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fmk for each sign

fuck: Libra marry: Sagittarius kill: Scorpio

fuck: Scorpio marry: Capricorn kill: Gemini

fuck: Leo marry: Aquarius kill: Pisces

fuck: Virgo marry: Pisces kill: leo

fuck: Gemini marry: Aries kill: Virgo

fuck: Capricorn marry: Taurus kill: Aries

fuck: Aries marry: Gemini kill: Capricorn

fuck: Pisces marry: Cancer kill: Sagittarius

fuck: Aquarius marry: Leo kill: Taurus

fuck: Cancer marry: Virgo kill: Aquarius

fuck: Gemini marry: Libra kill: Cancer

fuck: Taurus marry: Scorpio kill: Libra

anonymous asked:

please tell us the astro books names your friend lent you

Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes - This one is my personal favorite, because it goes through every single sign and tells you about the characteristics of that sign in terms of being in a relationship (that may or may not involve sex). For instance, it’ll have the following sections for each sign (I’ll use my sign as an example): Libra Male (in-depth); Libra Female (in-depth); Libra Female with Libra Male; Libra Female with Libra Female; Libra Male with Libra Male; and then Libra Female with all of the other signs and vice versa (not in-depth, though).

The Watkins Astrology Handbook - Very simple, very to-the-point.

MythAstrology: Exploring Planets & Pantheons -  Considers the mythological side of astrology and places the planets as gods. Kinda cheesy, but overall an incredibly interesting read.

Anything by Linda Goodman is really great, too. Specifically Sun Signs and Star Signs

The signs as people in the student section of a football game
  • Aries: always screaming, probably has face paint on, the ultimate fan
  • Taurus: jerseys galore, probably has a foam finger, only cheers when they have to
  • Gemini: always on their feet, cheers, probably goes on their phone if their team is losing, but is extremely supportive if their team is winning
  • Cancer: tries to be supportive and tries to cheer but most likely has no clue whats going on
  • Leo: only pays attention to the hot players, knows their names, their birthdays, their blood types, and probably has their jersey on
  • Virgo: knows everything about their team, doesn't cheer much but is usually very interested in the game
  • Libra: screaming, cheering, super spirited, probably snapchats everything thats happening
  • Scorpio: can either be very interested in the game or not go at all, they know their shit tho
  • Sagittarius: goes to every game with all their friends, has jerseys, and all sorts of memorabilia
  • Capricorn: surprisingly spirited, cheers, probably makes a sign
  • Aquarius: only goes for the food and their friends
  • Pisces: just like cancer, but at least they try
The signs as things I have found myself saying as a section leader
  • Aquarius: No murder during band practice
  • Taurus: Theres a b flat in the key signature fam if you miss it again I'll step on you and then you'll be flat aaaayy
  • Gemini: The next person to play careless whisper is getting kicked out of the section
  • Cancer: Don't rollstep like Hitler
  • Leo: This looks like a flat booty
  • Virgo: Don't make me squirt you
  • Libra: This curve is the ugliest thing I've ever seen and I look in the mirror like seven times a day
  • Scorpio: What the frickle frackle
  • Sagittarius: No john you can not be excused because you got a notification from the kardashian game and Kim might think you're ignoring her
  • Capricorn: Don't worry if you mess up at the first game because no batter how bad it is I promise I've messed up worse
  • Aquarius: I don't remember that kids name and its too late in the season to ask
  • Pisces: If someone tells you your plume is on backwards you have my permission to say their face is on backwards
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guess these things are the new blog #aesthetic on timbombler dot com

they’re originally from wikipedia (stuff ppl would put on their profiles to show what they like/what they specialize in) so if you’re looking for something you can find a bunch there (also a lot of them are really opinionated and it’s really funny)

to start, here’s the gender/sexuality section, ethnicitythe zodiac signs, dnd alignments, harry potter houses, torrent apps (???), science, blogging, programminghistory, gaming, those cat books etc. have fun w/ that!
Paparazzi, AntonAnnoyed, Funzies, for someone specific

So cute when annoyed. And hey! 6k not 1k views!! It IS hot stuff & it DID make my day, that tiny body, little stick arms & legs. I’ve never wanted to tie a man up more…. & it IS chronic
If only I had taken the chance to tell you


Prepping hair (just for fun!! So cute!!)

Creepy next3 (cute candid randoms, also somewhat foreboding:

Rare….aware of vehicles

1min Too dangerous in street (you know this had to get annoying for him)  

Runs away, pap says watch out red light

Annoyed section:

pap asking to sign cam, deface cam

3 min mark mentions star trek after asking him important questions. Dejected not really annoyed….but still

10 min. At very end….rubbing nose, flinging hands….the fact that he didn’t mention ST we she asked… maybe I’m reading into this one too much?!

Straight up walks away from paps, nervous, scared….overwhelmed….friends rubbing hand on shoulder, like Ryan in defacing cam video = anton comfort
I guess he wasn’t really ever the all-out mad! type hahaha

3:30 do vamps poop…omg his face! He glares, off in distance. Never answers. I love finicky anton

Annoyed by pap, calls one man psycho under his breath, dislikes reaction of pap when he takes a pic (shows this by diverting attention, same as in FN interview asking about vamp poo)….makes up for it in the end though

So tired, annoyed, turns questions down

Being chased! Tells them already did this!

Can’t stop checking if they are still there & abandons mission

Love that jacket

Same: (probably some photo project he had going)

(All off the top of my head when you asked! Will keep on the lookout. I know there is more. Too tired/🍹 to find them now)


First of all, excuse my art.

If you are interested in participating, you can fill up to three roles: An artist, a beta or a writer.

The artist will make either two separate works or one small comic. what you draw and which AU is entirely up to you.

The Beta will help the writers check and edit their fics.

The writers will pick an artist to work for and based on their work will write a fiction of at least 10.000 words.

Sign up must be done anonymously, and can either be done through message, ask or email. Contact information is on the blog in the about section.

When signing up I need a certain amount of information. the exact list I need can be found on the separate sign up posts.

For artists: HERE

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Please read the rules and about section on the blog before deciding to participate.

Also Following this blog is mandatory as all important information will be posted on this blog.

You can sign up until February 29.


hey Tay! It’s your girl kathryn coming at you with my outfit and poster for the 1989 World Tour in Toronto! this is my somewhat okay replica of my favourite outfit from the red tour (bc you walked right by me 2 years ago in Toronto wearing it!!) My poster took me 3 hours, 3 bottles of glue and half a container of glitter to complete. my garage is now a mess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. My girl scarlet aka justinzxo is going to be sporting a “NO IT’S BECKY” shirt and we’ll be holding the RIP ME sign in section A11 row 10 seats 17-18 
I’ve been swifting hardcore since I was 7 and the fact that I’m 16 means I’ve spent more than half my life with you. that means everything to me. when things around me seemed unstable and I felt alone you, and your music was always there to pick me back up again. you gave me a second family, on here. my tumblr family. I love you and every single swiftie on this website. you mean the absolute world to scarlet and i and if you were acknowledge our existence one day, my sign my just turn into reality. literally. 
anyways love you Tay and can’t wait to see you in Toronto


Okay so here’s the full story…
We were standing up dancing and going crazy in our seats (section 131) we had signs that said ‘Welcome to Pittsburgh, We’ve been waiting for you!’
We saw Andrea coming over towards us so we started screaming for her & stuff. So she stops in front of our section and points to us and tells us to go onto the floor- where she was standing. I threw everything I was holding onto the ground and ran to her & hugged her. So she greeted us and then she was like
“Would you guys want to move upfront and sit with me for the rest of the show?” And we were crying our eyes out hugging her saying yes. I pulled my self together for one minute and looked her in the eyes and said “Your daughter means the world to me, I have no clue what I would do without her and her music.” She then asked if we had ever met Taylor before and whenever we told her no she said ‘okay would you rather stay in your seats and go to loft 89 and meet Taylor?’ I started shaking so bad and crying thanking her. So we went back to our seats and cried for soooo long. (We got picked during blank space & I don’t remember much from I knew you were trouble.) We had fun dancing and singing and crying for the rest of the concert. Then she sang shake it off and then it was time to meet in section 128. Whenever we got there they told us all of the rules and then it was time to go to loft 89! We traveled down a bunch of stairs and literally walked back stage. The entire time I just rememeber thinking to myself ‘this has to be a dream, this isn’t happening..“ Whenever we got there they had pizza and drink and cookies! Brianna and I went into the photo booth and we both had a cookie and I had half a slice of pizza. Then about 30 minutes after we went inside they told us Taylor was coming and we had to put our phones away and split up into groups. We were in a corner which meant we would either be first or last. (We were last.)
From where we were standing we could see Taylor coming around the corner and when she came inside she screamed “HEY GUYS!” we all said hello and then she introduced us to everyone else that would be in there also. At one point while we were waiting for Taylor to get to our group backseat freestyle came on and Brianna and I know every word to that song so we were singing it with a few of Taylor’s dancers and she looked up from the group she was with and looked me in the eyes and started giggling. I died. And then again when Taylor was with the group before us she kept looking at Brianna and I because we were crying and she kept laughing/smiling. Then it was finally the time I had waited 8 years for. Taylor came over and I was crying my eyes out and she said 'HI BABE!!’ And hugged me.
So then she said “what are you names?” And instead of telling her my name I asked her if she recognized me at all and she said 'I feel like I’ve met you before, but I also feel like I’m really really wrong.’ I said 'No you follow me on tumblr.’ Then she asked what my user name was and I told her and she jumped up and down and said 'OH MY GOSH I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I LIKE YOUR POSTS ALL THE TIME!’ So then it was time for autographs and whenever she got to me she immediately started writing. I said 'My name is Taylor by the way.’ And she goes 'oh I know!’ She then said 'so where are you guys from? I mean I know you’re from Pittsburgh, but what about you two?’ So I cried again. Then Taylor thanked us for being so dedicated for so long and then it was time for our picture (which is my favorite thing in the whole world.) She came over and immediately held her arms out towards me so I hugged her and then Brianna and Daniel got in it also. Before we took our picture Taylor looked at me and started wiping the tears that were running down my cheeks and said "Aww don’t cry babe! You’re too pretty to cry!”
After that she hugged us all again and I said 'I love you so much thank you for everything, I have no idea where I would be without you.’ And she hugged me again and said 'AWW I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THANK YOU!“ Then I told her about the rest of the shows I would be going to and she told me to make sure I got all of my schoolwork because she didn’t want me failing over her. I asked for one more hug and she said 'OF COURSE!’ And then she hugged me and said that she would look for me at the rest of my shows and started walking away, but before she walked out she turned back around and said 'Don’t worry I’ll be talking to you online later tonight!!’ And then she thanked us and said she hopes to see us again soon!
Then I got to talk to Andrea (she ended up crying with me which is something I’ll never forget.) and she was just as sweet as Taylor.
June 7, 2015 at 12:44am will forever be my favorite day.
Thank you so much Taylor. I’ll never forget you as long as I live❤️😭


Typography - some of the more interesting uses.  (There are dozens for each mark.)

1. Double Dagger: in some editions of works written before the invention of printing, daggers are used to enclose text that is believed not to be original.

2. Pilcrow: In some high-church Anglican and Episcopal churches, it is used in the printed order of service to indicate that instructions follow; these indicate when the congregation should stand, sit, and kneel, who participates in various portions of the service, and similar information.

3. Section Sign: A modified version of the section sign is used throughout the Sims series of computer games, as the symbol to the game’s fictitious currency, the simoleon.

4. Obelus: The obelus is occasionally used in Polish language typography to represent ranges (such as the range 1÷10). As of 2007, it is the standard range mark for Italian documents.

the signs as sections of a shopping mall

aries: victorias secret

taurus: bass pro shops

gemini: book store

cancer: the food court

leo: sketchy cell phone stand

virgo: janitor’s closet 

libra: the big box store

scorpio: starbucks

sagittarius: liquor store

capricorn: shoe store

aquarius: head shop

pisces: art supply store