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The small city of Karbala, Iraq has reached a record breaking 20 million pilgrims arriving to pay their respects to Imam Hussein (AS). Among them are 4.5 million tourists from 60 countries around the world. All braving the current turmoil, ISIS threats, and bombings. This is the biggest slap in the face of ISIS. The sectarians hate this though, some of them are even circulating pictures of only tourists carrying the Iranian flag and conveniently ignoring the millions of other people just so they can try and stir up sectarian tensions. God bless Iraq. A war torn country with nothing hosted millions of people, and provided them all with food and shelter. The pilgrims walk for miles and miles and there’s free food and drinks all along the way. That’s how Hajj should be in Mecca, but the Saudis have commercialized it instead.

UK. Northern Ireland. Belfast. Derry/Londonderry. 1971. Posters and murals were important weapons in the battle for political opinion during The Troubles (1968-1998). There is still nowadays a great number of murals in Belfast, some still sectarian and hateful and new ones promoting peace and reconciliation.

Photograph: Bruno Barbey/Magnum Photos


A group of Karachiites started a campaign called “I Am Karachi” to reclaim public spaces by promoting arts, sports, culture and dialogue. Their newest aim is to reclaim the city’s walls by painting over the sectarian, religious, and political hate messages splattered across them.

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when a person hates on someone because of their religion that counts as racism.

No, it doesn’t count as racism.

Quick Explanation:
When a person has hate, animosity, or a strong dislike towards someone with a religious practice it is called ‘religious intolerance’ or ‘religious bigotry’. Those terms can be used broadly throughout the religious spectrum. “Sectarianism” for those who hate a specific group within their own religion i.e. Catholics VS Protestant etc.

Some specific identifiers would be: “Islamophobia”for those who hate people who practice Islam. “Antisemitism” for those who hate those who practice Judaism.
Though some religions have a majority race, like Islam, other races may convert if allowed; possibly for things like marriage etc.

RACISM: A policy, system of government, etc. It is based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination…

In simpler terms: Racism is institutional; it is a racial hierarchal power that modern society has as it’s base. Those who are part of this hierarchal power (white people) are immune to racism. They can face prejudice yes, but it is impossible for them to face the dehumanizing oppression People of Color face. Anti-blackness is also a strong component of racism, this type of racism plagues every racial/ethnicity group. ‘Colorism’ is another branch that stems from systematic racism; that is the repulsion of darker skin and the approval of lighter skinned individuals. Colorism is found in brown skinned races; it does not plague white people where tanner skin is even encouraged.

- Susie the moderator