Yet another recent purchase. This piece comes from SecretStranger! This crescent moon is wooden and has three triskeles burned on each side.

Another piece that I feel in love with the moment I saw it. This wooden crescent moon was on my dash last weekend and I thought, “Wow, that is something I would love to have!” To my luck, it was very affordable so I snatched it up at that very moment.

When I received the package, this came in two pieces and was incredibly easy to put together, and considering how blonde I am, I am very proud of myself for not breaking it.

I absolutely love this and love looking at it. This also came with a hand-written note <3

Super stoked to introduce a new podcast project alongside the octopodal Jakob Mc Whinney (@spaceheated) … Secret Strange! We need your help tho, if you have ever experienced an encounter (paranormal, extraterrestrial or otherwise) Leave us a message at 1-504-298-8094 or email and give a detailed description of your experience so we may share it with the world or any others that share our species threshold of hearing.
If you’re in SD, we’ll be conducting live interviews tomorrow night (6/27) at a house show, msg me for deets.
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