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Pynch Fic Rec - G&T Rated


A couple of days ago I was asked to provide a Pynch fic rec.
What follows is me being a PhD student at heart (more than I would like to) and  surveying my Ao3 History to find every fic I’ve ever read while connected to my account *coff-literaturereview-coff*.

The fics I’m listing here, in strict alphabetical order, are stuff that I read between June ‘16 and now. I tried to restrain myself to putting WIPs or too many brutally famous fics. As such, it is obviously incomplete (there are fics I really love or I have in my To Read bucket that are missing) but I hope it will dust off some of the amazing creative content we have in the fandom <3

For each and every one of the listing, I put the author and their tumblr (if someone can point me to the missing ones, I’ll be grateful). I encourage everyone to go into their personal page and check other stuff they wrote. Each and every one of them is excellent!

And now…enjoy :DDD (+ over here for the M&E rated)

A Dreamer’s Thighs by @nhasablog

Rating: G, Featuring: Tickling, for God’s sake! A lot of sexual tension as well.

Personally: This his short, silly and adorable, because we can’t always be serious. On a separate note, I would die to have an vaguely filthy extension of this ficlet because trust me, it’s asking for it.

A movie script ending
by adamganseys ( @lorelaiglmore )

Rating: T, Featuring: AU where Adam works in a cinema and his just about as exhausted as usual. Cue Ronan and Gansey coming for a show and Ronan’s shoulder being there just at the right time to start a pining sequence.

Personally: Another one of the fics I fished out and immediately went like “oh no, OMG, I remember this one, it was amazing!” Highly recommended for good AU construction and amazing build-up.

Awake and unreal
by Usedtoromanticize ( @admlynch )

Rating: T, Featuring: Heart-shattering approach to soul marks, clueless boys, a canon modification that entwines with book events.

Personally: I found this fic through another person rec I think, and it was one the best choice of read I’ve ever made, the AU is rooted in the childhood of our beloved boys and I can’t get enough of it, NEVER.

Breathe you in every single day
by pendules ( @indierockharry )

Rating: T, Featuring: Adam obsesses over Ronan touching him and tries to figure out how this whole physical contact stuff works.

Personally: My jam, absolutely. Very soft and exploratory in a way I absolutely appreciate, and worthy every awwww. ❤

Dizzy drunken dream
by ionlyloveyouironically ( @1980sghostboy )

Rating: T, Featuring: Adam is sick, Gansey is clueless, Ronan and Henry are adorable in dealing with it.

Personally: Made of the stuff of the awwww, Adam’s stubbornness is spot on.

Had to start it somewhere
by memorde ( @memordes )

Rating: T, Featuring: Ronan gets insistent and unbelievable in his grocery shopping when he zeros on the cashier, Adam.

Personally: this fic is short, lovely and absolutely hilarious, the type of cheesy trope AU we all need in our rainy days.

Like Storms
by ggrantaire ( @helengansey)

Rating: T, Featuring: College-AU, the gang getting together at a totally different moment, Adam is selectively mute, Noah is still a ghost and feels are too much to handle. (((WIP)))

Personally: everyone and their sisters recommended this fic, I think but I will second it nonetheless because it’s really good, with that vague diffuse softwarm feeling of things that can work out well and with a very original approach to not-usually-featured issues.

Sizzling Like Your Stare
by coffeehanjan ( @nottrising )

Rating: T, Featuring: AU were Adam works at Nino’s, Ronan has the biggest crush ever and the result is endearing even though a normal person (like Blue) will suspect stalking.

Personally: This! Fic! Jesus! Christ! It’s so cute I cannot even, the best trope ever with the best execution. A+++ 11/10 would rec again. ❤

Sleep deprivation
by ronanlynchisneversleepingagain ( @iamneversleepingagain )

Rating: T, Featuring: Adam runs a study on sleep deprivation and our favourite hooligan is there to do what he usually does.

Personally: I would read a long fic with several thousands words for this thing, I’m reccing it because the world needs to share my obsession.

Tears and vines
by adamganseys ( @lorelaiglmore )

Rating: T, Featuring: Right after Robert Parrish’s trial, emotional turmoil, softness and fluffness at St. Agnes, loads of comforting cuddles.

Personally: *squeezes this fic hard* so fluffly, so adorable, so heartfelt, the dialogues are amazing and there is some soothing of The Utter Pain that we all needed.

The place you sleep
by asael ( @mistrusts​ )

Rating: T, Featuring: The Pynch relationship as a progression of napping moments, so cute, so fluffy, so tender.

Personally: There are few trends I ADORE more than Pynch+Sleeping, this was the perfect Secret Santa hanging around and I loved it.

You live like this?
by ronanlynchisneversleepingagain ( @iamneversleepingagain​ )

Rating: T, Featuring: that infamous tumblr post with the burglar trying to rob an overly-poor person and ending up helping him instead.

Personally: hilarious, fluffy, really endearing, Ronan as modern Robin Hood is the best thing ever.

this isn’t a love story
at least not in the traditional sense
this isn’t a love story between you and me and everyone else
this is a story about how we learned to love ourselves
about how we aligned our hearts with the constellations and our dreams shined like the moonlight across our cheekbones when we turned our faces to the sky out in the fields behind our homes
this is a love story about wishes we made on stars and adventures climbing over fallen trees into the darkness of caves
this is the story about our quest for discovering an ancient king and how we stumbled into finding ourselves along the way
this love story is about falling in love with who we are, with who we have been, and with who we will become.
—  “This isn’t your average love story, so stop reducing it to merely that.”
(m.b, a poem for the kids of Henrietta)
At School and in the Classroom in French

Dans la salle de classe (in the classroom):

une règle - ruler

une gomme - a rubber

une trousse - a pencil case

un stylo - a pen

un crayon - a pencil

une carte - a map

un sac à dos - a backback

un livre - a book

un cahier - a workbook

une table - a table

un uniforme scolaire - school uniform


français - french

la philosophie (philo) - philosophy (all students in terminal have to do philo)

la musique - music

les mathématiques - maths

Sciences de la vie et de la Terre (SVT) - it’s sort of like biology and geology

la physique - physics

la chimie - chemistry

la technologie - technology (IT)

l’art - art

Languages that students can study at various stages:

anglais - english

allemand - german

latin - latin

arabe - arabic

espagnol - spanish

russe - russian

portugais - portuguese

italien - italian

grec ancien - ancient greek

Different types of schools:

l’école maternelle - pre-school (not obligatory)

l’école primaire - primary school

le collège - high school (kind of) (from 11-12 years of age to 14-15 years of age)

le lycée - high school (years 10-12)

different kinds of teachers:

un professeur - teacher (collège/lycée/université)

enseignant/e - teacher (collège/lycée)

maître/maîtresse - teacher (école primaire)

instituteur/institutrice - teacher (école primaire)

How the grades work:

It’s basically like a countdown! However primary teaching, including maternelle and élémentaire are made up of three teaching cycles (you’ll see which ones belong to which cycle)

début de l’école primaire:

début de l’école maternelle :

de trois à six ans

(première année) - la petite section (PS) (cycle 1)

(deuxième année) - la moyenne section (MS) (cycle 1)

(troisième année) - la grande section (GS) (cycle 1)

début de l’école élémentaire:

de six à dix ans:

(première année de l’école élémentaire) - cours préparatoire (CP) (cycle 2)

(deuxième année) - cours élémentaire 1re année (CE1) (cycle 2)

(troisième année) - cours élémentaire 2e année (CE2) (cycle 2)

(quatrième année) - cours moyen 1re année (CM1) (cycle 3)

(cinquième année) - cours moyen 2e année (CM2) (cycle 3)

début du collège :

sixième (6e)

cinquième (5e)

quatrième (4e)

troisième (3e)

début du lycée:

début du lycée général (this is the one you do to get into university so I will focus on that for the moment):


After second students have to choose between three streams (séries) for their final two years of study: S (scientifique), ES (économique et social), and L (littérature)



In terminale, students study for the BAC (the baccalaureate), however to get into one of the prestigious universities (les grandes écoles) you have to pass the concours (a kind of exam), to prepare for which, many students do prépa (les classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles) for about two years (you’re meant to study for 60 hours a week I would have died)  

Message me for improvements or corrections!


Xhans log) humans are creatures of action addressing "Cabin Fever"

In these past few solar cycles I have witnessed a variety of behaviors from my three human crew mates.

Humans as previously observed are habit driven creatures and prefer a routine with in a 24 section cycle.

How ever to much time in a routine without variation can cause the humans health to deteriorate. They become ill will something called “cabin fever” causing them to go “stir crazy”.

Cabin fever is dangerous it causes the humans perception of potentially hazardous situations to become skewed. It can causes them to act out or become extremely irritable.

I myself have witnessed a human afflicted with “cabin fever” it was my human crew mate ‘John’.

It began with small symptoms. Excessive movement of the extremities. Increased speed while talking. Then it escalated. The human began circling the ship. Stalking the halls. Moving like a predator on the hunt. Many of us became nervous because we had not witnessed this behavior before. Human 'Sara’ mate of human 'John’ said “he’s just pacing it’s fine.”

But it was not fine as the cycles continued to pass human 'John’ became irritable lashing out verbally at the rest of the crew only to apologize moments later and vanish to a different part of the ship.

It was at this point that we approached human crew mates 'Sara’ and 'Carlos’ for an explanation. They explained the sickness known as “cabin fever” and what causes it.

The ship has since been updated with a “game room” containing many puzzles and games that rely on chance. It is unknown currently if this will be enough to prevent “cabin fever” but we are now on the watch for any other cases of this illness.

Written by) Vevanta'cexhan nicknamed “Xhan”

His name is a hymn and his kiss is an answered prayer
His skin the pale marble altar where you sacrifice yourself to him

You make confession in breathed secrets along his neck
The scripture you memorize is his pounding heart against yours.

Heaven was never real to you
Until the moment you saw his body bathed in kaleidoscope color from stained glass windows.

The first man to rise from dust and be tempted by a snake was Adam.
The second was Adam Parrish.

—  “An Object of Worship.”
(m.b, a pynch poem)
(the problem with the passive voice)

-excerpt from one section of my poem cycle “somebody cares about you someone loves you” for Sandra Bland

was stopped
was found
was arrested
was pulled over
was stopped
was found
was found dead

who stopped
who found
who arrested
who pulled over
who stopped
who found
the black woman sound
too loud
and slammed her
on the ground

the cops
who found
the black woman sound
of dignity too much to bear
who thought
the sound too much
then said
they found
her silent
hanging there

-alexis pauline gumbs


“Whatever you have seen or done, you will always have me.”

“That is all I will ever need.”

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this question has been asked many times over~! I'm a relatively new follower so I'm only just learning more about you/yourwork/yourblog. But I was just wondering how you deepened your understanding of moving figures? I'm in my second trimester of an animation degree and am slightly intimidated by things like turn cycles and orthographic views, let alone animating them. I'm trying to learn as much as I can but I'm not sure where to start exactly. S: xo

I totally understand being intimidated by all those things. I am too! I didn’t study animation in school.  I wouldn’t be able to give you a lot of advice about that.  But I can share a few things that have been really helpful to me as I’ve learned to animate on my own:

1. This Book

This was recommended to me by a friend & was so helpful for starting out.  It has a TON about timing, in-betweens, and a huge section on walk cycles and getting the movement right.  It also points out a lot of the classic mistakes people make too, which is nice so you can avoid them.

2. Practice drawing from life

I was an illustration major so this was something we talked about a lot.  You want your drawings and animations to be believable no matter the style.  But you won’t be able to do that if you don’t know how something is structured and how it moves.  So draw whenever you can.  If you want to animate figures, practicing gesture drawing is a great way to understand form and movement.  

3. Pick a simple project & dive in

I’ve found I learn best by jumping right into a project, then asking questions/googling answers when I run into something I don’t know how to do. Start with something simple.  My first animation only had 2 frames that flipped back and forth.  Maybe pick a drawing you’ve already done that you like and add a little motion to it in some way. 

Also, don’t get discouraged if everything you try doesn’t look great the first time.  I have a lot of scrapped animations that were nice practice…. and that’s about it.  Just keep going!  Eventually you’ll make something you are really proud of.  

#156 - For Nell

Filling the prompt “Van sees reader in an altercation with their partner and he intervenes and assures them that the partner is wrong and they’re wonderful just how they are?”

Note: I cannot tell you how annoying it is to write about Van and vans. Like. Van gets into the van. Annoying. Van gets into the automobile. Weird. Fuck. 

It had taken a few hours to find an outfit you felt comfortable in, let alone one in which you actually thought you looked semi-decent in. And, by some miracle, your eyeliner wings were even. When you were picked up out the front of your house by Jono, he hardly gave you a second look as you slipped into the passenger seat. It was meant to be a date, but when you arrived at the restaurant one of his friends was leaning against the wall. Knowing better than to question him, you greeted Dan and followed the pair inside.

The conversation was clearly not meant for you, and you only spoke when Jono was staring at you. “What?” you asked, sitting up straight.

“You’re eyebrows are different,”

“Yeah. I brushed them out. New thing I’m trying. Do you like it?” you replied hopefully. He shrugged and continued with Dan.

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In obsidian dreams and charcoal nightmares
Resides a dreamer with bruised memories
Who paints midnight poetry with an ink stained tongue.
In silver dreams and smoky nightmares
Resides a magician with bruised memories
Who writes shadowed stories with grease stained hands.
In cobalt dreams and indigo nightmares
Resides a clairvoyant with sapphire wishes
Who makes futures with cerulean kisses.
In honey dreams and bumblebee nightmares
Resides a scholar with golden wishes
Who conquers kings with fiery ambitions.
In lavender dreams and mauve nightmares
Resides a prince with amethyst thoughts
Who strives to be something more with periwinkle skies overhead.
In porcelain dreams and alabaster nightmares
Resides a ghost with parchment history
Who fades away one day with bones of ivory.
—  “In Henrietta, resides a group of teens, who brighten the earth with every color they dream.”
(m.b, a poem for the kids of Henrietta)