secretly badass

i want to date a guy who rides a motorcycle and wears all black and smirks a lot and looks like he can fight anyone he sees but at the same time I want to date a huge dork with cute lil glasses who wants to stay up watching doctor who with me all night and go on adorable study dates with idk what I’m doing to myself


So I was watching the GameInformer video on The Fractured But Whole and the kid’s chart is REALLY interesting. 

From what I can see: 

Toolshed apparently betrays Timmy’s character (It’s either Prof. Timothy or Timmy probably) 

Captain Diabetes is secretly badass 

The blank space between Diabetes and Human Kite seems to be where Professor Chaos should be and him and Diabetes get along, he’s immune to mind powers, and is “the bad guy” but not.

Human Kite and Toolshed are Best Friends and Toolshed and Call Girl are Dating

Super Craig only cares about Guinea Pig (and Tweek)

WonderTweek is paranoid and they mention the ep. with Craig

Coon has racial tension with Tupperware, calls either Toolshed or Timmy a “buttfucking traitor”, and tells Jewish jokes to Human Kite and diabetes jokes to Diabetes, and is “actually friends?” with Fastpass

The signs as seven types of friends

The wild one: Aries

The dependable one: Cancer, Capricorn

The lucky one: Leo, Aquarius

The chill one: Taurus, Pisces

The funny one: Scorpio, Libra

The trash talker: Gemini, Sagittarius

The one that is secretly a badass: Virgo

Some Illyrian Headcanons...

• they have an ancient language spoken amongst themselves (they speak in the common tongue when Dream Court comes about) and it sounds like the beautiful love child between Italian, Spanish, and possibly French (maybe Arabic too just mmmmmmmmmm)

• all of them have the sharpest most entrancing eyes, doesn’t matter color (it ranges the entire spectrum) and are known to cause weak knees to non-Illyrian visitors

• while High Fae are already beautiful, Illyrians are just something completely different (with their rounded ears and gorgeous accents, other Fae see the beauty of Illyrians as ethereal compared to themselves)

• they all have strong jaw cheek bones (I just imagine Az and Cass as having a here hella gorgeous bone structures just ugh)

• for special ceremonies, they paint their wings with symbolic war paint which looks fucking killer

• all of their complexions range from tan to the darkest brown bc lets be real that flying needs for A+ melanin

• the women are the most secretly Badass ladies out there, like you don’t cross them in concerns with each other. Even if they’re treated like shit by the males, they are all sisters and you don’t fuck with one or you fuck with them all

• but like seriously Illyrians are fucking gorgeous and no one can tell me otherwise

• they are also like the most graceful being ever????? Beasts on the battlefield but like fucking dancers grace anywhere else?????

• also, very territorial

idk I’m having fun with thinking of my precious Illyrian males from Dream Court being the gorgeous babes they are

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A small tribute to anime’s shady shop owners!

If you are looking for a great product or need some info, then these guys are here to help!

Warning: One or more of these shop owners may sell you faulty products, kill you, eat you, zombify your corpse, scare you upon entry, scare you in general, have a name that starts with a U, give cryptic information, withhold important information, be secretly evil, be secretly badass, implant foreign objects in your body, be pals with your parents, invade personal space, invite you to do questionable things, expect a good laugh out of you, or destroy/change your life as you know it……

But seriously come and have a look around!

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Let's fangirl about gramander? :D what I love about these two is how soft their love is especially in canon fics. There is so much hurt/comfort which makes me squeal quite loudly. There is this grumpy hardass AUROR who is secretly a sweetheart and this beast-loving cinnamon bun who is secretly a badass! I can't get enough. Give me all the gramander love. I hope they were kidding and we will see the real Percival in the next movie. That would be amazeballs! :D

Oh my goodness, I didnt see this until now! I just love gramander they are so adorable! Like, I picture it as Percival just being a serious hardass towards his aurors and everyone is just terrified and then Newt pops up like “Hi! Look at me, arent I cute with my adorable freckles and my tendency to get in major trouble all the time?” And Percival is just a goner for him and thinks the adorable cinnamon bun needs protecting when really Newts a badass I just love it so much!

Also if Percy isnt in the new movies I will cry cuz if I were him Id be so pissed off. Like he was gone for so long and no one noticed but this magizoologist who didnt even know him! Id rage quit on the spot

EXO react to their crush secretly being badass

Xiumin: Watches your personality switch from secret and doesn’t quite know what to think. “I’ll just stay back here…”

Luhan: “C-can you please show me again how these two people are the same person? I don’t get it.”

Kris: He’d stand back and admire you for a while, realizing that combination is hard to find and that he never wants to lose you.

Suho: That’s the kind of woman I need in the future. From that moment, he knows he’s found the one - someone who would take the best care of herself and her family.

Lay: “Baobei, you’re really scary around people… Can’t you go back to being sweet and nice like you are with little kids?”

Baekhyun: “Tell me truthfully… did you or did you not actually kill someone?” He’s partially joking, but it really would make him worry.

Chen: Well… if any of the sasaengs try to get at her, at least I know she’ll be able to keep herself safe. He wouldn’t think too much on it, though.

Chanyeol: Looks away furtively, pretending that he didn’t see the personality switch - when she brings it up… “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Dr. Jekyll.”

DO: “If you can use your badass scariness on Baekhyun, then I have no problems with this.”

Tao: She’s going to kill me in my sleep if I ever annoy her. He’d get so scared of your badass personality, he’d go out of his way to stay on your good side.

Kai: Tries to show you that he can protect himself, even if you’re more badass than he is. “See? I can do that, too.”

Sehun: “Hey! Help me beat up Tao! He’s being annoying!” He’d pull you into his petty revenge schemes against the other members once he found out you can be badass.

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-Elizabeth going out shopping with Sieglinde 

-Elizabeth helping Sieglinde pick out the outfits that suit her most

-Elizabeth doing Sieglinde’s hair in different adorable hairstyles

-Elizabeth and Sieglinde walking together in their new cute attire and being super adorable (yet secretly badass) besties

-After a long day, Sieglinde and Elizabeth both talk together while eating sweets and drinking tea back home

Yesterday I came across @casthewise post of a Destiel superhero!au and I fell in love with it so I had to draw it :,)

- The right side of Dean’s face is still covered in burn scars, which is why he usually wears a mask
-Cas really regretts taking it off (how was he supposed to know this cocky troublemaker would turn out to be that handsome?)
- Dean makes fun of the wings, but secretly thinks they’re badass
- The stripes are an homage to the genetically engineered bee venom that saved Cas’ life and turned him into a superhero
- Dean calls Cas “Beeman” for the next three weeks
- Cas calls Dean “D-Man” once and ends up blushing at the innuendos the antihero comes up with (He slams him into a car five minutes in, it does not help)

no no but the rocket and groot comparison gets more perfect the more i think about it because stereotypically, dean is the short angry one (rocket) and sam is the tall kind one (groot) but if you look deeper dean is secretly lashing out due to poor self worth (also rocket) and sam is secretly a stone cold badass who’s really into self-sacrifice (also groot) and like gah i’m so mad i didn’t think of it first!