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Boss!2p!italy x secretay!fem!reader scenerio where she's finally paid off her debt and is planning to quit.

“What did you say?” Luciano asked. “I said that I have to quit. I finally paid off my debt. Thank you so much for giving me the job though” she repeated. Luciano sighed and stood up. He went and walked over the door. “You aren’t done paying off anything.” He said and locked the door with his fingerprint. “What do you mean? Last payment was all i needed to finish it off…” S/O said and backed away from him as he moved closer. “I gave you this job to help you….now you owe me” he stated. “Okay…..what do I owe?” she asked, despite already having a feeling she knew. “You owe me….your heart” he said and grinned. Before S/O could say anything he grabbed her and put a cloth up to her face. She passed out in a few seconds. “You don’t get out of deals of mine so easily bella~” he mused to himself and dragged her off, never to be seen outside again.

Ahora entiendo porque Camila ya no me atiende el teléfono

me eliminó de Facebook y de gmail

y me dijo que no quería verme más.

No es porque no me quiere,

es que lasecuestraron alienígenas  

y la sustituyeron por un clon

que está programado para realizar  una misión ultra secreta

y no me reconoce

porque me borraron de su memoria

porque ella estaba profundamente enamorada de mi

y eso podía entorpecer la operación del clon

y solo tengo que espera que todo termine

y la vuelvan a dejar en la tierra y todo vuelva a ser como antes.