secrets of the fed


They go by many names,

They come from all backgrounds,

But they all have one job in common,

Protecting life.

Isaiah 26:3 You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.
Life is one roller coaster ride. There are days of celebration and rejoicing and the next thing we know we find ourselves in deep despair wondering how we ever got into this mess. But the greatest consolation is that, Whether we are on the mountain top or in the valley our God Shepherd is always by our side. And if our mind is stayed on our God we will be at peace no matter what we face. Paul beautifully sums it up in Philippians 4:12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

Season 4 Episode 14 “Doors and Windows” Synopsis

After Brandon confesses to Stef that he didn’t get into Juilliard, she decides she’s fed up with all of the kids’ secrets and removes their bedroom doors. Mariana starts seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma of Nick’s actions.
While Jesus struggles with physical therapy, Brandon realizes that music might be a good way to help get through to him. Callie’s biological father Robert (guest star Kerr Smith) brings in his highly paid attorneys to handle Callie’s case, which causes a conflict with Stef and Lena.

where did all the bones in the chamber of secrets come from? who fed the basilisk for the 50 years the chamber was closed? what about all the time before that? was the basilisk sneaking out and bringing dead people home for snacks? i feel like that would defeat the purpose of having a chamber with a secret monster if it can sneak out to do grocery shopping. i need answers. what is the truth??


But Moroi and humans? That was beyond comprehension. Those races hadn’t gotten together in centuries. They’d produced dhampirs long ago, but as the modern world progressed, Moroi had completely withdrawn from intermingling (in an intimate way) with humans. We lived among them, sure. Moroi and dhampirs worked alongside humans out in the world, bought houses in their neighborhoods, and apparently had bizarre arrangements with secret societies like the Alchemists. And, of course, Moroi fed from humans–and that was the thing. If you kept a human close to you, it was because they were a feeder. That was your level of intimacy. Feeders were food, pure and simple. Well-treated food, yes, but not food you became friends with. A Moroi hang sex with a dhampir? Racy. A Moroi hang sex with a dhampir and drinking blood? Dirty and humiliating. A Moroi having sex with a human–with or without blood drinking? Incomprehensible.


The Fosters 4x14 “Doors and Windows” Sneak Peek #3 - Stef removes the kids’ bedroom doors after being fed up with their secrets; and Mariana begins seeing a therapist again. Meanwhile, Jesus starts physical therapy; and Callie’s biological father enlists his high-paid attorneys to take on her case.

to the girl he’s with now:

he will kiss you like springtime and you will feel the sun chase away the winter of your bones. he will make beds into castles and his couch into home. he will be a safe space, a deep sigh, a caffeine jolt. he will spread your clothes on the floor and spread butter on your toast. and you will love him, because refusing to is impossible.

he will buy you the same gifts he has given to the eighteen girls he’s been with before us. he will take you to the same starry places he bit my lip and called me perfect. he will tell you the same secrets that he fed to me. i got high on it, finally felt complete.

one day the texts stop, one day he starts standing you up, one day he only kisses you when he’s drunk. one day you’re crying with your arms wrapped around a bottle of vodka because you don’t know what you did wrong but he doesn’t really love you but you’ll fucking die for him and

one day you’re alone at night waiting for him to come home even though you know he’s out with someone else who actually makes him whole and i know this because right now i’m writing a poem from the dark space of our kitchen with my bags packed but too scared to leave yet and i just know if he could ruin me he could ruin you

you’re gonna be his little toy because that’s just what he makes girls into
and i fear for you
i fear for you
i fear for you.

—  run while you can // r.i.d

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What's Stef doing with that hammer?! Do you think she's destroying the piano?

The episode description for episode 14 mentioned it:

After Brandon confesses to Stef that he didn’t get into Juilliard, she decides she’s fed up with all of the kids’ secrets and removes their bedroom doors. Mariana starts seeing a therapist to deal with the trauma of Nick’s actions.

I thought 14 was a little late for Stef to find out, so I am glad it’s in 13. It’s so funny, her reaction is as good as that one time Lena took out all the electronics in a suitcase!

What to feed indoor plants?

The secret luxury of indoor flower garden is simple: plants need to be fed, or not to wait nor the lush foliage nor good flowering. Rigid diet when the plant for a long time experiencing a shortage of nutrients, usually leads to the disease - because of the force of resistance in plants. But how to make a menu for green Pets, given their different tastes?

1). Almost all plants like sugar (and cacti in General, the great sweet tooth). Can before watering sprinkle 1 teaspoon of sugar (when the diameter of the pot about 10 cm) on the surface of the soil or water plant is sweet with a little water (0,5 teaspoon of sugar 0.5 cups of water).

2). Good effect gives fertilizing flowering castor oil (1 teaspoon to 1 liter of water) during the initiation of flower buds.

3). Very useful for plants wood ash (and the quality of food, and disease prevention). To prepare the ash solution of 1 tablespoon of ash to pour 1 liter of hot water and infuse for 1 week, stirring occasionally. Watering with this solution - 1 in 10 days.

4). To water the plants is that the infusion: take of pomegranate peel or any citrus fruit. Fill it with water and withstanding day. All! A nourishing infusion for irrigation is ready!

5). Immunity plants well increases the spraying with a solution of aspirin. One tablet dissolved in a liter of water.

6). Dilute aloe Vera juice is also suitable for all common house plants. Have one teaspoonful of the juice diluted in one and a half liters of water.

7). Ficus once a month pour sweetened water. 1 liter of water takes one teaspoon of sugar. The leaves of these plants can be wiped with milk. This will give the plants Shine and beauty.

8). Mushroom infusion will allow your plants to look healthy and beautiful. Soak the crushed edible mushrooms in the ratio of 1 to 1. A day infusion drain, and the mushrooms again cover with water. A day mushroom water for irrigation is ready.

9). The violets will love this food: take a vial of vitamin B12 and dissolve in a liter of water (natural, waste). Feed violets this addition can be used 2 times per month.

10). Banana peel, which is rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, can be used when transplanting plants. On top of the drainage layer place a layer of finely chopped or scrolled in a meat grinder of a banana peel, fill with soil and plant the plant.

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“Underground” - Austin Wintory from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (lyrics by Tripod)

Take a look round lively old London
Buzzing crowds we sweat and we revel
Red-cheeked shouts and songs
In the flicker of the gaslight

Eager Blighty bursts from the cobblestones
Racing, climbing blooming fertility
Born from secret seeds
That were scattered in the nighttime

London is fed upon the meat of the dead
They’re one shallow inch below the town

Leave them underground

Them that whispered dreams that only poisoned us

Them that told us lies of their bravery
Them that preached of progress, and put us in the poorhouse

Them done horrid murder on bloody stages
Them that loudly crowed their humility
Lords and dames that sung in the chapels on a Sunday

All quiet now.
Their mouths are stopped up by mud.
They lie flung in rags and make no sound.

Leave them underground

Those who fought for something better
Those who taught by how they lived
Loved ones taken long before their work was done

Leave them underground.

Leave them underground.

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Secret: I'm so fed up with one of my roommates are how she doesn't listen to me and my friend about how to handle situations and someday she's going to get so messed up about it all but I can't bring myself to care much anymore.

I understand anon. Just try to treat her with kindness for the time being. She will learn sometime, and maybe that involves karma. Who knows?

All my good thoughts and prayers are going to you so then you can know how to deal with this social situation lol

I still don’t know how to handle most social situations, especially over the Internet 😂

Thank you for asking!

Send in your anon (or not anon) secrets!

Not everything is perfect. Dark things hide behind golden faces. Dusky thoughts and actions shift between shining lights. Don’t trust the unadulterated views placed before you by the media. With humans, there is always darkness. There are always shadows. Always evil secrets, false images, synthetic tales fed to you. Don’t trust perfection. Ever. Be glad when you find beauty and light in a person, but don’t always place complete faith in it. We are humans. We are human. Humans always have secrets. We always have something not quite pure or right about us, no matter how much we try to hide it. Don’t trust perfection. Perfection isn’t real.
—  Sarah Archer


I have a blessedly small pull list this week, especially after the last few weeks of approximately a billion titles. Also, no Image titles? I think it’s been over a year since that happened. But it’s only because I read EAST OF WEST in trade, so I officially recommend picking up issue #20 of that as well. Anyway, here’s the pull list.

  • ZODIAC STARFORCE 1 - See that pull quote on the cover? YEAH! This one is FREAKING GORGEOUS and feels very Buffy meets magical girls. Teen drama and sparkles galore! You want to read this comic. You just DO!
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL AND THE CAROL CORPS 3 - Carol and the Corps working to discover the secrets behind the stories they’ve been fed about their world. After #2′s explosive ending, I guarantee I’m going to have a lot of feelings about this issue.
  • LUMBERJANES 17 - EDIT: Just kidding. My previous description was for 18. 17 is a completely different issue. And it is the issue I have been waiting for since the entire series began. It is CRUCIALLY important!
  • PRINCELESS BE YOURSELF 3 Finally Adrienne and Bedelia are rescuing Angoisse, the resident #nonemoregoth of princesses, from her swampy castle. It’s all very murky. Geddit? See what I did there?
  • WE CAN NEVER GO HOME 4 - Listen, we never really thought things would go well for our heroes, did we? Gosh, this comic is beautiful!
  • SPIDER-WOMAN 10 - Cowgirl Jess sounds AMAZING! 
  • BATGIRL 43 - Babs is helping plan a wedding! Also there are tigers and action and stuff, but OMG, the wedding planning!!!

There it is. My pull list for the week. Comics!

After years turning down different marriage proposals,fed up Arthur orders his knight, Galahad , to wed the first person to enter the hall or face beheading. From the present timeline, Eggsy discovers a magical medal that transports him into medieval period. He sneaks inside a castle to only ask for directions. Suddenly Eggsy finds himself living in another castle and married to Galahad.