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supergirl season one appreciation week | day three: why you love season one

The relationships, particularly the ones between the ladies. There’s friendships, and found families, and love, and like… Kara has so many people in her inner circle, the people who know her secret, and support her, and love her. It’s such an overused, boring trope that the superhero can’t tell anybody their secret, and carries the weight of it on their back, and I was so glad that Supergirl didn’t go that route, that Kara had people she could trust, and open up to, and confide in.

this is probably not true but i can’t stop thinking about it so fuckit here goes… wild theory time:

Narti is a[nother] child of Zarkon and Honerva/Haggar

just hear me out because the similarites are uncanny

what Narti inherited from Momma Honerva/Haggar (either literally inherited through genes or taught):

  • immortal quintessence cat (which looks an awful look like the one we see having ‘aged’ with Honerva)
  • ability to teleport
  • mind control powers/manipulation (we’ve seen Haggar use her powers to look into people’s minds - “I can tell if you’re lying”)

what Narti inherited from Papa Zarkon (either literally inherited through genes or taught): 

  • his teeth/fang/whatever things
  • Zarkon was the Black Lion’s paladin, and we know Black is connected to teleportation… so Narti’s abilities could relate to that somehow too (what a reach lmao)
  • another reach lmao but Zarkon does have reptilian-like features and Narti has a reptilian-like tail…

other additions/explanations:

  • i mean we do know Narti is a half breed
  • it could make sense if Zarkon and Honerva/Haggar actually had two children… either 1) they were seperated at birth, Zarkon eventually chose Lotor for the throne, so he secretly enlisted and trained Lotor’s secret sister Narti to be his bodyguard, or 2) Lotor does know Narti is his sister, maybe the other girls do too, but it’s like their inner circle secret and it will be revealed as a huge plot twist later on in the show
  • random idea, to explain many things and tie up many loose ends: Narti was the first child, or maybe she wasn’t but she was chosen first by Honerva to be expermiented upon with quintessence as a child. this led to her blindness, which led to Honerva turning her cat into a seeing-eye cat for her daughter. and that could, in turn, explain why Lotor apparently was never been exposed to quintessence (he still has yellow eyes and pupils like Galrans used to - see this post).
  • also Narti’s muteness could be explained as 1) another bad side effect of a quintessence expierment, or 2) a vow of silence she took in regards to being Lotor’s secret sister

again this is probably not remotely true but also there are dots that can be connected so i can’t stop thinking about iiittt


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Andrew Minyard is the newest addition to the Edgar Allan University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s devilishly good in a goal — and in another universe, he could have been the deadliest investment a Coach with nothing to lose could have made.

Signing with the unbeaten national champions is a dream many young Exy players seek after, but few know how the black corridors of Castle Evermore can quickly turn into a nightmare for the unsuspecting fool. The EA Ravens are a hive mind, built on sharp strings of violence, sex and codependence. At the top of the Nest, there is at the same time no place for secrets and a foul air saturated with them, starting with Riko’s inner circle Andrew has been drafted to.

Laying eyes on the Crown of Evermore comes with a price of blood, and paying it can cost one’s life  as well as their family’s.

Learn to Be Lonely - Part One

Summary:  An abandoned Hydra base comes to the attention of the Avengers when Tony intercepts a message.

Word Count:1,318

Warnings: Language, violence, death

Author’s Note:  Oh my God, it’s happening.  Thank you to @buckyywiththegoodhair for listening to me complain.

Also - this is kind of the introduction so not a lot of reader in this part.

Learn to Be Lonely Masterlist

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A few of the Avengers watched from a safe distance, waiting for their leader to make a decision. Tony nudged Sam, gesturing subtly for the younger man to approach his friend.  Eyes wide, Sam shook his head, quickly stepping behind Natasha and giving her a gentle push in Steve’s direction.  She whipped around, glaring, before sending a meaningful look at Tony, who snorted.  Steve’s voice broke the silence and halted the silent argument that was happening across the room.

“Suit up.  We’ll head out in ten.”

Relieved that none of them had to actually engage the agitated man, the group nodded before heading towards the elevator.  No one really knew what to say.

After all, it wasn’t every day that a top-secret Hydra fortress was discovered.

Somehow, someway, Hydra had a castle. A castle, hidden in the snowy mountains of Europe.  One of the best kept secrets of the inner circles of Hydra, Castle Santis was rarely documented and no one but a select few knew what actually happened there.  Tony had intercepted a message between one of Hydra’s higher officers ordering transport of “the gift” to an undisclosed location.  After that, it had been a simple matter of sending in a few Starktech drones to do reconnaissance.  A few hours later, they had a confirmed location.  After that, it was just a matter of whether or not they should actually go.

For all they knew, it could be a trap meant to lure them into the middle of nowhere.  Or, it could be a huge mistake to let this “gift” be moved before they had a chance to neutralize any potential threats.  The whole team had discussed it at length before deciding it was a decision best left to Steve.  Exasperated, the super soldier had spent hours deep in thought.

But he had reached a decision and the team was going.

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I just want to remind people that some otherkin/fictionkin circles exhibit cult-like behaviour.

I’m no expert on cults, but there have been some alarming things I’ve seen on this site and the Internet in general, and especially as kin circles tend to be full of young people looking to fit in, it is very rich for the picking for cults.

Here are some signs that I’ve seen that send alarm bells going off in my head:
* Asking for money, and this money being somehow linked to making you ‘progress through the ranks’ or ‘become a higher member of the group’ - i.e., paying to ascend
* Encouraging a feeling of ‘we are the only ones who understand each other’, isolation, looking down on people outside the circle, discouraging you from making friends elsewhere or feeling like they are your only family - in particular can be common among otherkin who cultivate an 'anti-human’ mindset
* secretive knowledge only available to the 'inner circle’, always dangled in front of you so you feel you have to work to have it 'revealed’ to you
* worshipping/revering the leader of the group (more than just respect) - remember, they’re just a person like you
* this idea that there is another world in which these people are powerful/superior and a constant 'behind the scenes battle’ or 'exchange of power’ is taking place. Watch out for overdramatic titles being given to a select few or even self-imposed, e.g. 'the grand master X of the Y nobility’
* feeling like you can’t leave, that you’ll be hounded and mocked if you try to quit
* feeling like you’re constantly under scrutiny, that you’re constantly trying to prove that you’re 'special enough’ or 'dedicated enough’ - trust your gut. If it feels wrong, that means something.

The people involved may not be aware of the cultlike behaviour they exhibit, they may not be doing it intentionally. It doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.

If anyone else has any more to add, please do. These are just the ones I’ve seen.

What authoritarian regimes do is blunder forward, grasping and grabbing power whenever and wherever they can, building secretive inner circles, surrounding themselves with supplicant state media, demonizing dissenting voices, and punishing enemies. They do this not because of some 12-dimensional chess analysis of the political landscape, but because that’s what narcissism and zero-sum thinking does. They are more like animals driven by instinct than chess masters driven by strategy, though of course there’s a range (with Trump being on the far blinded-by-narcissism end).

If we’re looking to understand the course an authoritarian takes through a country and its history — what’s he’s accomplished, what’s likely to happen next — the place to look is not his intent, but the institutions and norms of the country he seeks to dominate. They, not his ultimate goals and desires, are what most determine the ultimate shape and consequences of a regime.

Think of a bull loose in a china shop. How much damage will it do? The relevant variable is not the bull’s intent. A bull’s gonna bull. The relevant variable is how equipped the china shop is to stop the bull. How many tranquilizer darts does it have, or, I don’t know, nets? (I didn’t think this analogy all the way through.)

The point is, how far an authoritarian can blunder forward, violating norms and degrading institutions, is determined by the strength of the norms and institutions he encounters. They determine when, or whether, he is constrained.

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I'm intrigued by the #crossedoutname #AniObiDala verse, do they think he was reborn or how does Anakin plan to go about finding Obi-Wan?

“As much as it pains me to say this, why should I help you find Lord Yoda?” The holo of Windu stared blankly at the Lord Emperor though there was a wicked curve to the corner of the mans lips that had Anakin’s hackles raising high.

“Well how about I don’t inform the Empress of your reluctance and we don’t burn all of Dagobah trying to find him?” He sneered.

“…I see. I will try to find him then. He has retired for the most part.” Windu shifted, running his hand over his chin before crossing his arms over his chest. “What are you should I tell him you’re here to speak to him about?”

Debating a bit, Anakin narrowed his eyes in displeasure even as Windu raised his brow steadily. “… The Lady Empress and myself have a third name, its been crossed out since before I was born and while she was still a child… its now uncrossed, the name is open to read on both her hand and on my shoulder. Our third is alive.”

The sith was treated to the Korun arms dropping and his jaw falling faintly open before he snapped back to attention. “I…see.”

“You have never heard of such a thing have you.” Anakin noted.

“…No. I can see why you’d seek out Yoda…Emperor Vader, if I were you, I’d keep the identity of your third a secret to your inner circle until you can find him. An Emperor and Empress soulmate is a valuable target for any Rebels…or surviving Jedi.”

Anakin’s eyes narrowed, flashing yellow. “We purged them. Their temple is ours and my Empress sits on a throne in their grand hall.” He sneered.

“And yet some survived.” Windu cautioned.

“Why are you warning me, what is the game this time Windu?” Anakin sneered.

The man in the holo shook his head. “No game. You weren’t even born when your third died yet you and Empress Amidala took out the Jedi for failing to care for him as they should. You both reached out into the galaxy and wrapped your hands around them, rooted out the Sith, were taught the ways of the Force and the power and freedom it could give you and used that power and that freedom to purge Coruscant for Jedi and took the galaxy as your own. And now your third lives again, I shudder to think what what you two would do if he died now or was injured.”

Anakin narrowed his eyes.

“I have no wish to see the entire galaxy burn down.” Windu shrugged.

The Emperor might have answered if at that moment they hadn’t felt someone reach out into the Force, a cautious hand seeking, searching…and then recoiling, quickly hiding where they had come from.

But to late, by now everyone tuned to the Force must have felt the seeking.

‘Obi-Wan.’ Who else could it be, trying to reach out to Anakin?

Because it was someone light sided reaching out carefully towards him.

Windu stared at him, eyes dark and knowing even in the holo. “It seems your third is rather…light.” He smirked before bowing and shutting the holo off.


‘Well, I guess that answers it. He’s dark…Force this entire universe is…’ Obi-Wan slowly continued with his watered out brandy, grateful that he always kept credits on him just for such occasions. Well, not such occasions but the times he was away from the temple…

Oh this was giving him a headache.

And this entire name thing.

Soul mates…

Force blessed…

He frowned at the table, his hood up high. He honestly couldn’t understand it but apparently the name of whoever filled you out best appeared on your skin. Some had one and others had two and some had none because they didn’t need one.

‘And its Anakin and Padme?’ He brushed his hand over his hip where Anakin’s name rested, frowning a bit before brushing it over his chest where Padme’s was.

And not enough with that but when Obi-Wan had reached out for Anakin…

So burning rage, hot like molten magma yet softening when this Anakin realized WHO was reaching for him.

What was he suppose to do?

People seemed…happy?

Kind of?

They didn’t seem oppressed at least but…

Obi-Wan dropped his head in his hands, glass between his elbows on the table. ‘For karks sake, why can’t my life ever be easy?’

I’m surprised more people haven’t made a big deal out of Odin revealing aspects of his parents to Ava. It didn’t hit me till today, but that was huge for him.

We know the Arrows are immensely secretive. I assume the Council is part of their inner circle, but that could be it. Odin for the majority of the comic has been one enigma dressed in another enigma. He’s a fantastic liar. We still question and debate Odin’s motivations every other day and we’re thousands of pages in.

Odin could have so easily lied to Ava about where he got the information on TiTAN. He could have said his brother, which would have correlated to the lie he told about Maggie and the Silent Scavengers, or he could have just made another snide remark about how Ava doesn’t pay attention enough.

Instead he confided to Ava about his parents. He’s not afraid to bring them up and slip into reverie. You can tell that it’s immensely uncomfortable for him because he switches the topic so quickly that it’s easy to forget he even brought them up. I would go a step further and say that Odin looks partially afraid. It’s there that we see Odin so earnestly begging Ava to join him. It’s about the mission of course, but you can almost see him being desperate for it to work out. He’s enjoyed Ava’s friendship so much that he literally opened up to her.

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Do you think that if M has played “nice” things would have gone SO much better for her? It’s no secret that D is beyond grateful to his friends and inner circle. I can’t help but feel that if she handled things differently it would have been more of a win-win for both of them. Case & point, Ashley and Chris. Your thoughts?

Anon, completely agree. Was actually thinking about this as I responded to an earlier post but that got too long so I did not add it. Imagine a world where she had behaved and played her role and been a fun and engaging public plus one?  Think how grateful D would be to her and how much he would go out of his way to make sure that she achieved things and made the right connection. He would promote her for the rest of his life.

The fact is, if he had to go back in time, it is hard to see a world where bearding was not required, at that time, in his shoes, given the same opportunity.  I wish that were not the case, but I don’t see this aspect changing. and to not sign the contract would mean no fame.  and more importantly, no Chris. So bearding was likely inevitable. And no matter how you twist it, it always would have stung and been uncomfortable. Darren is NOT that person who easily hides.  

But if his beard had been a good friend and person, and one who actually wanted a career instead of making bearding her career, it would have been so much better and so much less embarrassing for all parties involved. And as D approaches this next chapter, he would have embraced bringing her along as an Ashley or Lea.  

But she made this impossible with her shitty behavior, blackmail, manipulation, and me first attitude.

What, The Devil? (Essay by High Preist Peter H Gilmore)

Satanism is not Devil worship. That comes as a shock to many who haven’t explored our philosophy and it is the prime misconception outsiders have regarding the Church of Satan. Our founder Anton Szandor LaVey asserted this stance from the beginning. Over the years, individuals with the need to feel embraced by a deity have claimed that Dr. LaVey somehow came to believe in a literal Satan. If we examine his work, it is clear that he never changed his mind about this, nor was belief in the Devil ever some secret “inner circle” practice of the Church of Satan.

We Satanists understand that both truth and fantasy are needed by the human animal. It is a step towards wisdom when one knows with certainty which is which. Man relies on symbolism and metaphor when building a personal conceptual framework for understanding the universe in which he lives. He has always invented his own gods using his carnal brain. From The Satanic Bible: “Man has always created his gods, rather than his gods creating him.” However, this act of creation is usually denied. History shows that the founders of religions claimed personal contact with the deity fabricated through their imaginations, and legions of followers bolstered that fiction. There is nothing wrong with fantasy, so long as an individual knows he is using this controlled self-delusion as a tool for dealing with existence. For we skeptical, pragmatic Satanists, it is wielded in the ritual chamber. Reliance on fantastic constructs becomes dangerous when the believers in spiritual religions dogmatically insist that their personal or collective fantasies are real in the world at large, that they are the only absolute truth, and then wait for the myth to guide them or try to force others to share this delusion. That has been the source for countless wars, as any student of history can see.

Dr. LaVey’s seminal book, The Satanic Bible published in 1969 lays out some basic principles:

The Satanist realizes that man, and the action and reaction of the universe, is responsible for everything, and doesn’t mislead himself into thinking that someone cares.

Is it not more sensible to worship a god that he, himself, has created, in accordance with his own emotional needs—one that best represents the very carnal and physical being that has the idea-power to invent a god in the first place?

From a 1986 interview with Walter Harrington of The Washington Post:

“Satan is a symbol, nothing more,” LaVey says. “Satan signifies our love of the worldly and our rejection of the pallid, ineffectual image of Christ on the cross.”

Accepting the axiomatic premise that no gods exist as independent supernatural entities means that Satanists are de facto atheists. We know that the objective universe is indifferent to us. Since our philosophy is self-centered, each Satanist sees himself as the most important person in his life. Each individual thus generates his own hierarchy of values and judges everything based on his own standards. Therefore, we Satanists appoint ourselves as the “Gods” in our subjective universes. That doesn’t mean we think we have the powers of a mythological deity, but it does mean that we revere the creative capacity in our species. So to distinguish ourselves from the atheists who simply reject God as non-existent, we call ourselves “I-theists,” with our own healthy ego as the center of our perspective. This is truly a blasphemous concept that flies in the face of just about every other religion, and it is why Satan serves us well as a symbol. He was described as the prideful one, refusing to bow to Jehovah. He is the one who questions authority, seeking liberty beyond the stultifying realm of Heaven. He is the figure championed by the likes of Mark Twain, Milton, and Byron as the independent critic who heroically stands on his own.

Dr. LaVey made his most detailed presentation of his concept for how Satan functions in his philosophy in the following monologue that appeared in Jack Fritscher’s book Popular Witchcraft, published in 1973.

I don’t feel that raising the devil in an anthropomorphic sense is quite as feasible as theologians or metaphysicians would like to think. I have felt His presence but only as an exteriorized extension of my own potential, as an alter-ego or evolved concept that I have been able to exteriorize. With a full awareness, I can communicate with this semblance, this creature, this demon, this personification that I see in the eyes of the symbol of Satan—the goat of Mendes—as I commune with it before the altar. None of these is anything more than a mirror image of that potential I perceive in myself.

I have this awareness that the objectification is in accord with my own ego. I’m not deluding myself that I’m calling something that is disassociated or exteriorized from myself the godhead. This Force is not a controlling factor that I have no control over. The Satanic principle is that man willfully controls his destiny; if he doesn’t, some other man—a lot smarter than he is—will. Satan is, therefore, an extension of one’s psyche or volitional essence, so that that extension can sometimes converse and give directives through the self in a way that thinking of the self as a single unit cannot. In this way it does help to depict in an externalized way the Devil per se. The purpose is to have something of an idolatrous, objective nature to commune with. However, man has connection, contact, control. This notion of an exteriorized God-Satan is not new.

The approach outlined here, of consciously creating an exteriorization of the self with which one communes solely in ritual, is a revolutionary religious concept of LaVey’s Satanism, and it is a “third side” approach which proves elusive to many to whom it does not come naturally. It is a psychological sleight-of-mind, not a form of faith. It establishes that to the Satanist in ritual, he is Satan.

To be fair, people attending workings of LaVey’s bombastic and theatrical rites might not be able to separate the shouting of “Hail Satan!” while in the ritual chamber with the disbelief in any external gods outside of the chamber. But then, Satanism isn’t meant for everybody. When asked if there is an upcoming volume Satanism for Dummies, we reply: “Satanism is NOT intended for dummies.” As he said in The Satanic Bible and often in interviews: “Satanism demands study—NOT worship.” The capacity to think is expected of Satanists. So LaVey expected those who embraced his philosophy to understand where to draw the line between the fantastic and the real. He proclaimed that he was a showman, and felt that his Satanists would not be rubes, mistaking the mummery for reality. As a carnie, he knew how to entertain, to draw attention so that he could then present more serious ideas. Some might sneer at his methodology, dismissing his deeper cogitations because of the circus-like elements. However, I believe a case can be made that all religions are in the “show business,” but the Church of Satan is the only one honest enough to admit it.

In an interview released on an LP called The Occult Explosion from 1973, Dr. LaVey explained how the Church of Satan deals with different concepts of Satan:

“Satan” is, to us, a symbol rather than an anthropomorphic being, although many members of the Church of Satan who are mystically inclined would prefer to think of Satan in a very real, anthropomorphic way. Of course, we do not discourage this, because we realize that to many individuals a picture, a well-wrought picture of their mentor or their tutelary divinity is very important for them to conceptualize ritualistically. However, Satan symbolically is the teacher: the informer of the whys and the wherefores of the world. And in answer to those who would label us “Devil worshippers” or be very quick to assume us to be Satan worshippers, I must say that Satan demands study, not worship, in its truest symbology.

We do not grovel; we do not get down on our knees, genuflect, and worship Satan. We do not plead, we do not implore that Satan give us what we wish. We feel that anyone who is going to be blessed by any god of his choice is going to have to show that god that he is capable of taking care of the blessings that are received.

Thus he advocates creating a god-symbol based on one’s own needs and aesthetic choices. Creative fantasy is employed for emotional fulfillment, experienced in the context of the ritual chamber. Satanists see Satan as their proper symbol to fulfill those needs, a magnification of the best within each of us.

Additionally, LaVey speculated on the idea that when attempting Greater Magic, it may be that the operator is tapping into a force that is part of nature to magnify his “Will.” This force is hidden, unknown, and thus “dark.” But LaVey did not view the force as a supernatural entity. In The Satanic Bible he originally explained “the Satanist simply accepts the definition (of God) which suits him best.” He closely follows that with the definition he uses:

To the Satanist “God”—by what-ever name he is called, or by no name at all—is seen as the balancing factor in nature, and not as being concerned with suffering. This powerful force which permeates and balances the universe is far too impersonal to care about the happiness or misery of flesh-and-blood creatures on this ball of dirt upon which we live.

LaVey clearly posits a disinterested, remote force—not a personality or entity—that balances the universe. He sees it as indifferent to life forms, much as any other force such as gravity would be. It is a mechanism, not a personage. It does not merit obeisance, appeasement, or worship. It can be named or not. It operates without awareness of conscious beings. He spoke of this to Burton Wolfe who wrote in the introduction to The Satanic Bible:

Of course LaVey pointed out to anyone who would listen that the Devil to him and his followers was not the stereotyped fellow cloaked in red garb, with horns, tail and pitchfork, but rather the dark forces in nature that human beings are just beginning to fathom. How did LaVey square that explanation with his own appearance at times in black cowl with horns? He replied: “People need ritual, with symbols such as those you find in baseball games or church services or wars, as vehicles for expending emotions they can’t release or even understand on their own.”

So LaVey accepted that there may be currently unexplained elements of the universe that are part of its fabric, but these are not supernatural. He suggests that Man’s inquiring mind may eventually come to understand how they function. The implications of these ideas offer great freedom. Since there is no actual deity watching over or mandating the behavior of our species, men are free to imagine whatever sort of God they choose to satisfy their own needs, however they should not forget that such fantasies are only that—nothing more.

In that same passage, he also addressed the prime reason for engaging in ritual, which he defined as Greater Magic: it serves as a means for releasing pent-up emotions that people may not even fully understand. Hence ritual has a psychological purpose; it is clearly not meant as a means for worship of some supernatural entity. Ritual is demonstrably part of human culture. LaVey knew that it served a value for people over the millennia, even if it was done for reasons that didn’t square with reality. It made people feel better than they did beforehand. So, as he continued in The Satanic Bible when addressing the search for a proper religion: “If he accepts himself, but recognizes that ritual and ceremony are the important devices that his invented religions have utilized to sustain his faith in a lie, then it is the SAME FORM OF RITUAL that will sustain his faith in the truth—the primitive pageantry that will give his awareness of his own majestic being added substance.” Thus the device of ritual, which he explained as “controlled self delusion,” can be of practical use for the well being of one’s state of mind. The truth referred to above is that all gods are an invention of the creative beast called Man.

To summarize a typical individual’s journey from observing reality to declaring himself a Satanist, let us list several assertions:

Nature encompasses all that exists. There is nothing supernatural in Nature.

The spiritual is an illusion. I am utterly carnal.

Reason is my tool for cognition making faith anathema. I question all things. I am a skeptic.

I do not accept false dichotomies, finding instead the “third side” which brings me closest to understanding the mysteries of existence.

The universe is neither benevolent nor malevolent; it is indifferent.

There are no Gods. I am an atheist.

There is no intrinsic purpose to life beyond biological imperatives. I thus determine my own life’s meaning.

I decide what is of value. I am my own highest value therefore I am my own God. I am an I-theist.

Good is that which benefits me and promotes that which I hold in esteem.

Evil is that which harms me and hinders that which I cherish.

I live to maximize the Good for myself and those I value. At all times I remain in control of my pursuit of pleasure. I am an Epicurean.

Merit determines my criteria for the judgment of myself and others. I judge and am prepared to be judged.

I seek a just outcome in my exchanges with those around me. I thus will do unto others as I would prefer they do unto me. However, if they treat me poorly, I shall return that behavior in like degree.

I grasp the human need for symbols as a means for distillation of complex thought structures.

The symbol that best exemplifies my nature as an aware beast is Satan, the avatar of carnality, justice, and self-determination.

I see myself reflected in the philosophy created by Anton Szandor LaVey.

I am proud to call myself a Satanist.

These ideas fundamental to Satanists serve as an earthy foundation that we find deeply liberating and a welcome acceptance of ourselves as human animals. For the type of person who feels the need for an external supernatural parental figure, the responsibility for self-determination explicit in this path would be terrifying. For the Satanist, belief in any actual God or Devil to which one would be beholden is repugnant and stultifying. We “agree to disagree” with those who are spiritually oriented concerning our different approaches to living, hence our advocacy of pluralism in society. We Satanists know that our way is not for everyone. We simply ask that others follow their own path and allow us to be as we are.

But please, all of you believers, understand that we are not simply your “flip side.” We are not Devil-worshippers. We are simply carnal self-worshippers looking to enjoy our lives to the fullest. May you find bliss in your serving of your chosen deity. We certainly will!

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hey! i wanted to let you know that i think your cas/stages of grief meta was absolutely amazing. cas's story never really made sense to me, it always seemed so inconsistent, like they had no idea where they were going with it, and your meta is the first i've read that made me see some central theme in it after all. so kudos for that :) just out of curiosity, you have any idea where they're going with crowley? bc his story is another one that always felt the opposite of straightforward to me.

Whats your hope for Crowleys arc on this season?

Hi! Thank you so much for all that! I am the most awful person, because not only I’m like, two months late in answering this but I’m also going to bundle it up with an anon ask. Sorry, @andallthewildthingsroared!

(I did write the overly long thing I promised you, though, so there’s that.)

I understand where you’re coming from - Crowley’s arc is sort of zigzaggy, but if you take away what was clearly bad characterization (such as that one-off threat to Sam complete with red eyes which never went anywhere), I sort of feel like we can know who Crowley is, and what he wants.


So, just as a summary - we know he was a bastard, and that he had a stable enough relationship with his mother that he remembers her (not fondly), and that she up and left soon enough that it felt like she was abandoning him (eight is a bit soon to fend for yourself, even in the seventeenth century). We know he had a son, and since Gavin’s mother is never mentioned, I want to say unremarkable entity who died in childbirth? Because if this had been his great love, and if she’d survived long enough to be remembered by Gavin, I hope to God that would have been brought up in the narrative (come on). So, either Crowley didn’t give a damn about her, and got saddled with the kid for some reason, or he cared a lot and she died pretty early on and that’s possibly the reason he started being so awful to everybody (hello, John Winchester’s parallels). We also know he was a tailor, which, in those times, and for an orphan, implies either that Rowena used magic to help him out (unlikely for a number of reasons) or that he was actually a very smart, very talented kid who had to work his ass off during his apprenticeship, as was usual for the times. In this case, we’ve got someone whose life was out of his control from a very young age, and who knows what it’s like to be at a master’s whim. 

Demon deal

Now, what doesn’t fit with this picture is the idea a kid like that would sell his soul for a longer dick, as Crowley boasted to have done (also, as amusing as it is, this would be a moot point by now, since Crowley’s in a different body). What I consider more likely is that Crowley’s current vessel - the literary agent in his late forties possibly all work and all play as that job often entails - tried to make a similar deal (and that would be a reason for Crowley to stick with the body afterwards; after all, we know he’s vain and likes to sleep around, so, vessel for vessel, why not go for a bigger dong?); as for Crowley himself, I really can’t guess what happened. Gavin remembers him as a useless drunkard, and he certainly had no riches to pass on - so much so, Gavin was forced to emigrate to the Colonies. What did Crowley gain, exactly, in exchange for his soul? An intriguing possibility is that, like Dean, he took the deal to save someone else - perhaps Gavin himself from some childhood fever - and became a drunk asshole out of blind panic the closer he got to the deadline. I like this explanation, because there was always this weird pull between Crowley and Dean, and this would go a long way towards explaining it; but, really, this is one of those things it’s useless to speculate about - either the show will tell us, or it won’t.

(Another possibility I like, but which would have come up by now, is that Rowena sold her kid’s soul to pay for her own magic - a plot bunny I explored here.)

Whatever his reasons, Crowley’s time in hell took this primal lack of control over his own life and made it a thousand times worse. We still don’t know, exactly, how demons are created, how long it takes, and who decides which eyes you’ll get, and which job you’ll do. This is, like, one of the 2000 things the show could get into instead of inventing new lore (I’m not complaining, though - S11 was magnificent, and S12 has been very good so far). What we do know is that the entire process is excruciatingly painful; that it distorts, or takes away, your human soul. If we think about other soulless creatures we’ve encountered, what Crowley is makes a lot of sense. It’s not about being evil, exactly; it’s more about a lack of caring and empathy. There are moments where Crowley actually reminds me of soulless!Sam - like when he pushed Dean into Cain’s arms just because it was convenient on the short term. 

Crowley the crossroads demon

Becoming a demon is also the worst kind of punishment, we should assume, because it completely takes away your free will.

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Yo, here goes a fact about women I don’t think many young people know: the term “woman” didn’t exist until recently. Before 1979, in fact, women were more commonly known as “Those Who Speak Softly and Walk On Misted Grounds At Dawn’s Break”. The term “woman” didn’t come into usage until the 80s. It was invented by feminist philosopher, author, and mathematician, Lisa R.W. Hardinger, who created the term as an acronym. However, Hardinger kept the meaning of W.O.M.A.N. a strict secret only known to those in the inner circle of her feminist sect.

The meaning of the acronym was so sought after that the CIA, believing Hardinger may be a witch or a communist sympathizer, infiltrated her group. Recently declassified documents reveal that, while they were unable to find out the meaning of all of the letters, the W stood for “Women in STEM fields” and the M stood for “Measles”. To this day, no one knows the true meaning of the term woman, but it has passed into normal American vernacular, all but replacing more archaic terms.

However, European English speakers and older Americans still refer to women as “Those Who Speak Softly and Walk On Misted Grounds At Dawn’s Break. So if you were wondering why meemaw and poppop say that sometimes, this is why.

The Ravenwing is the Second Company of the Dark Angels Space Marines Chapter. Like the First Company, the Deathwing, the Ravenwing are not part of the Codex Astartes structure - although the remaining companies of the chapter adhere to the Codex. Although a versatile and tactically flexible fast-attack force, the true role of the Ravenwing is to hunt members of The Fallen. This secret is only known to high-ranking Black Knights and members of the Inner Circle.

post-acowar m0rrigan rant

wow i’ve seen some posts about the m0rrigan that make me really, really mad. literally been stewing for 10 minutes. (also i’m sorry if it’s slightly incoherent i’m just so ???) acowar spoilers below~

i feel like some people have completely missed the fact that Mor and Azriel are supposed to be friends/family??? yeah, Az has feelings for Mor, but they’re still all working together in the Inner Circle as family - what Mor and Rhysand call their real family. You can’t just say MOR DOESN’T OWE ANYONE COMMUNICATION BECAUSE OF HER TRAUMA AND SELF-IDENTITY. That is not right. That is not healthy!

So what i want to get into is that many of Mor’s behavior and actions were NOT HEALTHY (unhealthy coping mechanisms) but understandable due to her traumatic upbringing. Yes, I agree with many posts citing feminist lines of thought - women shouldn’t have to explain themselves to men, they shouldn’t have to use another man to defend themselves, etc. However, keep in mind that Azriel isn’t just some random dude, Mor and Cassian and Azriel have known each other for 500 years.

FIVE HUNDRED YEARS, HELLO DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG THAT IS?!?? And you’re trying to tell me that it’s excusable for Mor to sleep with random people specifically as a message for Azriel to stay away? She sleeps with other men including his best friend (because she kept women a secret) and Helion of the day court, sending the message that the problem was Azriel. She claims to have done this for his benefit - because he’s so special and amazing, which is really twisted! But you know what else she could have done to convey a message? USE HER WORDS. She doesn’t have to say “Azriel I’m a lesbian,” she can say, “Azriel, I’m not interested in you romantically.” And she doesn’t have to explain herself after that - she does not owe him a reason for why she is not interested. I am all for communication in every relationship, romantic, platonic, etc., and it doesn’t mean you have to spill your entire guts out!

Please guys, Mor’s behavior was really self-destructive, and I don’t want that to be lost!!!! Even though its her right to sort out her own feelings and decide when she wanted to come out, Mor NEEDED SUPPORT. She needed SOMEONE to be there for her, to promise to keep her secrets, to never betray her, and nobody in the Inner Circle did that for her. Mor didn’t trust ANYONE, not even herself. She constantly denies an important, crucial part of her identity because of the trauma she went through , which drives her behavior. And that’s understandable, especially considering Rhysand’s betrayal by letting Hewn City into Velaris (holy shit all-consuming fury from me right there, no arguments about that one). The Inner Court has all gone through traumatic shit and they all make bad decisions because of what they’ve been through.

But - and this is where the scene with Feyre during the war is critical. Mor DEMANDS to know why Feyre didn’t trust her enough to tell her about going after the Suriel; she’s furious at Feyre for not being honest with her and Feyre turns it back on Mor. Is it hurtful? Yes. But Mor eventually admits it herself, “My gift is truth - and yet I have been living a lie my entire existence.” Mor’s actions were most destructive to herself, but also the people around her, and it’s sad that nobody was able to help her through 500 years :/

anonymous asked:

could you write something about Nesta having her own secret group outside of the Inner Circle, and no one knowing until they catch her coming back into the house drunk, but she still doesn't tell them. i started a draft but i'm not half as good a writer as you are

A secret group? Like a witch group or were you thinking more along the lines of a secret bookclub??? (OH MY GOSH or an Illyrian fangirl club)

You should totally keep at your fic! (I’ve personally gone through 3+ of drafts of writing one fic alone and completely scrapped them before finally settling on how to write a fic!)

Nessian - Part 4

So this has turned into a collab with @cataclysimic-star

she wrote a post which we consider Part one

I responded to her post with Part two

Within an hour we had Part three

(Part 5)

Nesta POV  (1930 words)

We had been training for weeks, Feyre wasn’t back, but in every other aspect, life had changed. My combat skills had advanced greatly under Cassian’s careful training, but not nearly as far as my magical abilities. As Rhys had thought  when I had first asked him about my magic, the power had been evolving as I had learned to control it - beginning by understanding the magic of the elements as Feyre had, then moving to Tamlin and Rhys’s and Cassian’s magic, only imitating the darkness, but to such perfect likeness, that I may as well have been the High Lady of the Night Court. The darkness was only an imitation though. The power I had been given could be fashioned in any which way I pleased. I used it like the demati, a gift that did not usually stem from magic, but from ones naturally gifting, but yet I could push this raw magic, not of the courts like Feyre’s, into someone’s mind and create a tunnel through which I could hear and see and delve into the minds of others. The mental shields that I had initially build had been the same as those any fae might construct, but now the walls were fashioned not of my own strength, but of the cauldron's magic that even the most powerful high lord to ever reign, could not break through.

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The Fox and the Dove: An Elucien/Squad Fic

For my @yulemaas Secret Santa - @highfaelucien. She asked for Inner Circle fluff in which everyone finds out about Moriel or Elucien finally getting together, and to my utter shock, I ditched out on my darling children for the Elucien. Merry Christmas, Lauren! I hope it lives up to what you were hoping for. <3

AO3 Linkage

Summary: Fresh off solidifying the mate bond between them, Lucien and Elain are ready to tell their family about their decision to accept the bond. Lucien just needs to work off some steam first, but much to everyone’s amusement, Elain’s got her own steam to blow off that leads to teasing and taunting and feelings of all sorts.

The Fox and the Dove

Elain tried to wait.

Just a few hours while Lucien worked off some - what had he called it?


Yes, that was it. Just a few hours while Lucien worked off some agitations from the few days they had spent holed up in his manor in the Spring Court.

Elain hadn’t told anyone she was going with him. It was difficult to work up an excuse to be left alone without any chance of someone deciding they could come interrupt her for this or that. She wasn’t even sure how long they’d be gone doing… Well. Elain blushed just thinking about what she and Lucien had been doing.

In the end, though, it hadn’t been as tricky as she thought. Lucien was always skipping off to the Spring Court to help sort it out from the mess Tamlin had left it in after the war, and her sisters were so caught up in their own busy lives that Elain had found it somewhat easy to go. She simply slipped her arm through Lucien’s, gripped him fiercely with her eyes squinted shut, and in a blink he’d taken her to the fields and flowers and songs of another world.

Their world.

She liked their world. She liked it very much. And no one knew about it.

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Not Just a Girl

Fic Request: Can you do one where Lydias kind of like the smart girl in school no one really notices until Stiles the popular kid at school starts dating her and all these girls get jealous and start bashing at lydia?

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Nerd!Lydia

Author: allineedcd

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