every sectional i've ever been in tag yourself
  • the idiot: forgot their music, looking off of someone else
  • the freshman: constantly playing pep tunes
  • the worrier: "guys can we please practice we have like two weeks"
  • the arts-credit: texting their friends in another class
  • the socialite: texting their friends in another section
  • the leader: manages to get the group focussed, only reason anything gets done. there is never more than one of these
  • the student: ignoring everyone else, practicing by them self. perfect
  • the tumblr: wont shut up, tries to convince everyone they're high
  • the bard: takes every opportunity for Story Time
  • person f: *absent*
Low Woodwind Sectionals
  • First 10 minutes: Tuning and improving tone quality
  • Half-way through: Making goose mating calls through our instruments
  • Last 5 minutes: Rushing through everything we were supposed to be doing
Nationals Qualifiers - Eastern Sectionals

After the completion of the competition, the following skaters have earned a spot at this January’s US Figure Skating Championships. Below the cut, as it’s long. Posted in order from lowest level to highest, highest ranking to lowest (gold, silver, bronze, pewter).

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So today in Sectionals

We (alto saxes) were working with the french horns, and our instructor told us that the woodwind sound needed to fit inside the horn sound cause brass was more important. This kid in my section flipped out and screamed “WOODWIND REBELLION” and flipped a french horns stand over and long story short, the saxophones don’t work with the horns anymore.


Marching band is like one gigantic family. You Are forced to spend do much time with your section you just create an amazing bond. Then the entire band as a whole is one happy family cause we can’t get rid of each other. Before one of our first competitions this year the entire marching band (color guard and percussion included) was in the band room dancing so the Macarena and the ch cha slide and a bunch of other songs. It was just amazing. The fact that you can get close to people is amazing. The sad this the season is almost over and I’m not to see alto of these people till next season. We’ve created such a strong bond but once this marching band year is over it will be gone till next year when we meet our new rookies. It’s really sad cause some of the people in my section might not come back next year cause they aren’t having fun but the best part about marching band is the family that you create and the friends that you make. My section is like a 2nd family to me. They’re always there for me and it’s just amazing. And even though we got a new band director this year most of the tradition s have stayed the same and marching band is just amazing and a really cool experience.