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I wish…Orabeoni was my real brother. But I also wish he wasn’t.”

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(Don’t worry, he’s fine. This is Gintama we’re talking about.)

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Time After Time (Part 6b of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,617

Warnings: language, drinking, more language, fluff, sadness

A/N: Ah this ended up taking a turn. I don’t know how I feel about it. But, someone’s feelings are starting to show.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 20

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quick opinion reel:

garen -> more than two paragraphs of lore, half of which was attributed to him ????ing about katarina. replaced with building on the connection with jarvan. i like the voice they gave him in his color story

lux -> they kept one thing from her old lore and that’s demacian authority coercing her skills to use for their military against demacian enemies. i actually like the story itself, except her status is fundamentally changed because of the new demacian attitude towards magic

jarvan -> they replaced his great barrier journey to a story of shyvana saving him after the dauntless vanguard busted him out of (presumably) urgot’s clutches. i think i preferred the old story of how he and shyv met, but defending a town against a dragon is pretty cool

shyv -> dragon matriarchy, elemental runes to decide what kind of drake they are. parental origins + mage interfering is super weird. she seems more humble and embracing of demacian civilization than current shyv. edit: also really conscious of her dragon heritage and seems to want to reject her bloodlust

quinn -> pretty much nothing was changed fundamentally and they just added stuff + connected lestara buvelle to her story. the loss of caleb and the addition of valor was also expanded and gives an insight into her changed psyche. i loved her color story

vayne -> lol


Cisco: *walks in on you and Barry about to kiss* Wh-?? What?! Y-you?! And my sister?! *gif* Since when?

Barry: guess he found out our little secret….

Cisco: I swear to God if you hurt my baby sister!

Y/N: Cisco, I can handle myself. But I don’t think anything bad is going to happen this one. He’s a keeper.

Barry: *gif*

(I’m now taking request for The Flash and Daredevil)

“I want to thank her for making me see love when I thought I wasn’t meant for it all.” // r.i.d

More, anyone?

I’ve got drunk Drarry on my brain, and I don’t quite know what to do with it.

Here’s what I’m thinking: Draco has seen Harry drunk twice in his life. Once, during fifth year, in the midst of the Ministry’s play for Hogwarts. The second time, it’s at The Leaky Cauldron a year after Voldemort’s finally gone forever.

They start coming across each other more and more frequently, usually out, almost always at a pub of some sort or another.

Apparently the Weasley and Blaise are subscribed to the same gastro mag that publishes weekly articles on the best wizarding pubs and clubs (he keeps it to himself, because while the thought of watching Blaise blowing his top off over having any similarities with Weasley is hilarious, he’s saving it for when he really needs it).

They keep running into each other, and despite them being in a house of alcohol–despite watching Potter sling back lager after lager–he has yet to see him drunk outside of those two events. Draco doesn’t get it. Does Potter have some sort of Drunk Me Not spell in his arsenal? Is he impervious to the effects of ethanol? Is his tolerance level so high that he can outdrink even Hagrid?

Once, Draco tries to match his drink with Potter’s all night, and when he stands up to head to the bog, the world sloshes around him and his head is light and spinning, and his legs don’t seem quite as sturdy as he would like them to be. He’s well and truly drunk, but Potter doesn’t even look affected, and that’s unacceptable. Instead of going to the lavatory, his legs take him straight up to Potter, where he very drunkenly and mostly incoherently accuses him of being a cheat, and warns him that he’ll learn his secret if it’s the last thing he does, and promptly vomits all over Potter’s shirt.

Harry sighs, and tells the bar Draco’s done, and that he’s making sure he gets home safe. Ron, already three sheets to the wind, mutters some very explicit things about that not being all Harry wants to do.

Of course, Harry has no idea where Draco’s living these days, and as Draco is of exactly no help in this department (he presses his face against Harry’s neck and passes out like the uncooperative bugger he is), Harry makes an executive decision and ends up taking him home with the intention of forcing a glass of water down his throat and putting him to bed.

He would, if Draco wasn’t some kind of constrictor and refused to let Harry go when he tries to tuck him under the sheets and fuck off to his own room and shower. So. This is the grand lead-up to Draco prying his eyelids apart the next morning, face smooshed against, to his growing horror, Harry’s very naked chest.

It’s not like he can even blame Potter for being the secret cuddler and accosting him, because it’s very, very apparent that Draco is the one to have rolled Harry over to the very precipice of the bed where Potter wouldn’t have been able to escape him except to topple over the side, and somehow, wormed himself into Potter’s embrace.

He doesn’t even get the dignity of trying to extract himself stealthily, because Potter’s blinking blearily down at him, cocking an eyebrow as if to say “your move, mate”.

Except, he doesn’t say that. What does say is, “So, you said want to find out my secret.”

As Draco recalls, yes, he did say that, and groans in embarrassment at himself. Christ, it’s like fifth year all over again. All he can do is try to save face, so he says, “It was all part of the plan, you see. I’ve got you exactly where I want you”, and prays to whatever beings that be that Harry can’t see through the flimsy excuse.

This is, of course, barmy, and Potter’s eyebrow inches higher. Then, he’s craning his neck so his mouth is alongside Draco’s ear, and he says right into the shell of it, “And what if I’ve got you right where I want you?”

And Draco… well. Draco doesn’t quite know what to do about that, but he’s got some idea where to start.

Warding apartment doors?

Any ideas on how to really subtly ward the front/communal door for an apartment building?

I obviously have my front door and sliding glass door warded as fuck, but the actual front door to the building isn’t protected at all. What could I do that no one else would notice?

I decided to colour Mermaid!Harry 

I remember when...

He reached one million followers and asked us to try and screenshot it. Now he has over three million.

When he posted his cover of She Looks So Perfect on YouTube and we thought that many more would follow, as they always did. The next home video he posted was one of his own songs- and we knew every word. 

When you typed his name into iTunes and nothing came up, when all that came up in the google results was the magcon page. Now the world knows who he is.

When he covered Justin Bieber on vine and we thought it was just another cover. We never knew everything would change from that moment on. 

When all we had were 6 second videos. Now we have a whole album. 

I guess it’s true what they say, that watching your favourite artist grow bigger and more famous is one of the happiest and hardest times of your life.

Because I remember when Shawn was our little secret. 

Anime Expo Artist Alley 2016!

Hi Everyone! Good news and bad news. The bad news is that the print store will be closing for the season, and will not return for several months. The good news is I’ll be tabling for the first time at Anime Expo 2016 Artist Alley in Los Angeles!

I guess the secrets out for anyone who got the AX table placements. I’m at coordinates F8 for now. If and when I get a table number I’ll let you guys know since I’ll be updating with new info periodically as we get closer to AX.

It’s my first con! I plan on doing more in the future like MoCCA, SPX and others next year, but for now let’s see how this goes. See you in a few weeks!

anonymous asked:

You seem to be in the answering mood, so I hope it's ok I've got one of my own. As far as the press release goes, do you think the secret Emma finds out about is ring or David's father? I guess my only wish (and fear of it happening) is that the two subjects will be in the same conversation. I'm not too fond of the idea of her thinking he's gonna propose and then he drops this bombshell on her.

I think the secret Emma finds out about is the ring. There’s very little doubt in my mind actually.

As far as the two issues being too closely linked–I get your concern. I do. And I wish I could say I don’t think there’ll be any overlap but I can’t because I believe there will be.

Try this though–instead of looking at the proposal as being weakened or in some way damaged by proximity to the secret being revealed think of it as the proposal being strengthened by the fact that Killian and Emma are going to come out of this closer and with an even deeper love.

The growing and deepening of Killian and Emma’s love is the story they’re telling. It’s the story they’ve been telling for quite a while now. It’s important, therefore, to view the storyline through that lens.