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“Brom swore to thwart Morzan however and wherever he could, to undo his accomplishments and reduce his ambitions to bitter regrets. I cautioned Brom against a path so full of hate and violence, but he was mad with grief from the death of Saphira, and he would not listen to me.

His name is a hymn and his kiss is an answered prayer
His skin the pale marble altar where you sacrifice yourself to him

You make confession in breathed secrets along his neck
The scripture you memorize is his pounding heart against yours.

Heaven was never real to you
Until the moment you saw his body bathed in kaleidoscope color from stained glass windows.

The first man to rise from dust and be tempted by a snake was Adam.
The second was Adam Parrish.

—  “An Object of Worship.”
(m.b, a pynch poem)

unsolicited fun fact: being super into a podcast when you have trouble processing speech is. uh. hell, I’ve listened to the petals to the metal arc of taz 5 times and i still don’t know how it ended


“Brom held Morzan in such high esteem, he allowed Morzan to belittle him, order him about, and otherwise treat him shamefully. Brom loved Morzan as a brother, despite his behavior. It was only once Morzan betrayed the Riders to Galbatorix and the Forsworn killed Saphira, Brom’s dragon, that Brom realized the true nature of Morzan’s character. As strong as Brom’s affection for Morzan had been, it was like a candle before an inferno compared with the hatred that replaced it.

“Morzan may have been a fearsome swordsman, a formidable magician, and a murderous traitor, but it was that woman of his who inspired the most terror in people.”


“Whatever you have seen or done, you will always have me.”

“That is all I will ever need.”


the Varden | a fanmix for the rebels of Alagaësia. [listen]

• A mix for the Varden and their deeds of bravery, from their founding by Brom, to their rise under Ajihad’s and, finally, Nasuada’s leadership.

“The Varden were a rebel group that constantly raided and attacked the Empire. It was a mystery who their leader was, or who had formed them in the years following Galbatorix’s rice to power. The group had garnered much sympathy as they eluded Galbatorix’s efforts to destroy them. Little was known about the Varden except that if you were a fugitive and had to hide, or if you hated the Empire, they would accept you. The only problem was finding them.”  -Eragon.

From The Cycle:

February 1st is Hillary Clinton’s last day as secretary of state. Since January 21, 2009, she has visited 112 countries and six continents (she couldn’t make it to Antarctica). She’s also danced with jazz singers in South Africa, snapped “selfies” with Meryl Streep, and rubbed shoulders with Sir Elton John. Check out this slideshow for proof that if you’re Hillary, you can be all work and have playtime, too.

(Photo credit: Kevin Lamarque/ AFP/ GETTY)

From The Cycle:

Conservatives are lashing out at President Obama’s call for LGBT equality in his inaugural address, arguing that the president is picking a fight where there isn’t one to pick.

Obama made history in his second inaugural address by becoming the first president to refer to “our gay brothers and sisters” when discussing equality. In doing so, he effectively put gay rights on his second-term agenda and reaffirmed his support for the LGBT community.