secrets are not my concern

Tether: Arrow 5x16 Review (Checkmate)

I had two wishes for tonight’s episode.  First, that Oliver and Snoozan break up because, as you all know, I’m super done with her.  Second, that Prometheus not suck because, as you all know, I’ve been super unimpressed so far. @fanmommer​ can confirm these wishes.

Alright, so I didn’t get wish #1 (just a matter of time kids), but Oliver delivered fantastic Snoozan shade,  so I am satisfied. Wish #2 came true however.  The Big Bad does not suck. He’s awesome. 

That and a subtle, but meaningful Olicity scene means I am one happy camper.

Let’s dig in…

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Time Turns: Extra Bits

So, yesterday I posted this fic. One of the fun things about writing it was figuring out what different people would hear when they listen to time. Although the fic is from Scorpius’s point of view, I was desperate to write Draco and Albus’s Time-Turner sounds, and it was actually useful to work out their reactions. Anyway, I thought I would share them with you, in case anyone’s interested! 

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anonymous asked:

Why don't you want to watch 4.19 ?

Gabe, Monte and Robert. I can’t think of anything worse. I wish they wouldn’t make Lena stupid, you can’t trust Monte. She always backstabs her. And… she’s way more capable of running that school. It’s an insult to Lena.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Secrets and lies Callie coming to should I be scared ? I assume Jesus will find out about Emma.            

They come out, but those aren’t my concerns. I don’t know what secrets Stef is keeping, other than how she lied for Mike back in S1. Lena has a few things at work that will no likely come out. I thought the secrets would come out in Dirty Laundry… so who knows.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Lena is a hair pulled and back punched the way she pulls at Stef’s hair and her finger digging into her back what do you think?

hair puller, back puncher? I don’t know.

She’s a scratcher, that is new info but the hair grabbing we hav seen that for a while.

 Anonymous said:                                                                      I don’t think it is fair that we get 1 special episode half  a season but the kids get 9. The rest of the season sounds boring             

Still flying from The Long Haul. Sorry. The kids may get 9 but the only one with even a remotely good story right now is Jude. I am hoping we get some Stef and Lena plot to head into next season. They haven’t really had one this season.

 Anonymous said:                                                                      Am I the only person who found it creepy that the whole family were watching them make out in the rain

Only if you think the same of straight people thinking straight weddings are cute. It was a wedding. They all missed out on the romance of the moment because of the rain. Everyone was thrilled for them. I am sure they didn’t stay there staring forever.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I love how they are doing Stef’s hair this season I love the spiked up front look. She looks butch and completely at ease with herself      

I like it much better. I think they have her look down. It’s good. It could stand to be a touch shorter, as long as they trimming it, it should be fine!

Anonymous said:                                                                      I love the rain kiss I never thought we would get what the straight couples get then we get this amazingness you can see the water dripping off Lena and Stef is soaking but her hair isn’t dripping think it’s too short for that but just wow

It’s exactly what straight people take for granted, an epic kiss in the rain.        

Anonymous said:                                                                      I know it may be a Teri thing but I love that she holds sherris face when kissing. It makes it more natural the way she to touches her face beautiful            

See, I don’t love it. First, it’s blocked many a kiss, so I don’t prefer it. Second, I think it’s an acting thing for her. It’s what she does to imitate intimacy. So, for me, I liked this kiss a lot because she wasn’t just doing that, she had other moves. I also like that only one of them has to do hair management now. And that’s a move I appreciate lol, Sherri’s hair was all over the place with the wind.

Anonymous said:                                                                      You know what I don’t understand? Why the show has never been on The Ellen Show. I thought that Ellen might know about it and recognise how important The Fosters is. But instead she invites the same guests like 20 times

We’re just that little show that no one appreciates. I believe history will prove this show’s worth. It’s a shame that it’s not big enough for Ellen.    

Anonymous said:                                                                      Was Stef wearing the earrings that Lena gave her for Christmas?      

That’s what it looks like. I love that touch.      

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Relationship status: Told myself I wouldn’t pursue a relationship until I finish this draft of my novel, but there’s an engineer sending me elephants and he’s kind of cute, so. We’ll see. 

Favourite Colour: Symbolically, Red. Because passion/love/cherry-flavored things. But like, aesthetically? I prefer writing everything in purple pen.

Pets: My roommate had a cat, once, and my sister has a dog. And lots of my friends are having babies. I’m excellent at loving creatures that I’m not responsible for. 

Last song: Liability, by Lorde. A friend posted a cover of it on Facebook, so I looked up the original. The cover was better. (No offense, Lorde.)

First Fandom: The only fandom I would say I actively belong to is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is my Past, Present, and Future. I’ve watched every episode of Potter Puppet Pals, all three musicals, and own all eight terrible movie adaptations. (jk… the first four don’t suck.) I’ve even read Dramione fan-fiction. That is the only fan-fiction I really get into, actually (sorry if any of you are fanfic writers… it’s just not my thing!)

Hobbies: Having friends. Eating full meals at regular times. Personal hygiene. (Writing and reading are not hobbies; they are life.)

Currently reading: Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, STILL, because it’s really long, guys, I’m sorry. And on Sundays (the day of rest from reading YA), I try to read Stephen King’s Under the Dome. Which is, believe it or not, even longer. I’m on page 600, and I’ve been reading it for like three years. 

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“Serenity” starter prompts

Quotes from the 2005 motion picture.

  • “People don’t like to be meddled with.”
  • “She’s a creature of extraordinary grace.”
  • “It’s love, in point of fact.”
  • “Do you know what your sin is?”
  • “Secrets are not my concern. Keeping them is.”
  • “Would you be killed in your sleep like an ailing pet?”
  • “This is a good death. There’s no shame in this.”
  • “We’re making a better world. All of them, better worlds.”
  • “Where are you hiding, little girl?”
  • “Define ‘interesting.’”
  • “Oh god, oh god, we’re all gonna die?”
  • “We’re gonna explode? I don’t wanna explode.”
  • “This isn’t fear. This is anger.”
  • “That’s your guiding star, isn’t it? What’s of use.”
  • “I look out for me and mine. That don’t include you unless I conjure it does.”
  • “So here’s us, on the raggedy edge.”
  • “Do you understand your part in all this?”
  • “It’s okay to leave them to die.”
  • “If anything happens to her, anything at all, I swear to you, I will get very choked up. Honestly, there could be tears.”
  • “We’re as ghosts in this.”
  • “Shiny. Let’s be bad guys.”
  • “Let’s have no undue fuss.”
  • “You know what the definition of a hero is? Someone who gets other people killed.”
  • “At last! We can retire and give up this life of crime.”
  • “War’s long done. We’re all just folk now.”
  • “Faster, faster, faster would be better!”
  • “They want us alive when they eat us.”
  • “It sure would be nice to have some grenades, don’t you think?”
  • “They didn’t lie down. They never lie down.”
  • “Domestic troubles?”
  • “You run when you ought to fight. Fight when you ought to deal.”
  • “Who are we gonna find in there when she wakes up? The girl or the weapon?”
  • “Can I make a suggestion that doesn’t involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd?”
  • “Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere.”
  • “Do you all know what it is you’re carrying?”
  • “Old men covered in blood. It never touched them but they’re drowning in it.”
  • “I don’t know what I’m saying. I never know what I’m saying.”
  • “It isn’t mine. The memory, it isn’t mine. And I shouldn’t have to carry it.”
  • “Things are gonna get much, much worse.”
  • “When I talk about belief, why do you always assume I’m talking about God?”
  • “Sort of man they’re like to send believes hard; kills and never asks why.”
  • “Cut them down!”
  • “So…trap?”
  • “Sometimes people have feelings. I’m referring here to people.”
  • “I’m fine. I’m giddy.”
  • “I’m impressed that you…made it this far, in that outfit.”
  • “She is a mite unpredictable. Mood swings, of a sort.”
  • “She is an albatross.”
  • “Yes, I’ve read a poem. Try not to faint.”
  • “I have no stomach for games.”
  • “I should tell you so you don’t waste your time: you can’t make me angry.”
  • “Nothing here is what it seems.”
  • “We have every reason to be afraid.”
  • “I just want to know who I’m dealing with. I’ve seen too many versions of you to be sure.”
  • “You fog things up. You always have.”
  • “I don’t care what you believe, just believe in it.”
  • “If your quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to.”
  • “Define ‘disappeared.’”
  • “I aim to misbehave.”
  • “We should have done this as men, not with fire.”
  • “I’m a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”
  • “I never planned to go out like this.”
  • “My one regret in all of this is never being with you.”
  • “My turn.”
  • “I’m gonna show you a world without sin.”
  • “I can’t guarantee that they won’t come after you.”
  • “There is nothing left to see.”
  • “She’s tore up plenty, but she’ll fly true.”
The only Conclusion lyrics

Ok. I have been trying to work out the lyrics. Most of it I have. there are some bits I can’t quite make out. Any inputs? This is what I have so far. I need to work out the chords for guitar now. Have a look and see what you guys think. FUCK ITS SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL

The only Conclusion

Ive been walking these streets
In the finest of rain
Was soaked to the bone
Under your window pane

And Ive counted the moths
To the drawn of your bedroom light
And then I wait for the hour
As its beauty took flight

And I think I may have figured out why
Finally found the reason,
All this confusions,
The only conclusion,
Is Love.

I surrender each night
From my crown to my soul
Though I nearly concern                                 
All these secrets I hold

I resisted the urge
To tell the whole world
For the news is a boy
Is in love with a girl.

And I think I may have figured out why,
Finally found the reason,
All this confusions,
The only conclusion is,                                 

Nothing it must be,
Love, Love.
All this confusions,
The only conclusion,
Is Love.

And Ive done all the maths
And it all adds up to Love.

Its you and me, Its you and me, Its you and me.