every sectional i've ever been in tag yourself
  • the idiot: forgot their music, looking off of someone else
  • the freshman: constantly playing pep tunes
  • the worrier: "guys can we please practice we have like two weeks"
  • the arts-credit: texting their friends in another class
  • the socialite: texting their friends in another section
  • the leader: manages to get the group focussed, only reason anything gets done. there is never more than one of these
  • the student: ignoring everyone else, practicing by them self. perfect
  • the tumblr: wont shut up, tries to convince everyone they're high
  • the bard: takes every opportunity for Story Time
  • person f: *absent*
Low Woodwind Sectionals
  • First 10 minutes: Tuning and improving tone quality
  • Half-way through: Making goose mating calls through our instruments
  • Last 5 minutes: Rushing through everything we were supposed to be doing
So today in Sectionals

We (alto saxes) were working with the french horns, and our instructor told us that the woodwind sound needed to fit inside the horn sound cause brass was more important. This kid in my section flipped out and screamed “WOODWIND REBELLION” and flipped a french horns stand over and long story short, the saxophones don’t work with the horns anymore.

20 Times Glee Got It Right (Musical Edition):

#2 Don’t Rain On My Parade - Sectionals

If you didn’t fall in love with Rachel Berry even a little bit during this number, you were never going to.  Everything about this performance was spot on and breath-taking: the emotion, the intensity, the vocals.  In a sense, this was the ultimate choice for a Rachel Berry ballad; it exemplified everything at the core of the character, celebrated it, and threw it in the audience’s faces, and for many, all we could do was sit back and watch in awe.  Moreover, Don’t Rain On My Parade was the kind of anthemic, inspiring number that reflected the inner voice and ambition of many of the underdog characters.

Featured singers: Rachel Berry