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Porter Robinson quote starters

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“ my freaking fans are the freaking best. freak “

“ wow im so adorable wow wow “

“ fuck the sore throat fairy. “

“ one of my favorite memories of the last year was telling _____ about my new music and him offering to be my therapist “

“ i played stepmania in front of my manager today and he asked me what was wrong with me “

“ list of things my cold is keeping me from doing: breathing “


“ i am and always have been secretly a robot “

“ my favorite feature is clicking to an unloaded part of the video, and youtube stops loading and forces you to refresh “

“ the entire athleticwear fad has been insanely convenient and comfy “

“ pump it up plebs “

“ tropical pineapple fuck offf “

“ this is me suppressing my hateriest impulses “

“ i forgot to breathe “


“ what’s an ekowraith “

“ this ‘very decent christmas’ compilation makes me wanna go to xmas party djed by ____ in a santa hat he doesnt seem to know he’s wearing“


“ you guys are my favorites (i have favorites). “

“ i’m being an insomniac piece of shit “

“ i will fuck you up at age of empires “

“ y'all are some straight-up buttlickers for not sending me or even telling me about krmt “

“ attn all boyfriends of twitter: may you all give jim halpert-tier gifts this year “

“ I’ll be the one dying “

“ Ideally, I’d be waking up at 7am on my farm “

“ untz untz untz untz “

“ Ay I will ay~ “

“ i tossed that fucker off “

“ Stand up and get out of my cool guy crouch “

“ Now i know how Olympic athletes feel “

“ I’m making smoke over here “

“ Our beautiful child has be ruined “

“ I’m starting to make weird faces, i can feel it “

“ we are definitely absolutely in the club “

“ my hand hurts! “

“ And there’s no question i think that i like cute things and shit “

“ These are kind of like Star Wars galaxies “

“ i like crying about moe girls “

“ put a fucking shirt on you bro “

“ im fucking crying and sad “

“ oh man, in game music is playing “

“ windows media player, killin it “

“ i’m the realist “

“ you can be a guy who plays a weird flute “

“ i was lmaoin “

“ now that i have your attention, check this out: people in australia think it’s funny that we say “badass” “

“ funny meme rukes. good shit “

“ I dreamed last night that I met Wolfgang Gartner. He didn’t know Say my Name. “

“ name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-name-and-you-can-nam “

“ this baristas name is tiff tiff “

“ neek thiyah “

“ meme-free since 1992 “

“ i couldnt find the version of the tour poster that had giraffage’s name on it so i improvised with ms paint “

“ .. join us…. “

“ (glances at watch, groans) “

“ im looking forward to corporate twitter accounts attempting the doge meme well into the year 2017 “

“ i woke up at 6:00 AM feeling sick and having a weird, delirious dream about needing to turn in a mixtape today “

“ eating poutine does nothing for me. “

“ im pretty sure the best way to characterize the amount of ice cream i just ate is “illegal” “

“ when someone starts talking while i’m trying to show them a song, i will 1) hate them 2) passive aggressively triple the volume right away “

“ I just burned the hell out of my hand on steam. “


“ You got gengar eyes “

“ someone just approached me & asked 1. are you in a rockband 2. are you on the Disney channel “because you look famous”. answered yes to both “

“ snapchats i have received so far: shirtless dudes, videos of college girls smoking blunts, pictures of cats “

“ that sneeze felt so good that i got chills “

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Oh! Sorry! How about some MTMTE bots? I may ask for different continuities later...

That’s alright :)

Bot! s/o using cheesy pick-up lines

Rung has an amused smirk on his face. He lowers his glasses to peek at you with piercing optics, chuckling. And he shoots back the smoothest line you’ll ever hear. Cooling fans kick on all over the room. Rung, who said you get to be an adorable nerd and a sly casanova? It’s not fair, Rung.

Swerve eats it up. He tries to act all cool as he returns the sentiment, but he ends up sounding like a huge dweeb. You two have a competition for who can say the cheesiest pick up line. It lasts for days and there is no winner. 

Whirl busts out laughing to cover up the fact that he’s actually flattered. He’s got some pick-up lines of his own, but they’re all lewd. He tells them to you very loudly. In public. Whirl, calm down.

Ultra Magnus is just. So, so flattered. He blushes and murmurs a soft “thank you” in response to your compliments. Later, he has some lines of his own, but they’re not really pick-up lines as much as they are flowery poems. 

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might be kind of a rarepair but idw starjack (starscream/wheeljack) headcanons? how did they confess? where do they go on dates etc etc? thank you!

(Hnnnn I love Starjack but I always feel like I write it OOC???)

  • It’s Starscream who approaches Wheeljack first!
  • The first time they go for a drink it’s not a date- no way! Wheeljack doesn’t trust Screamer as far as he can through him…But they could both use some company…
  • Basically these two are that uber-long slow-burn fic you read at 2AM on a school night. It starts off with them leaning on each other emotionally (because who else will they lean on?) and eventually they decide on a relationship.
  • Dates are usually business meetings or recharging together since they’re so busy.
  • Ssshhh they actually admire each other quite a bit!
  • Wheeljack would never admit it, but he gets a lil protective of Starscream after he finds out about all the abuse he used to deal with. Starscream secretly appreciates it.

pretty cool how overwatch fans can have these like, ongoing emotionally tense debates over the ethics of pairing off two people who are maybe like 7 years apart in age and probably secretly both robots or something anyways whereas world of warcraft fans are just like “this wonderful unidimensional child prince could be either 17 or 25 or 9 at this point, there’s no way of knowing, but if he doesnt get married immediately in canon i am going to die in real life and take all of you with me”. anyways quit making posts online about anduins dick it’s a deeply deeply unsettling practice

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Consider: Lance and Pidge getting really jealous when Allura and Keith get closer ;3c

Oh and You actually reminded me of a fic idea that I have in my head.
It has kidge, kallura plance and allurance going on and boi lemme tell you it’s wild af.

It’s almost the same reality as VLD, everything happens in space. Pidge has a crush on Lance, but he seems to notice only nice girls, girly and into fashion - that’s like Pidges opposite. So she’s secretly working on… Kissing robot that will help her to learn how to kiss and be an ideal girlfriend for Lance.
Keith, on the other hand, is kinda crushing on Allura who is oblivious to his feelings because she doesn’t want any romantic relationship. She is like that because Pidge told her about her crush and poor Allura realized she likes Pidge, but since she likes Lance, they can’t be together.
Princess is heart broken, Keith is heart broken, Lance is a goofball and Pidge is trying her best.
So eventually Keith saw Pidges robot and laughed at her because a robot can’t teach anyone how to be a girlfriend/boyfriend. He decided to… Help Pidge…. This means acting as a couple, doing couple stuff, including…Kissing.
All this messed up situation leads to plot twists, slow burn and a lot of wild comic relief gags.
what do you say guys @leavesoflothlorien @camphalfgalra @rebelgirlmatrix1213

edit: cw for people with paranoia etc

i can always hear beeping in my ears as i fall asleep and sometimes I get scared that im secretly a robot but don’t know it ?? like when im in that hazy in-between consciousness place im like ??? what if im not programmed to be self aware ?? do my loved ones know ?? am i government placed ??? what if one day its Time and something Happens and my robot destiny is revealed

in reality its probably just the effects of daily autistic overload or something + i know that. but as i drift off im always counting the beeps like 👀🔎🤖

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So I’m just going to do for this for the ones that had been posted so hence going back 15 including my NSFWs here we go!

1. “If there was one thing worse than Garp’s obsession with the marines it was his obsession with bad old white and black movies” 

2. “ Edward Newgate was a man to be feared. “

3. “ Ace had changed. “

4.  “ The red and yellow forest did turn out to be beautiful. “

5.  “ “Are you a secretly a robot? Is that why this isn’t working?!”

6.   “ Sabo groans pushing his fingers deeper inside him.”

7. “ Marco is immoral. “

8.  “ “I’m sorry…I can’t keep doing this.”

9.  “We reserve the right to serve customers in this establishment.”

10.  “You okay?”

11.  “It’s been ages since it was just the two of us.”

12.  “ You like that?”

13.  “ When Ace died Sabo’s dream of being a pirate died with him. “

14.  “ Sabo stood his ground with desperate determination, bleeding and panting as a large shadow fell over his body. “

15. “ Sabo laid on his back in between his lovers staring up at the ceiling. “

Looks like I start a lot with either dialogue or someone’s name as my pattern. 

  • Carlos: A psychic firefighter trying to save his little sister who has become comatose due to her own psychic abilties
  • Akane: A Michavellian antihero who has killed herself and countless others throughout multiple timelines, internally living for thousands of years in an agonizing groundhog day loop until she can finally meet her goals
  • Junpei: Another psychic antihero who has joined a detective agency, taking on outright traumatizing cases in the hopes of seeing his childhood friend again one day
  • Diana: A nurse who apparently also has latent psychic abilties and has no problems whatsoever with screwing over six billion people if it means keeping her family safe
  • Sigma: A pioneer of robotics who has mind-swapped with his past self in order to avoid an apocalyptic disaster
  • Phi: Like Sigma, except instead of being a pioneer of robotics she's basically a time clone of herself
  • Q: A little boy who is also secretly a robot controlled by a supercomputer that can access alternate timelines
  • Mira: A serial killer who rips out people's hearts in an attempt to feel empathy, who basically just signed on to this project for kicks
  • Eric: He sells ice cream

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(Date thingy) 6'1, likes books, the color green and purple, and secretly has robot children 💜💚