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ask and you shall receive | pt 2 (m)


pairing: jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
genre/warnings: smut, oral, dirty talk, (cute) dom! hoseok
words: 15,413
summary: your sugar daddy says you don’t have to sleep with him if you don’t want to…trouble is, you do want to. You’re just nervous and a little inexperienced, but he catches on quick and begins to teach you the true pleasures of sex, and boy, are they good…

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a/n: my blood sweat and tears omgg! Thank you guys!!

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Headcanon that makkis and mattsuns moms are awesome <3

(The day after the two come out to their moms. Mattsun cries a lot that day.)

I don’t know what to say about all these pictures of Sans with a glowing penis…… Why. just Why. xD
everytime I see a pic like this, I just can’t take it seriously.
to me, if he really had this “thing”, he would only make stupid things with it like… idk, being a lamp. yeah.
and then he would probably make an epilepsy because of it xD
but Hey, I’m not juging. do whatever you like. (even if drawing a skeleton with a glowing penis is a liiiittle weird. Just a little.)

I’m sorry the quality is terrible… I draw with my 3ds (and as you can see, the quality is bad) and I make the animation with my phone so… I don’t use very professional stuff xD but you get the idea-


He’s offering his not at all suspicious tea to all yall who keep sending vague requests despite me pleading for more specific ones

O Romeo, Romeo...

So this is my contribution to Marichat May, now no one can tell me I never did anything for it xD I hope you enjoy :) 

“Ugh, this is so stupid, Tikki,” Marinette complained, crinkling the pages of the Literature book she was holding in her hands. “There’s no way I can make this convincing.”

“Not with that attitude,” Tikki giggled. “Relax, Marinette, you’ll be a great Juliette! Don’t push yourself too hard. Besides, you’ll have the book right in front of you in class; you don’t have to memorize anything.”

“I know,” Marinette sighed dejectedly. “But I have to practice this, at least. What if Adrien plays Romeo? I want him to be captivated by my Juliette, and that can’t happen if I just read straight from the book.”

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Chris and Reader spend a lazy and funny Sunday together in their Californian house by the beach before he leaves to promote Gifted.
Word Count: 1.4k
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: two innuendos, but it’s just an adorable moment with Chris.
Author’s Note: This little story is dedicated to @always-an-evans-addict. I do hope you will like it because I’ve had so much fun writing it, xo. Also, thank you so much to @punkrockhippiefromthefourties for being my beta and for giving me all these tips and suggestions. You saved my life. If this fic is good, it’s thanks of her.

    The sun peeked in the bedroom window, illuminating your hair like a fiery halo, and so slowly, you lifted your head from the pillow. Despite your grogginess, you looked out at the beach off in the distance as the sun’s vibrant rays sent a glossy, gold sheen all around the room and the sound of the rhythmic waves of the ocean brought a peaceful hymn to your ears.

    Your eyelids closed again, and you rested back against your pillow, feeling Chris’ chest inches away from your body. You enjoyed the restful moment and hummed lightly as you remembered how much you lived for those quiet mornings with your husband by your side.

    “Hi, sweetie,” Chris’ sleepy voice spoke behind you. He put a hand on your arm and you lazily turned around. “You look so beautiful in the morning.”

    “You aren’t so bad yourself, Dorito,” you complimented, pecking his nose.

    “I was actually talking to the sun,” he joked with a jovial smile of his, and you laughed heartily, tipping your head back.

    Chris beamed at you, enjoying the melody of your laugh and he took the opportunity to climb on top of you. Yet, as he leaned into the kiss he chased every morning, you turned your head to the side and looked at the beach with this obvious smirk.

    “Y/N, I didn’t ask to wake up to nothing.”

    “Shut up,” you retorted and restrained your giggle.

    “What?” He furrowed his brows, feigning anger, but he couldn’t hold the character.

    “Shut up and kiss me.” You turned back to him, cupping his bearded cheek. You closed your eyes, melting when his lips captured yours and claimed them as his proudly.  

    “Now, you don’t have ‘nothing’.”

    “If I keep talking, can I have another?” Chris asked, raising an eyebrow and smiling.

    “Depends on what you tell me,” you giggled as he moved to your ear and whispered a sweet nothing. “I need a shower, first and then breakfast in bed?”

    “I’m going to work out quickly and take a shower after you.” He placed a loving peck on your forehead and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

    “It’s Sunday, Chris. You can’t lift weights.” You grabbed his arm and pulled him back with you.

    “Of course I can do some push-ups,” he chuckled and you shot up in bed.

    “It’s a lazy day. We don’t do anything, but laugh, chill and make out in our case.”

    “It’s been a while since our last lazy Sunday. I completely forgot.”

    “Oh, man… Poor you,” you faked a sob, wrapping your arms around his chest. “We need to fix this.”

    “Uh, can I say hello to Dodger at least?”

    That afternoon, you sat on the couch, book in hand with Chris’ head on your lap and he scratched on his sketchbook silently, almost too focused on his art. Your free fingers played with the locks of his light brown hair as he used this quiet time to come back to something he had missed doing.

    After a few minutes using his pencil on the page filled with a beautiful depiction of nature, your husband put the sketchbook on the ground. He stretched his body over your lap, brushing your hip with his hand and he poked you lightly, earning your sweet giggle.

    “I’ve always thought you were ‘only surprised’.” A mischievous smirk grew on his face as he sat up and turned his head to you. “You’ve always been ticklish, haven’t you?”

    “I’m not,” you lied, trying to keep your concentration on the book.

    “Oh, really?” He moved closer to you, pressing his body against you. “Because it doesn’t seem like that.”

    “No, Chris.” You closed your book and finally met his playful gaze. “I know what you are thinking about, don’t do it.”

    “Am I that obvious?” Chris inquired, inching towards you with a new mischievous grin.

    “Christopher, we are not children. We are very serious grown people,” you countered, slowly standing from the couch and he scoffed.

    “Doesn’t mean I can’t do that.” He enveloped his large hand around your wrist and yanked down. He pounced at you and immediately tickled your sides, reaching certain spots of your body that secretly made you laugh each time he had poked or caressed them with his hands.

    You squirmed around before laughing uncontrollably as his fingers dug into your waist, making you laugh even harder. Tears of mirth threatened to spill as well as incomprehensible pleads flew out of your mouth underneath him as he kept torturing you so sweetly.

    “CHR- CHRIS NO!” You gasped for air, shrieking. “PLEASE! I- I- CHRIS… CHRIS!”

    He laughed as you kept on giggling like a maniac under the work of his fingers and he eventually gave you a break. Like nothing had happened, Chris smirked lightly and let you take this moment to catch your breath, sighing in relief.

    You looked up at him with this glare and he leaned his head to the side, lovingly staring at you with this beautiful smile that had you melting instantly.

    “This isn’t fair.” You rested on your elbows. “You are too strong.”

    “They say that. You seem to like it usually.” He winked and you threw your head back, placing your hands on your forehead as you giggled again.

    After leaving you in peace for a brief minute, Chris stared once more at your body with his famous smirk and he leaned in. He placed his hands on your neck and you dissolved into a pile of giggles as he tickled your skin down to your sides without a break.

    “PLEASE CHRIS! I- I CAN’T H- HOLD IT” You tried to fight back, failing miserably because of your lack of strength.

    “You say you aren’t ticklish, huh, sweetheart?”

    Chris accompanied your joyful laugh, trying to hold your squirming figure and you turned your head to the side, seeing the opportunity to free yourself. You managed to grab the cushion next to you, smacking his head with it and he backed away, pretending to be shocked.

    “This means war,” he warned with this light chuckle in the background.

    “Pillow fight, Evans!”

    You rolled off the couch and ran upstairs to your bedroom with your husband running after you. He slammed the door shut behind him and grabbed his feathery pillow, mimicking your swift movement.


    You jumped on the bed, smacking the pillow across his face and you laughed, daring him. Another hit and he didn’t even flinch as he joined you on the mattress. Your pillows used as hammers and shields at the same time, you hit each other and the feathers flying around you blinded your vision whilst you could only hear Chris’ constant giggles as he hit your belly with a new full pillow that spewed its content everywhere.

    You threw another pillow at him, but he smashed his fist into it and dropped it down, having your jaw dropping as you looked at the feathers on the bed and everything around covered by a white shin of softness.

    Taking advantage, Chris sneaked behind you, folding his strong arms around your waist and he lifted you up, spinning you around. Your head fell backward on his shoulder as you laughed and he kissed your neck, nuzzling his face in the crook.

    “Chris! Put me down… I’m- I’m going to throw up if you-”

    “All right,” he laughed, the same sound you found so adorable.

    Chris eventually let you down after more pleads and you let yourself fall on the mattress, lying down. He joined almost too enthusiastically as the bed collapsed under both your weight and you squealed. You looked at him with wide eyes until you burst out into laughter again, putting a hand on your chest and he mimicked famously.

    “That bed was too old anyways,” you gasped, wiping away the tears.

    “Yeah, it’s only the third in four months.”

    “We’re filthy.”

    “I can’t get enough of your laugh,” he whispered, calming down and he caressed your cheek. “I love you.” His eyes darted from your lips to your eyes, then your mouth again.

    “I love you too, honey.” You rolled over to climb on top him and attached your lips sweetly together

    “I’ve missed chilling with you.” Chris passed his fingers through your hair and you put your chin on his chest, looking at him.

    “Me, too.”

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    Just pretend to be my date // SHAWN MENDES

    Overview: Y/n has a family dinner where her family always bug her about never bringing a date so she asks Shawn to accompany her.

    “Please, please, please, Shawn,” I whine. “I never ask you for anything,”

    “I don’t know,” Shawn trails off, his arm brushing mine as he walked me back to my house after we had dinner with some of his friends at the bar in the main street.

    “Listen, my family bug me every year about if I’m dating someone and for once I just want to make them happy. Could you please, pretty please, for one night… just pretend to be my date,” I stop him, pulling his arm gently so he turns and faces me. The dark sky creates shadows against his face, the dimly lit street lights illuminating half his face.

    “I just don’t want to lie to your family Y/n,” He says, linking my fingers with his.

    “I know you don’t but I just want to get them off my case. I don’t know who else I could ask and right now there’s no one else I’d rather fake date then you,” I chuckle, looking up at him shyly.

    “Aww Y/n” Shawn coos, wrapping his arms around my waist tightly, lifting me off the ground slightly.

    “Shawn- can’t breathe,” I mumble into his chest.

    “Sorry,” He chuckles, placing me back down and we continue walking again. “So what would this fake date entail if I did go along with it?”

    “Well,” I glance at him from the corner of my eye. “You would just come to family dinner next Sunday, get introduced to my family. Make polite conversation as you do, then we leave and you will never have to see them again!” 

    “Doesn’t sound too bad,” Shawn comments, slowing down as we reached my house, the moisture from the grass soaking through the gaps in my heels as I walked across the front lawn to the door.

    “It’s not, you’ll be fine. You’re my best friend and my parents love you so you’ll be great,” I tell him while searching though my bag for my keys.

    “What are you going to tell your mum and dad?” 

    “Just that our friendship turned into a relationship and all that,” 

    I jar the key into the lock, twisting it and shoving it open. 

    “You want to come in?” I ask, holding the door open.

    “You making a snack?” He asks while stepping past.

    “I saved you some muffins,” Immediately he walks down the hall to the kitchen.

    “Thank you!” a muffled call rings out, followed by plastic rustling.

    “No problem,” I shout back, chucking my bag on the sofa and shrugging my jacket off. 

    Shawn walks back in, grinning at me and shoving the rest of the small cake in his mouth, crumbs dusting his sweater. 

    “Is there a dress code?” he falls back on the couch, legs chucked up onto the arm rest, wiping his shirt clean.

    “Something smart, not too dressy though,” I do the same, sitting on the spare space that he left, putting my own legs over his.

    “What do you think your parents will think?” He asks quietly, his hands fidgeting.

    “What do you mean?” I tilt my head to meet his eyes.

    “Just of us, like, together,”he says hesitantly, his eyes never meeting mine.

    “Well, they probably saw it coming.” He sends me a confused glance. 

    “We were best friends all through high school and then we’re still just as close now- I mean you haven’t had a girlfriend in a good 3 years or so and I haven’t even thought of dating so they probably thought that we had something secretly going on,”

    He laughs, “A secret relationship, wow,”

    “Hey, are you judging our secret partnership?” I glare at him teasingly.

    “Not at all,” His arms move behind him to hold himself up to see me better.

    “Good, because, if you were I might need to consider having a time out,”

    “From our relationship?” Shawn asks, pretending to be horrified.

    “Of course,”

    “How dare you!” He scolds, trying to push me off the edge of the couch. His touch tickles, making me shriek in laughter and my arms flail around trying to get a grip before I fall but unfortunately all I get is a handful of Shawn’s T-shirt

    I land with a thud on the ground, Shawn falling on top of me. He groans, lifting himself so that from his waist up he was off me. 

    “Good one,” I growl, scowling at him.

    “You’re fault,” He teases, grinning at me.

    “Was not,” I snap back, a smile pulling at my lips.

    “Was too,” 

    “Was not,”

    “Was.Too.” I say each word slowly.

    “Would it really be that bad if we dated for real?” Shawn says gently.

    “Was to- wait what?”

    Originally posted by erinlindscys

    anonymous asked:

    what if levi and erwin switch height. how would all character react

    Mikasa: Oh shit,
    Reiner: This is hilarious tbh
    Bertholdt: I’m scared, but also amused
    Annie: He’s still gross and Erwin still sucks
    Jean: Uhm… what?!
    Marco: Well, I’m sure that Erwin will get used to this.
    Sasha: scared of Levi, laughs at Erwin secretly
    Connie: Dies laughing
    Historia: Oh my god this is ridiculous
    Armin: what happened?!?!?
    Ymir: I’m dying this is so funny

    Hanji: Erwin is so cute now :D
    Erwin: Fuck
    Nanaba: Don’t worry Erwin, you’re still handsome
    Mike: ^No he’s not
    Moblit: Great, now Levi is even more scary

    candybarrnerd  asked:

    Why have I never read a fic where Stiles asks "what the Hale Derek?" (Instead of what the hell. Maybe it's only mt grain that makes that connection) And then he just probably loses it laughing, while Derek looks on unamused but secretly laughing a little on the inside

    :D omg yes, I love this. But the question is, would Stiles do it intentionally? Would he have thought of it some day while at school or doing homework and just be itching to use it for days, weeks maybe, until Derek gave him the opportunity?

    Or would it just come out by accident, during a fight maybe? An explosion of tension, frustration, Derek being too damn self-sacrificing and stubborn, Stiles being too reckless and… yeah, ok, stubborn, both of them totally intractable and Stiles could just reach over and shake Derek if he thought it would actually move that unfair mass of wolfy-strength and hard muscle, but instead he just rolls his eyes, spits out “What the Hale, Derek?” 

    And the air goes shock-silent for a second as they both process what he’d said, and then Stiles is crumpling over with laughter because what the Hale, what the Hale, Derek? It’s just… so absurd and so ridiculously, perfectly encapsulating this whole situation. Shouting at each other because they care too much, because they’re too damn worried about each other and don’t care enough what happens to themselves and… and he’s got tears in his eyes, holding his gut laughing because when the–– when the Hale had that happened? Caring about Derek? Derek caring about him back? Derek huffing out frustrated breaths, snapping at him to stay behind “so you’ll be–– so you won’t get in the way.” 

    So he’d be safe. That was the word not quite slipping off Derek’s lips. Somehow, somewhere along the way, Derek had stopped worrying about Stiles being a liability and started worrying about him getting hurt, and that’s so perfectly, beautifully bizarre because what is his life, honestly? That he’s worried about Derek too, needs to be in this fight next to him because he needs to know he did whatever he could to keep Derek alive, to make sure he could get home so they could have this same stupid fight all over again next time, and that’s…

    Derek’s staring at Stiles like he’s lost his mind but there’s something just under the edge of that determinedly bored look. A bare hint of soft, exasperated fondness that Stiles just wants to lean in and kiss from those barely upturned lips––

    His laughter dies on a sharp, hiccuped breath, his own thoughts hitting like a fast fall into warm water. Shocking but… strangely comfortable. Strangely right. And Derek’s looking at him like he’s felt the shift too, expression losing that forced gruffness, eyes traveling in faintly confused, stunned and longing flutters between Stiles’ eyes and his lips.

    And what the Hale, right?

    “We’re both idiots,” Stiles murmurs, and leans in.

    headcanon: Damas almost never laughs out loud because his laugh sounds like a flock of angry geese


    N: Hello trainer of legend, i’ve been waiting for you. welcome to my castle.
    Ghet: *approaches from the shadows*
    Um yes. *walks between trainer and N* ‘Scuse me son but um. Do you pay the rent?
    N: .. well no but its not like we are-
    Ghet: WELL THEN What makes you think you can call this YOUR castle?
    N: I’m the King! I should rule over my cas-
    Ghet: UM WELL YOU KNOW WHAT MY CASTLE MY RULES, I may be one of the seven sages but i’m still your elder so it’s overruled. It is “Ghetsis’ castle” now
    Ghet: *gasp* Natural Harmonia Gropius did you just SWEAR at me??
    N: Can’t we talk about this later?!
    Ghet: UH huh sure one more bad word outta you and you are GROUNDED
    N: I’M LIKE 20-
    N: *GROANS LOUDLY and walks away*

    dancing with the door open ; a.a

    I was walking past your house, you had your door open and I saw you dancing in your kitchen and now whenever I hear that song I think about you. 

    - not really in this direction but i liked the dancing thing so here ya go !

    Ship: ArchiexReader

    Words: 1,242

    Tags: embarrassed archiekins for y’all

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