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Tumblr is to obsess over ships
  • Me *trying to convince friend 2 to get Tumblr* : It's so great! I follow so many blogs!
  • Friend 1 : Yeah, I love it so much and get tons of notes!
  • Me and Friend 1 *don't ask for each other's tumblr because we both secretly dedicate it to gay ships* : You should try it.

You know, I have to rant. I’m used to getting shit for being ace. But god it hurts when it’s from my own community. See, when it’s straight people, their arguments are usually stupid things along the lines of “that’s not real” or the head tilting confusion of a new word being introduced. But when the insults come from gay or bi people, oh my god does it hurt. It’s not just confusion, it’s attacks. It’s “why do aces force their way into our community” it’s “the aces don’t belong” it’s “your not lgbt if your ace” it’s “they’re basically straight” it’s “they have the privilege that we dont so the shouldn’t be included” it’s “the aro aces I know are all super homophobic.” It’s coming into our safe spaces and attacking us and belittling us and making us feel terrible all over again. When I go into an lgbtgia or a pride tag and see hate about who I am, it’s hard to just forget about. It’s hard to ignore all of the people who think less of me because I’m ace. It’s so hard, and I’m so, so tired.

NCT’s reaction to you surprising them on tour/at a concert

Request: “NCT reacting to you surprising them ar their concert? Thanks!” & “NCT reacting to you surprising them on tour/ at a concert?”

A/N: Yesterday my precious computer died, so I’m writing this with my mom’s laptop and tHIS THING GOES SO SLOW. IT TOOK ME LIKE MORE THAN THREE OR FOUR HOURS TO DO IT, I WANT TO KMS. 


He would froze with a smile in his face as you were getting closer and closer to him. He would only come back to reality when he hears the members complaning “You haven’t seen your s.o in so many months and now that she/he is in front of you, you’re not going to do nothing?” He wouldn’t know how react, but he would hug you awkwardly and tell you how much he missed you.

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He would get all excited and try to hide his smile and little giggles as soon as he sees you smiling at him in the crowd, he would forgeting about everything and start dancing with all his passion and energy just to impress you and make you feel proud of him.

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Well, forget about breathing for two a whole minutes because you’ll have this giant over you hugging you and kissing you non stop. He would be really clingy for the rest of the day and he would only want to cuddle with you and tell you every single thing that happened in the tour so far.

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I think he would be the most shooked one of all of them. Both of you were texting each other a few minutes before he had to go to stage. “I wish you were right by my side, y/n” “Ah, really? Look deside you, then.” And when he sees you I swear he forgot how to breath for like two seconds.

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It would be impossible for this prince to hide that precious smile once he is in the stage. He got to see you again like half of an hour before it started and you gave him so much energy. He would think about you the whole time, and, like Hansol, he would show the best of him just to impress you.

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He would be all smiley and blushy as soon as he sees you in the crowd, but he would feel super happy and impatient the whole time. He would sing with all his passion and secretly dedicate all the songs to you, he would never break eye contact with you.

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Other baby who would froze when he sees you again, he would slowly get closer and closer to you with the most beautiful smile in his face and hug you in the most softest way, a few seconds later he would kiss your lips sweetly. “Thanks for coming, y/n, I missed you so much.”

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“y/N? wHHAT ARE YOU DOING HEREEEEEE?” He would run to were you are and hug you with the biggest smile in his face and his heart beating faster than usual. “I missed you so much, but you should have told me! I wasn’t ready for this!”

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He would be smiling shyly and blushing the whole time like a little kid. “Y/N, you look so cute today~~” You didn’t even knew that he was right beside you, so when you got scared he would laugh at your cuteness and hug you softly and leave little kisses in your cheeks.

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He would blush when he sees you and would start getting really smiley and excited, just like Hansol. He would start jumping and playing with his fingers, and once he gets to be with you he would hug you and kiss you tenderly. Telling you how much he missed you. 

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Oh my god, Markimoo would be a blushing mess let me tell you. But he would also have that stupid yet super adorable little smile in his face and shiny eyes. He would hug you and kiss your cheek and start a conversation with you, probably inviting you to a date the next day where he tells you how the tour is going so far.

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“Excuse me, I’m sorry for bother you but have you seen my boyfriend? He has the cutest smile I have ever seen and loves Moomin more than he loves me.” He recognized your voice instantly, and as soon as he turned around he hugged you with all his strength. “I mised you so much, y/n!”

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His pretty face would hurt for smiling so much after he sees you before his concert begins, he would run to were you are and hold you close while he plays with your hair. He would also whisper sweet things in your ear, promising you that he would spend his free time with you.

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He wouldn’t be able to believe it at first, he would look at you with most surprised look. “Y/N? It’s you? It’s actually you?!” He would smile when he sees you runing towards him and would copy your action, both of you ended up hugging and laughin like idiots. 

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He would smile like an angel the whole performance and won’t take his eyes off you, he would probably do lots of aegyo just to make you laugh. Once he actually gets to be by your side he would hug you and kiss your cheek multiple times. “I missed you so much, princess.”

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He would recognize you in the first second he sees you in the crowd, he would smile at you and nod when you let him now that you’re going to wait for him backstage. And once he finishes with his performance he would run over you while screaming, he would hug you so hard that you fell in the floor while he keeps kissing your face and you can’t help but laugh at his cuteness.

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Taeyong and you planed this for this baby’s birthday, you were backstage waiting for him to finish his performances and when he saw you with a birthday cake in your hands he froze. “Happy birthday, Jisung! You could say that I’m your present this year!” This would be a lot for his little heart, he would smile and laugh and hug you. “I missed you so much, y/n.”

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You sat at the bar in your sparkly gold dress and matching headband. Guys were scattered all around you, every single one trying to get your attention. Their eyes were glued to you as you’d say something, causing them all to laugh. You were the main reason people came to The Eden; The Captivating Cadence (a stage name of course). You were the headline act. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t like the attention you received at the club from time to time. It was easier to forget about things when men crowd around you and buy you drink after drink.

The band on stage was tuning up, and you gulped down the rest of your drink before putting it down. “That’s my queue boys.” You say, shimmying away from them and into the spotlight.

You sang a few fast, happy songs before your set was coming to an end. It was your own personal tradition to end with your favorite song, no matter how sad it was. It usually brought tears to everyones eyes, the way you sang the words with soul, mixed with the rhythm of your rising and falling voice.

I’ll be loving you always

With a love that’s true always.

When the things you’ve planned

Need a helping hand,

I will understand always.

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Vergil’s reaction to Bayonetta finally getting around to following the DMC cast.

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Will you most likely be working on another comic with any of your original characters? I be interested in watching the development on that

Three years ago I was updating 3 comics regularly and now that I cleared up some things, I was actually thinking about re-booting my Orange Clipboard series; re-drawing the pages I’ve made and fINALLY FINISHING THE PAGES I have storyboarded…  (I actually secretly made a blog dedicated to the series months ago that I probably should figure out how to make it look like a webcomic site and get it all lookin’ nice and pretty)

Though since all this time past, I should maybe re-boot the storyboard for that too ^^;  But when I get that all settled, I have so many other ideas for comics and I reaLLY want to finally geT TO THEM NOW

Imagine Yachi as a street artist, with her paint stained hoodie and worn skateboard, painting pictures if beautiful girls on city walls. The girl she paints the most is one she catches sight of often, the quiet hipster, Shimizu Kiyoko.

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Sorry to bother, dear, but I was wondering if you could do 2p France headcanons? (Bonus points if there is fluff). ANYWAY, YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB I LOVE YOU YAY

2P France- François Bonnefoy

★He’s very nihilistic, but he is able to understand and appreciate sentimental value.

★Having said that, he’s surprisingly generous when it comes to giving gifts. He’ll get you anything that you want, as long as he has that amount of cash on him or in his bank account.

★He isn’t as expressive as his counterpart, but his passion is just as strong.

★He isn’t much too fond of pda, mainly because he has a rather high sex drive and fears that pda will lead to mutual arousal; because you’re both in public, there might not necessarily always be somewhere to relieve yourselves. However, He’s okay with hand-holding and chaste kisses.

★He’s an extremely good chef, capable of creating glamorous dishes of any variety. However, he loves making homely meals like sandwiches or soup.

★He loves coffee, and will often frequent café’s–as long as you go with him.

★He’s a brilliant masseuse

★He likes sleepy cuddling

★If you fall asleep next to him or in his arms, he’ll play with your hair and mumble cliché poetry.

★He adores the fine arts

★He loves gardening, but is terrible at it. So, he’d be delighted if you could help him keep his garden alive.

★Like many gardeners, he speaks to his plants.

★He may be grumpy and introverted, but he’s very caring and kind–if someone needs it.

★anonymously donates to animal shelters, children’s hospitals, retirement centres, and orphanages.

★Loves kids but is horrible with them.

★Cat person, but he really really likes sloths…secretly

★Very dedicated

★Stays concerned for you even if the two of you are on bad terms

★Feminist and human rights activist

★ Pretends to be aloof, secretly very down to earth.

I hope you enjoyed, child!

Will You?

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Could you do a one-shot about eloping with G-Dragon after not really publicly acknowledging your relationship? In the mountains or on the beach and then you return home and there are articles but you don’t care?

Kwon Jiyong 

Stardom/Fame/Secret Love/Marriage

Rated: Geeeeeeeee

Requested by: A beautiful cinnamon roll (thank you anon!) 

I hope this is okay- I kind of deviated from your request just a bit… but I had this awesome idea in me head I had to run with it! I hope you like! 

Yeoreobun!” He addressed the crowed screaming and crying trying to be the loudest sound in the world- trying to catch the attention of any of the five men like their lives depended on it- “We’ve all loved at one point or another-” the crowed simultaneously answered yes- “A love that this world would be meaningless without-” another answer of yes- “A love that could be leaving as I speak to you now-” confused chatter fulled the arena- 

Jiyong looked at the other members standing next to him on the hot stage- Seungri looked the most confused while Deasung dreaded what was to come. Youngbae gave an approving nod and comforting hand on Jiyongs shoulder and Seunghyung nodded to the floor trying to compose himself- and then he spoke again- I’m sorry- But there’s something I need to do- I hope you’ll understand and still love me when it’s happened-” 

And he ran off the stage- the crowed shouted after him and the arena went into a state of panic. The music began again and the four men continued to please the crowed secretly dedicating all their hope to their fearless leader. Jiyong dodged the stylist, the tech crew, and all the security before making his way hurriedly to the exit taking one of the companies car and skidding off to find you- 

He was racing against the clock to reach the airport before you departed from his life forever. He couldn’t let it happen- there was no way he was going to let you run away- not if he could help it. The last few months had been absolute hell- the rumors that spread about his relationship with some model and the pressure of BIGBANG’s comeback and new album- the stress was eating you both alive. This wouldn’t be an easy fix- especially since this wouldn’t be the first time you’d had to grin and bare the pain of loving someone so unreachable. 

The car came to a sudden halt as he reached the entrance of the Airport grated with a few ‘hey you can’t park there!’ and ‘Is that G-Dragon?’ In a matter of seconds cameras from unsuspecting civilians started to flash and he knew the amount of time he had was limited. Passing gate after gate Jiyong ran to find you looking everywhere and stirring more commotion with every turn- until there was no more searching to be done. 

A crowd began to surface and you were caught off guard by the sudden noise- but you never thought to turn around and see Jiyong running towards you being followed by a small mob. Camera flashes and and loud noises clouded your mind as you pulled away from him suddenly- this would always be your life- never a moment of privacy- he noticed the look of panic- he’s seen it many times before and hated what his career had done to you. Regardless of the constant support and passion you had towards his dreams- he knew you’d reached your limit- 

So Jiyong did what he knew best- “ Yeoreobun! ” he shouted over the even larger group of gawking fans- “My name is not G-Dragon today- it is Kwon Jiyong-” flashes- gasps- excited shrills overcame the crowd as he stepped up onto the row of seats outside the boarding gate- “And I’m trying very hard to keep this women in my life-” he looked down at you with kind and comforting eyes- “This women has put up with me for the past three years and she wasn’t able to tell her friends or even her family-” he looked towards the crowds studying their shocked expressions- “She has dealt with countless rumors- weeks and weeks of separation- and she knows all too well the pain of waiting for someone who may never come home-” he head hung defeated upon realizing what he was asking of her after all she’s been through- “I do not deserve this women- and today she finally realized it- after three years of loving me- I finally pushed her to the breaking point-” 

Aw’s and soft cries surrounded the pair as you looked up to see the saddened expression that crossed his face. The normal look of confidence washed over with self doubt and questioning- “But it would help a great deal if you’d all stop taking pictures and stayed silent for just a few moments-” Phones immediately went back into pockets and the few that were still out were slowly forced away by kind people in the crowd obeying his wishes- everyone was silent and waiting patiently while you looked up at him gawking at the power he had over these human beings-  

I don’t want you to disappear- I know it would be all too simple to forget about us and I know I don’t make it easy- but this world is meaningless without you-” a roar of aw’s uttered from the crowd and you both looked around with big stupid grins on your faces- “If you want to go- I’ll respect your decision-” he took your face in his hands and pressed his forehead to yours- “but you’re sure as hell not leaving without me-

And before you knew it you were being dragged threw the parting sea the crowed had made for you both cheering and clapping with genuine looks of happiness and love- his hand held yours strongly looking back every so often and pinching himself every time he thought he was in a dream- you’d said yes- to him- to his life- to his crazy fans and this was only the begging- 

Two one way tickets to Bali, please-” 

Seven hours and two nights later you found yourself in a simple white dress walking barefoot in the sand nervously awaiting the new moments to come. His face was overcome with joy wiping an occasional tear from his eye trying to pull himself together- he wore a white button up shirt and tan pants- simple-yes, but he never looked so handsome. 

The justice of the peace stood between the two of you nervously waiting the punch line- Jiyong whispered ‘you look beautiful’ while brushing a strand of hair behind the flower resting on your ear. You blushed trying to hid your excitement as the ceremony continued- you were only people in the world- no cameras- no fans- just the two of you making a vow to share the rest of your lives together- as one- 

‘I promise to love and cherish you throughout all the days of me life-’ were exchanged in formality but the promise translated to- ‘I promise to not spend days at the studio without calling’ and ‘I promise to not make comments about how attractive I think T.O.P looks after every new concept is released’ your own private wishes for your marriage and the love you shared made itself known on the tiny patch of the world you both stood on. 

The next few days were absolute bliss- no distractions- just you and Jiyong enjoying the beautiful island and basking in the newlywed glow- 

Jagi- We’re trending on twitter-” #airportcouple #dragonwedding #mrskwonjiyong #whoisshe #ygscandal filled the message boards across every form of social media- the video of the proposal went viral in only a few days and it caused the both of you to shared in hearty laughs- 

We’ll they’re just going to have to get used to you now-  Mrs. Kwon Jiyong-” 

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Imagine the editors went out for a karaoke night and they listened to ritsu sing and was speechless when he sang beautifully. Then ritsu sang a song which he secretly dedicated to takano and takano smiled lovingly and joined him in a romantic duet

*Grin’s stupidly* I love this!!! now i really want to see a Onodera x Takano duet ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡


falcon combo video (secretly dedicated to meiling)