secret study spot

“You can ride my broomstick. Wait that came out wrong.” ~ Tom Riddle

“I loved your Tom Riddle one so much! Tom “daddy” Riddle indeed. 😂 could you do another one with 19 & N?“


A/n: Tom Daddy Riddle is back at it 

19 - Inappropriate jokes

N - “You can ride my broomstick. Wait that came out wrong.”

Words: 745

Warnings: Eh little cringy 

“You’re nothing but a flapdoodle Tom, screw off will ya?” You huffed and flipped the page of your spell book, wishing that at this very moment you would have taken to the library where there would have been more people. 

“What fun would that be L/n?” He snatches the book out of your hand and carelessly tosses it down the dungeon steps, not one care in the world clung to him. “Don’t you get lonely all by yourself?” 

You wanted to push him down the steps, and you would have if you weren’t sitting as he towered over you. No one has ever discovered your secret study spot because no one ever came this way, but it seemed as though Tom Riddle decided to stalk you and tease you about it. 

Surprised he hasn’t done it sooner.

“Screw off Riddle and go get my book.” 

He chuckled, and it echoed down the steps and bounced back through your ears in a fit of mockery. “You already said that once, and I truly would, but I needed to get a good look at you first.” 

Your lips parted in confusion until the smirk tugging at the corner of his told you the disgusting foreshadowing in which he hinted. You rolled your eyes and looked away from him, but not before your eyes fell upon the middle of his crotch - which was awkwardly right at eye level. 

“Ah, see? You’re quite fond of me, but your silly little attitude tries to hide it. Girls like you ought to be punished. I wouldn’t mind volunteering for that.” 

Clenching your teeth, you used the wall to help you stand up and went for your book down the steps, he followed you. “Go away and just - hey!” 

He had grabbed your shoulder and spun you around, pushing you against the cold wall. You tried to push him away, but he had a protective hold on your wrists. 

“Don’t you think it would be fun? I would enjoy watching you struggle beneath me,” he laughed and leaned closer to your ear, “would you beg?” 

Tom Riddle had a way with words. He was attractive but just wasn’t approachable enough for a proper conversation which is why you usually kept your distance. The times you have talked to him because you paired with him, he was always so… inappropriate. His eyes lingered on your body more than the work the two of you were supposed to be doing.

“Why don’t you get on your broomstick and fly far away from me.” 

“I don’t have one.” 

“Well you can ride my broomstick and - wait, no that came out wrong.” Embarrassment crept on your cheeks as Tom brought his eyes back to yours and cocked a brow. “Oh shut up.” 

“I quite like you Y/n, and I don’t like anyone. You know that.” He used his fingers to push a piece of hair out of your face, feeling that if he let go of your wrists, you wouldn’t push him away. 

You didn’t, but you slapped him a good one. 

“I don’t think you quite understand how much of a turn on that is.” 

He was not going to quit, not until he got what he wanted and it was damn clear what that was. The thought of allowing Tom Marvolo Riddle having his way with your body wasn’t that much of a displeasing thought. Yes he annoyed the living crap out of you and you wouldn’t mind seeing him fall over the balcony at a Quidditch match, but he was still considerably attractive, and there weren’t many other boys at Hogwarts that showed much interest in you. 

“You just don’t stop do you?” 

“Not when it’s something I want.” 

You stared at him for a long moment and cocked your head side to side as if weighing out your options. 

“You’re such a snake, Riddle.” You kick at the ground. “You wanna Slytherin?” You joke, laughing at your own pickup line. 

He didn’t respond but instead searched your face for a sign of invitation. 

“Maybe if you just so happen to stumble upon me past the sleeping hour tonight, perhaps you can teach me some new… spells yeah?” You leaned up and briefly kisses the corner of his lip before pushing past him and back up the steps. 

You win, Riddle.