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Things Tim Drake has Definitely Done at Some Point

-passed out on patrol due to lack of sleep and fell off a building

-drank somebody else’s entire cup of coffee without realizing it

-somehow gotten convinced by Steph to let her put tiny braids in his hair

-Bruce told him to let a difficult case go, leading to Timmy
singing the entirety of “Let it Go”. Bruce just facepalmed

-tapped a glass for a toast and shattered it completely

-ate an entire bag of marshmallows during a WE meeting

-teased Jason by wearing his helmet, but he put it on backwards and ended up walking into a pole

-accidentally hacked the government database

-sent Damian constant memes for a week just to annoy him

-accidentally butt-dialed the Joker

-created a collection in the back of his closet consisting of 14 Superboy shirts he secretly stole from Kon

-became shopping partners with Cass

-dedicated an entire day to taking embarrassing candid photos of his siblings while hiding around the manor

-invited Kon and Bart for a sleepover where they watched the entire Star Wars series in one shot

-he somehow saw an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and is now a dedicated fan (he’s totally crushing on Lexie)

-was forced to go undercover as a woman and was flirted with by every other man he encountered

-tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and managed to stab himself in the foot with a batarang

-got roped into going to a party with Ives where he got slipped alcohol and woke up the next morning on top of the empire state building

-went to see Up with Dick and Steph but was full out bawling all over his brother’s jacket

-sneezed during his school photo

-touched a hot stove and didn’t notice until it was too late

-got into a pun war with a villain

-tried to eat cereal with a fork

-thought of a stupid joke in his head and shot scalding coffee out of his nose

taurus and virgo

(taurus and virgo are like a masterpiece. they draw each other in slowly, elegantly, and one can lose themselves completely in the details of their loving. nature and nurture, can they be balanced?

taurus, who is steady, soothing and practical, trustworthy and secretly passionate. virgo, who is fussy, flexible and rational, dedicated and softly sensitive. perhaps they seem like a match made in heaven; perhaps they seem like one made in hell itself. the truth is, they are neither. they are earthly beings, and this is an earthy love. full of simple pleasures, ritualistic comforts and stormy moments to punctuate the homely feeling the relationship offers. taurus especially is prone to sulking when upset, while virgo tends to stress and nitpick when they are feeling down. neither of these things go down well with the other, and the odd sour look can quickly turn into bitter arguments. i think it’s important to realise though, that while arguments are horrible experiences, they aren’t necessarily bad things. oftentimes arguments bring up the root of the problem, unearthing things that neither sign was able to talk about gently, for whatever reason. both signs are sensitive and sensible, and once things cool down they can talk reasonably and work out the problems and their solutions.

and once they’ve worked through their problems, things are smooth, tender and comforting. taurus is definitely the more romantic of the two, while virgo tends to be a secretive and shy lover, doing all number of tiny things to make taurus’ life more pleasant and beautiful. taurus can soothe all of virgo’s worries, absorbing them and comforting their lover with tender coaxing and gentle words. in return, virgo lights up their lives with little gestures and hard work, a flexible, positive attitude and a penchant for finding beauty in the humblest of things. together, they make a very pretty picture.

main qualities - caring, faithful, worrisome, maddening, homely

Tumblr is to obsess over ships
  • Me *trying to convince friend 2 to get Tumblr* : It's so great! I follow so many blogs!
  • Friend 1 : Yeah, I love it so much and get tons of notes!
  • Me and Friend 1 *don't ask for each other's tumblr because we both secretly dedicate it to gay ships* : You should try it.
Modern Day Pevensie AU Headcanons 2.0

Lucy wants to become a vet or a writer.

Edmund loves sweets.

Susan is really close with Edmund while abroad. Yes, she is in contact with everyone else, but Edmund has A LOT to say…

Peter adopted a cat for Lucy on Christmas. Since he is studying abroad, he thought the cat could give her the company he can’t while away.

You already know what Lucy named the cat… on occasion, she would dress him with a red scarf.

Edmund helps Susan with boy troubles. But, Peter used to help her when Ed wasn’t “old enough” to truly understand.

Susan goes to church on Thursdays. Sunday is her quiet, reflection time.

Peter loves Food Network, even though he only does mandatory cooking.

Lucy volunteers at an animal shelter when she’s 17.

Edmund is an avid foodie. He secretly owns an IG account dedicated to his foodventures.

Susan is a part time lifeguard.

Peter is really close to being valedictorian, but he ain’t perfect and that’s okay.


Vergil’s reaction to Bayonetta finally getting around to following the DMC cast.

You know, I have to rant. I’m used to getting shit for being ace. But god it hurts when it’s from my own community. See, when it’s straight people, their arguments are usually stupid things along the lines of “that’s not real” or the head tilting confusion of a new word being introduced. But when the insults come from gay or bi people, oh my god does it hurt. It’s not just confusion, it’s attacks. It’s “why do aces force their way into our community” it’s “the aces don’t belong” it’s “your not lgbt if your ace” it’s “they’re basically straight” it’s “they have the privilege that we dont so the shouldn’t be included” it’s “the aro aces I know are all super homophobic.” It’s coming into our safe spaces and attacking us and belittling us and making us feel terrible all over again. When I go into an lgbtgia or a pride tag and see hate about who I am, it’s hard to just forget about. It’s hard to ignore all of the people who think less of me because I’m ace. It’s so hard, and I’m so, so tired.

RWBY Pokemon Go Headcanons

Because I’m obsessed garbage

- Yang and Ruby secure their scrolls to Zwei for egg hatching. They don’t worry about it burning their dog since, as we saw in Volume 2, he seems to be flame retardant. 
- Ruby is slightly miffed that she can’t use her semblance to trick the app into hatching her eggs faster. 
- Weiss acts like she’s above all this, but secretly has a second scroll dedicated entirely to the game. 
- Blake’s semblance allows her to have almost perfect accuracy at tracking down Pokemon. 
- Nora controls every single gym on on Beacon’s campus and in the surrounding area. No one knows how, but whenever you check on it she’s still there. 
- Qrow and Winter are surprisingly on the same team. They set aside their differences because fuck those other teams. 
- Atlas students, with their unlimited access to Atlas engineering and science, are currently working on ways to bypass the “exercise” and “travel” aspects of the game because fuck that we have technology
- Port and Oobleck are in competition with each other. No one knows what the win conditions are or what the point is to the competition, they just know they are in one. 
- Glynda does less cleaning up after students’ shenanigans and more cleaning up after students manage to destroy things by walking into them because they were too busy looking at the scroll
- No one knows how or why, but Jaune has only caught/hatched either really weak Pokemon, or Magikarp. 

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Hello ! Can you do the pros and cons of dating Wonwoo ?


  • so goodlooking how
  • might be a little shy and awks at first hehe
  • his voice honestly will melt you 
  • lots of movie dates or marathoning movies at home and cuddling
  • watching scary movies together and you clinging onto him for life
  • and wonwoo just holding in his laughter and patting your back 
  • has a lil garden dedicated to you 
  • would be the type to secretly smile at you as you’re concentrating or doing your hobby
  • gives you compliments 
  • study dates where he stares at you 
  • when you guys open up
  • deep convos will go into the night 
  • i can imagine him being romantic with like roses and candles 
  • and wonwoo paying mingyu to cook a fancy three course meal heh


  • may come off as unapproachable at first but he’s  honestly a real sweetie 
  • probs doesn’t like aegyo 
  • i think he doesn’t get jealous easily but when he does he’ll give you the silent treatment
The signs and their secrets
  • Aries: obsessed with one special person (would build a temple dedicated to them if they could)
  • Taurus: secretly pretty good at dancing
  • Gemini: likes to make stupid noises to accompany their ninja kicks
  • Cancer: doesn't own any baggy clothes (if it isn't skin tight or slutty then they won't wear it)
  • Leo: all the crushes
  • Virgo: picks their nose
  • Libra: they're the best chefs
  • Scorpio: really REALLY kinky in the bedroom
  • Sagittarius: they have the best collections of things
  • Capricorn: they're actually terrified of mice
  • Aquarius: haven't really read that much
  • Pisces: secretly a huge band nerd, but nobody knows