Benefits of an ENFP Friend (Talking from Experience)

1. Will help you be enthusiastic

2. Is pretty funny

3. Will help you to be fun/chaotic

3. Is pretty intelligent, so, like, advice? Kind of.

4. Would never kill for you but will always die for you

5. They will help you notice things

6. Despite their word vomit habit they will ALWAYS keep your secret

7. Is weird

8. Will understand you. And If they don’t they will ALWAYS accept you :)

9. Will bring out the good part in you

10. Memes? Puns? Jokes? 

11. Will always let you copy from them ;)

12. Will always care about you

13. It may have been 2 years since you last spoke but they still think about you

Writing Tip #20

Stuck in your story? Try one of these ten things!

1. Sex scene 

2. Kill someone

3. Someone’s pregnant

4. Someone comes back to life

5. Someone goes missing

6. Someone uncovers a big secret

7. Someone reaches their emotional breaking point

8. Two characters get into a physical fight

9. Someone cheats on their significant other

10. Someone gets engaged/married

Now, please only use one of these if it fits into your plot! Don’t just throw it in there for drama. Make sure that everything makes sense, and everything is in the story for a reason. Even plot twists that shock the reader have to move the plot along!


Here’s a pic of my secret design for Secret 7" hand painted one of a kind 7" vinyl sleeve for Elton John.

Top is front cover and the bottom image is the back cover. 

And in the middle is the excellent lady that purchased my sleeve for Elton John’s Bennie and the Jets, for Secret 7’s show for Record Store Day at Mother London. All the money raised was donated to Art Against Knives!