secretly a food blog

Haikyuu!! and social media
  • Kenma has a youtube chanel. He updates twice a month, and it consists of difficult walkthroughs and game reviews. He has nearly 5k subscribers, despite not speaking more than necessary and never showing his face.
  • Bokuto and Kuroo are vine famous, but a part of their fame came from Akaashi’s cameos.
  • Oikawa has 30k followers on instagram, but half of those came from Iwa’s guns and Hanamaki’s and Matsukawa’s funny faces in the background - which Oikawa always notices only a couple of days later.
  • Bokuto sends the funniest snapchats ever and his story always has 100+ seconds.
  • Suga is secretly tumblr famous because of his sports-related/healthy food/motivational quotes side blog.
  • Akaashi has a youtube chanel that he created back in 2005 and still hasn’t changed the username. He has like 100k subscribes despite only updating once every two months with  short videos of his violing playing.
  • Yamamoto, Noya and Tanaka sometimes post parkour videos on vine, but the videos are always blurry and the only thing you can hear is someone laughing.
Tonights dinner!

Steamed broccoli and BBQ fresh salmon. Garnished with a little bit of lemon.

I’m secretly turning my blog into a food blog.

Fish is ok, right?

They don’t feel and I heard they eat babies so I can eat those bastards before they try to get to the top of the food chain, right?

That’s what I heard.