I have come to a conclusion! SHIBAMAS is the best holiday ever!!! I am having so much fun!

My secret shiba from Twiba Secret Shiba was Raiden-san (follow him on twitter @Shiba_Raiden). Him and his pawrents sent me a ton of awesome giftsies! I am particilarly fond of the blue balls that I have been playing with all day…next up is the snowman!

Thank you guys for the best Shibamas a shiba can wish for! Lots of Love! XOXO

2015 Secret Shiba Is Here!

After a little last-minute Shiba Mind Control by @misakishiba her servants/typists/chefs/chauffeurs/humans (@mynwexperience) are all organized and ready to go!

Have you been a good Shiba? That’s a silly question - of course you have! 

The guidelines for 2015 Secret Shiba (the sixth!) are very similar to previous years. 


1 - Be an active member of the Twiba (Shibas on Twitter) community. (Shibas and Honorary Shibas!)

2 - Register (details below!) by 11:59pm, Pacific Time, on November 26, 2015. (Yes, Thanksgiving.) Misaki’s minions will then work their magic and email out matches before Monday, November 30, 2015.

3 - Spend around $10 per pup, not including postage (the Twibas recommend using USPS to save on shipping). Note: Many of our Secret Shibas go above and beyond, so feel free to splurge if you like, but be warned…if you choose to spend more, just know that whomever has your pup’s name may not do the same.

4 - Make sure your gifties get on the way to your very special Secret Shiba no later than Monday, December 14, 2015.

5 - Keep your Secret Shiba identity a secret until after December 25, 2015.

6 - Open your Secret Shiba package on or around December 25, 2015  (we’re flexible!) and post pics of your goodies for all to see!

How to Register:

Sound good? Wanna become a Secret Shiba? Make it official! Get your typist to email with your Twitter handle in the subject with the following information before 11:59pm, November 26, 2015:

1 - The name of your Shiba and their Twitter handle. (Feel free to include blogs your Secret Shiba might be interested in checking out!)

2 - The name of the typists (feel free to also include Twitter handles).

3 - Are you willing to ship internationally? Secret Shibas are everywhere! (Remember, if you say yes, shipping may take a bit longer so plan accordingly.)

4 - How many Shibas in your household? (Note: If you’re a two-shiba household and both pups want to participate, we will try to pair you with another two-shiba household. However, if you’re a one-pup family and you want a two-pup family, just let us know! We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone and make sure no Shiba misses out on Secret Shiba!)

5 - Your mailing address. (The Secret Shiba typists promises not to share this information with anyone other than your Secret Shiba!)

6 - Does your Shiba have any food allergies or dislikes? Are you okay with your Shiba receiving food as a gift?

7 - Does your Shiba have any toy preferences or dislikes?

8 - Feel free to add any additional information you think your Secret Shiba may find helpful!

Check out the blog to see some recaps of previous years!

Thank You, Knox

We finally got to unwrap our gifts from our Twiba secretshiba!

The presents were all wrapped so pretty! :D

Yuki photobombed the first picture because she wanted to play with the pink ball *so so badly*. Thank you, @KnoxyFoxy11! The magnet is adorning our fridge, stating the obvious. We’ve been meaning to buy her a blanket but never did, so this was perfect (and the color matches the rest of our furniture hehe). The treats look absolutely fantastic! We opened the Whole Life one for her already and she 100% approves. Chicken is her fave! We scored big time as your secretshiba, we love everything! Merry Christmas and hope you'all have a great Shibamas. :)

I finally got to open my #secretshiba giftsie! Still not sure who is it from, but I suspect @mrkobebeef :-) I got an awesome huuuge bag of chicken jerky, a tin of lumps of coal from @boccesbakery and an ugly doll!! Love all of my gifts! Thank you!!! #shibalove

Secret Shiba - Fun of giving!

I have also came to a realization today, that it is fun to give too !!! (…well….only one day out of the year….the rest of the time EVERYTHING IS MINE!!!) …

I was Queen Misaki’s secret shiba this Christmas as a part of Twiba Secret Shiba so graciously organized by Phin’s mom Noelle @Dangerkitty2020 .

I am really happy that Misaki enjoyed my giftsies! Check out her blog for the reveal!!! :-)

How’s the shopping going?! The elves have some great news!

Zuko and Autumn have used their Shiba Mind Control to once again get their humom to donate to Shiba rescues! For every Secret Shiba who lets us know they got their gift in the mail by December 14th - which means it should get to its destination by December 21st - $5 will go to Shiba rescue (up to $150)!

Isn’t that great?! Just email Secret Shiba ( or mention us on Twitter (@secretshiba) and we’ll update our notes. 

But, you may be asking, how many Secret Shibas are there? 31! Despite getting a late start, we had 31 households sign up for Secret Shiba 2015 and a total of 43 Shibas and honorary Shibas!

Also following tradition, here is the list of this year’s participants in alphabetical order:

Aiden and Leah (@aidentheshiba)
Aiko and Blazer (@loveaikonblazer)
Brinley (@princessdngr)
Faith and Hope (@FaithNHopeInus)
Godzilla and Mothra (@gojiraLover)
Jackson Daiichi (
Kaiju (@iamkaiju)
Kenji (@kenjitheshiba)
Kira (@ShibaInuKira)
Kobe and Foxy (@mrkobebeef)
Koi (
Kuma Carlos Chan and Koda Alfredo Chan (@KumaCarlosChan)
Leah (@LeahShiba)
Lucy Rose Inu (
Malachi (@MalachiShiba)
Max (@maxtheshiba)
Maya (@ShibaInuMaya)
Mika (@yosemitefox)
Misaki (@misakishiba)
Misty (@vegasrue)
Myles and Mora (@myles_mora)
Nami (@NamiLuvzCheez)
Nymeria (@NymeriaMacGold)
Park Pack - Sakura, Snickers and Yoshi (@theparkpack)
Sachi (@sachisheeb)
Shiba Trio - Max, Zenji and Fuchi (@shibatrio)
Sparks (@sparkstheshiba)
Swisher (@swishershiba)
Wiley (@shiba_snuggles)
Yuki (@WalkingYuki)
Zuko and Autumn (@demondogsports)

Who got your name?!

Happy shopping!