secrets of spider man

late night kiss pt. 5

A/N: Well. This took forever, and I deeply apologize. But, man, those trailers got me so pumped and cured me of my writer’s block. So here it is! Finally! Part 5!

Summary: You debate with yourself over whether or not Spider-Man is really Peter Parker.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

part one. part two. part three. part four.

It had to be Peter.

You had sat in shocked silence, blinking at the Brooklyn Bridge above you. Though you couldn’t see anything that was going on since it was too far away, you could still hear the sounds of an ongoing fight, people’s screams echoing in the air. After a few minutes of simply watching, your mind a complete blank, you decided to start making your way home since it was going to take you a while.

On the way, you’d thought about your revelation and validated your own suspicions with small details that you hadn’t noticed in your haze to uncover Spider-Man’s secret identity.

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Secret Empire: Brave New World Introduces Marvel's New Invaders, Patriot
Blade, Gwenpool, a fresh incarnation of the Invaders and the All-New Patriot will battle Captain America's Secret Empire.

@keeper-of-the-lore has sent me the link to news about new miniseries, an anthology tiein-in to Captain America Says Hail Hitler. It will see team up of Invaders with Miles Morales and Riri Williams, show how Gwenpool adjusts to live in Nazi Dictatorship of Hydra and…introduce all-new Patriot. I’m happy for the new guy, but… where’s Eli? Eli Bradley? You didn’t kill him off-panel, right??

I’m bitter about everything Sony/Marvel did to The Amazing Spider-Man movies. There was so much potential, having Marc Webb coming into direct thinking it would be a grounded and focused love story about Peter and Gwen.

A story about how Peter becoming Spider-Man and sharing his secret with her would affect their relationship.
500 Days of Summer but with Spider-Man basically.

This movie was in there somewhere!

But no, Sony said there had to be big stupid CGI Lizards and ridiculous villain plots, convoluted backstory on Peter’s parents and forced set ups for future films.

It should’ve just focused on Peter and Gwen, they should’ve been the heart and soul of this movie especially when their chemistry was so so great. This is the Spider-Man movie we deserved, that we could’ve had. Fuck you Sony/Marvel.


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