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One thing I noticed in the Secret Rings game is that in the JP ver., Erazor would often mispronounced "Harinezumi" (Hedgehog) for "Nezumi" (Mouse/Rat) but in the US ver., it was changed to make him mistaken Sonic as a rat. Is this a case of translation issue?

When Erazor first encounters Sonic, he refers to him as a “Blue Rat” (”Aoi Nezumi”) and laughs when Sonic sets it straight that he’s a Hedgehog (”Harinezumi”)

Afterwards, he frequently refers to Sonic as “Dobu Nezumi” or “Aoi Dobu Nezumi” which basically translates to “Gutter Rat”/”Blue Gutter Rat” respectively. Which more strongly suggests a malicious insult AND purposeful species mislabeling rather than ignorance as to Sonic’s species considering that Sonic originally and continually asserted that he was a Hedgehog. In the cutscene in which he summons the Ifrit, he states in response to Sonic ONCE AGAIN asserting that he’s a Hedgehog that this assertion doesn’t change his belief that he is “worthless vermin”, hence the continual “Rat”/”Gutter Rat” insults.

So basically, Erazor was just saying it to get under Sonic’s skin.


-uses asterisks on his instagram profile to separate lines since insta doesn’t let you do it

-abuses the word ‘golly’

-decides to place a cp 465 golbat at the pokemon gym he took over for five mins

-aggressively bisexual

-goes wedding ring shopping w/ @tyleroakley

-is probably a secret grandpa on the inside

-has not responded to numerous twitter posts begging for him to adopt me


Disney world secret: Back in the day, the exit for the Haunted Mansion used to be through a turnstile that let guests off at Liberty Square. When the turnstile was removed, a bit of the machinery was left in the ground. Many people thought it resembled a wedding ring, and a legend was born. “Because this ring was a creation of the fans and not Disney canon, the story of the ring varied depending who would tell it. Perhaps Master Gracey had gotten angry at the young woman for cheating on him and tossed it over the balcony in a fit of rage. Or maybe it was the indent of her ring forced into the ground when she flung herself to her death. The delightfully morbid notion took on a life of it’s own and the little piece of embedded pipe grew into legend.” After the ring was finally paved over fans became upset. Because it was such a fun little Easter Egg to find when visiting. So, the Disney Imagineers decided to add an official haunted ring to the ride. The only problem, you have to find it. But, don’t worry Disney cast members are totally happy to help you find the haunted mansion wedding ring!

you know dean searches pinterest up and down for great ways to propose to cas. like the secret message egg, the christmas ornament with the ring inside, the messenger dog (that he would borrow from sam of course), the ring in a champagne bottle, the personalized coffee mug with “will you marry me?” at the bottom

but i’m pretty sure what would end up happening is dean walking up behind cas while cas is making coffee one morning, super tired and bedhead out of control, and cas is probably all dopey and happy because the only thing better than morning coffee is morning dean

and dean just kisses under cas’ ear and whispers “will you marry me?”

at which point cas freezes and then sighs and says “goddammit, now i’ve got to call the restaurant to change the details of our engagement dinner”

and they both laugh while dean slips the ring on cas’ finger

(dean still finds his ring from cas in a piece of pie)


Antlers, you guys. ANTLERS! FINALLY!

Ilvermorny Headcanon

So everyone is saying the main rivalry would be between the Thunderbirds and Wampus, but I think it would be more between Wampus and Horned Serpent. Hear me out:

-Wampus represents the body and HS the mind. It’s literally Brain vs Brawn.

- each house being SUPER competitive in everything.

- Wampus wants to prove they can beat HS at academics and HS wants to show they can beat Wampus at athletics

- overall, they are pretty evenly matched across the board

- quidditch matches between Wampus and HS being the most intense because Wampus is all about using strength and they have the best players, but HS’s team relying totally on strategy.

- the whole school comes out to watch their games. The Pukwudgie’s run a secret betting ring on the games and make massive bank.

- HS students and Wampus students pulling massive pranks on each other to get into their heads before an exam or game.

- taboo relationships between the houses.

- within friend groups/relationships house pride ALWAYS comes first

- in the end, both houses secretly respect each other, even asking for pointers after a game like, “how did you make such a quick turn around?” and, “that pass you did was genius! Can you explain that one to me?”

- if a Thunderbird or Pukwudgie shows up a Wampus/ HS you can bet the other house is there ready backfire because, “HEY that’s MY job!”

A pressed flower more precious
than the finest diamond
is our secret promise ring.

We smile because we share memories
that no one else will be remembering.
We are more
than they think
and more
than we say.

I don’t know what we are
and that’s really okay.
I just want you to choose me,
I want you to stay.

—  // On the mountainside we did pray // S.K.K. // July 7, 2016 //

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Adoribull Sunday Prompt – Adoribull – Modern AU – Bull stops someone from putting aroofie in Dorians drink.

“You don’t wanna do that.”

Dorian’s eyes went wide. He didn’t think his date could get any worse, but just as he was considering getting up and leaving, a huge Qunari came out of nowhere and twisted his date’s wrist just as he was sliding Dorian his drink.

“What are you doing?” Dorian asked alarmed.

“You better ask this guy.” He took the man’s ring, still holding his wrist with the other hand, and opened the secret compartment in it, tossing the ring on the table. “He just put something in your drink while you were away.”

“So, it’s possible this was a bit of an overreaction,” Dorian said without turning, when he saw by the shadow that the Qunari had sat next to him on the sidewalk.

“Well, he was trying to drunk you. A roofie, by the smell. And you didn’t actually hurt anyone, so we are just talking about some property damage.”

Dorian looked back at the bar. At least it was no longer burning, but the firefighters were still inside. “I’m Dorian, by the way. And thank you for warning me, to be honest I was so bored that I was barely paying attention at him, I’m not usually this careless.”

“The Iron Bull. I couldn’t just someone be drugged like this, but you shouldn’t think like that. It’s not your fault, you shouldn’t have to be on your toes with someone you are going out with.”

Dorian laughed. “You don’t really know how dating works in Tevinter, do you? Even in this day and age, that kind of ring is just as likely to contain poison as it is drugs.”

Bull raised an eyebrow. “Seems complicated. Did you finish talking to the police?”

“Yes, tell told me my use of magic still fell under defense, although it was a close call, so I just have a ‘destruction of third party property’ fine to pay and that’s it.”

Bull shook his head. Not only he didn’t like magic, he wasn’t very fond of the laws regarding its use, but at least in this case he did think Dorian was justified to act. “They really didn’t seem happy about the table burning.”

“In my defense, I was trying to burn him, not the table.”

Bull laughed. “I know, I saw.”

“How about you, they didn’t bother you about the broken wrist?”

“He didn’t want to press charges, they didn’t even ask me about it.”

They stayed in silence for a moment.

“So, Iron Bull, I have to wait for them to return my phone, but what are you still doing here?”

“My bike’s in around the back, they won’t open the parking lot until the firefighters are sure everything is safe.”

Dorian looked at Bull up and down, considering for a moment. “So, want to go to the bar across the street and have a drink while we wait?”

“Are you sure about this?”

Dorian rolled his eyes. “It’s just a drink. Or at least, we could start with a drink, and then see where it goes.” He stood up. “Anyway, I’ll be going, you decide if you want to come along.”

Dorian had just walked a couple steps when Bull stood up to follow him. After all, a drink couldn’t hurt.