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Handwriting Expert Makes New Shakespeare Discoveries
Folger scholar leads project to transcribe and digitize hundreds of documents about the Bard, discovering details that were overlooked for centuries.
By Jennifer Maloney

Folger scholar Dr. Heather Wolfe leads project to transcribe and digitize hundreds of documents about the Bard, discovering details that were overlooked for centuries.

““Wow,” said Harvard University professor Stephen Greenblatt, when told this week by The Wall Street Journal that Dr. Wolfe’s colleague had found the document. Dr. Greenblatt has written about the episode but didn’t know a more detailed account existed. “So many things are lost and have disappeared,” he said. “We think we know the past. We don’t know the past. We know pieces of the past.””

George Washington: I have no favorite Secretary, I love both Alexander Hamilton and *reads smudged handwriting on hand* Tom ass Jeff’s son


ODategumi(Odagumi+Dategumi) Mafia/major corporation AU

Souza- Financial advisor/tactician/industrial spy. Was brought in by to pay his family debt by selling his organs, but Tsurumaru discovered his talent in tactics and convinced him to work for the president instead. His brothers are sponsored with scholarships from the company but he knows that it is more of a hostage. In a light-yet-unfriendly rivalry with Hasebe for the right-hand man position.

Shokudaikiri- Head of Director @ Entertainment branch. Mainly in charge of casinos and prostitution business. Was brought up in a fine family and graduated prestigious university. No special backstory. He just works wherever pays him the best. Flamboyant, friendlYy, professional & ruthless.

Hasebe- Head of Secretary. Right-hand man of the boss. Dirty deeds done cheap. Will do whatever was ordered. However it is more of a sense of duty than true loyalty. From the same fraternity as Shokudaikiri. Has a strong dislike for Tsurumaru.

Ookurikara- Chief Officer of Security @ Shokudaikiri’s Casino. Born to a prostitute in one of Shokudaikiri’s districts. He brought him in to work as bouncer. Feels slightly repulsed by Shokudaikiri’s lack of morals but likes & appreciates him in general. Childhood dream: policemen

Yagen: Was known as a boy genius a few years back & currently works as the president’s personal doctor after graduating med school. Doesn’t consider himself as a part of the family & sees himself more as a spectator. Shows interest in Souza and his backstory. Willing to help him with whatever he can.

Tsurumaru- The president’s bastard son. Many know him as a party-hard brainless douche but is actually very cunning & plans to overthrow his father to become the head of corps. Has a knack for discovering others’ talents and was the actual person responsible for scouting Souza, Shokudaikiri, Hasebe, Ookurikara, and Yagen. He is recruiting them once again for his coup d'etat.


favourite elizabeth moments → 143. “What is it?” (2.01 The Show Must Go On)

has tumblr watched gentleman’s agreement because i think they’d love it? it’s an expose on antisemitism starring gregory peck and it tears apart the passive gentile liberals like you would not believe. like, i was shocked this was created in the 1940s. it was really interesting and good and i highly recommend.

Magnolia Part 3

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Member: Baekhyun (ft. Yixing)

Genre: Fluff and general

Word count: 1,624

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Part 1, Part 2

The ‘new guy’ label has been going around the office. The buzz had been leaving the women of your office on the edge of their chairs. It was rumoured that this new employee was Baekhyun’s friend back in the States, whom Baekhyun is going to hire as the company’s managing director. With such a high company position, academic qualification and looks (it was stated by the secretaries of the upper hands that he was as dreamy as Byun Baekhyun was), which female would leave that bachelor alone?

Today was like every other day in the office, you were sent to do administrative stuff for the rest in your department. The printing room was your very own office now, you spent most of your time here. Although you entered the company with a great resume, your department never cared whether you were actually paid to be drawing out buildings not getting faxes from the other branches of Byun Enterprises. You sigh as you lean your weight against the printer sipping your hot instant coffee.

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Anchor - Isaac Lahey.

Not my gif.

It’s hard whenyou are shipped across the country because of one little mistake. That little mistake caused (Y/n) to leave behind her family and friends because she couldn’t control her shifting. Her mother shipped her to Beacon Hills because she knew Derek can help her.

“Look, it’s not going to be that hard. I have a few friends that can help you” Derek said as arrived at the school.
“Derek, seriously? I left my best friends because of one small mistake” She mumbled.
“Destroying some stranger’s house wasn’t a small mistake” Derek stated.

(Y/n) got out of the car and headed inside the school. The unfamiliar scent caused her to tense up. She didn’t want to be here but she continued to walk to the office to get her schedule.

“Here you go, sweetie” The secretary handed her schedule.

(Y/n) began reading her schedule as she left the office which was a bad idea because she quickly bumped into someone. She got a whiff of the persons scent. A werewolf. She looked up to see a guy with a smirk on his lips.

“Derek told me about you” He spoke up.
“You must be my babysitter then” She rolled her eyes. “And a werewolf”
“You’re a feisty one. And a cute one” He chuckled. “I’m Isaac”

The bell rang and they headed to class. Luckily, Isaac had first period with her and they walked together. (Y/n) was intrigued by Isaac and thought he was pretty cute as well. Isaac’s heart beat started to beat fast when he was with (Y/n) which meant he was falling for her.

That was (Y/n)’s first day of school and now it’s been months. She’s been loving Beacon Hills and made good friends. She especially got close with Isaac.

“Are you ready for the full moon tonight?” Isaac asked.
“Isaac, it’s been months and I still can’t control it” She groaned.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get it eventually” Isaac patted her shoulder.

Both Isaac and (Y/n) headed to Derek’s loft where (Y/n) will be chained up once again. (Y/n) was getting tired of not controlling her shift on a full moon. She was upset with herself because she couldn’t find her anchor.

“You will find your anchor” Derek said as he began to put her in chains.

Isaac stood behind Derek as he watched him finish up putting the chains on her. They looked out the window to see the moon high in the sky. (Y/n) began to growl. Derek and Isaac stood next to each other as they watched her try to break free.

“(Y/n), you can do this!” Derek yelled.

(Y/n)’s eyes glowed blue before trying to attack Derek but the chains stopped her. She felt stronger and the chains began to break. Derek had taken a step back; he knew that she was strong werewolf. Isaac knew that he can help her.

“(Y/n)!” Isaac yelled. “Listen to me; I know you won’t hurt anyone”
“Isaac leave!” She growled.
“No” Isaac stood in front of her. “You won’t do it”

(Y/n) suddenly lunged at Isaac, digging her claws into his arms. Isaac pretended not be pain for the sake for her.

“You can do this” Isaac looked at her. “I believe in you and because I love you” he whispered the last part.

(Y/n) was taken back at the last part. She suddenly retreated her claws back as she started to return to normal self. She saw the blood on Isaac’s arms.

“Isaac, I’m so sorry” She quickly apologized.
“It’s okay. I’m okay and you’re okay” Isaac cupped her face in his hands.
“Did you really mean it?” She asked.
“Of course I Do” Isaac smiled.

(Y/n) had pressed her lips against Isaacs as wrapped her arms around his neck. Derek had been long gone from the room.

“Why haven’t you told me?” She asked as she pulled away.
“I guess, I didn’t have the guts until now” Isaac chuckled.

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Top 10 favourite songs? 🌸

Ooh, hard question. In no particular order:
Glory Box - Portishead
House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
January - Bridget Davis and the Viking Kings
Kill V. Maim - Grimes
Secretary - Charming Disaster
The Hand that Feeds - N.I.N.
Gooey - Glass Animals
Cola - Lana Del Rey
Premonitions - Vaults
Smooth - Santana