It's a Secret

Thor, Thomas, and Uncomfortable Dinners

Half a season of Teenwolf later and a couple of text messages later I smell something amazing. So I gracefully got up and pulled off my headphones and skip down the stairs, then walked into the kitchen.

I see harry over a pot of something and the 4 other boys devouring that something in bowls. I wonder over to harry, and look into the pot. “I’ve seen you’ve come out of your cave,” harry jokes, then chuckles a little looking down at my face. Our faces are close TOO CLOSE. I back my face away, and give him a weird look.

“Ha funny,” I faked smiled. “But save it I’m still mad about what happened, and you thought my netflixed abs would make me forget about it, but it hasn’t. Maybe if you guys had abs I might even like you more.” I sassed, and took the bowl of spaghetti out of his hands then strutted away.

“Aye, I do have abs,” he complained. I know he’s lying there are certain people who have abs, and doesn’t look like the type of person who has abs.

“Mhmm, keep telling yourself that.” the 4 boys sat along the far end of the white counter, while I sat on the other side. I heard them start their friendly banter while I took out my phone. Awww Tom texted me. I smiled and started to text back.

“Who are you texting?” harry sang. I looked up just notice he’s a seat away from me, TOO CLOSE. The rest of the boys stopped their conversation and looked up at us looking very interested.

“A friend.” I stated and turned back towards my phone trying not to smile at the text.

“oooo little Alli has a boyfriend,” Louis teased. I looked up at him placing my phone down.

“Shut up Louis.” I snapped. I saw an evilly smirk tug onto his face.

“So little Alli does have a boyfriend, you’re growing up so fast.” I rolled my eyes. At the corner of my eye I could see something in Harry’s eyes die down.

“i promise you i dont have a boyfriend, why would i have one anyway? I hate half the people who live on this planet, and i only like 2 people who live here in Bolton and you know them.” at that Harry’s eyes lit up again. I shrugged and looked back at my phone.

I heard the boys talk about some band stuff. What band are they in again? Come to think of it I don’t really know anything about them, and they are going to be living in my house for who know how long. I better turn off bitch mode for the time being. So I locked my phone you know for politeness.

“So what band are you guys in anyways?” I asked interrupting their conversation, they all starred at me with their mouths hung wide open.

“We’re in a band called One Direction love. You seriously never heard of us,” Liam sweetly said. I shrugged.

“I guess I heard the name once or twice,” I responded. I heard that name pop up in Tom’s mouth once or twice. I looked over at Louis, he looks like he’s about to pop.

“As long as you’ve heard of us more then the wanted then that’s good,” Zayn muttered.

"Wait did you say The Wanted? I love those guys,” I said looking up excitedly. That’s when I saw Louis pop. He stood up from the stool and slammed his fists against the counter, making everyone jump and look at him.


“Its ok just Tom from the wanted really got to him today,” harry whispers inn my ear, his mouth brushing against my ear. I moved back quickly and took a bite out of my spaghetti. “So Harry this is some good spaghetti,” Niall breaks the silence.

“Thanks,” Harry grumbles, and looks down at his food.

“Yeah I don’t remember the last time I had a home cooked meal,” I add.

“Really?” Liam responds surprisingly. I nod.

“Well I’m too lazy to cool so yeah.”

“Doesn’t your mom or dad cook for you?” Harry asks.


“And speaking if that where are your parents shouldn’t they be home from work so already?” He continued.

“Shouldn’t you’ve been at school, doesn’t it get Lonely to be home alone while your parents ar-”

“ENOUGH,” I stop him. “I’m not hungry anymore.” I state and I slam my napkin on the table, grab my phone and storm out of the kitchen to my room.

When I get into my room I throw myself onto the bed and groan. Why the fuck would harry push it that far? Well I guess he didn’t know, but still it’s personal.

I feel the bed vibrate; I groan and reach for my phone. Oh how I just want to die right now. Stupid Harry bringing back memories and shit.

I look at the text.

Look on your balcony.

I squeal and jump onto my feet and run towards the curtains and slide the grey fabric open. And I see him, in the flesh, not on the screen of my laptop. He’s just so real and in front of me. I slide open the door. And run up to him and give him a huge hug.

“And how’s my Alli?” he asks hugging me back.

“I missed you,” I sigh leaning my chin on his shoulder.

“Same here,” he sighs and puts his finger under my chin so I look at him in the eyes. He leans in for a kiss slowly. As soon as our lips touch all of my troubles disappear.

Tom pushes into my room. Normally I don’t let people in my room but he’s an exception, we’ve been doing whatever we do for almost a year now. I’m surprised no one has caught us yet.

Tom leans me against the wall and puts his hands on either side of me. And slides his tongue over my bottom lip. Of course I open my mouth. I let his tongue explore my mouth. I let out a small moan. At that I start trailing kisses down his neck then nibble on some parts.

I drag him towards the bed bumping into some furniture. We chuckle together at every bump. Then I push him onto the bed a tear off his shirt and trial my fingers along his abs as I straddle him.

“Thomas Parker,” I whisper as I lean down close to his neck.

“Alli Scott,” he whispers back and leans on to his elbows. Then he kisses my neck to try to find my sweet spot. When he does find it he sucks on it until I know he leaves a nice love bite. I moan the he flips me over as he pulls off my shirt as we interlock lips, moving in perfect harmony. As he flips me over my foot kicks the lamp over and it makes a loud thud. We chuckle into each other. Until I can’t handle it any more I break our lips apart and just start hysterically laughing.

He joins me, his low laugh is so different then my loud high pitched one.

I hear a soft knock on the door.

“Alli, I know your in there,” I hear a slow deep voice say from behind my door. Shit Harry.

“You need to leave,” I laugh whisper to Tom.

“Ok who is that?” Tom asks as he pulls on his shirt.

“One of my cousin’s friends. They’re staying her for a while.” I whisper back throwing him his shoes they slam against the floor. “There’s nothing going on between us.” I reassure him. Tom just shrugs. I know I can’t tell Tom anything else about the boys staying here because hell get mad about it, well he is Tom Parker or Tom 1/5 of The Wanted.

Tom gets up from lacing up his shoes. I hear another knock on the door.

“Alison if you don’t open this I’m coming inside,” Harry’s deep voice says again. Tom laughs as I lead him to the balcony door.

Tom leans in as I kiss him one last time for the night.

“I love you,” he mumbles against my lips. I smile as we kiss.

“I love you too,” I say back as we break away from the kiss. And I close the balcony door behind him. At that he’s gone. For now.

I quickly pick out a random shirt, which happens to be one of Tom’s and slip it on as I run towards the door.

HARRY’S POV. (After Alli runs from the kitchen)

“Wow man you really messed up this time,” Liam sighs.

“I know…” I trail on as I shake my hair with my hands. I pick up my bowl and Alli’s bowl and place it in the dishwasher.

“I should go talk to her right? Like go up to her room?” I ask. “No, give her sometime to cool down,” Niall’s Irish accent rings in my ears.

“Good idea, I’m going to go check on Lou, he had quite an outburst over there.” I walk out of the kitchen and into the living room to see Louis watching football on the TV.

“Hey Lou, are you ok?” I ask sitting next to him.

“Yeah, just Alli gets me mad at times, and the whole Wanted thing just has me down.” he sighs.

“I get you, hey you know Alli pretty well.” He nods. “Well I kinda said something I should’ve then she stormed up to her room and now I th-”

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HARRY?” Louis tells at me. “I mean why are you telling me this when she’s upstairs really mad all alone?” I shrug. ‘“Cause Niall to-“

"Your going to listen to the little Irish one?” I shrug again. “ Now go on and talk to her. You never want to be on Alli’s hate list.” Louis says as she pushes me towards the stairs.

I slowly make my way up the stairs and down the hall to the right, as I remember it being.

I’m now standing outside if her door and I hear movement behind the door.

Then I hear something drop along with some laughing, it’s Alli laughing. It’s so beautiful it’s angelic. But I also hear some low man chuckles along with her laugh. It must be my imagination. I knock on the door very softly.

“Alli I know you’re in there,” I say very softly leaning my head against the door. I hear some whispering then some more stuff hitting the floor and more laughing. It’s taking her an awfully long time.

I decide to knock again. But this time a little bit harder.

“Come on Alli open up.” my head still leaning on the door as I’m looking down at my feet.

I hear some more shuffling. Then the door swings open, I almost fall in. as I regain my balance I see Alli’s shirt changed and her normally messy hair is a little bit more messed up.

“Well..” she urges.

“Oh yeah,” I scratch the back of my neck. “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry about before. I went to far with the question asking and-”

“It’s ok Harry, I get it,” she said as she skipped away.

"Hey where you off too,” I called after her.

“It’s Thor time.” she yelled back.

"I’m coming with you.” and I ran up beside her.

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