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After a long day of gymnastics, Lance and your daughter usually collapses on the couch, her father hot on her heels. Lance grabs some massaging oil and rubs the knots out of her muscles, all the while telling you how good your daughter did and how she's ready for the competition. Then you all just cuddle on the couch, because lance is secretly a softie

man Lance would be the number 1 fan of his daughter

Daddy Wednesday™

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What unknown lowkey adrienette fics would you recommend? I kind of want to find and support unknown authors but everyone I know and read are popular af :/

dear anon, please thank @alyseb630​ for this rec list because she’s the one who told me lmao 

She’s the real mvp

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incoming. a lot of freaking fics.

Amour Fou by Yilena

“A shy, socially awkward young teenager searches for friendship, and develops a misguided attraction for who he assumes to be his best friend’s crush. AU.”

Alyse says:  It’s from Adrien’s pov and he has Nino as an online friend. Nino sends him a picture of Alya and Marinette and Adrien gets a huge crush on her. Eventually moves back to Paris where nino lives and opens a cat cafe. And eventually hires Marinette. It’s super cute!

Allez Savoir Pourquoi by Yilena

(it’s a sister fic to the previous one)

“Marinette had seen her soulmate for years without knowing his identity, until they bumped into each other at a newly opened cat café. On a whim, she agrees to work for him. AU.”

Alyse says:  And it’s a soulmate au!!!! You see your soulmate in the reflection of your mirror in this au. It’s so good! And in this one you realize that Marinette’s been crushing on Adrien for years too. Just in a different way. She’s been seeing him in her mirror for years.

Can I Get Your Name? by anavoli

“Every day, Adrien Agreste comes into Starbucks and orders a tall, non-fat latte with caramel drizzle. And every day, Marinette makes it a personal challenge to give him a different nickname. Little does she know that this little bit of fun will reveal Adrien’s other identity - Chat Noir.

 (Miraculous Ladybug AU where everything’s the same but they don’t know each other from school and Marinette doesn’t have a crush on Adrien…yet.)”

Kissing in the Rain by childoflightningg

“Actors Marinette and Adrien keep finding themselves kissing in the rain, yet can’t seem to express their feelings offscreen. Actors AU”

All You Need Is Love and a Cat by heymacareyna

“In a world where shapeshifting is real and Ladybug and Chat Noir are nothing more than a kids’ animated show, Adrien and Marinette part ways after high school. Adrien develops the ability to shift into a domestic black cat, and when he’s stranded in the rain one morning, a familiar face rescues him. After spending the day with her as a cat, he decides to befriend her in his human form as well.”

Scrawl Mates by Aspiring_Life

“Adrien Agreste is caught off guard one day when he finds out he has a soul mate connected to him by the power of art. Anything written on his skin appears on theirs, and he wants desperately to find the girl that covers him in beautiful art.”

Frisky Business by 1nner_sakura

“Marinette and Adrien have been slowly but surely getting to know each other since their identities were revealed, falling into a comfortable - if occasionally confusing and frustrating - relationship dynamic. They’re closer than they’ve ever been (although maybe not close enough for either of their liking), but this? 

Well, this might be a LITTLE more than they bargained for. 

 [Also known as the One Where Miraculouses have Strange Side-Effects, Adrien and Marinette Really Need to DTR, and Marinette Refuses to Be Kinkshamed.]“ 

Check Plus One by volti

“Marinette is finally going to do it. She’s finally going to ask Adrien on a date. Of course, this poses a bit of a problem when he asks her first.”

Sad Hats and Black Cats by littleangels

“And you’re absolutely sure that you’re fine…?” 

 Adrien nodded. “I’m pawsitive.” 

 Marinette still looked unconvinced. “Your heart’s not in the pun.” 

 “Is that really a legitimate reason to say I’m feeling down?” 

 “Well, there’s that and your sad hat.” 

 “I’m not… I’m not sad, Marinette. Will you please stop being so stubborn about it? I’m fine.” 

 “Look,” she began, “I know we aren’t as close as we used to be, but I’m your friend, Adrien. I’m one of your best friends. You can tell me if something happened. You know that, right?” She placed her hand on top of his. “I’m here for you. 

A Test of Courage by Zaphirite

Marinette still couldn’t believe that the carnival set up a huge attraction based on them. “Ladybug and Chat Noir: The 5D Experience!” flashed above their heads in bright red neon letters. Luckily, having a best friend who is also Ladybug’s #1 fan gives her the chance to secretly check it out. Unluckily, said best friend was plotting against her.

A Test of Strength by Zaphirite

Being a superhero isn’t all completely in the mask and magic. When her classmates see her muscled arms a challenge ensues, and Marinette is confident that she could take any of them on in an arm wrestling match. She’s swung from buildings and defeated countless akuma, surely she could beat a civilian. …right?

Paws Fur Coffee by Zaphirite

“He was so sure that Ladybug would already push him off a rooftop if she knew his civilian identity worked at a café called “Paws Fur Coffee” of all names (the owner is a dog person, but he’ll take it), but his flub on the chalkboard menu just topped it all off. 

 His neat handwriting read back to him: “Chai Noir”. 

 (In which Adrien Agreste has some really cool ideas about the special drink of the week and gets to know a regular customer.)”

Fireworks and Pizzazz by peonydee

“When Marinette’s interview is published at a local magazine, people’s reaction, she thought, are a bit excessive”

secret love song by pallasjoanna

One would expect a best friend of Nino’s to have more eclectic music tastes but Adrien has always been singular in his. He revels in cheesy pop songs and belts out anime openings in the shower (with perfect lyrics; she’s tried checking once), and he likes dancing to both when he’s alone or with close friends or with Marinette. The song starts off low and soft, and she playfully bats at his hair as he croons into her ear about being held in the street and being kissed on the dance floor.


 A rainy day, all too catchy songs, and attempted waltzing around the living room.

Duets by AlexMac

“So we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets” AU 

 Alcohol mention warning”

paint and puns by psychopathicdorito

“Teamwork is something Marinette and Adrien are definitely good at, no questions asked. (Day #8 of Adrinette April. The topic for the day: acting like their alter egos).”

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i hc that in the rivals verse they have merch and viktor wears yuuri's merch and yuuri is always being joke gifted viktor merch but he secretly loves to wear it

There’s no secretly about it anon he walks around in a no.1 Viktor fan t-shirt with absolutely no shame 

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Zen x MC for the ship thing please? :)

Ooh yay! This will be fun:) Thank you!



1) Their ringtones for each other: 

  • zen is sappy enough to have “their song” for MC- probably something romantic or
  • that one disney song they both love
  • MC will definetly put a recording of zen singing (either from one of his numbers or just one he did just for them<3)
  • because his voice is that of an angel as he claims

2) Their FB relationship status: 

  • a- the basic “in a relationship” 
  • b- they’d probably not update it due to zen’s maniac fans…
  • c- dating a god/dess (if that option was avaliable lol)

3) Whether they’re addicted to couple selfies: 

  • YES
  • I mean it’s freakin’ zen
  • you can bet your last penny that they’d both be taking pics ALL. THE. GODDAMN. TIME. 
  • “Oh look, MC! Let’s take a selfie with this adorable dog!” 
  • though maybe MC complains that zen takes the spotlight 
  • sheesh he makes everyone look like oatmeal 

4) Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together: 

  • It’s either yoosung or jaehee 
  • or likely both
  • Yoosung, because he’s the supportive puppy that he is 
  • and because MC and Zen are goals 
  • Jaehee since she’s best friends with MC and obviously because she supports Zen 
  • #1 fan 
  • yoosung and jaehee secretly have a shipping shirt of MC/Zen 

5) Who overshares intimate relationship details:

  • it’s zen
  • it’s freakin zen 
  • too many early morning in bed pictures, always tweeting about how goregous MC looks for dates and how *ahem* excited he is for later at night
  • but it’s more like he overshares across social media about you two over the simplest things 
  • like their dates, MC’s homemade foods, the new matching pajamas that they ordered
  • like the RFA are tired of their feeds being filled of zen’s selfies, but now are drowning in the “Zen/MC lifestyle” update 

6) Who steals the other’s clothes:

  • MC can’t help it
  • zen’s clothes are just so nice?
  • and they smell good too??
  • can’t resist wearing those big ol’ sweaters 
  • or the fancy-ass coats 
  • zen doesn’t really mind, as long as he gets to borrow certain beauy products when he runs out 

7) Who’s the PDA fan:

  • zen is a gentleman 
  • but sometimes he can’t resist
  • especially when it comes to showing off that MC is his 
  • but honestly
  • MC has no qualms randomly kissing zen in the shopping checkout line, or having hands all over when going out somewhere 
  • 2x the fun if there is an audience consisting of zen’s fans or admirers 
  • because hey, he’s taken sorry

8) Who proposes: 

  • zen- being the romantic bf he is- will definitely do it (or do it first)
  • will go all out in finding the most romantic setting and way to set the mood
  • under a starlit evening would set the atomsphere and just the right stunning moment to confess just how deeply he loves MC and his wish to make his life even happier