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In political terms, Russia’s interference was the crime of the century, an unprecedented and largely successful destabilizing attack on American democracy. It was a case that took almost no time to solve, traced to the Kremlin through cyber-forensics and intelligence on Putin’s involvement. And yet, because of the divergent ways Obama and Trump have handled the matter, Moscow appears unlikely to face proportionate consequences.

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Could you elaborate on their first kiss (if ur not gonna write it in a different post?)

tbh, this ask is psychic. i was actually going to do it on a text post but like, i barely had enough time to do b&r, much less that. so like, you’re a fucking lifesaver, anon.

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  • at this point, neil hatford has changed about pretty much all of andrew’s rules apart from the jock thing. neil has made andrew:
    • bring someone home for something other than a group project
    • eat someone else’s cooking (not after the incident in first year)
    • have a crush on a jock
  • andrew’s reputation around the school counts for him being in the gsa (people think he’s there to mooch up on renee), having hospitalized that dude at the freshman mixer (which was actually aaron’s doing), taking unknown medication in the middle of the day (pain meds because he doesn’t wear his hearing aids to school), and being the MVP of the debate team (him and aaron are a roasting in a package deal, okay)
  • in all the weeks that came after andrew’s realization of his crush, neil has:
    • improved his grades 
    • been to at least two of the debate team’s events 
    • invited andrew to all of his games (”what makes you think i want to go there” “well it wouldn’t hurt to ask, wouldn’t it? it’s not like we have anything apart from tutoring on fridays”) 
    • stayed over to keep andrew company on more than one weekday (which only renee used to do)
    • once, neil even barged into a debate meeting to have a silent freak out about his A- on biology while andrew just looked on not-fondly 
      • aaron: that is bull
      • andrew: shut up, your girlfriend makes you look stupider than this
      • aaron: you may not know this but you just played yourself
  • andrew’s pretty much screwed the pooch, especially with how he gives neil Special Treatment, or so aaron calls it.

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Can you believe there are 4,000 people following us? That’s amazing! We are so thankful for each and every one of you who keep up with Daily Victuri. We would not be here without all of your love and support for our blog. 

That being said, we decided that we wanted to celebrate, and what better way than with our first official fic rec list? Writers are some of the biggest unsung heroes of the YOI fandom, and our love for Victuri writers reaches far and wide. We wanted to use this opportunity to highlight fics from all corners of Victuri fandom, so we reached out to you guys for suggestions and recs. The response was overwhelming! From you guys, we were able to create a list of fifty-five fics. We tried to compile a combination of fandom favorites along with some lesser known (but still wonderful!) ones, and we all hope that this will help you find your next favorite read. 

All fics are being listed below the cut and are sorted into categories based on length. 

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Someone leaked top-secret information about Russia to the press. And that person’s name is Reality Winner. Their real name is Reality Winner. And I mean, how is this real life? You know what it feels like right now? It feels like God had a mid-life crisis and he quit his day job to make a Web series.
—  Trevor Noah, in Punchlines
In a party
  • 2p America: First to come, last to leave.
  • 2p England: Gets drunk and dances awkardly.
  • 2p France: Sitting next to the booze.
  • 2p China: Offers booze to everybody and record their secrets.
  • 2p Russia: Wonders why he is in there.
  • 2p Italy: Agressively flirting.
  • 2p Germany: Enjoying the only time that Luciano isn't being tsundere.
  • 2p Japan: Takes everyone home.
  • 2p South Italy: Tweeting about the "tacky" outfits.
  • 2p Spain: Looking at the hot girls.
  • 2p Austria: Taking pictures of the "best moments".
  • 2p Prussia: Helping someone that is feeling sick.
  • 2p Denmark: Sitting with François.
  • 2p Norway: Drinks too much and haves a viking flashback.
  • 2p Iceland: Is the person that Gillen is helping.
  • 2p Sweden/Finland: Slowdancing-drunk in a electronic music.
  • 2p Hungary: Flirting with 2p Romania.
  • 2p Romania: Wondering about who is going to clean this mess.