TheUltimateFandomer’s Top Fanfics for Random OTPs

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while! So, here you have my top three fanfics for some of my random OTPs. If you want a fic rec for an OTP that is not listed, let me know and I’ll create one! 

Spirk [Spock/Kirk AOS]

Subverted Ambitions

 by notboldly [44k, FINISHED]

After trying to achieve peace for over a century, Vulcans and humans decide to hold a series of arranged marriages. As an ambitious young captain, James Kirk agrees to the merger…only to find that his ambitions soon change. 

Of Coffee Beans And Green Tea Leaves

by Se7en_devils [16k. FINISHED]

The progression of a relationship, through Coffee Beans and Green Tea Leaves. 

How We Operate


To ensure Jim’s continued Captaincy, Spock sacrifices something on a diplomatic away mission that has devastating consequences for him. Despite his growing problems, Spock continues to hide what was done to him, even at the price of his relationship with Jim as well as the crew; and even at the price of himself.  I just need to say that this is in my top five fics of all time. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it.

Frerard [Frank Iero/Gerard Way]

Brian Schechter’s School For The Gifted

 by casesandcapitals [



Brian Schechter’s School For The Gifted is opening in September, but Gerard doesn’t want to go. He hates it when people make fun of his giant bat wings or fawn over his much more talented little brother.
But Gerard finds that he loves being at school with other mutants who make him feel normal, especially his roommate Frank. But all is not as it seems and soon students begin to go missing…

Coffee Cup Emoji by dannyavidAAAng [34k, FINISHED]

A Barnes & Noble Starbucks isn’t typically the kind of café to develop regulars, but Gerard certainly isn’t complaining

Until Our Time Runs Out by PlanetarySTOP [16k, UNFINISHED, STILL UPDATING]

Frank Iero meets an eccentric, dark hair atrocity by the name of Gerard Way during his way-too-early Physics class. Will they eventually have hot sex or will they eventually have hot sex? Idk mysterious.

Merthur [Arthur Pendragon/Merlin]

School Days by JustCatchMe24 [31k, FINISHED]

Merlin is a primary school teacher, and his student’s father is the divorced Arthur Pendragon. Modern/AU, Romance, kid-fic.

Things That Merlin Isn’t Allowed To Do (According to Prince Arthur) by Itar94 [130k, FINISHED]

A list which everyone in Camelot should be aware of, in which Arthur is a prat/possessive and Merlin is stubborn/too endearing for his own good.

Social Networking Encourages Stalkerish Tendencies by SecretForKeeps [16k, FINISHED]

In which Merlin is an adorable nerd and Arthur becomes a bit of an internet stalker. And everyone is on tumblr.

TenRose/TenPetals [Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler]

Destiny by Reddwarfaddict [39k, FINISHED. First of a series of seven novels and is currently being updated.]

The Doctor and Rose are in an intense romantic relationship on board the TARDIS living happily, until one day the Doctor’s future self, battered and bruised, turns up in Torchwood intent on breaking the laws of times and changing his own past. DocWhump This series is utterly amazing. I strongly encourage you to read the entirety of it.

Ten Minus Five  by Reddwarfaddict [46k, FINISHED]

A new type of foe is invading the Earth; a potential threat to humankind - but can the Doctor save the Earth when he’s only five-years-old? Some DoctorWhump.

Jack by Reddwarfaddict [5k, UNFINISHED, STILL UPDATING]

The Doctor and Rose are forced by the TARDIS to the 52nd century, where they meet a Jack in the middle of his two years of missing memories fighting a gruesome biological war. Unable to leave, they must adopt fake identities under Jack’s command, but if the Doctor and Rose are discovered for who they really are, death is inevitable. DoctorWhump

Johnlock [John Watson/Sherlock Holmes BBC]

Serendipity by Robottko [2k, FINISHED]

Based off of this tumblr prompt: Sherlock is a quiet nerd who pines after John from afar but one summer Sherlock grows 5 inches and his voice drops and come school year John sees him and HEARS him and realizes he may not be as straight as he thought.

From A Window by theofficialsherlockholmes [3k, FINISHED]

John didn’t really mean to make friends with the strange boy two stories up, but he sure is glad that he did.

Drarry [Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy]

What Ever Happened To Harry Potter? by MystyVander [48k, FINISHED]

Five years after the battle against Voldemort and the Death Eaters ends and it seems as though the whole Wizarding World is finally at ease, everybody living happily. Except for the fact that their Saviour cannot be found and has been presumed dead ever since he went missing after the Death Eaters trial on the following day of the Final Battle. Where has Harry Potter gone to? Is he dead? Did he runaway? Why? What is he doing now? Some even believe he has gone into recession only to become the fallen Dark Lord’s predecessor. All of these questions need to be answered and only one young man is anxious enough to answer them, but he forgets to ask himself the most important question of all; Why does he even care about Harry Potter?

Happy Reading!

I promised I’ll do something for Merlin Fanfiction Appreciation Weekend so HERE IT IS, my first ever list of favorite fanfics! It’s not completed, but at least it’s something. 

E-rated fics: 

The Unintentional Wooing Skills of Arthur Pendragon by giselleslash (5k) 

Services Needed by rotrude (31k) 

Chance Meetings and Less Chance Events by rotrude (13k) 

You Looking at Me Looking at You by ArgentSleeper (23k) 

Love on a Wire by ColorWheel (30k) 

No Business I Know by 55sunsets (62k) 

The Letter Q by herbeautifullie (11k) 

The Hunter by Lindiloo02 (59k) 

Playing for Keeps by rotrude (75k) 

The Sound of Silence by sky_reid (40k) 

A Modern Manservant by Mamalazzer (112k) 

Vampires and Werewolves and Flatshares, Oh My! by kathkin (26k) 

Reflash by leviathans_moon (37k) 

This Falsehood of the Tongue by Skitz_phenom (33k) 

Ebb and Flow by neuroticnick (36k) 

Rule Number Four by neuroticnick (47k) 

The Sidhe Prince by orphan_account (67k) 

M-RYS by mornmeril (123k) 

Keep the Magic Secret by neuroticnick (73k) 

more grace than Heaven ever dreamed of by whirligigged (3k) 

Catch Me A Catch by giselleslash (32k) 

Dragonborn by Camelittle (57k) 

Midnight Dragon by rotrude (23k) 

Game, Set, Match by ingberry (15k) 

Nine Weddings and a Funeral by giselleslash (11k) 

Arthur Pendragon Is Many Things by nomical (38k) 

Every Story is a Love Story by lady_ragnell (24k) 

Not Quite Hogwarts by eledhwenlin (23k) 

Mr & Mr Smith by Detochkina (92k, wip) 

Come Back and Haunt Me by GeekLover (62k) 

Seven Magpies by syllic (33k) 

M-rated fics: 

Merlin Myrddin The Muralist by deanpendragon (63k) 

It’s a match by Fletcher (16k) 

Attachments by lawgoddess (11k) 

Dosed by Jaqueline (24k) 

Laundry Letters by dysonrules (7k) 

Now Cracks A Noble Heart by Tari_Sue (21k) 

Let Us Dare by kianspo (29k) 

Caesura by StormDancer (52k) 

The Student Prince by FayJay (145k) 

Timshel by ems (32k) 

Fundamental Imperfection by Starlingthefool (12k) 

The Future Soon by lady_ragnell (30k) 

T-rated fics: 

I’m Colourblind, Kid by brbsoulnomming (13k) 

Fan Favorite by harrycrewe (8k) 

The Son-in-Law by Tossukka (4k) 

a pendragon’s heart (is forever) [the five flashbacks remix] by eyesofapanda (1k) 

As Long As We Have We by lady_ragnell (17k) 

Acts of Man by Wreck (5k) 

The Hardest Way Possible by lady_ragnell (12k) 

Life in the Key of C-Sharp by thalialunacy (9k) 

More Than Just a Game by Ivalee (21k) 

Thicker Than Water by fuzzytomato (8k) 

Ebb and Flow by staymagical (6k) 

Truth, Trust and Partnership by Ivalee (47k) 

picture says a thousand words by pixiepuff (colourmecrunchy) (4k) 

If Perfect’s What You’re Searching For by i_claudia (18k) 

Dragons are Better than People by asilentherald (24k) 

Educating Arthur by shadowglove88 (18k) 

Social Networking Encourages Stalkerish Tendencies by SecretForKeeps (16k) 

For Your Information by reni_days (9k) 

The Quiet World by alyssamoore (2k) 

And This Is How I See You by Emjayelle (15k) 

The Last Words by Katrina_Linden (840) 

G-rated fics: 

The art of falling in love (Alternate title- My king, my friend, my soul.) by SilverQuill (2k) 

The Tulip Thief by Polomonkey (3k) 

The Prince’s Speech by ladysockalot (35k) 

Thanks to the wonderful authors who have written all these amazing fics! (and those whose fics I don’t include here because I can’t remember where the hell I save the links. Sorry!)

Social Networking Encourages Stalkerish Tendencies

Arthur/Merlin Modern AU. In which Merlin is an adorable nerd and Arthur becomes a bit of an internet stalker. And everyone is on tumblr.

Modern AU
Rating: PG-13
Author: SecretForKeeps
Wordcount: 17,879

It’s probably no surprise to you all that I love a meta. Meta-fics are extremely fun to read, IMO. And this one? It is also well written and delicious, down deep the pining end and with all of the best and worst things on tumblr. Special: bouquet of roses.  Enjoy!

Rating: A

~ Diana Prallon

Read it here

let-me-wander  asked:

Yeeeeeep I'm on Ch 57 T__T I also bought BNHA stickers at Anime Expo. Full on trash mode. I'm not really feeling Bakushima yet tho? Like, my initial impression of Bakugou was kinda as just an explosive asexual hahahaha. No time for love, only fire!

Bakushima comes in full swing on ch 90. All of sudden it hits you and then you do a double take on all the past interactions those two have had and its like “AND AT LAST I SEE THE LIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!”

no srsly, you will see when you get there.

Glad you’re in the fandom now, haha!!!

Wait until the 90s chaps, then we will full blown Dad Might too! Not even joking

anonymous asked:

Hi, i was wondering if you could please rec any fics where A/M are youtubers? Thank you!

I Am Gwen (the cutest cat on the Internet!) by gwyllion
Merlin is a lonely cat-loving bicycle messenger who is obsessed with Gwen—an adorable feline who stars in YouTube videos and whose owner has never been seen on camera. One day, Merlin makes a delivery to an apartment that seems strangely familiar. Destiny ensues.

It’s The Merlin and Arthur Format! by Anon
Merlin is a videoblogger on YouTube, and Arthur is his boyfriend, whom Merlin sometimes persuade to perform in various skits with him.

Of similar format/theme you might enjoy:

Skinny Love by jxnna
Social Networking Encourages Stalkerish Tendencies by SecretForKeeps

All things are ours by cassie_black12

They meet on Chatroulette & Believe It Or Not, I Found My Half On The Internet! by superfletch
Something more than this desperation by Anon