section 49

The Aftermath of the Battle of Austerlitz

Napoléon just bitch-slapped two other emperors with yet another one watching. What happened next ? Two things mostly.

After the battle, the captured artillery of the defeated armies, more than ten dozens cannons, went right into a foundry and came out as monument of Napoleonic glory, the Colonne Vendôme, still standing in Paris to this day. The 44m tall column was made of 49 stone sections covered in the bronze Russia and the Holy Roman Empire generously contributed.

It’s like Napoléon ripped out the penis of these armies to erect a giant one for himself.

Speaking of the Holy Roman Empire, after the capture of Vienna and the fabulous beatdown it got served with, it simply ceased to exist. Holy Roman emperor Francis II became Francis I, emperor of Austria and king of Hungary, and the whole slew of duchies and principalities and whatnot where reorganized into the German Confederation. Which was renamed the Northern German Confederation when Prussia took it over in 1866. Which became Germany in 1871.

Bet you didn’t know Napoléon made both modern Germany and a huge metal dick in one battle.


Ok so today is April 1st which means I have about a month left before I need to wrap up Raising Home for posting.

On March 14th I had 96,280 words written, today I have 107,528 words written. Which is frankly a disappointing chunk of progress, but there are 49 “sections” the fic is split into and I’m starting to finish a good number of them. The finished product will be an estimated 140k words.



I enjoy the different methods happening here.

Haruka stuck in explanation mode, like an insecure park ranger challenging Ron Swanson about anything at all. “Uh, well, you know … space stuff … and that’s kind our deal … Look, it’s in our charter that I painstakingly wrote by hand. If you look at page 49, section 102.d, you’ll see where it clearly states …”

Meanwhile Michiru: “I know you did not possibly just ask for help. Confer with your Starlights for our stance is on this matter. I believe you will find I have explained in exhaustive detail how this will not be happening. Please return to your air freshener immediately.”