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The Signs As Bass Section Things
  • Aries: ♪ If you love me, let me GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ♪
  • Taurus: WROOONG
  • Gemini: *keeping score of how many times the tenors mess up*
  • Cancer: Fixing each other's bow ties before concerts
  • Leo: *piggy-back-rides too far down the row* "NOO I DON'T WANNA BE A TENOR"
  • Virgo: "I spilled my coffee all over my all smells like pumpkin spice now..."
  • Libra: Are you a bass? Or are you a baritone? You'll never know unless you have a solo in the concert
  • Scorpio: *constantly trying to out-low-note each other*
  • Sagittarius: "We bought matching Santa hats at the Dollar Store."
  • Capricorn: "We were gonna get em at Target, but we got kicked out."
  • Aquarius: *shows up to rehearsal 15 minutes late with a plate of mocha brownies*
  • Pisces: The whole section trying to sing the soprano part

Hey guys! I recently reached 2500 followers (thank you so much!!!) and I wanted to do a follower celebration - meaning tons of stuff for you guys. So I decided to start my celebration off with A Bellarke Fic Ref List and I really think you guys will enjoy it! This post is full of amazing fanfiction that I’ve read over the course of this year; some of it is long, some are short - but they’re all equally amazing. I have everything broken down into categories and links to the fics. I even included some of the authors tumblr urls if I could find them! This is just part one - there will be a few more to go over the course of the next year! ;-)

Also, most of these fics are in the canonverse. There are a few that are AUs that are in their own section. And when an @ sign is in front of a username - it’ll bring you to their tumblr. 

*I own nothing, all of this fics belong to their writers*






Future Fic:


Himchan - Day In The Office

For the first time in a long time, I present to you a scenario! I hope you all enjoy this since it was a bit challenging to get back into writing this way. Request was for a smutty Teacher!Himchan with a student. That said, I made you a college student so it’s legal.

Please enjoy and thank you for the continued support after all this time.

-Admin Em

Rated M for smut and a few swear words

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‘Do Me A Favour’ is the definition of slow-burning. It’s moody and majestic, and it’s wonderfully unleashed. A brilliant highlight of a brilliant record.

And it’s a strange beast in that it showcases brilliantly contrasting facets of Turner. It’s a cross between a crestfallen narrator, mourning the state of his break-up, and the guitar-wielding boy who’s not quite over it, wanting to let the anger out of his system. It’s both intricate in its bass and guitar hooks and simple in that it only glides across a few chords. And it’s a gentle, simple song, and yet it’s roof-raising towards the end; the surge of distortion is a typical Monkeys trick, but to play that card quite so soon after Alex’s wistful almost-acappella section is the sign of a fearless band in full control of their sound.

‘Do Me A Favour’ was written by a 20-year-old. Yes, really.

—  25 Best Alex Turner Songs
Mark White
Surprisingly Pleasant Part 2

Josh Dun x reader

Read the rest: Part 1, Part 3

Summary: Being able to go home after a shift from work can be the best feeling ever. But sometimes, some offers can convince you otherwise.

Words: 723

Tags: @adrift-in-a-sea, @merlecorgi, @that-clique-life

And…you were done your shift.

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Saiyuki Bang!

In honor of Saiyuki’s 20th birthday, we will be hosting a fanfiction big bang! If you’ve ever participated in one before, the rules will be very similar. Participants sign up to write a fanfic of at least 10k words, and then artists claim the fics and illustrate them. Stories get posted in full with their art once everyone is done.

This bang will be hosted on tumblr, because that’s easiest for the mods, but we will be cross posting to the livejournal community.

We will be requiring beta reading for this fic event, and we encourage authors to also sign up as betas! If you can’t write a fic or make art but still want to participate, beta reading would be a great way to do it. We aren’t going to screen quality, but we want to know that every fic got a second set of eyes before it got published.

We’ll also need pinch hitters for both artists and writers. A pinch hitter is someone who can fill in with a fic or piece of art in case someone drops out. There will be an option to sign up to pinch hit on the form.

All Rules under the cut. Also, view the full document here. We also have a page on our blog with the rules here. 

(Everything pertaining to the bang will be tagged “saiyukibang” if you want to track or blacklist it.)

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Woman has a little package of embellishments from a ‘Make Your Own Christmas Stocking’ kit. It contains seed beads, red sequins, and green sequins.

“Where are your sequins?”

“They’re against the wall over by the kid’s section.”

She essentially runs straight towards it, only to run right back. “What aisle did you say they were in?”

“On the wall, over by the kid’s section- just under the sign right there.”

“There’s no sequins there.”

Now, I’m at the register, so I can’t leave to guide her. Before I can call someone to help her, she throws her hands up and goes to look again. 

Moments later she comes back with a few packages of sequins.

“Your sequin selection is shit.”

“I’m sorry?”

“I bought this set of sequins from here and you don’t carry them anymore.”

“That’s… from a stocking kit…”

“Yeah, and I bought the stocking kit here.”

“We… haven’t carried stocking kits like that for three years.”

“Yeah, but I still bought them HERE. I thought you would have them.”

It’s… May. 

the signs as shit my percussion section has done pt. 2
  • aries: made a freshman kiss the timpani foot pedal after setting their books on the drum head
  • taurus: forgot to bring the crash cymbals from the band room for the concert and instead stood there clapping their part
  • gemini: made a nest out of timpani covers and took a two hour nap
  • cancer: dropped a bass drum from five feet in the air and cracked the rim because they were too lazy to bend down
  • leo: set off firecrackers in the band camp bathroom at 2AM
  • virgo: inverted a cymbal on live television
  • libra: left in the middle of a football game to get mcdonald's
  • scorpio: bet money on which of the flutes was going to get first chair
  • sagittarius: used chime mallets to whack people in the nuts
  • capricorn: pulled out a magnifying glass and started frying ants during sectional
  • aquarius: carved last year's section leader's name into bananas and left them on the ground everywhere at band camp
  • pisces: figured out exactly which tim horton's the battery tech worked at-it was two hours away-and visited him during his shift

Ok so there was this older lady who sat in front of us at the house show I went to. She was maybe in her 50s or 60s. She spent the entire first match and half of the second match standing, so me and my oldest sister couldn’t see. It finally took the security guy by our section and someone screaming “down in front” to get this lady to sit down. I missed the awesome Braun/Sami match because of it. He put Sami through a table too. D: 

Later, The Club came out. My brother-in-law screamed something because he likes to heckle wrestlers. :p Anyway, the same lady had the nerve to then turn around and say “YOU KNOW, THAT WAS MY EAR YOU SCREAMED INTO. BUT IT’S OK.” My oldest sister almost lost her shit right then and there. So to be annoying, we could mark for everyone she booed for. I think she was upset that Roman wasn’t there because she had a Roman shirt on and she left right after Seth came out for the main. lmfao. 

But there was a lady with a kid who looked like he was 5/6 years old. He kept banging his feet on the floor of our section we were in. It was kinda like bleachers because we were in the Ice Area part of the building. It’s where the Rush play their games. Anyway, some dude started screaming at this kid’s mom about the kid banging his feet and he was really rude and he was swearing and shit. It was crazy. Finally, another person got in and went off on both of them. 

Then, there was a group of little kids and their mom who were in the section in front of us, which was the floor section. They brought signs and spent the whole night waving their signs around. Keep in mind, they keep the crowd dark for house shows. It’s not like a PPV or Raw/SD where there are lights on the crowd. So the people in the ring couldn’t see these signs. She had a Sami one, a Seth one, and the kids both had ones that said “Charlotte is 💩” and they drew a bunch of poo emojis on their signs. They almost got kicked out for obstructing the view. It was a mess. There were a couple little kids cosplaying as Nakamura and Bayley though. That was p cute. But yea, crazy shit went down. One of my friends said a couple fans that were sloshed got into it in the parking lot after the show and one almost got hit by a car too. Mess. 


This is me reading that whole thing: 

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fmk for each sign

fuck: Libra marry: Sagittarius kill: Scorpio

fuck: Scorpio marry: Capricorn kill: Gemini

fuck: Leo marry: Aquarius kill: Pisces

fuck: Virgo marry: Pisces kill: leo

fuck: Gemini marry: Aries kill: Virgo

fuck: Capricorn marry: Taurus kill: Aries

fuck: Aries marry: Gemini kill: Capricorn

fuck: Pisces marry: Cancer kill: Sagittarius

fuck: Aquarius marry: Leo kill: Taurus

fuck: Cancer marry: Virgo kill: Aquarius

fuck: Gemini marry: Libra kill: Cancer

fuck: Taurus marry: Scorpio kill: Libra

illuminatipizzapizza  asked:

searched for five minutes through your blog for the elusive chart, was not disappointed :D my fav med cat is in my sun sign!! (im a leo sun and cinderpelts a leo sun) where do you think brightheart would be on the sun sign section though? i'd love to know your thoughts

yay I’m a leo sun too ! :’D

i could see brightheart being a cancer sun !! o:

fyi about userboxes

guess these things are the new blog #aesthetic on timbombler dot com

they’re originally from wikipedia (stuff ppl would put on their profiles to show what they like/what they specialize in) so if you’re looking for something you can find a bunch there (also a lot of them are really opinionated and it’s really funny)

to start, here’s the gender/sexuality section, ethnicitythe zodiac signs, dnd alignments, harry potter houses, torrent apps (???), science, blogging, programminghistory, gaming, those cat books etc. have fun w/ that!

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Hey, when a planet is in retrograde, does it also go 'backwards' in the zodiac. Eg if Mars enters Aries in retrograde, during the time it's in retrograde, will it enter Pisces or will it just appear to enter Pisces but progress further into Aries?

It does go backwards in the Zodiac, yes. Astrology is pretty much all based on the idea of geocentrism, which is illustrated by this GIF.

You see those loops in the planets’ “orbit around the earth”? Those are retrogrades. The planets appear to be going backwards because they don’t have a perfectly circular geocentric course.

The Zodiac is a path of energy (divided into 12 even sections, or signs) that, geocentrically, wraps around the earth, and we sort of look “through” it. It’s a bit like a second atmosphere, except its meaning at a given time is based on the season (or location of the sun).

The planets are “beyond” the Zodiac (for lack a better way to explain it) so when they retrograde they loop back into the previous sign for a bit.

So I was trying to get Seth’s autograph but me being 5'2" doesn’t help one bit. So this random dude took my Cesaro Section sign (which he didn’t see ;() and marker and held it out to Seth. And look at that, he signed it! I freaked out like a little kid about it!
BUT OOMMFFGGG I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH! Okay like next to being front row at Ghost this is definitely the best day of my life!