secretarial work


I love how nice Lena is to her employees. She calls them by their first name and she’s always so nice to them. At least from the two interactions we’ve seen.

I wonder how many secretaries/assistants she has though. We’ve seen three:

Our lovely Jess the secretary

Alana the traitor

fuck you Alana

And then we have that lovely person, sadly we don’t know her name, but she was in 2x01 and 2x03

Of course, Jess, the captain of our ship is our fave and I hope Alana is dead.

Now I want to meet her driver, since it’s a huge headcanon that she has one. He drives Kara and Lena to all their dates, I bet he ships them too.



Basically a German produced 1930′s film that features a student who falls in love with her teacher. Some kissing/hugs in it. NOT A HAPPY ENDING.

Pretty good for the time period


A student tells a lie about her two female teachers and causes one of them to question her sexuality. NOT A HAPPY ENDING. 

Again good for the time period. 


An old woman visits her old school and reflects on a past lesbian love she had at the school. NOT A HAPPY ENDING.

4. Just the two of us 1973

A pair of housewives fall into bed together after seeing two women hold hands in a restaurant on sunset boulevard. One is a lesbian and the other is exploring. NOT A HAPPY ENDING. 

5. WINDOWS 1980

Lesbian psycho stalker. NOT A HAPPY ENDING


Two young athletes engage in sexual relationship, however, one of the girls leaves and goes off to be with a man. 

7. THE HUNGER 1983

An aging vampire dumps her boyfriend for a woman. 

8. LIANNA 1983

Lianna, a naive young wife of a professor bored with her life has an affair with another woman, Ruth and when her affair becomes common knowledge, she finds herself shunned by both her friends and family. NOT A HAPPY ENDING.

9. Desert Hearts 1985

A middle aged woman in current divorcing of her husband pursues an affair with a young woman named Cay whom she meets in Reno at a ranch. HAPPY ENDING. It is worth a watch.


The daughter of a Japanese ambassador has an affair with the wife of a Nazi officer. The Japanese woman ruins it by sleeping with the Nazi officer. 


November is a french/german Jew who falls in love with a french woman in Nazi-occupied France. The two women must fight to be with each other, hiding November in the rural countryside. GUYS THIS FILM IS LIKE HAPPY ENDING ISH BUT YOU WILL CRY COS SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENS IN END WORTH THE WATCH.


A young Tina Kernard from L word plays a butch Randy who falls in love with a an upper class black girl. I dont really like it, its overhyped. 

13. GO FISH 1994

Max is a young lesbian student who meets Ely, they end up at her place and, after some flirtatious conversation, they kiss. Suddenly a call comes in from Ely’s  partner Kate, with whom Ely has been in a long-distance relationship for more than two years, which puts a bit of a damper on things. Ely decides to cut off all her hair, ending up with a very short butch style. She runs into Max in a bookstore and Max almost does not recognize her. Ely and her roommate Daria throw a dinner party and, after a spirited game of I Never, Max and Ely reconnect. They make plans to go out again and then begin kissing. They have several phone conversations, in the course of which Ely reveals that she’s “sort of broken up” with Kate. They get together for a second date but they never make it out of the apartment. Max ends up trimming Ely’s fingernails. This turns into foreplay and they have sex. HAPPY ENDING.


Two women fall in love, a maths teacher and a married secretary who works in the same school. They pursue a relationship to the dismay of work colleagues and family. The two women want to marry each other aw aw aw HAPPY ENDING. This film is a bit of a flop tho


Camille a christian professor meets Petra who is in the circus. Camille has a boyfriend however, falls in love with Petra. Happy Ending, worth the watch. 

16. BOUND 1996

Corky, a tough female ex con falls in love with Violet, the girlfriend of a mobster. Together they concoct a scheme to steal millions of stashed mob money and pin the blame on Violet’s crooked boyfriend Caesar. Happy ending for couple, its not your romantic comedy or anything but ok


Two women fall in love, ones straight, others got a girl, its ok movie

18. FUCKING AMAL(show me love) 1998

Agnes is a depressed teenager with no friends and is in love with the popular girl Elin. After a dare to kiss Agnes, Elin discovers she is attracted to Agnes and avoids her, sleeping with a boy to convince herself otherwise. Elin realises she loves Agnes and kiss in the schools bathroom, the entire school  see them and in turn are outed. HAPPY ENDING.


Based on a true story follows two women in Berlin whilst  the Gestapo is purging the capital of Jews, a dangerous love affair blossoms between two women. One of them, Lilly Wust, married and the mother of four sons, enjoys the privileges of her stature as an exemplar of Nazi motherhood. For her, this affair will be the most decisive experience of her life. For the other woman, Felice Schragenheim, a Jewess and member of the underground, their love fuels her with the hope that she will survive. BUT ITS A SAD FUCKING ENDING U WILL CRY GOOD FILM


Maggie meets a young artist named Kim. They quickly develop an intense romance and move in together. However when Maggie’s mother and brother come to stay she is forced to decide between living in secret or revealing who she really is. A tale of love, acceptance, loss and pleasure.


Gray falls in love with her brothers fiance after drunkenly kissing her. Gray discovers she is gay and has to find herself in this rom com. Its not a romance film as such but it is a feel good film with a lesbian protagonist, quite campsy but a great film. 


Complicated storyline but the premise is basically two women who fall in love in victorian england under strange circumstance. Some sweet and passionate love scenes, Happy ending. 


Annabelle and her female teacher fall in love, resulting in the teacher being arrested. Some nice love scenes. Ending a bit meh


This film had the potential to be good, however, the characters fell flat and you were left wanting more. The film follows Jenny who is in the closet to her parents and decides to marry Kitty her partner of five years. The film is more about her parents accepting her and going to her wedding, its a good watch in terms of its gay themed, its just the lesbian couple is not rooted for as much as you would if the love was portrayed between them more, they kiss a couple of times and thats it. 


WOW lemme just say this film is an odd one, weirdly you root for the lesbian housewife who cheats on her wife and becomes a prostitute. Its a fantastic film with well executed love scenes. Abbey, a lesbian housewife decides to become a lesbian escort as she is in a sexless marriage. WATCH IT ITS GOOD


Beautiful film of lesbian love. Miriam a housewife falls in love with Amina, a cafe owner in the 1950′s and in South Africa. Optimistic ending for the two. Despite no sex scene, the love between them is elicited via kisses and looks. 


Tala, a Palestinian, falls in love with Leyla a British Indian. Tala is engaged to be married and must overcome her sexuality in order to be with Leyla. HAPPY ENDING WATCH IT, ITS CORNY BUT GOOD

28. CRACKS 2009

This film is a weird one. A teacher, the sexy Eva Green is obsessed with the new Spanish girl, she rapes her in her sleep and the ending omg watch it, Its not happy but the character Eva Green portrays is fantastic. 

29. THE GIRL KING 2015

A Swedish Queen falls in love with her Lady in waiting. Good film

30. CHLOE 2009

This film is no romantic happy film but it is so raw and interestingly poignant. Chloe is hired by Catherine to seduce her husband as she believes he is cheating on her. Chloe reports back to Catherine and in a state of sadness from what Chloe says her husband did, they sleep together. Chloe becomes obsessed with Catherine, leading to a death at the end of the film omg watch it, see Amanda Seyfried have sex with Julianne Moore

31. BANDAGED 2009

Lucille disfigures her face and is bandaged until her surgeon Father can cure her. He hires a nurse, Joan, to care for Lucille in her recovery. As Lucille begins to heal, it is clear the two are falling for each other resulting in love scenes that are v niceee. The ending is happy/sad/who knows


A cheesy comedy about Alex who tests her sexuality when old high school friend Grace tells her she had an affair with another woman. The two fall in love in a town where homosexuality is a sin. Its v cheesy but what do you expect from a 1997 lesbian film. 

33. Elena Undone 2010

Elena Undone is a tad corny and low budget but the characters are well explored and little factoid for you: it has the longest onscreen kiss in history. Elena is married to a pastor but falls in love with Peyton.


Its not great, its corny and a bit of a flop but some scenes get your heart racing. Classic student teacher relationship with extra cheese on top, the ending is pants as is the whole film. 


A married woman hires a female prostitute, they fall in love but one of them dies. A bit shit this film but potential to be good.


People dont give this film a chance and seek out the explicit sex scene but if you invest time in the film, you will cry at the end omg. Adele and Emma fall in love, break up cos Adele is a slutty idiot, then Adele wants Emma back. 


This film is never going to win Oscars, but its a good feel good lesbian film. Its cute and you will the characters to be together, corny but good. Rachel marries Heck and on her wedding day meets the florist, Luce whom she falls in love with. 


Paulie and Victoria are roomates who are seemingly in love until Victoria breaks Paulies heart by sleeping with a boy, Paulie kills herself. 

39. KISS MYG 2011

Mia and Frida fall in love after meeting at their parents engagement party. Happy ending and the sex scenes in this film are wowowow


Bit of a flop, jessica tries being with a woman but doesnan’t work.


Some people might see this film as a bit of a flop but personally I love it, it is set in the late 1940′s and follows a married woman who falls in love with her 10 year old sons female teacher. watch ittttt.

42. CONTRACTED 2013 

A lesbian woman is raped and contracts a deadly disease.


Just for the laughs is the sequel to Bridget Jones where the ‘bitch’ Rebecca turns out to be gay and in love with Bridget


Angela is in love with Sara but the only way to be together is if Angela becomes a man due to the time period. Its sad omg

45. CAROL 2015


What if, when Petunia Dursley found a little boy on her front doorstep, she took him in? Not into the cupboard under the stairs, not into a twisted childhood of tarnished worth and neglect–what if she took him in?

Petunia was jealous, selfish and vicious. We will not pretend she wasn’t. She looked at that boy on her doorstep and thought about her Dudders, barely a month older than this boy. She looked at his eyes and her stomach turned over and over. (Severus Snape saved Harry’s life for his eyes. Let’s have Petunia save it despite them).

Let’s tell a story where Petunia Dursley found a baby boy on her doorstep and hated his eyes–she hated them. She took him in and fed him and changed him and got him his shots, and she hated his eyes up until the day she looked at the boy and saw her nephew, not her sister’s shadow. When Harry was two and Vernon Dursley bought Dudley a toy car and Harry a fast food meal with a toy with parts he could choke on Petunia packed her things and got a divorce.

Harry grew up small and skinny, with knobbly knees and the unruly hair he got from his father. He got cornered behind the dumpsters and in the restrooms, got blood on the jumpers Petunia had found, half-price, at the hand-me-down store. He was still chosen last for sports. But Dudley got blood on his sweaters, too, the ones Petunia had found at the hand-me-down store, half price, because that was all a single mother working two secretary jobs could afford for her two boys, even with Vernon’s grudging child support.

They beat Harry for being small and they laughed at Dudley for being big, and slow, and dumb. Students jeered at him and teachers called Dudley out in class, smirked over his backwards letters.

Harry helped him with his homework, snapped out razored wit in classrooms when bullies decided to make Dudley the butt of anything; Harry cornered Dudley in their tiny cramped kitchen and called him smart, and clever, and ‘better ‘n all those jerks anyway’ on the days Dudley believed it least.

Dudley walked Harry to school and back, to his advanced classes and past the dumpsters, and grinned, big and slow and not dumb at all, at anyone who tried to mess with them.

But was that how Petunia got the news? Her husband complained about owls and staring cats all day long and in the morning Petunia found a little tyke on her doorsep. This was how the wizarding world chose to give the awful news to Lily Potter’s big sister: a letter, tucked in beside a baby boy with her sister’s eyes.

There were no Potters left. Petunia was the one who had to arrange the funeral. She had them both buried in Godric’s Hollow. Lily had chosen her world and Petunia wouldn’t steal her from it, not even in death. The wizarding world had gotten her sister killed; they could stand in that cold little wizard town and mourn by the old stone.

(Petunia would curl up with a big mug of hot tea and a little bit of vodka, when her boys were safely asleep, and toast her sister’s vanished ghost. Her nephew called her ‘Tune’ not 'Tuney,’ and it only broke her heart some days.

Before Harry was even three, she would look at his green eyes tracking a flight of geese or blinking mischieviously back at her and she would not think 'you have your mother’s eyes.’

A wise old man had left a little boy on her doorstep with her sister’s eyes. Petunia raised a young man who had eyes of his very own).

Petunia snapped and burnt the eggs at breakfast. She worked too hard and knew all the neighbors’ worst secrets. Her bedtime stories didn’t quite teach the morals growing boys ought to learn: be suspicious, be wary; someone is probably out to get you. You owe no one your kindness. Knowledge is power and let no one know you have it. If you get can get away with it, then the rule is probably meant for breaking.

Harry grew up loved. Petunia still ran when the letters came. This was her nephew, and this world, this letter, these eyes, had killed her sister. When Hagrid came and knocked down the door of some poor roadside motel, Petunia stood in front of both her boys, shaking. When Hagrid offered Harry a squashed birthday cake with big, kind, clumsy hands, he reminded Harry more than anything of his cousin.

His aunt was still shaking but Harry, eleven years and eight minutes old, decided that any world that had people like his big cousin in it couldn’t be all bad. “I want to go,” Harry told his aunt and he promised to come home.

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yesterday i saw a woman hand her baby to the barista at a coffee shop and when I went up to order my coffee the barista was like ‘yes he works here, he is the tiniest barista and he will take your order’ and i just thought of secretary sunny in the austere academy like imagine nero referring to sunny as ‘tiny secretary’ like someone walks into his office and sees sunny banging randomly on the typewriter and they’re like ‘why is there a baby sitting at that desk’ and Nero’s like ‘do not disturb my tiny secretary she is working very hard right now’

Mom doesn’t wish to see you [Part 3](Batboys imagine)

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Requested: Yes
Request:   Part three for mother doesn’t wish to see you? Where Damian blows up on his dad and Bruce realizes that he still love you. And your out on a date with your new boyfriend and bruce just ruins it, causing you to get angry and him. And then he goes to your apartment with flowers and climbs up the fire escape in the rain as a big romantic gesture. A little angst at the beginning than happy? +  I know what you should never return when cheating bUT Can you do a “mom doesn’t want to see you” where possibly Bruce is putting effort in trying to rebuild the relationship? And it hints that Batmom is willing to try and rebuild it ( ofc with a lot of time ) and maybe some drama with the date she had in part 2?
Summary: Not only do you find out that you’ve been cheated on, but so do the boys, and the aftermath.
Word count: 804
Warning(s): cheating, divorce

WHAT THE HELL WAS BRUCE THINKING!” You yell, slamming your apartment door in rage. You were supposed to have a date with your boyfriend tonight, but apparently he had received a quite unsettling phone call from the one and only Bruce Wayne, which prompted your boyfriend to say “Maybe we should see other people,” Leaving you alone once again.

Damian had told Bruce about the conversation that the boy had with you, Bruce knew he fucked up, but it hit him then and there of how badly he had. Damian was furious, he refused to go on patrol with the older man until he at least apologized, but Bruce of course thought he still had a chance and no other man, that you call your boyfriend, will ever out do him. So that’s how he ended up calling the other guy and telling him to back off.

You felt like you wanted to go to the manor to yell at him, or even Wayne enterprises to make sure that it was beyond embarrassing for him, but ended up settling with sitting at home and watching some disney movies alone. You must have fallen asleep for some time, knocking from the fire escape doors awakening you from your slumber. 

You scrunch your eyebrows and you rub the sleep from your eyes. The pounding on the door seems to get more and more furious. “Yeah yeah, hold on to your pantyhoes.” You say stretching your limbs and opening the large curtain to see what all the ruckus was about. 

Your eyes nearly fall out of your skull when you see Bruce, in black jeans, a black t-shirt and leather jacket standing there, with what you can only describe as the biggest bouquet of flowers you’ve ever seen. He smiles when he notices you.

You open the door, but don’t let him in, your foot holding it just so you could talk to him, but he can’t walk in past you. “What the hell are you doing here Bruce, the way down is that way,” you point, “Get lost.” You finish in annoyance.

Please y/n, just…just listen to me, that’s all I want and after you do, and you still want me gone, I’ll go and never bother you again,” Bruce says, what seems sincerely, but after all you’ve been through, you’re not sure anymore.

You open the door for him to walk in, before closing the door and wrapping yourself in a blanket on the couch. 

Talk, I would love to know why you saw fit to fuck up the closest thing I had to a lovelife today.” You angrily huff, waiting for him to talk.

I’m sorry y/n but I can’t see you with someone else,” Bruce says, immediately wincing from his wording. “Can’t see me with someone else? I saw you, my husband nearly fucking your secretary at work, and now that we’re separated you CAN’T SEE ME WITH SOMEONE ELSE?!” ”You yell in anger, Bruce remained calm, realizing that he was completely deserving of your anger. “I know I didn’t mean to say it like that,” Bruce said trying to collect his thoughts quickly.

I never got to tell you how regretful I was of what I had done, I never got the chance to try and make amends.” He sighs, “and I do realize that most likely I don’t deserve to.” 

No you don’t,” You but in.

He takes a deep breath, “But I am truly sorry for what I did and appalled at myself for what I’ve done, I came here to ask for your forgiveness. I was hoping to push my luck and ask If we could ever be together again, start over, start fresh?” He says, looking in your eyes hopefully.

“You know how much it hurt to see what you did?” you ask, earning a sad nod from Bruce. “Repairing all of this might take years, and still not work out.” you explain. Bruce has a happy look in he’s eyes for the first time since before ending your marriage. “Does that mean you’re willing to try again?” He asks.

Well you scared away my other date, so I guess I have to settle,” You say. You swear if you weren’t watching him, he would have done some sort of a happy dance. “Oh, and these are for you,”  He says a bit flustered.

I’ll be on my way then, how about tomorrow, at 6?” He asks, pointing towards the door awkwardly. “Too early, I won’t make it back from work that early,” You say, trying to hide your smile.

Oh work….well how about 8 then? 8 sound good?” He asks, “8 is fine,” You say, before Bruce leaves through the front door instead. 

What have I gotten myself into,” You sigh, putting the flowers in a vase. 


With love,


Michael x Reader

Requested By Anon

“How’s the new secretary working for you?” Tommy chuckled when he found Michael gazing over at you.

“Alright, besides she aint new, been here a few months now.” Michael pointed out.

“She still jumps every time she hears Arthur coming.” Tommy muttered and the both laughed.

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Single Dad AU

I have been writing almost 20K of angst and I’m in a need of some fluff. I love and protect all the Voltron HCs and AUs, but I especially love the AU where Shiro is an actual Dad™ and the others are actually little babies. But just imagine combining certain HCs with this AU:

• Single Dad Shiro and his little son, Keith, go to a daycare when Shiro has to work
• This makes autistic Keith very uncomfortable. All the loud noises, gross textures and kids constantly wanting to touch him makes Keith freak out more than usual
• Shiro worries about how much he has to take off work to get Keith. The whole point of daycare is to allow him to work more, in order to keep their house and keep Keith happy
• Lance tries to befriend Keith, as the friendliest kid in the class, but Keith is at a nonverbal point and lashes out at Lance instead. He realizes that Lance is just trying to be nice, but he’s too overstimulated to care
• Shiro has to pick up Keith early and learns that he got into a fight with another kid. Shiro constantly apologizes to the headmaster, but they don’t listen and kick Keith out for his behavior
• When Shiro leaves sadly with a stressed Keith, Allura (a secretary working her last day) recognizes him as a war Veteran, who saved his entire team from being executed and recognizes the autistic behavior in Keith
• She talks Shiro into bringing Keith to the daycare she has just opened, and states there will be less kids for Keith to worry about
• Willing to try anything, Shiro agrees but worries for Keith. Keith is his first priority and doesn’t want to see him stressed again.
• Allura’s daycare has several classes but her personal class only has 3 others kids besides Keith. Shiro hopes this works
• Lance is one of the kids
• Upon seeing Keith, Lance declares him as his “ETERNAL RIVAL, WHOM HE SHALL FIGHT.” But then he’s distracted by the dinosaurs that Pidge is playing with
• Lance has ADHD
• Pidge has OCD
• Hunk has anxiety
• Allura explains she made this class specific for children who require a different way of learning and have different needs
• Keith seems to make friends with everyone, though he doesn’t realize it. Pidge likes how quiet he is and appreciates how he doesn’t touch their toys or disorganize them. Hunk enjoys when Keith gets angry at other kids during one of his anxiety attacks. Despite being rivals, Lance likes Keith’s energy once Keith warms up to them
• Keith doesn’t understand the term “rivals” he also doesn’t understand jokes
• Shiro is the dad that waits until all the kids’ parents have picked them up. He’s waited on several occasions with Keith’s friends
• One time Lance waited for almost an hour and cried that they didn’t love him anymore. Keith was annoyed by the sound of his crying and told him so. Shiro went to scold him when he noticed that Lance had stopped crying to argue back.
o Shiro told Lance that his family loved him very much and would never forget about him and the smile Lance sent him was worth it
o Shiro didn’t realize so many people could fit into one car when Lance’s family finally pulled up. Dozens of people got out to thank Shiro and hug Lance. It turns out their other car broke down on their way to pick up Lance
o Shiro offered to fix it and learned how gracious Lance’s family could be
• Shiro has PTSD from his time in the army. He wakes up some nights with his hand reaching for a gun and sweat dripping down his back and screams ringing in his ears. Sometimes he stays awake all night just watching Keith sleep
o Some nights Keith wakes up and silently crawls into Shiro’s bed
• Allura suggests that Shiro look into a getting a therapy dog for Keith, that can help him calm down and stim
• Turns out Keith prefers dogs over people and instantly bonds with the trained dog picked out for him. The dog adores Keith and always alerts Shiro when Keith becomes overstimulated or is about to have an outburst
o The dog has also silently helped Shiro with his PTSD, waking him up before a nightmare gets bad, providing his fur against Shiro’s real hand when he’s experiencing a flashback, reminding Shiro to take off his prosthetic after a long day
• Lance, Hunk and Pidge love Keith’s dog (named Red by Keith)
• Lance has to be reminded that Red is not a play pet, but something that helps Keith and if Keith doesn’t want them near Red, they have to respect that
o Pidge understands this best
• Pidge learning from Allura that non-binary is real and a thing, thus Pidge starts referring themselves as they/them
• Keith helps to “pretend bake” with Hunk when Hunk gets too nervous around other kids. Both of them bond with just being with one another
• Lance and Keith get into many scuffles but non are as bad as their first encounter
o Lance introduces Keith to his family as his “boyfriend”
o Lance’s family coos and instantly takes videos of the moment; Keith is confused as he was promised a cupcake but he isn’t nervous around Lance’s big family as he is with others
o Shiro makes copies for himself of the videos
• Pidge and Keith usually silently sit together with Pidge building a tower and then letting Keith knock it over, only to repeat the process all over again

Just please, I love little kiddies AU and dad Shiro. Never let that AU die. Welp, I suppose its time for angst again.

anonymous asked:

Sine, Sine! I'm sorry to bother you, but do you have any good tips for writing 616 Tony! I just love your characterization so much :)

Oh, boy, an opportunity to talk about my fave! I was actually sitting here thinking, gosh, I hope someone asks me to write meta about my favorite characters sometime soon! And then you did, so thank you, anon! (And thank you, I’m glad you like my characterization.)

Uh. This got long.

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Two Weeks - Tommy Shelby

Request: Could you do the movie “Two Week Notice” in the Peaky Blinders universe?? where Tommy relays too much on his assistant which drives her crazy, then she quits and they search for a replacement. - @samascara 

Two Weeks - Tommy Shelby

It was five o’clock in the morning. Or at least it had been when banging on your door had woken you and possibly all your neighbours. You had dressed quickly, opened the door, and found one of Tommy Shelby’s men standing in the hallway.  

“Ma’am,” he tipped his cap to you, “Mr. Shelby says it’s urgent.”  

“Does he?” You were certain the sarcasm was evident in your voice. Even so you followed the Blinder out to a car that was waiting for you.  

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For anyone interested in reading Supercorp/Karlena fanfiction I just stumbled upon this stupid ass attempt to rile us. Karamels are clearly very petty and incase you think this is an actual fic it isn’t so just a warning.

Honestly, they’re just mad that Jess The Secretary has better works than they do.

So it just goes on like this all the way down and this is almost as ridiculous as that hate list of people with common sense to block because they don’t ship their precious Trash Prince with Kara. A list that I didn’t even make it onto but whatever, clearly my salt isn’t worthy enough. 

“...Eomma Is Sad, Cheer Her Up!”

Requested by an anon. This cutie. 

Originally posted by clubeskimo

A secret, most secrets weren’t that big. He knew you were secretive and didn’t like to share secrets. He just assumed you had a bad past that you didn’t want to talk about. Many things came to his mind. At one point, he even questioned if you real name was your name and you weren’t some spy. Or maybe even a former or current gang or mafia member/leader.

But you weren’t hiding anything like that. You were hiding a human life. Your own flesh and blood. Because you were scared. Scared of what he would think of you. 

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Top 3 Minor Characters the Anan staff would like to be hugged by.

Another little bit from the Anan special. 

1 – Akatsuka-sensei

The man who gave birth to everything, without him the cute sextuplets wouldn’t exist! In the end, the guy we want to be hugged by most is Akatsuka-sensei.

2 – Atsushi-kun

Todomatsu’s friend. He’s a not bad looking, car possessing member of the elite. He has the verbal communication skills to entertain girls at parties. He seems like he’d be fun to go on a date with.

3 – Normal guy.

The first guy Totoko met at the singles event she went to look for an oil magnate at. He’s quite a handsome guy and he looks reliable, so we’d go for it.

Bonus Awards

He’s good looking so we want to be hugged by him award – Mr. Flag’s male secretary

A secretary working at Mr. Flag/Hatabou’s company. His well-defined eyebrows, his almond shaped eyes, his tall stature; he’s got the looks. But in addition to us thinking that he has a cold personality and can easily revolt against Hatabou, he got stabbed with a flag in episode 25 and died in agony.

He looks rich so we want to be hugged by him award – The guy’s who’s making quite a lot of money on the internet right now.

Totoko’s rival Hashimoto Nyaa’s fiancé. He’s certainly one of the most successful characters in the series. His expensive looking watch leaves a good impression. He seems like he would take you to expensive restaurants and hotels.

If he hugged us our luck would probably go up award - Kamimatsu

Kamimatsu, a man made out of goodness. Simply because he has god in his name, we feel as if we could profit just from having bodily contact with him. But because he is a good person and serious, he might just say “It’s too soon,” and not lay a hand on us. Also his close cropped hair is kind of weird.  

The Boss’ Girl Ch. 1

Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa) x Reader x Jeon Jungkook (BTS)


Rated: G 

Word Count: 3343

A/N: Here’s the first chapter for the Jungkook project I’ve been working on.  It’s mostly just an introduction so bare with me on this one.  Warning!!! This is going to get very smutty!!!  Lots of Dom/Sub, slight BDSM, and all kinds of kinky stuff.   I feel a bit stupid I’ve had this idea all planned out since the Celebrity Bromance episode the two of them did together but just never sat down to write it.  Please give some feed back if it’s something you guys are going to be interested in?

7:55 AM you come into your boss’ office.  His morning cup of coffee placed on the coaster by the phone.  ¼ cup half and half, two teaspoons of raw sugar, and ¾ cup of Starbucks dark roast coffee in his favorite mug.  By now there’s no need to measure it out because you know by sight and muscle memory.  

The three leading business journals and newspapers are stacked in just the right order on the right hand side.  The days tentative schedule typed with checkboxes lays on top of them.  It’s also on both of your tablets but he likes the paper copy just for the satisfaction of checking the boxes when something is accomplished.  

After giving the desk and room a look over to be sure everything is neat and in place you head for the front of the office.  Your watch clicks to 8:00 AM and the elevator dings.  Like an interminable coo-coo clock your boss comes through the door with a pleasant good morning though his forward pace never stops for the greeting.  

You click the door back shut and follow along behind him.  Back in his private office he hands you his suit jacket that you hang on the rack.  He takes his seat, a small sip of coffee, a sigh, and picks up today’s agenda.  While he gives it a thorough read through you stand beside him with the tablet in hand for instructions.  

“Not too much going on today outside the office.  That’s good.  No major messes to clean up or meetings.  Also good.  And just the two of us for lunch today?  Very good.”  He finishes off his thought with a wink in your direction.  

“Alright dear, unless anything of importance comes up, which I hope it doesn’t, I’ll see you at 11:45.”  He smiles and barely waits for your “yes sir” before picking up the first newspaper.  Nothing more is needed to be said for you to excuse yourself out to your own desk.  

Day after day for the past three years has been exactly this way.  Being the personal secretary for Lee Minwoo has been a blissful and stable life.  Most of the time it was almost too easy to help your very predictable boss.  The man loves order and simplicity and it shows in every aspect of his company.  

That is to say he likes those things in his work life.  Lee Minwoo outside of work is a very different person.  Once he was out of the office for the day his adventures were ever changing.  He loves to try all sorts of new things with his friends.  As his work secretary there is only one part of that Lee Minwoo that you ever really get to see and that is his love life.  Mainly meaning you.  

It’s no secret to even some people outside of the company that you are Lee Minwoo’s girl.  Not a girlfriend or arranged fiancé or anything of the sort, just his girl.  His favorite play thing when he could have any number of nice toys.  That is exactly how the two of you like your relationship to be.  

Your common day ends quickly with your phone alarm buzzing 4:55 PM.  You rise from your seat and head into Minwoo’s private office.  He doesn’t look up at you until you’re in your place beside him with the tablet.  He’s quick to tell you all the things that got done today, which of course is the whole checklist, and tell you what to put on the list for tomorrow.  

“I see here that we have some new interns coming tomorrow?”  He adds glancing through an open e-mail.  “Yes sir, four new ones.”  You answer.  “Good let’s go to meet them at 1:30 after we return from lunch with the accountant firm then.  Make sure you’ve got my favorite suit and red tie ready for me in the morning.  You know how I like to intimidate the new blood.”  He adds a devious chuckle.  

5:00 PM on the dot hits and he’s got his jacket on and out the door.  His office looks like he had never been there at all.  You make up and print out the checklist for tomorrow, send an e-mail to the downstairs main secretaries to inform them of the bosses meeting time with the interns, and make a phone call to Minwoo’s housemaid to pick up and prep the suit for tomorrow.  Another perfect day finished.  

The next day begins the same as all the others.  You work diligently at your desk until 11:45 when the two of you head out for the business lunch.  Normally a secretary wouldn’t dare eat with the important businessmen but Minwoo always insists you stay right beside him.  When he first started this habit the other men were appalled at you being there but over time they grew used to your practically non-existent presence.  

It was all boring business talk that you payed just enough attention to so you could keep mental notes for Minwoo later.  Beside that you simply tuned them out and politely ate your lunch in peace.  On the very rare occasion that Minwoo or one of the other men spoke directly to you it wasn’t hard to make pleasant small talk until they ignored you once again.  

The oldest generation of wealthy individuals could never get comfortable with the thought that you simply were just a secretary and not a love interest.  Many of them push the question at each meeting if the two of you were engaged yet to which you both always declined.  Anywhere that Minwoo was invited to he would bring you along when everyone else brought their dates or wives.  It made their heads spin with gossip and questions.  

Even today the old men around the table would continue to give furtive glances in your direction any time they thought you weren’t looking.  One of them even had the nerve to try and make you look like a fool by asking you a quite difficult political opinion when they thought you weren’t paying any attention.  All of them are greatly disappointed when you give a very fair and witty response.  

“Nice job in there as always my dear.  I do love the way we make their poor little heads spin.”  Minwoo purrs in your ear when you’re in the car on your way back to the office.  You give him a coy smile to let him know you enjoy it just as much as he does.  “Such a good pet I have.”  He hums and runs a light touch along your neck.  You figure he must be in a particularly good mood today to be giving you this kind of skinship before 5 o’clock.  Though he doesn’t push it much farther than that, only keeping a firm hand on your thigh for the rest of the car ride.  

Back inside the building he’s all conservative business again.  The desk secretary lets him know where the interns are before you both head that way.  He checks his suit and hair in the hallway mirror and steps into the waiting elevator.  The two of you step into the third floor office precisely at 1:30.  

Everyone in the office is already standing at attention and bows as soon as you enter.  Only moments after five people stand in front of you.  The four interns and their supervisor bow and greet Minwoo again.  “Thank you so much for taking the time to greet the new interns sir.”  The supervisor says.  

“No problem at all!  It’s important that they know who it is they’re working for.”  Minwoo sends them a charming smile that makes the exact effect he wanted. The two girls visibly swoon and the two men smile awkwardly in return.  “More importantly is you know miss Y/L/N my secretary, she’s what really keeps this company ticking.”  Minwoo turns and gestures to you.

The four bow and greet you individually.  One of them sticks out to you more than the others.  The way his hand trembles a bit when he bows to you and the way his large doe eyes can’t seem to stop staring leaves an impression of innocence.  It’s fairly distracting the way he keeps stealing glances at you while Minwoo continues to speak to them.  A few of them you’re pretty sure aren’t glances at your face.  Was it wrong to think it was cute?  

Minwoo finishes his rousing speech and you’re ready to leave.  “Oh sir, the office is holding a small party to welcome the interns tonight if you’d like to join us.  I’ll send Y/N an e-mail of the details.”  The supervisor informs you before you can leave.  “Very good, hopefully I’ll see you there then.”  Minwoo beams with that sinister grin.  You know exactly what he’s thinking.  

At 4:55 you’re by Minwoo’s desk with the tablet in hand.  “The party is at 8:30 dear so please be at my door around 7:45.  I’ll have Mrs. Chang bring down a new dress for you around 6.”  He finishes off what he needs for you to do and is out the door.  

Once Minwoo was sure that you would stay at the company as his secretary he had asked you to move into the same apartment building.  It made last minute work and your night flings a lot easier.  Simply saying it was more efficient and he loved that.  He lives in the top penthouse suite and you live two floors below.

You’re in front of Minwoo’s apartment door at 7:43.  He answers a moment after you ring the bell.  You knew he would be ready to go once you arrived.  “Hello dear, you look lovely as usual.”  He adds while looking you over.  

The dress he sent is a flowy pink cocktail with silver heels and a silvery satin shawl for your bare arms.  Your hair in a low chignon and shimmering pink eye make-up finish the look.  It is incredibly feminine just the way he likes you to be.  

Minwoo makes sure the passcode is set to lock the door and then you head for the lobby.  The driver is waiting in front of the building like usual and helps you to get in.  It takes around twenty minutes to get to the party venue and it’s spent in comfortable quiet.  The way Minwoo has a wide grin across his face and keeps a hand on your thigh is all you need to know how fun tonight is going to be.   

It’s not good for his image as the boss if he’s the first to arrive at the party.  Of course you arrive exactly 10 minutes after it starts.  A majority of the company workers are spread through the familiar room.  It’s a venue they often use for this sort of party.  

A large open room with wall to ceiling windows on one side overlooking the city.  In the center is a table of all kinds of finger foods.  Tall tables line the windows while short tables and sofas are mixed around the room.  The bar lines the right wall and a karaoke stage sits in the far corner.

As soon as the two of you enter the room quiets for a moment.  Minwoo leads you straight to the bar, everyone bowing in your direction as you pass.  The bartender pours the two glasses of wine Minwoo orders then passes them over the counter.  There’s an unspoken rule that no one starts a conversation with Minwoo before he’s gotten his glass.  

Once the two of you have your glasses in hand the usual party flow begins.  The upper management small talks with Minwoo, then the lower management.  Finally he’ll go to speak to certain workers who he has an interest with lately.  Someone who’s moving up or has done an excellent job of something.  

Tonight that group is the interns.  The four of them are chatting with some of the older interns when the two of you approach.  They all bow and greet the two of you equally.  “Good to see you all could make it.  I’d like to welcome you again to the company for the year.”  Minwoo starts with a genuine smile.

Their reactions are the same as they were this morning.  The two girls giving Minwoo heart eyes, the two boys standing proper, and the one wide eyed boy focusing more on you than his boss.  Maybe it’s the wine but you let yourself take a better look at him.  

He has such a young and pretty face that doesn’t exactly match the sharpness of his jaw line.  Matter of fact it doesn’t match the rest of his body much either.  Even through the button up shirt and slacks you can tell that he’s very well built.  

Minwoo also notices the boy’s physique.  “What’s your name son?”  The boys turns his attention to Minwoo for the first time with the question.  “Jeon Jungkook, sir.”  He speaks politely.  “Jungkook-ah, you’ve got quite a good body.  You must work out a lot or play a sport?”  

“Yes, Sir.  Mostly just going to the gym.”  Jungkook answers with his head lowered.  “That’s good to know.  I’m always looking for extra people on our sports teams.”  Minwoo looks thoroughly pleased.  New blood to help his teams win and playing with his workers gives him another place to show off.  

Jungkook agrees quickly to join any game they play.  Minwoo asks the older interns to take care of the new ones then the two of you move on.  The rest of the evening goes similarly.  At some point you step away from Minwoo to chat with some of the other secretaries.  It’s good you to keep in the loop about office gossip and projects.  

A few hours in and two glasses of wine later you’re about to ask Minwoo if he would like to head home.  That’s when the interns start causing a bit of a ruckus.  The new interns were playing rock paper scissors.  The loser, one of the girls, walked up onto the karaoke stage.  You had almost forgotten the company tradition of making the interns start the karaoke.   

That was usually Minwoo’s cue to leave.  The office workers started to really party and let loose once the singing started.  Minwoo is a great boss.  He knows how to socialize well with his workers and also knows when to give them space.  

A popular song starts on the machine and the girl starts to sing along.  You tune her out and walk over to Minwoo.  He doesn’t break his conversation when you arrive at his side.  There’s a slight nod and wink in your direction.  

That’s the cue you’ve been waiting for to send the pick up text to the driver.  As usual the driver say he’ll bring the car right around.  Out of the corner of his eye Minwoo catches the small nod you give in answer.  

In a natural manner Minwoo wraps up his conversation and gives his farewell.  The two of you step away and he hooks his arm in yours.  The gesture is innocent but it still surprises you.  You make barely two steps before you hear the opening to a familiar song beging on the karaoke machine.  

You’d know that song anywhere.  It’s one of you absolute favorites.  Out of curiosity you stop and turn back.  On that small stage of course is Jeon Jungkook.  In the past few hours he’s rolled the sleeves up and undone a few buttons of his dress shirt.  Just that extra bit of skin makes you see the boy a bit differently.  His sharp collarbones and veiny lines of his forearms aren’t what you were expecting from the nervous looking young man.

Then you’re completely shocked again by his voice.  His tone is so different from the original singer of this song but in a twisted way you almost prefer his.  He has a delicious soft tone to his voice that sinks into your skin.  

Here’s a boy who has been staring at you all day like God himself was in the room, singing your favorite song, and looking like absolute sin.  You don’t know how to act for a moment.  You’re enraptured by his crooning voice like he’s stopped time for everyone but himself.  

You really can’t figure it out and you look to his face for some sort of answer.  It’s not exactly an answer, more of a complication.  You look up away from his body to find him staring at you all the same.  Your eyes lock and he holds your gaze to continue his beautiful song.  

He’s nearly on the second chorus by the time Minwoo gives a light tug to your arm.  The time spell Jungkook had over the room is broken.  You look to Minwoo who’s giving you a knowing yet curious expression.  You clear your throat and bashfully let him continue walking you out of the venue and to the waiting car.

Loud cheers ring through the room when Jungkook finishes his song and heads back to the table of other interns.  He’s blushing at all the compliments and he politely declines the demands for an encore performance.  Instead he settles in and keeps sipping on beers and enjoying his new co-workers.  

Half an hour later the girls all go to the restroom leaving the guys at the table.  Jungkook clears his throat to get the attention of Namjoon the guy next to him.  He’s one of the older interns from earlier this year.   

“Hyung, can I ask you something?”  Jungkook is sheepish again.  Namjoon turns to him.  “Of course.  What’s up?”  He gives an easy smile that helps Jungkook relax.  “I’m just curious.  Does Secretary Y/L/N always go everywhere with CEO Lee?”  

Namjoon looks a bit confused by this question as it seems obvious.  “Well of course she does.  That’s her job.”  He answers.  That’s not really what Jungkook meant to ask.  He tries again to be a bit more specific.  

“Well yeah at work but like right now they aren’t working but she left with him?  Does she always come and go with him?”  He knows the exact question he wants to ask but he’s going the long way about it.  

Namjoon looks at him like he’s lost his marbles and nods slowly.  “Well yeah. This is a work function so technically it’s work?”  Jungkook had heard the Namjoon was considered a genius but right now he seems a bit dim.  Jungkook sighs internally then just goes out and asks what he wants to know.  

“So are they like, dating?  Do you know?”  He asks in as cool of a tone as he can manage.  Finally Namjoon gets what’s going on here.  “Oh… um not exactly dating.  No one is really sure what they are but just consider them both as taken.”  Namjoon watches Jungkook carefully.  

“What does that even mean?  Are they dating or not?”  Jungkook huffs a bit annoyed.  Namjoon smirks at the boys reaction.  “If you’re interested in Secretary Y/L/N get uninterested right now.  She won’t ever look at anyone but CEO Lee I can guarantee you that.”

That’s definitely not the answer Jungkook wanted to hear.  There’s also no way he’s just going to give up like this.  He’s not even really started.  Namjoon doesn’t like the defiant look in Jungkook’s eye.  “I’m serious man.  So many guys in this company have tried to get her but she just walks all over them and tosses them away like trash.  Don’t get your huge pride deflated by the ice queen.”  

Jungkook and Namjoon let the conversation drop after that but Jungkook thinks long and hard about it even after he’s back home.  There’s no way in hell he’s going to just give up.  He can’t do it.  Jeon Jungkook doesn’t back down on anything.  He just needs a really good plan to melt this “ice queen.”


collector’s edition!!! excerpt from a fic i’ll never finish:

(general) assembly required

what do u get when ur an international studies major but also are really into gay skating anime? a united nations au. 

in which they’re all UN representatives. or something. 

The Russians are fighting.

It’s a normal Tuesday, then.

“You switched out the coffee,” Georgi accuses. He holds a mug featuring the word TOGETHER! in big block letters, and he looks slightly miffed and a bit worked up, but it’s Georgi. And also the Secretary General’s got him working Global Health Crises for seven months now. He’s been perceptibly Georgi-er than usual. 

And that’s a crisis in itself, really. 

“I didn’t switch out the coffee,” Victor says, not even looking up from the briefing papers in his hands. He’s got both legs propped up on his desk, his right foot wiggling absent-mindedly.

“He switched out the coffee,” Mila’s voice floats from her cubicle on the other side of the partition.

Georgi grumbles. “Victor, please. The grinds you use aren’t even fair trade beans. They could at least be fair trade.”

“Find me the HR policy that says our coffee should be fair trade, and I’ll stop switching out the coffee,” Victor tells him. He thumbs at the paper in his hand, reads the same paragraph he’s been re-reading for ten minutes now. Something about a last-minute conference being thrown together at 9:30, which means he gets to see Yuuri an hour earlier than usual, and forget whatever sort of deliverables or agenda objectives this meeting is about—Victor is buzzing

He hasn’t been this excited since he got to have his signature immortalized at the treaty that was drawn up in Vienna. 

“Our HR policy is the moral code of humanity, you prick.”

Victor sighs and finally looks up at Georgi, raises an eyebrow. “Define human morality.” 

Georgi throws his hands in the air. “You and your realist bullshit, I swear to god.”

They’re not a clique, except when they are. The other countries don’t judge them, though, when they all pile together in their special corner of the canteen. The United Nations is a space for diversity and cooperation. There is absolutely no judgment here.

“Gross, what are you eating? Worms?” Yurio wrinkles his nose as Seung-gil takes out his tupperware of black bean noodles.

Okay, so there’s some judgment here.

But Yurio’s just an intern, anyway.