Why does this cabinet drawer always seem to be stuck?? 📠📦 #secretaryproblems
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I just wasted about 10 hours of my life working on an Excel sheet that supposedly was to lessen the burden of my work. Instead, it took away valuable time from me doing it by myself, manually. I hate shortcuts, they never work correctly for me, yet I always try to use them anyway.

In the future, before sending something out, check that it works first, come to understand it, then explain it too. Don’t rely on trusting someone else’s supposed expertise on the topic.

Phone Etiquette


Me (Professional voice): Thank you for calling All Saints Hospital Labor and Delivery. This is Shola; how can I help you?

Man (Thick country accent; words wrapped in disgust and confusion): Uhhhhh WHO, WHAT?

Me (I’m going to be nice because God has been good to me voice aka the “Dr. Heavenly” voice): Good afternoon sir. My name is Shola, you are calling All Saints Labor and Delivery.

Man (Accent still as thick as my hair, but less upset): What is this?

Me (You have got to be shitting me, but still nice voice): A hospital.

Man (Rude taxi driver voice): Where?

Me (Sour laced in sugar voice): Dallas.

Man (Scratching his head while holding the phone like a banana voice): Why did you call me? What’d ya want?

Me (It’s going to be this kind of call voice): Sir, I’m not sure why the hospital called you. Maybe you have a relative you missed a call from, or maybe someone was calling to remind you about an appointment. I can patch you through to an operator.

Man: No.

Me: Are you sure?

Man: Yes. Nevermind.

Me. Ok. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Man (Hurried voice): You talk too fast.

Me: I’m sorry?

Man: *click*


Secretary for a month

I was a secretary in a hospital before I started nursing school. I’m actually a second-degree nursing student in an accelerated BSN program.

Right now I’m back in my old position temporarily to make some money over my school break and it is SO. WEIRD. Instead of managing my own patient caseload I’m answering phones. I can’t answer patient questions (even when I have an answer!) because that’s now beyond the scope of my practice. It’s fun(ish) being back but I miss the autonomy of my clinical work. 

But no one’s pooped on me in like a month and to be honest I don’t particularly miss THAT part of nursing. 

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