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5 Secrets for a Successful Life

Know Your Worth

  • There are many people who get married to those with whom they don’t really want to, believing that they will never be able to get the ones they truly wanted. Due to this phenomenon, many individuals are willing to settle for less as they believe they truly wanted. However, by sacrificing your true desires you will only be living an unhappy life. Make a promise to yourself that you will never compromise and settle for something less than what you actually deserve. This would in turn help you in become a successful individual.

Don’t let anyone put you down

  • If you notice people putting you down, it is simply because they get uncomfortable or jealous when they see others managing to achieve what they haven’t been able to. You may be one of their targets if you stop settling for less and instead knowing your real worth. Go for the things that you truly deserve and don’t let what other say prevent you from achieving them.

Have Faith in Yourself

  • In order to keep trying, you’ll have to have faith in yourself when everyone else is putting you down. Success does not come that easily. You’ll have to face a lot of tough moments, sarcasm, hard times and even criticism on your path to success. Many people lacking in self confidence and faith are not able to handle this pressure and hence they collapse. To be successful in life and to make people have faith in you, you need to have faith in yourself!

Be Daring

  • Many individuals are not successful in their lives and therefore it wouldn’t be a wise decision to follow their foot steps. For a successful life, you must have the courage to be different and do the things that unsuccessful people were not able to do.

Never Give Up

  • Failure is the first step towards success. Success does not usually occur on the first attempt. It may take a lot of attempts. Therefore, if you fail on your first attempt, don’t give up instead keep moving forward. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying, your dreams shall come true one day! If you start following these five things, there will be no one stopping you and you will eventually be able to enjoy success.


Don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going. The most important thing is this, to be able to at any moment, to sacrifice what you are for what you will become. Pain is temporary, it may last for a minute or an hour or a day or even a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit however, it will last forever.
—  Eric Thomas - Motivational Speaker

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Time Management Secrets Anyone Can Use

Having trouble focusing on what you really need to do? You’re not alone. Here are some of the best ideas to help you declutter your life and make way for big, creative boosts of productivity: 

1) If possible, only check your e-mail at designated times during the day.

2) Take a few minutes several times a day to clear your mind and refocus.

3) Make the most of to-do lists.

4) Try to schedule stretches of creative time throughout the day.

5) Say no to every meeting that isn’t truly necessary.

6) Avoid multitasking.

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The Secrets to Success!

As one of my earlier quotes posts stated:

There are two rules for success:

1. Never tell everything you know.

It is true!

Here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I work as an audio engineer, and I do have the rights to brag that amongst the other audio engineers available here (except for people like Mr. Greg Henderson who is an expatriate from Australia who moved here and married a local) I have a better theory on how to make better quality music production since my brains are able to study and pick stuffs up better than anyone else in my college, but every time I spread my knowledge amongst my classmates I feel like they have backstabbed me, other than being unappreciative of what I have done for them. I could teach them my new theory today, and tomorrow they’ll brag as if its their hard work and “street-smarts” that made them as good without others helping them. 

Luckily, other than most of the tricks I have taught them they have no idea of my new ways of working: recording, editing, mixing and mastering audio in a way no other Malaysians have ever done yet. And I’m planning to keep the major stuffs as a secret while giving away all the minor ones, and one day teach a handful of useful kids when I’m ready to retire from the world of audio engineering. 

Believe me when I brag about how good I am, I can tell if your recording, mix or master is in a hell of problems just by listening to any sources it is played in: iPod, some Chinese brand MP3 players, CD player, Hi-Fi, studio monitors, earphones and even low bit-rate MP3 conversions. 


The most important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you will become.


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Secret to Success: How to Nail a Job Interview

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Obviously you think you’re a great match for the position, but so do all of the other candidates. Think about unique attributes that set you apart from your competition. 

  • Be organized: research the company, re-read job listing, write questions to ask
  • They sound cheesy, but prepare for the typical interview questions. These are some great starter questions.
  • Research information about the field (e.g. architecture company research architects, etc, etc.)

2. Relax 

3. Be professional: arrive early, no slang or swearing, strong handshake, good eye contact, avoid all sexual comments, etc.

4. Dress professionally: better to be overdressed than underdressed. Understated make-up is recommended. 

5. Follow-up is key: send a thank you email after an interview, and be sure to keep in touch until you hear the verdict.

6. Don’t get disappointed; Think of every job that you don’t get as an opportunity to practice and perfect your interview skills. 

Good luck–knock ‘em dead!

Techniques for Running Successful Meetings

Tips for running successful business meetings:

1) Have an objective.

2) Eliminate anything from the meeting that is not necessary.

3) Make sure that everyone shows up.

4) Ask only for the people that need to be there.

5) Make sure the meeting ends on time.

6) Make sure everyone comes away from the meeting with a set of actions.

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