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So Ginny I am dying to know, how did Harry propose to you?? ((Yes pixie cut Ginny yes!!))

Sorry love. 

Although the Prophet will tell you he did it with a string quartet, 2 well-trained dragons, and in the middle of the the Hogwarts quidditch pitch.

“I’m gonna be straight with you,” Geary said. This worried Owen more than anything else. Geary “being straight” with people meant that those people were probably a little hosed. “This chick’s probably going to kill you. And, while your whole positivity biz annoys the heck out of me, you’ve really helped my profit margins with your whole,” she made a wavy motion with her hands, “lucky thing. So it’d be just super if you didn’t get killed by Ms. Human Nuke.”

“Well I don’t know if you’ve heard, but uh…I’m kind of…tricky to kill.” He wondered why everyone was making such a big Thing out of all this. His boss, Ray, had seemed just as sure that this “Inanna” woman was going to be the permadeath of him.

Geary scoffed.

“That was higher up’s thought, but you’ve never seen this girl. Just…and it really hurts me to seem like I’m caring here, but take care of yourself.”
Owen did his best to grin at her. He didn’t want to worry her, but he was starting to get nervous.

“I’ll do my best!”

He held his hand up for a high five. As usual, she didn’t take the opportunity. Instead, Geary gestured dismissively, pulling her phone back out of her pocket. He took that as his signal to leave. As he reached the door, she called out to him one more time.

“By the way, I know you like to do the cutesy team name theme thing…I don’t know if you’re up to snuff on the whole Sumerian thing, but I’d suggest it.”


Memories (3/3)

You know, for how big a part of my life they are there’s disappointingly few shots of Zoe and Robbie in here. Why don’t I have more photos of you two? We must change this in future.

(( OOC notes: For anyone who cares, Kari will be showing up in SWL too. I’ll probably just keep using this blog, maybe change the url if Tumblr lets me do that for side blogs. She’ll still be SunsetAngel ingame. ))

So this is part two of my rp character introduction posts. This one is for Cazna (also known as boffle) who is the twin sister of Drada and a dragon agent. 

Name: Cazna Sheild-Sworn                                                                               Age: Twenty Seven                                                                                         Height: Five feet seven inches                                                                           Species: Awakened Human (Bee)                                                                       Gender: Female                                                                                               Birthday: 28th of October                                                                                   Residence: A studio apartment within the grounds of her university in Seoul.   Marital Status: Casual Dating                                                                             Sexuality: Bisexual                                        

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Good                                                                       Favorite Drink: Elder-flower Flavored Carbonated Water                             Favorite Food: Spinach and Rocket Salad                                                       Favorite Hobby: Playing  Go (the ancient Chinese board game)                     Favorite Snack: Lemon Slices                                                                         Favorite Colour: Blue                                                                                         Favorite Flower: None (Maybe bluebells but she wouldn’t admit it)          

Pets: She owns a pet tortoise called Myrtle. When she’s sent on assignment her university lecturer looks after him.  

P.S. Uh so if you would like to see more Cazna or if you want to roleplay with her let me know and I’ll set some proper stuff up for her. Drada tends to be the most popular so I’ve been neglecting this little antelope.                            

So I woke up this morning with different colour hair. It’s gone from the bright neon pink it was before to more of a candyfloss sort of colour which is still ok I suppose. Hell if I know why though, maybe the Bees thought it’d be funny or something. Do they even have a sense of humor? Maybe, I guess.

Anyway, naturally I’ve been riding around all day on that unicorn that followed me home a while back cause I am obviously the prettiest of princesses now.

(( OOC note: I was so happy to find this was an available colour now. The very first version of Kari way back in City of Heroes had almost exactly this colour and the neon pink never quite felt right.

Also, unrelated but from now on Kari’s posts will be tagged both ‘the secret world’ and ‘secret world legends’ and will be tagged ‘swl rp’ instead of ‘tsw rp’. So if you want to only find posts of the old or new games, use the respecting one of those latter two tags. ))

OOC Introductions;

Hello there. Thought I should put this out here since I’m new to the tumblr area for this blog. My toon’s name for the most part on WoW is Dia - but most call me Gin. I am an avid gamer, maybe not always in World of Warcraft but I am in several other gaming communities as well. I enjoy drawing, story-telling/writing, and game-making in my spare time as well. Voice acting is my passion.

I work mainly with The Secret World RP community (Now Secret World Legends / SWLRP when it relaunches) but I am returning (after about 5-6 years to the WoW community to rejoin with friends for their storylines).

I am 26, and work in real life as a State Provider, so post times will vary on here (sorry).

If you need to talk to me about anything or want to chat, feel free to message me.

Thank you for reading.

So I know a lot of people involved with roleplay in TSW/SWL keep online character journals. I’ve been flicking through a few recently and it seems like a fun thing to do, especially since (for me at least) the release of Secret World Legends means a chance to cover Drada and Cazna’s stories from the start to the end. 

It would mean not only being able to develop them into who they are today, but also allowing other people to get involved too. As friends, partners, boyfriends/girlfriends and rivals. 

So I guess what I’m asking is whether or not you guys would like to see a journal from their perspectives. I’m more then happy and willing to do it, but would you want to read it? 


The RP Meetup will be held on Saturday, May 30th at 6 pm PST on the beach in Savage Coast. The coordinates are (950,700) as marked on the map above.

This will be a beach party, so please wear your best summer getup! Swimsuits are encouraged!

All are welcome and should feel free to bring friends! See you there!