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More Eliksni in Star Trek stuff, since I’ve been thinking about it again and wanted to get some more of it written down:

  • Houses still exist, but are more cooperative than their home-universe counterparts
  • each House tends to be known for a ~thing~
    • Devils - bio-engineering
    • Winter - engineering
    • Wolves - politics (?)
    • Kings - intelligence gathering/espionage
    • Judgement - diplomacy/mediation
    • Exile - piracy
  • there are exceptions to the above, and Eliksni have a disproportionately high number of good engineers (always seek new tech/aging fleet in need of constant repair/etc.)
  • Exile is less an official House, and more of a general gathering/name for… exiles
  • Devils are probably the largest/most often encountered House
  • Romulans are at odds with the Eliksni in general, but especially the Kings
  • Kings also cause trouble/have issue with Section 31
  • Ferengi like working with them, especially the Exiles
  • they and the Klingons usually get along well
  • Kells usually send representatives to diplomatic gatherings, mostly because they’re too big too fit in a lot of stations and ships comfortably

I’ll add more later as I think of it.


Favourite Recurring Characters: Luther Sloan (DS9)

“I dedicated my life to the preservation and the protection of the Federation. This duty, which I carried out to the best of my ability, took precedence over everything else. My parents, my wife, my children. I lived in a world of secrets, of sabotage and deceit. I spent so much time erasing my movements, covering my tracks, that now that I look back at my life, I find nothing. It’s as if I never really existed. I cheated you all out of being in my life. And what’s more, I cheated myself as well. Now I know a simple apology won’t change that. Still, I feel the need to apologise anyway. No tears, please. My death isn’t a tragedy, it’s a celebration. In death, I can finally step out of the shadows and prove to myself that I existed. That I lived.” - Luther Sloan [Extreme Measures] 


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To put a stop to the Dominion war Section 31 kidnaps and brainwashes Miles O'Brien, using his kayaking and general holo-adventuring experience he is sent on a mission to assassinate The Founders in their vulnerable liquid state of The Great Link. Keiko O'Brien volunteers for the retrieval of agent Miles with the mentoring of Garak. Kira and Dax go on a girls night out and get matching tattoos and piercings.


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Your Quinoa Habit Really Did Help Peru's Poor. But There's Trouble Ahead
Headlines once warned the global quinoa boom was putting the nutritious crop out of the reach of those who grow it. New studies put those fears to rest. But bad news may loom for Andean farmers.

The price of quinoa tripled from 2006 to 2013 as America and Europe discovered this new superfood. That led to scary media reports that the people who grew it in the high Andes mountains of Bolivia and Peru could no longer afford to eat it. And while, as we reported, groups working on the ground tried to spread the word that your love of quinoa was actually helping Andean farmers, that was still anecdote rather than evidence.

The lack of evidence didn’t seem right to Marc Bellemare, an agricultural economist at the University of Minnesota, or Seth Gitter, another economist at Towson University in Maryland. They hadn’t met, but Gitter knew of a data source that could provide solid evidence, and the two teamed up. They recently published their results in a working paper.

The data source is ENAHO, the national survey of about 22,000 randomly selected households that the government of Peru carries out every year and that covers a huge range of information about what households grow, spend and eat.