secret thoughts of girls

So you are on your fourteenth shower in the last twenty-four hours and yet you feel dirty, your insecurities cling to you better than your skin and they even flow in your bloodstream. 

The word FAT refuses to go down the drain because it is too big to fit in through the hole and the word UGLY is hanging onto you by your nails, the word UNSIGHTLY is stuck in the mirror in front of you and the word LONELY just entered the bathroom. The word UNATTRACTIVE is still your closest friend because it never left, and the word PLAIN-LOOKING is the compliment you’ve ever felt


i. carry extra middle fingers in your pockets


ii. keep extra swears under your tongue


iii. wear the fat like an armor


iv. make your skin slippery


v. learn to divert your mind


vi. have the attention span of a goldfish when people tease you


vii. learn to keep a scowl as your neutral expression


viii. learn to be the funniest in a group


ix. be so damn loud with your words that they can’t hear your thighs  rub each other


x. learn not to take everything personally, even when it is personal



He is a lost boy
You are a lost girl
You’ve found him
But he hasn’t found you
Because you are not something
He is trying to find
And it’s a shame that
That’s all it’s always going to be
—  He never wanted to be found by you and he was always looking for someone else // JustScribbledWords


Although the harmless things should not be overlooked. After all, they are the things that normally end up killing us in the end.

—  Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #63
White lies and truths

I’m tired means I’m sad
I’m lonely
I need a friend
I’m fine means I’m not okay
I want to talk
I need help
I’m sorry means I hate myself
I feel like I’m a bother
It’s what I say when I don’t know what to say
I hate you means I hate myself
I don’t want to accept your support
I want to trust you
Go away means stay
Don’t leave me
I need you
Goodbye means I give up
I’m done
I’m sorry

Mrs. Stark

Pairing: Tony Stark x reader

Requested by @weirdnewbie

Author’s note: Another shitty one. I’m starting to think my writing is getting worse and worse. I’m not in the best mood today, but I really wanted to finally write it so..yeah. Here it is.


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You and Tony were together for almost three years now. Sure, he is a jerk sometimes, but deep inside he’s a good man and the love of your life. You were coming back from business trip in Bern and you were looking forward to seeing him again. You missed even the Stark tower although you hated it for the first time. This building became your home.

You walked out from elevator.‘’Welcome home, Mrs. Stark!’’ familiar voice welcomed you.

‘’Thank you JARVIS! …you smiled. You really missed this guy, too. Suddently, it hit you like a truck.’’Wait, how did you just called me?’’

‘’ I thought that now, when you are proposed to Mr. Stark I should call you like that.’’ JARVIS responded politely as always.

‘’What the hell is going on here?‘’ you mumbled really confused. ‘’Don’t you think I would notice, if Tony proposes me?’’

‘’Then, I am in big trouble..’’

‘’You betcha! I thought you can keep a secret, you fucking gossip girl.’’Tony groaned.

‘’Well, hello honey. Wanna explain me something?’’ you quicky kissed him on a cheek.

He put his hands around your waist. ‘’I wanted it to be surprise, but Mr. Dickhead ruined it. I made us dinner with candles and stuff and I tried to be romantic and.. I want to say you I didn’t feel anything like this to any other girl before. Look, I understand if you don’t want to do this, I’m-..’‘

‘‘Who says I don’t, you moron?’‘you smiled widely. ‘‘I’m starving. Let’s go eat that dinner you prepared and then..well, we can discuise your offer.’‘

‘’Jesus Christ, the lasagna were incredible,Tony, seriously it was fucking foodgasm.’‘ you stated.

‘‘Y/N! I’m trying to be romantic here!’‘ he laughed.’‘Ehm, wanna dance?’‘

You took his hand and came closer to him. You danced for few tacts and then your boyfriend looked deep into your eyes. ‘‘So what do you say? Y/N Y/L/N, will you make me the happiest man in the whole world and marry me?’‘

‘‘I think that marriage with pasta is illegal in this country, so…yes, I will marry you.’‘

‘‘You are fucking dork, Y/N’‘ he grinned.

‘‘Yeah. But I am your dork now. And you love it.’‘

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Almost Gone

Written by: spencerreidsmiles

A fic request from @as-told-by-mari off this prompt list for #78 and #100: “I can’t…I can’t lose you” and “Tell me a secret”. 

Trigger Warning: mentions of death

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bitter reminders

Those pictures were taken with the purpose to remember the times we had . 

Moments that seemed like dreams.

At the time I would not trade anything for those memories but now I am not so  sure 

Now every time I look at my wall above my bed I see those pictures

Every time I log into social media they flash before my eyes

They bring sadness to my already broken heart.  

They haunt me    

Now they are the reminder of  the times we will never have

The smiles that will never be shown 

The laughs that will never be shared 

I wish they would go away

“This girl, the one sitting in the middle of my front row, was the cause of my moans late at night and she doesn’t even know. She doesn’t know that everywhere I go, I search for her among all the other people; hoping to see her beautiful long, brown hair flowing down her back.

She doesn’t know that my heart starts to pound against my chest every time I see her and our eyes meet. But she seems to always look away and I wish she would allow me to see her beautiful brown eyes.

She doesn’t know that my hands become sweaty when she is near me, wishing that I can touch her body, that my hands can explore every inch of that masterpiece God created just for me.

She doesn’t know that my breathing hitches and my insides start to turn when she bites her lips, so innocently. And I am left with my imagination running wild on how she can use that mouth for more that just talking.

She doesn’t know that she makes me break down my walls just for her when she talks to me; making me tell her things a student should never know about her teacher.

She doesn’t know that every Friday, I go home, wishing she was waiting there for me because I just wanted to have her near.

She doesn’t know that every Sunday night, I lay in bed, longing for her to be laying next to me so I can wrap my arms around her and pull her close to my chest so I can kiss her goodnight.

She doesn’t know that I crave for her to be there on Monday mornings, helping me with my tie and having my morning coffee with me.

She doesn’t know that I try, I try to get her off of my mind, but it seems that she is the only thing that occupies it. She doesn’t know that I have fallen in love with her and maybe that is a good thing.

I guess everyone needs their own dirty little secret,” he thought as he stared at the girl who was staring off into space as he stood in front of the class.

“She just happens to be mine.

And I wish one day I could be hers.”

—  S.V. //Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #15 part 2