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Andrew Minyard is the newest addition to the Edgar Allan University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s devilishly good in a goal — and in another universe, he could have been the deadliest investment a Coach with nothing to lose could have made.

Signing with the unbeaten national champions is a dream many young Exy players seek after, but few know how the black corridors of Castle Evermore can quickly turn into a nightmare for the unsuspecting fool. The EA Ravens are a hive mind, built on sharp strings of violence, sex and codependence. At the top of the Nest, there is at the same time no place for secrets and a foul air saturated with them, starting with Riko’s inner circle Andrew has been drafted to.

Laying eyes on the Crown of Evermore comes with a price of blood, and paying it can cost one’s life  as well as their family’s.

The Ravenwing is the Second Company of the Dark Angels Space Marines Chapter. Like the First Company, the Deathwing, the Ravenwing are not part of the Codex Astartes structure - although the remaining companies of the chapter adhere to the Codex. Although a versatile and tactically flexible fast-attack force, the true role of the Ravenwing is to hunt members of The Fallen. This secret is only known to high-ranking Black Knights and members of the Inner Circle.

What authoritarian regimes do is blunder forward, grasping and grabbing power whenever and wherever they can, building secretive inner circles, surrounding themselves with supplicant state media, demonizing dissenting voices, and punishing enemies. They do this not because of some 12-dimensional chess analysis of the political landscape, but because that’s what narcissism and zero-sum thinking does. They are more like animals driven by instinct than chess masters driven by strategy, though of course there’s a range (with Trump being on the far blinded-by-narcissism end).

If we’re looking to understand the course an authoritarian takes through a country and its history — what’s he’s accomplished, what’s likely to happen next — the place to look is not his intent, but the institutions and norms of the country he seeks to dominate. They, not his ultimate goals and desires, are what most determine the ultimate shape and consequences of a regime.

Think of a bull loose in a china shop. How much damage will it do? The relevant variable is not the bull’s intent. A bull’s gonna bull. The relevant variable is how equipped the china shop is to stop the bull. How many tranquilizer darts does it have, or, I don’t know, nets? (I didn’t think this analogy all the way through.)

The point is, how far an authoritarian can blunder forward, violating norms and degrading institutions, is determined by the strength of the norms and institutions he encounters. They determine when, or whether, he is constrained.

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Any random thoughts or theories?

Random thoughts/theories about ACOMAF/ACOWAR that are incomplete but I have them all the same:

-There is SOME reason that all three Archeron sisters have a mate. They bond is supposed to be rare. The Mother is playing a funny game…
-Miryam and Drakon are going to reveal more secrets that even Rhys and his Inner Circle didn’t know and will blow our minds
-Azriel is going to FUCK UP MOR’S DAD IN ACOWAR
-Nesta is going to have new magic powers nobody has seen before and it’s going to be AWESOME
-the Archeron sisters will all end up being leaders of some sort. Feyre High Lady/queen, duh, Elain High Lady of the Spring Court, and Nesta either a High Lady or queen/Illyrian leader of some sort

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With the Amor idea floating around now, I think Amren might play a role in the moment Mor drops that knife. It's probably because she reads Hybern's mind or something similar, but what if it isn't about her (like being sold out by her father for another time), but about Amren? What if she realizes that Hybern is interested in Amren, and that Rhysand knew this but he kept it a secret from the Inner Circle? What if the blood is the key thing applies to Mor as well, not only to Rhysand?

I can’t refute any of this. It could all be right. Or it could all be wrong. I have no idea. (But I think the king and Amren have history and I think he might be trying to get into the prison to get her. Maybe he doesn’t know she’s out?) I can only thank you for being one of the few who realize that one of the first things we learn about Mor is that she has WEAPON SKILLS/KNIFE SKILLS AND THAT THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY SHE DROPPED THEIR ONLY WEAPON BECAUSE AZRIEL WAS THREATENED.

Nope. SORRY. Not while her whole family is in that room. She has been to war. This isn’t her first rodeo. BLESS YOU for picking up on that. She saw something in his eyes that freaked her out. Freaked her out enough that she dropped their only weapon. And if I remember correctly she was holding Truth Teller. And whose to say that blade is any different than Damaris in TOG. Holding it could have given her the ability to discern the truth in the king’s words.

Yeah I know this is a sketchblog but.. just had to share the news with you guys that T-BONE GODDAMN GRADY IS BACK in Watch_Dogs 2!! This was one of the secrets they shared with us in the Inner Circle back in August and I’ve been DYING keeping this from you guys :D  I HAVE SO MUCH FAN ART TO DO

Moriel Headcanon

-I very strongly believe that Mor and Azriel have been secretly hooking up and falling in love since the night Azriel found and saved Mor in the forest.
-They kept it a quiet secret because they didn’t want it to cause problems for their inner circle and disrupt the way things work.
-They were there for each other in the hardship while Rhys was under the mountain.
-They secretly sneak to each others house to spend the night together but then in front of their friends they act like they had no idea where the other one dissapeared to the night before.
-Now that Feyre is taken by Hybern they don’t want to hide their feelings anymore and so they confess and start publicly showing their feelings. Leaning on each other for support and comfort.

LMAO so @cadesama​ and I were talking about how it must be an open secret in the Empire’s inner circle that Vader is a dangerous and unstable lunatic who can be driven into homicidal rage over things that no one understands or can predict and like– there has to be some kind of Vader Training, right?

 Like maybe it started underground but soon became officially sanctioned, and everyone who reaches the rank of Captain of the Executor has to take it, and everyone who hits Admiral in the Navy has the option of sitting in on it, but it has to exist. It starts out as a compiled list of known topics and phrases that make Vader go batshit and must never, ever be uttered in his presence, but it expands to what Cade described as “ with a very flawed sensitivity portion about his religion” (which made me choke btw) and from there it involves into like a weeklong mandatory training session with like, coffee and donuts and powerpoints and masterclasses and break-out sessions and roleplay scenarios and shit 

Piett definitely has an “I Survived Vadercamp” shirt and wears it very smugly under his uniform 

Not Just a Girl

Fic Request: Can you do one where Lydias kind of like the smart girl in school no one really notices until Stiles the popular kid at school starts dating her and all these girls get jealous and start bashing at lydia?

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Nerd!Lydia

Author: allineedcd

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The Gamble to Save One Direction: Why They Need This Break
When Zayn Malik abruptly left One Direction, the biggest boy band in the world faced a crisis of ...

When Zayn Malik abruptly left One Direction, the biggest boy band in the world faced a crisis of epic proportions.

Zayn had been unhappy for a while, the extent of his woes an open secret among the group’s inner circle. He felt trapped on the hamster wheel that was the group’s grueling schedule of performances andPROMOTIONAL appearances. In the end, it had become unbearable for him so, while his departure was heartbreaking, ultimately it was the best decision for everyone.

But still, his exit rocked the band to the core and set off panic alarms for the tightknit team that surrounds Niall HoranLiam PayneHarry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. What if his fleeing was contagious? If Zayn could leave, who might be next? One Direction as a foursome was acceptable, but as a trio…


PHOTOS: Behind the scenes of One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” video shoot

“The team knew they had to come up with a solution, an insider tells E! News. "Five yearsDEALING with the kind of schedule they were on, there was a danger it was becoming too much.”

In the weeks that followed Zayn’s dramatic exit, a series of closed-door conversations took place about the future of the band. There was really only one solution. And so, after much deliberation, it was decided once their current tour was over, they would not book any future engagements. They needed a break. 

It was the only way to save One Direction.

Jason Squires/Getty Images

“Literally as soon as one commitment finishes, there seems to be another. It’s as if they always have to be somewhere,” says another 1D insider. “And while the boys love it, it’s a lot.” This decision is a shot in the arm for the band. “It’s the healthiest way for the band toCONTINUE. They needed to slow things down and have some freedom.”

Over the past 36 hours, we have seen a lot of cynical things written about 1D. Some claim this “hiatus” is a ruse and the guys have every intention of quitting. There is even speculation they might be lying to us. Others claim the break is for sinister reasons and that, deep down, they despise one another.

PHOTOS: Guess the One Direction tattoo!

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Well, sorry, haters!ACCORDING to the people I’ve spoken to, nothing could be further from the truth.

“They really do get on well,” insists one source. “They genuinely care about one another. This has been a crazy ride for all of them and they went through it as a family. They are not done working together yet.”

But it wouldn’t be natural if they didn’t have some different interests, right? The sourceCONTINUES, “They met when they were basically kids and have obviously come a long way since then, professionally and personally, so it’s inevitable that their tastes vary. One Direction is a huge part of their life, but they have their own needs as well, they want to explore a bit.”

For the boys, having some time off, means more than just sleeping in without an early morning wakeup call to disturb them—it will also give them space to grow, their first taste of proper freedom as adults with no band commitments.


“The break will mean they can pursue their own endeavors,” the source says. “This is an exciting time for them creatively and as a group. They love working together and envision a future together but with the freedom to do other things as well.”

We still have at least six months of One Direction goodness to enjoy before Armageddon hits the pop world. They have around 30 tour dates left. And then winter will offer up a smorgasbord of promotional appearances as they release their much anticipated fifth album.

A holiday feast, indeed!

Then it will be spring and time for them to go their separate ways, albeit temporarily according to Niall, Louis and Liam (and presumably Harry, too, he just hasn’t tweeted yet).

PHOTOS: Artists performing live on stage


“They are hoping to start talking plans for One Direction 2.0, so to speak, at the end of next year, maybe early 2017,” our insider divulged. “They can then decide on the next step.

"Right now, they have every intention of coming back together. But look, of course there is always a chance that by giving the boys some space, they might enjoy it too much and won’t want to get back together. It’s a gamble, but right now that scenario is far from their minds.

"They need to grow creatively as artists to continue to be happy together. This is a natural progression for them.”

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Next year is going to feel very different for all of the boys. Louis, of course, is going to become a dad. And according to insiders, aside from diaper duty, he’s expected to explore the business side of the industry, maybe even sign up to be on the The X Factor in the U.K. (Aw, where it all began…)

Liam will possibly be songwriting and producing, and Niall has been hanging out with Justin Bieber (possible collaboration alert!).


For Harry, life is looking just as rosy. He’ll spend some of next year at his Beverly Hills home, located opposite Lisa Vanderpump—so expect to see photos of them swapping cups ofSUGAR and taking in each other’s newspaper when one is on holiday. One report claims he is going to pursue an acting career and, though we haven’t been able to confirm that yet, we are obviously keeping our ears to the ground for more on that one.

What’s certain, meanwhile, is that Hollywood has already fallen for Harry’s charms, and he’s going to spend 2016 in high demand.

READ: 27 things One Direction fans can do to make it through the break

So don’t be sad and, instead, rejoice!

The members of One Direction have made tens of millions of dollars each and they haven’t really had a chance to spend it. The average lifespan, as far as cultural relevance goes, of a boy bander isSHORT. The fact that Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam have survived this long with a schedule rivaled only by a presidential campaign is nothing short of a miracle.

Over the past five years they have performed over 300 times and recorded almost 80 songs. It’sDIZZYING just thinking about how exhausting that must have been.And they managed to do it all in the age of social media, which has blessed them with an army of fans but probably an equalNUMBER of critics.

Naysayers aside, that’s a lot of adoration. But it also equates to a ton of pressure and these lads are good people. The last thing they want is to not be able to give their fans their everything.

I think we allAGREE, they deserve some time off—and just imagine how brilliant the One Direction comeback tour will be.

We can’t wait.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Season 3 Synopsis

Murder, deception, fear and guilt are the ties that bind Middelton University Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) to her long-time associates Frank Delfino, Bonnie Winterbottom and her students, the “Keating 5.” But as the group struggles to move on with their lives and focus on their clients, their past continues to haunt them. With Wallace Mahoney’s murder unsolved and Frank’s whereabouts still unknown, Annalise and her inner circle struggle to keep their secrets from getting exposed. Relationships will be fractured, lies will spin out of control, and a shocking, new mystery will upend their entire lives.

“How to Get Away with Murder” stars Academy Award-nominee Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating, Billy Brown as Nate, Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins, Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh, Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt, Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone, Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo, Charlie Weber as Frank Delfino, Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom and Conrad Ricamora as Oliver Hampton.

It’s only been a month or two since i turned from my ignorant, DC-shunning ways and since I started reading comics for the first time. So obviously, I have nothing original to say. But I’m so excited and amazed at what I’m finding, building a tiny collection of Batman and Nightwing volumes. 

there is nothing that appeals to me more than the batfamily. the concept is intimate on an epic scale. as a reader introduced to Bruce Wayne’s little flock for the first time, i immediately felt both that I’d been let in on a hallowed secret - accepted into a well-guarded inner circle made up of people I admired and loved - and, at the same time, that I’d stumbled across a legend so archetypal and awe-inspiring that I could only tremble before it and its mighty fandom. a dynamite combination. completely irresistible. The concept of robin alone is all made of iron and fairydust to me - it’s a story for the ages, the bat and the little bird in the City That Will Eat You.

besides, the medium is incredible and I can’t get enough of it. Comics are such a fast-paced, dazzling experience, and the way they flaunt an artist’s skill takes my breath away. just like the story itself, the illustrations show me how far i have to go but invite me to take that journey with an open hand. i’m idolizing greg capullo right now, i own volumes from Death of the Family and Court of Owls that he helped illustrate and I can’t stop staring at them.

so… a huge shout-out to everyone who dragged me down this road. i was a bit kicking-and-screaming about the whole thing, but now i’m here i’m overjoyed.

also, i want to touch nightwing’s beautiful face. i’m just saying.


Mr. Robot (1x02)
Written/directed by Sam Esmail. Cinematography by Tod Campbell.

Mr. Robot is a TV show that makes perfect use of the visual medium to tell its story. You don’t even need to know what this scene is about – the set, the camera angles, and the actors’ body language reveal everything that matters: There’s the round table for the secret inner circle, allowing those in power to sit comfortably while Elliot has to stand. There are the two white pillars that serve as a gate and as a reminder that Elliot is not yet allowed into that inner circle. And there’s the doorframe in which Elliot is figuratively trapped and kept in his place, whereas everybody else is free to move around. When Tyrell makes his unethical offer, he brazenly invades Elliot’s space – and when Elliot turns his offer down, Tyrell withdraws, and the visual distance between them grows.

If you want to learn how visual storytelling works, watch Mr. Robot. It’s a fine example.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 3 | Episode Titles and Synopses

EPISODE 301: “WE’RE GOOD PEOPLE NOW” | Air Date: 9/22/16

With Wallace Mahoney’s murder unsolved and Frank’s whereabouts unknown, the “Keating 5” struggle to move on with their lives as they enter into their second year of law school. Meanwhile, Annalise’s reputation at Middleton University is on the line, so she creates a criminal law clinic where the students will compete to try their own pro bono cases. Annalise also wrestles with a decision involving Frank that could change everything.


With her job in jeopardy, Annalise confronts the Middleton University Board; secrets come to light as the Keating 5 compete for the case of a battered woman accused of killing her husband.

EPISODE 303: “ALWAYS BET BLACK” | Air Date: 10/06/16

Annalise presents a high-profile murder case that tests the Keating 5’s morals; Laurel makes a startling discovery through a surprising source.

EPISODE 304: “Don’t Tell Annalise” | Air Date: 10/13/16

A young client’s fate is jeopardized when the Bar Association disciplinary board finds damaging information about Annalise; someone close to Frank must deal with him after he commits a shocking act.