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Vienna is a 7 year old trapped in the mute body of a 3 year old thanks to a gift of eternal youth and innocence gone wrong. Feisty by nature, life grows more frustrating by the day as the world leaves her behind while she can't speak up. But a visit from Peter, a boy hailing from a place called Neverland, piques her interest. The Fountain of Youth which fuels the mystical land has run out of magic, and Vienna would give anything to pass her gift on so she can finally move forward with he life.

I’m really confused about this one. Was Vienna seven when she was trapped in the body of a three-year-old? Has it been a number of years since then, rendering her actually (for example) a sixteen-year-old trapped in the body of a three-year-old? Where are her parents, and how does this affect her home life? Who’s taking care of her? Everything except for the first sentence looks great, but the confusion I’m starting off with isn’t helping you any. Try revising the first sentence to make things a little bit more clear - or, alternately, skip the mention of age almost entirely with something like “Thanks for a gift of eternal youth and innocence gone wrong, Vienna has spent the last [x] years trapped in the mute body of a three-year-old, being passed from one caretaker to another…”


secretivepunch replied to your post:You, like me, love The Office. I have a question and I think you’re my best resource. I have a class project on Goal Setting and Planning. I want to include some clips from The Office or some examples. I can’t think of any specific episodes or examples right now cause my brain is shot. But what I have so far is: The planning Committee (horrible I know lol). I need some good examples of goal setting and planning from the office. Can you help me?

In “Shareholders Meeting” when Michael creates his 45 day, 45 point, 1 point per day plan to save the company.

haha great