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Department of Interior Cancels Oil Leases On Sacred Tribal Lands In Montana
The end of the Reagan era deals is a victory for the Blackfeet Nation.

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okay so here’s the skinny far as I could tell from the article:

  • Back in the 80s, under Reagan, a bunch of land in Montana was leased to major oil companies in case they wanted to develop there. This was done without consulting the local Blackfeet, who would not have okayed it because this land is sacred to them.
  • The land didn’t get developed, and the Department of the Interior has been slowly canceling the 47 leases. They whittled it down to 17, and 15 of those were held by one company, Devon Energy Corp.
  • So on Nov 16 the CEO of Devon Energy Corp sat down with Sally Jewell, the Secretary of the Interior, and with several leaders of the Blackfeet tribe, and signed away the leases. These 15 have now also been cancelled.
  • Said CEO says he did this because it was “simply the right thing to do.”
  • Devon Energy Corp: Not That Bad™
  • Trump and/or his shadow government hasn’t nominated a new Secretary of the Interior yet but the options include an oil executive and Sarah Palin. It’s not like they’re going to prioritize this.
  • So Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior, is pushing this to happen as fast as possible so the leases can be canceled before the year is up.
  • (she did not say this explicitly I’m reading between the lines here)
  • There are still two leases in place; the Dep. of the Interior says it has to track down the leaseholders before it can cancel those too.
  • Sally Jewell says she and her team have demonstrated “the right path forward” for whoever ends up as the next Secretary of the Interior.
  • She also said what’s happening in North Dakota is proof you’ve got to do these things right from the beginning, aka actually talk to the native tribes who live near your giant oil projects.
  • Sally Jewell: Knows What’s Up™
  • The chairman of the Blackfeet Nation called this “a victory for the people of Montana, it’s a victory for the people of the United States and the world.”

In Harm’s Way: Native Students Learning in Crumbling Buildings

Thousands of American Indian children went to school today in buildings that are an immediate and serious threat to their health and safety.Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said in a teleconference with reporters, “BIE schools are historically some of the lowest-performing schools in the nation. The infrastructure crumbling and they have a severe lack of resources.”


ICYMI: Two Generations of Interior / americasgreatoutdoors and BLM Leadership Mark 15th Anniversary of National Conservation Lands

Last Saturday, June 20th, current and former Department of the Interior and BLM leadership gathered in Shelter Cove, California, with conservation and community leaders to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the BLM’s National Conservation Lands - a system that conserves, protects, and restores nationally significant landscapes.

To mark the milestone of the 15th anniversary, Interior Secretary Jewell and former Interior Secretary Babbitt unveiled a commemorative walkway at the King Range NCA, which was the first unit of the system and the beginning of the National Conservation Lands. Also a part of the celebration, BLM Director Kornze announced new interactive recreational maps for 42 National Conservation Lands, with more to come.  

Check out the event highlights in the following video, which includes interviews with Jewell, Babbitt, and Kornze. (Video by Jayson Barangan, BLM)  CLICK HERE for more information about the event and interactive maps.

We have a moral obligation to the next generation to leave our land, water, and wildlife better than we found it.
—  Sally Jewell, 51st Secretary of the Interior speaking at the National Press Club to discuss conservation priorities, including Interior’s role in the President’s Climate Action Plan, and strengthening the nation’s economy through healthy lands, water and wildlife. 

The Interior Department’s Stunning Instagram Photos Will Help You Find Your Inner Explorer

It’s officially summer, season of beaches, iced coffee and, of course, the great outdoors.

The Department of the Interior has been chronicling the beauty of America’s public lands on its Instagram account. The photos, taken by parkgoers, department employees and sometimes even Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, feature stunning vistas and the more-than-occasional baby animal.

(Travis Roe / Grand Canyon National Park)


Secretary Jewell Hikes Utah with DOI Employees

On June 29, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell spent the morning with DOI employees on BLM lands in the Oquirrh Mountains of Utah.  Before leaving on the hike to Barney’s Peak, Secretary Jewell spoke about her love for the outdoors and the work that Interior employees are doing in the field.

“I might have the biggest office in Washington, D.C., thanks to Harold Ickes [the Interior secretary under Franklin D. Roosevelt], but I like yours much better,” said Jewell.

An avid mountain climber, Jewell made the 3,000-foot ascent chatting with BLM staffers like fire investigator Teresa Rigby, fuels specialist Brad Washa, recreation planner Roxanne Tea and firefighter Ethan Hill. 

Echoing her message delivered the day before at the Annual Meeting of the Western Governor’s Associaton in Park City, Utah, Secretary Jewell discussed balanced management of public lands and the economic importance of activities such as outdoor recreation, travel and tourism, and responsible energy development to local communities throughout the West.

“Is the resource being managed in a way that supports not just now but our children and our grandchildren, and also our economy? If I can help make that happen because of the people on the ground here and let them get the recognition,” Jewell said, “I would be delighted.”

View more photos from the hike: