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Spamano Headcanon #2

Even after they started dating Antonio keeps sending cute secret admirer notes and gifts to Lovino, thinking that his Lovi doesn’t realize it’s him. At first Lovino didn’t know it was Antonio sending everything and had no clue what to think but now he just pretends that he doesn’t know that it’s Antonio.

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wait okay--can you write a short spamano thing where they're teachers, and nobody knows about them being a thing, but then the students find out?? idk I just really really love reading that kind of stuff and I figured that it would be cool if you wrote it and stuff because you're an amazing author an' all ok thankies :3

This idea is so cute it just slayed me. Here you go!

Warnings: very passing implications of EDs and self-harm. But they’re literally just passing mentions. 

Mr. Fernandez teaches Spanish. Mr. Fernandez teaches Spanish well. It’s no surprise that everybody likes him. He’s funny and silly and is always ready with a joke or a childhood story to lighten the class atmosphere. He can be tough - nobody will ever forget the day he found a couple of seniors bullying Ivan. (Nobody knows what happened, exactly, but they don’t bully anyone anymore.) He’s also really nice about homework, which irks a lot of his colleagues because they think he isn’t hard enough on the students about their assignments.

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Day 10- Secret Admirer

I don’t normally color my comics, but it was just so short, I thought I might add some lazy coloring to it XD And another Teacher!AU thing!! Because…I mean, why not? XDD And to kind of explain the story here, Feli helped Romano make up the little note thing, so Romano could FINALLY ask Mr. Carriedo out on a date (with the help of a few students, of course~) And Romano knows that at the end of the day, Antonio collects all the lost books that have been left on the desks in his classroom, and looks through them to give them back to his students. So Feli hides one of the notes in a book that has been left on a desk. At the end of the day, Romano…like “hides” by the door to hear Spain’s reaction, but by the time he had a chance to speak, Spain throws the note away thinking it was just a note from another student that was left in there

proposing to lovino was real tough because antonio had to keep & search everything for himself without any advice or help whatsoever

because he naturally wanted to tell everything to francis, but then francis would tell arthur who would tell alfred who would tell elizabeta who would tell gilbert would tell ludwig who would tell feliciano who would tell romulus who then would tell lovino like wow thank you everyone for participating in this secret, not-so secret-anymore plan


Hey, bros~!! So, I participated in bounoromato’s Spamano secret santa exchange event this year! And I was assigned to iamnotanegg as my secret santa~!! >w< (She wanted a christmas card that Romano and Spain would sent out with Romano being sort of stubborn with Spain hugging him! >w<) 

and I gave you a bit extra because I’m just that kind of person! XD You seemed like a really nice and sweet person, so I just figured you deserved a bit more~ ;w;

Well I hope you like it! I also sent it to your submission box, but JUUUSSSTTT in case it didn’t send (‘cause I get paranoid about that stuff), you can always find in the secret santa spamano tag .w.

And a Merry Christmas to you~!! ♥