secrets and flies

YA Novels in a Nutshell*

Harry Potter: scar kid fights red eyed guy, bad things, lots of curses, happy ending and a lot of ships

The Secret History: murderous gay kids who like to kiss greek and roman statues are taught latin by a madman

All For The Game: gay kids play invented sport and act all tough and mighty when you know they just need hugs

The Grisha trilogy: ships?? blood??? stuff like demons????

AADDTSOTU (you know what I mean): yet another gay couple acting philosophical and learning how to be drunk and how to swim. a dog is involved

Song of Achilles: gay version of achilles story. lots of sex

TFIOS: girl dying of cancer meets boy dying of cancer fall in love go to amsterdam have sex and die

The Hunger Games Trilogy: 24 kids gotta kill themselves because big guy said so, girl says fuck you to big guy, lots of deaths, the end

Divergent Trilogy: discount hunger games

Paper Town: guy tries to find his lost childhood best friend which he is in love with and then goes on a road trip????????????????

Lord of the Flies: where the Hunger Games idea came from, the book you will read in class 



*i havent read all of the books and im basing myself off tumblr

For the lovely anon who asked “can you write jercy when they are secretly dating and decide to come out under ridiculous circumstances” on @pjofluffguard ! Hope this is what you wanted! (hah take that @ ashlee and dan we’re fighting back) 

See, the thing about secretly dating was that you had to be conspicuous. And although Jason and Percy seemed to think conspicuous was their middle name, having gods for fathers really didn’t help their case.

When Percy first asked Jason to be his boyfriend, when they were tangled up in a makeshift fort on Percy’s bed in the middle of the night, a lightning storm appeared. Jason couldn’t stop grinning, and couldn’t stop saying that yes, of course, there was nothing in the world he wanted more (“shut up Jason, you’ve said it five times already, we’re already together”) and just outside the camps weather-protected walls rain pelted the earth relentlessly.

The first time Jason hugged Percy, long before they started dating and just when Percy started to realize that a lip scar was the most beautiful thing in the world, faucets in the bathroom a few yards away started to go haywire. A poor, unsuspecting Hecate kid got a jet of water right between the eyes.

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Slow Fade (2)

Overview: Being forced out of the only life you want comes with its hardships, but hiding it from the two people you care about the most proves to be the most challenging situation you’ll face.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Reader

Warnings: mild language

Word Count: 1,285

A/N: This was my first time writing Bobby, and I quite enjoyed it. 

Beta’d by my sole sister @wheresthekillswitch: “I can almost see his hopeful look”

and my writing soulmate @hannahindie: “WHAT IS HAPPENING”


The ride back was quieter than most, for which I was grateful. Sam was nursing a dislocated shoulder that Dean had popped back into place for him, and Dean was… well, Dean. Focused on the road, rock music blaring, giving me weighted glances in the rearview mirror every couple of minutes. Not that I saw, because I kept my eyes firmly glued to the window. But I could feel them.

When the tires finally rotate to a halt on the gravel drive, I’m out of the Impala and on the way towards the front door before Dean and Sam are even unbuckled. I crest the last step and raise a hand to the doorknob, my whole body giving a slight sway with the motion. Everything suddenly feels very empty.

Food. Need food. I wonder if Bobby found my secret stash-

The door flies open, and I almost fall into the now empty space in front of me. A steadying, calloused hand on my shoulder stops the forward motion, and I look up to see a miskept beard and well earned wrinkles.

“Hey, Bobby,” I say with a weak smile.

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The prompts were facet, revamp (another packing tape transfer), reverse, and soundtrack. The soundtracks I mentioned were Amelie, Where the Rivers Flow North, The Secret of Roan Inish, and Valley Girl.


A reader never forgets the moment they fall in love with a classic, and the best part about books is that there are always wonderful new stories to uncover. We’ve matched your favorite classics up with contemporary novels that share similar themes to help you find your new favorite book!


Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jenna Coleman right here? I mean, holy wow. She goes from our Clara, worried about saving the planet, to this other wordly villain in a heartbeat. 

The whole episode Clara has been pretty normal but something’s been off. She seemed unconcerned about little Sandeep and his obviously creepy parents. She went back to her apartment for seemingly nothing instead of jumping into action. Her middle age comment to Jac was odd and her almost sadistic enjoyment when preparing to shoot the Zygon pods was unsettling. And, let’s face it, there was a distinct lack of heart eyes for her Time Lord (although I think Bonnie might have slipped up at one point). 

But really she’s so close to Clara that it’s easy to not suspect anything. Until you know. Jenna Coleman absolutely killed it. Her secret flies under the radar so subtly until it’s finally revealed and then you’re going, “I knew it!” Plus, it must be said, she looks drop dead gorgeous here. Especially that last gif. Damn. Make her a Bond villain or something. 


So do Arima and Akoya immediately know what’s going on in Episode 11 or not?

It looks very much as if they don’t. Arima says “that’s where our office is”, not “Kinshirou wtf man”, so chances are good that darking out acts as a powerup, and this is something they really haven’t seen before, and didn’t expect.

Akoya puts it together because Akoya is smart as hell, but let’s be real, something like that blowing up in the council office can only be Aurite losing control for some reason. It’s also interesting that Aurite’s signature attack, which tells Akoya it is Kinshirou and not someone else, is dark and not bright. It’s not just the Dark Aurite thing, after which all bets are off - he’s throwing black fire around before that’s ever in play. Compare Argent and Perlite’s energies, which are blue/silver and pink as you’d expect.

Alternatively, all three of them can do the dark talk-to-the-hand move, and if Aurite were to pull the lightning sword trick ordinarily, it would be all glowy and bright. But somehow I doubt it.

Alternatively again, Kinshirou is in chaos and running on hate and fury, because of the whole situation with Atsushi. So Aurite’s energies - just like his transformation, which is usually blue and glowy gold - are warped. This might be closest.

All this brings me to the point: guys, when did you learn all this stuff, and what have you been doing off camera? We know how the Battle Lovers learned their shit; we’ve seen them at it. But Caerula Adamas have just been standing in belltowers, drinking tea, and throwing zundar needles around for ten weeks.

Tell that story already. Is Season 2 confirmed yet?

anonymous asked:

why the big secret about the dentist?

The flies have spies.

In order to receive dental care at Dentist, you enlist in the ant army and aid them in their missions against the flies. You can read the storyboards of a deleted scene going more in depth into that conflict here.

The gist of the deal is, once everyone has enlisted with the ants for dental care, they keep Dentist a secret because they never know when the flies are listening.