First 10 minutes: Tuning and improving tone quality
  • Half-way through: Making goose mating calls through our instruments
  • Last 5 minutes: Rushing through everything we were supposed to be doing
So today in Sectionals

We (alto saxes) were working with the french horns, and our instructor told us that the woodwind sound needed to fit inside the horn sound cause brass was more important. This kid in my section flipped out and screamed “WOODWIND REBELLION” and flipped a french horns stand over and long story short, the saxophones don’t work with the horns anymore.

Glee Goodbye: Counting down the 10 Best Glee Episodes of All Time!

Glee has taught many lessons through its time on network television and we shall be counting down the ten very best times those lessons were taught. Whether they made us cry, laugh or be wounded with awe over the talent in front of us, these ten episodes are the very best out of the six years we have been watching! And before you read, here’s a little glimpse at the episodes per season that are included:

  • Season 1: Two episodes
  • Season 2: Four episodes
  • Season 3: Three episodes
  • Season 4: No episodes
  • Season 5: One episode
  • Season 6: No episodes

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So here’s a story from the low brass sectional of yesterday…
Kid: wanna play the key change game?
Me:wait what’s that?
Kid: oh it’s when we take all if the notes and put it up it down a half step and then we sound like shit.
Then I stated laughing and they proceeded to tell me about the time when they played the key change game so much that when they played the real thing they also sounded like shit.
Well I guess sectionals are fun.

Once, during a freshman sectional...
  • Me: (Alright, I need to make a good impression on the freshies.)
  • Me: You guys need to pay closer attention to your rhythms. Accuracy is key. Blah blah blah...
  • Me: From the top; one, two, three, floor—
  • Me: ...I have screwed up my count off in front of the freshmen.
  • Me: I must go.