Congrats to Christoph Waltz and Quentin Tarantino for winning Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay respectively. Brilliant! (And Tarantino got the “Wrap it Up” music to shut off so he could finish like an G!) Django was an awesomely original film and that’s all there is to it!

And I think it was really touching what he said about the actors making it possible for his characters to be memorable because there is so much truth to that statement. He has this great ability to create characters with little quirks and isms and then he finds the perfect people to play them!

secretivepunch  asked:

Vienna is a 7 year old trapped in the mute body of a 3 year old thanks to a gift of eternal youth and innocence gone wrong. Feisty by nature, life grows more frustrating by the day as the world leaves her behind while she can't speak up. But a visit from Peter, a boy hailing from a place called Neverland, piques her interest. The Fountain of Youth which fuels the mystical land has run out of magic, and Vienna would give anything to pass her gift on so she can finally move forward with he life.

I’m really confused about this one. Was Vienna seven when she was trapped in the body of a three-year-old? Has it been a number of years since then, rendering her actually (for example) a sixteen-year-old trapped in the body of a three-year-old? Where are her parents, and how does this affect her home life? Who’s taking care of her? Everything except for the first sentence looks great, but the confusion I’m starting off with isn’t helping you any. Try revising the first sentence to make things a little bit more clear - or, alternately, skip the mention of age almost entirely with something like “Thanks for a gift of eternal youth and innocence gone wrong, Vienna has spent the last [x] years trapped in the mute body of a three-year-old, being passed from one caretaker to another…”



I still own these books that I bought when I was in like 5th or 6th grade before I learned better. Now I realize, as an artist in training who has received better instruction from professors and proper books, these books are trash. Now I have better books and I can draw better than I could when I was in 5th or 6th grade.

I was looking through them and they don’t teach shit.

secretivepunch replied to your post:You, like me, love The Office. I have a question and I think you’re my best resource. I have a class project on Goal Setting and Planning. I want to include some clips from The Office or some examples. I can’t think of any specific episodes or examples right now cause my brain is shot. But what I have so far is: The planning Committee (horrible I know lol). I need some good examples of goal setting and planning from the office. Can you help me?

In “Shareholders Meeting” when Michael creates his 45 day, 45 point, 1 point per day plan to save the company.

haha great

So I guess the original voice actors aren't true Titans fans

I love how every once in a while I’ll hear someone spew bullshit about people who like Teen Titans Go aren’t “true” fans or “real” fans of Teen Titans.

1) Who made you supreme authority of the fandom? If you are in fact the supreme authority, I’m going to need to see the full list of criteria by which you dub a fan “real/true” or not. I also need to see an official document signed by every member of the fandom stating that you have the authority to speak for everyone and pass judgement.

2) I hope you realize that you are also insulting Scott Menville, Tara Strong, Hynden Walch, Khary Payton and Greg Cipes since they seem to enjoy being a part of this show. Because it’s impossible for them to like the new goofy Titans and still like the old Titans if they were true fans. They should be ashamed and you should tell them to feel bad about themselves for “ruining/slaughtering/destroying your childhood.” I bet that will make their day.

3) While this may be unrelated, I bet that even if the Titans were revamped with different voice actors and character designs…folks would still relentlessly complain and meticulously compare it to the 2003 series. This would lead to crying about “these aren’t the Titans I know and love”, “I want the old Titans back”, which translates to “I want an exact replica of the show you made 10 years ago because THESE are the true Titans and all change is automatically bad.”

4) Let all of us get a grip and let this pass. If you don’t like it, fine. You’re allowed to not like different interpretations of characters you’ve gotten attached too. (I will probably never accept comic book Starfire and I preferably would like Raven to always have grey skin with purple eyes/hair and Cyborg to say booyah) If the show tanks, it tanks and if it’s a hit, it’s a hit but don’t try to be an elitist.

5) Rant over.


-A Titans fan.


Robots and Aliens: The Story

-The story starts with Ben being missing for 3 years. He was last seen being picked up by a Space Shuttle to supposedly attend an Intergalactic Peacekeeping Conference, against Max’s wishes. He was originally deferred because he was so young and immature but then mysteriously received an invitation. Max still felt that he shouldn’t go but Ben stubbornly argued with him resulting in them falling out with one another. Ben went anyway and was never seen again. When he is found again, his attitude has significantly changed. He is less impulsive, doubts his own decision making skills, overly-cautious and slightly resentful for being stuck with the Omnitrix since it’s caused him immense trouble. 

-Gwen has been looking for her cousin ever since he went missing. Her parents have forbidden her from speaking or spending time with to Max since they believe if she remains associated with Plumber business she will go missing just like Ben. Gwen still practices her sorcery (which has now evolved from blue magic to pink magic) and uses it to investigate Ben’s disappearance. 

-Kevin, having escaped the Null Void and regained human form, finds a way back to Earth hoping to still exact revenge on the Tennyson family then go back to being a troublemaker. He unexpectedly runs into Gwen and after a brief fight learns that Ben has been missing for a year. He’s surprised when Gwen forgives all of his past actions and agrees to be civil with him. Kevin, grateful that someone is willing to be his friend, agrees to try turning over a new leaf. As a reminder of this promise, he gives Gwen the lock he keeps around his neck and agrees to help her find Ben.

-Vilgax still has a vendetta against Ben and is the one responsible for Ben’s disappearance. The Space Shuttle transported him directly to Vilgax’s ship and he became his prisoner ever since. He has formed an alliance with Vexus, disgraced and deposed former Queen of Cluster Prime, and her 2nd in command Smytus. She has promised him the entire robot population of Cluster Prime to help Vilgax in his conquest of Earth in exchange for help with getting revenge against Jenny XJ9.

-Smytus despises Vilgax for becoming more important to Vexus than him. He continually tries to disprove his incompetence and has plans that he hides from the both of them.

Since Vexus and Vilgax’s team up, alien activity has drastically increased on Earth. This forces Jenny to drop out of high school and go on patrol nearly 24/7. Brad has officially joined the Skyway Patrol which has been overhauled to be more efficient with the help of Nora Wakeman, Jenny’s mother/creator. Tuck still tags along as much as he can so he can still be involved with “cool, robot vs alien action.”

-Brit and Tiff Crust have been rejected from every reputable fashion school for their vile and repugnant attitudes. Amazingly, they still blame Jenny for all of their strife and vow revenge on her. They are approached by Smytus, who convinces them that the Crystals are back in style and recruits them to once again join his side (as they did in Escape from Cluster Prime).

-The story begins 3 years after Ben has disappeared. Gwen dozes off in class and has a dream that Ben will return in Bellwood park. She and Kevin go to Ben’s house and sneak into his room. Gwen uses a pack of Sumo Slammer Cards and a tracing spell to once again see if there is any trace of Ben nearby. Surprisingly, she picks up his trail and they find themselves in Bellwood Park where the Omnitrix was originally found. Just as they arrive, an escape pod crashes down and upon investigation, they find an unconscious Ben inside. His arrival causes Jenny to appear and attack the group for suspicion of being hostile. After a short battle, they make peace and realize that they’re problems are related. Teaming up, they investigate the rise of alien activity and resolve to stop Vexus and Vilgax’s plans for Earth conquest.

Other people who were to appear 

From Ben 10 Universe: Azmuth, Charmcaster, Mike Morningstar, and Paradox (I’m probably forgetting some people)

From MLAATR Universe: Sheldon, Silver Shell (not controlled by Sheldon), Misty, Krakus, Vega, Melody and XJ’s 1-8. (still probably forgetting some people)

“The brain is the human body’s most mysterious organ. It learns.It changes.It adapts. It tells us what we see. What we hear. It lets us feel love. I think it holds our soul. But no matter how much research we do…no one can really say how all that delicate grey matter inside our skull works. And when it’s hurt, when the human brain is traumatized, well…that’s when it gets even more mysterious.”

-Calliope “Callie” Torres

I always loved this quote from Grey’s Anatomy and this episode.

I made this last year for Valentine’s Day and to amuse myself for I am part of the single population

Titled It’s Always Sunny on Valentine’s Day

I combined my love of Teen Titans and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and had Beast Boy and Raven re-enact Charlie’s marriage proposal to the Waitress in the episode “The Nightman Cometh”. You should look it up on Youtube if you’re curious.


I had another story idea where Raven and Loki (in their reincarnated child forms) meet up and tried helping each other return to their normal selves. Both with no memories of their past actions but racked with inexplicable crushing guilt, they both just want to prove they can be good despite their inherent nature. Loki is still a troublemaker at heart but good natured while Raven tries to curb his bad tendencies. In the end, they are forced to go their separate ways with Raven regaining her old form and returning to the Titans and Loki going back to Asgard to hopefully reform under the guidance of Thor. They meet again, both having regained their normal forms, and revive their friendship. However, Loki is blissfully back to his bad ways and still causing trouble and Raven still feels the need to help him. They playfully antagonize one another and there might be some feelings between the two.

I just like the idea of them being kindred spirits.

Art Punch

Composition planning…I think I’m on to something…just have to figure out what works best. And Ben will be wearing a hood and sporting shaggier hair. I want him to look a little worn down and maybe a little unsure about the Omnitrix. And I think I want to have Azmuth in there somewhere but not sure where to fit him in. And I don’t want Tuck to look like a total punk.

UH, I just realized that I drew the Omnitrix on the wrong wrist…silly me…