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“John Jr. had just fallen off of a jungle gym and knocked a tooth out, one of his front teeth. The president came out just in a matter of a minute and clapped his hands. John wasn’t there so he’s looking around and asked Caroline where John was. She really didn’t know – she knew he’d fallen but she didn’t know what had actually gone on. ‘I was right standing close by,I told the president John had had a little accident, knocked out one of his front teeth and he was taken to the doctor.’ "The president stopped, looked for a minute, said, ‘Well, that is a baby tooth isn’t it?’ and I said, 'Yes sir’ and he said, 'Well, he’ll grow another one.' “

-Secret Service Agent, Tom Wells



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- Eddie Redmayne
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- Agents of Shield
- Tom hiddleston
- Kingsman the Secret Service
- Fanart (of any of the above especially)
- Original Artwork (I love seeing other people’s art.)

that Helen of Troy speech was epic

i truly do believe that a huge part of Tom cares greatly about Fitz and loves Fitz

just from that one scene, his speech to Olivia…the emotion in his voice, not really judgment but just questioning why Olivia left - now me personally I don’t care much for the ship but the way Tom is talking about it, about how wrecked Fitz was, calling Fitz “My President” the same way Fitz called him “My Tom Larsen” - you can just hear there is pain, that despite all this B613 stuff that Tom is still a secret service agent at heart who wants to protect his president and he doesn’t understand that if there is so much love why Olivia would leave Fitz behind to that kind of a state of pain…

it’s especially interesting coming from someone who isn’t being confrontational or judging but just someone begging for answers because he cares for them and has been on the inside and privy to all these moments that matter

i really believe despite this horrible thing Tom was ordered to do and that he had done and should answer for - he does deep down in his heart care very deeply for Fitz as much as he could

and I just really hope that before what will surely be his end (because let’s be honest, his end is coming) that he will get a chance to show that loyalty and get his full redemption, maybe dying to protect Fitz and Olivia the same way he’s always done for them since this show started

if Tom can die either taking a bullet for Fitz or Olivia or die doing something for them…I can accept that, I can accept that after all these seasons of him being one of the few consistent presence and support for their relationship, that it won’t all be for nothing

Scandal Season 4 Theory that’s Probably Wrong, but Still Entertaining to Me:

I’ve discussed some of these ideas with a few people and thought I’d just write them down. Yes, I’m well aware that this is written with Olitz lenses. It’s just me thinking, and most of it is probably wrong (which I’m used to), but here goes…

I mentioned the other day that I have been enjoying season four, up until Where’s the Black Lady (411), and had, thereafter been increasingly unsure of where the narrative is going. I actually love 411, but it was the first episode that required me to suspend belief about how the kidnapping of Olivia Pope was orchestrated. It does not sit comfortably with me that Andrew Nichols was the architect of this cabal. No, ma’am. And though I could (and did) create an argument for Olivia’s vehement rejection of Fitz upon her return, in No More Blood (413). But, frankly, it never curled all the way over for me. Not genuinely so. Lastly, I have struggled with post-kidnapping pivot back to the trite B6-13 story line, and re-centering Rowan in Olivia’s life.


If Rowan is connected to the kidnapping, then all three categories of my dissatisfaction begin to make sense.

The Logistics:

How could Andrew, the VP, have the entire Secret Service replaced? How does he know ex-Special OPs guys like Ian? Sure, Andrew had motive to have Fitz trussed up by the proverbial balls for the tenure of his presidency, but why was he so adamant that Olivia remain unharmed (411)? Andrew has absolutely no investment in her physical well-being, nor do I think he was just being kind-hearted all of a sudden. How could Rowan, a man that has claimed to have done everything in his life for Olivia (407), refuse to lift a finger when Jake came to him for help(413)? He said he had no daughter. Six episodes later, he’s a papa who’s proud of his “girl” because she stopped “shining” Fitz’s shoes and is “standing on [her] own” (419)?

But then I remember that Rowan knows Special Ops and Black Ops guys. After all, he ordered Fitz to shoot down a commercial airplane in a Black Ops mission (307). Rowan had already infiltrated Secret Service with B6-13 agents (Tom) in order to keep abreast of White House goings-ons (312). So, replacing the entire team: easy.  And the only person who has ever proffered Olivia’s physical safety to the detriment of her psychological, and emotional well-being, is Rowan. But why? How could he do that to his daughter?

Actually, this is exactly the kind of thing he’s perpetrated against Olivia for ears. All done to toughen her up into some kind of steely, strong black woman archetype, that is only ever subservient one thing: his black patriarchal authority. This is the man who let his 12 year old believe her mother was dead, while he locked that mother away in isolation for her crime, and never let her see any evidence of her daughter’s development. Not even a fucking news clipping (not until she chewed through her own wrists (308)).  He never let that daughter come back home; he sent her away (301). Sure, she received the finest education and learned a bunch of languages that have come in handy, but she is not OK. Rowan is the guy who, when Olivia was set to see Fitz again after a painful 10 month breakup (post-defiance), had his double agent, Jake Ballard, conveniently intervene in his daughter’s life. Why? To occupy her mind before she was set to see Fitz as Ella’s christening. I guess he didn’t plan on them fucking in a server closet. Woops. He sent his guy in to sleep with Olivia (405 admission), then had that evidence presented to Fitz. The purpose? A misogynistic belief that Fitz sees Olivia as his property, and since the property has been “defiled” (310) by another man, Fitz would no longer care for that property. Russell is yet another toy for Olivia to play with, and another means for extracting information in order to stay ahead of her. Rowan is also the guy who allowed his daughter’s name to be leaked by his own B6-13 agent, Tom, (301), when he obviously had the power to quash it. Why? Because it would conveniently allow him to get Olivia away from that “disappointing” (310) Fitzgerald Grant. He insisted that she would get on that plane “come hell or high water” (301). Seventeen episodes later, Olivia was checkmated into doing so (318). Bonus points for allowing her to think it was of her own volition. Lastly, Rowan is the guy who killed Fitz’s son for a dual purpose. Doing so gave his daughter another achievement under her belt because Fitz won; and it drove–what he hoped would be–a permanent wedge between them. “What love could survive that” (405), he said, as he built a rationale for the framing of Jake Ballard for his (Rowan’s) own crime.

In light of all of that, kidnapping and war actually fit perfectly with Rowan’s MO.

The NOlitz MO:

If Rowan is involved in this kidnapping, it means he forced Fitz into a catch-22, lose-lose situation. 

Option 1) Not go to war, and Olivia would die. Fitz would forever be blamed & feel guilty for Olivia’s death (though Rowan would never have actually let Olivia die, just let Fitz think so). Fitz may have even taken his own life over it, and we know he is capable of such an attempt (401). If he attempted to do it after the simultaneous loss of his son and disappearance of Olivia, why would he not complete the job if he had to live in a world where he was made responsible for her death? If so, problem solved anyway, as Rowan sees Fitz’s unconditional love for Olivia, and her loyalty and dedication to him, as a threat to his paternal authority. If Fitz takes himself out, Rowan has his daughter back. Why do I feel like Rowan let that assassination attempt by Verna and Becky ride?  

Option 2: Fitz goes to war for Olivia, thereby sending thousands of innocent people to their deaths. For three years, Fitz continues to be exploited into actions that make him a wildly unpopular President. Andrew would get to distance himself from Fitz’s administration in some way, without suffering blowback. It would also put him in good standing to usurp Fitz’s position for the next re-election. Olivia stays away from Fitz. But Rowan underestimated his daughter, and her ability to get herself out of tough situations. And, of course, he underestimated the strength of the Olitz’ relationship, and their ability to work as a team—even when they have no way of communicating directly with one another (411). They understand how the other person works. All major progress made in 411 was because of Olivia and Fitz.

Knowing Olivia, she would hate that Fitz went to war, sending thousands in harm’s way just for her (413). And she did. Fitz would (and did) claim that he did it for Olivia (413), just as Rowan claims he does everything for her (407,408). Olivia thinks Rowan is a terrible person and has done all the wrong things in her name (407). Rowan, then, makes Fitz into nothing but a man who is just like him:  "All men are, in fact, just like your father" (419). The kidnapping and war story line paints Fitz as a terrible President, in her eyes.  He falls in her estimation, and is no better than her father, who kills innocent people in the name of one: her.

Simultaneously, Olivia would also think of Fitz as a man who thinks she needs him to rescue her (something she vehemently rejects (308, 413)), and a disappointment, someone undeserving of the many ways in which she’s laboured for him (her warped interpretation (413)). She sees him as weak, as the one who needs protecting (308). To protect him (and her, in many ways) after the kidnapping, she puts up a cold front to create distance. She is dangerous for him (a belief she evidences in her 410 dream), but also brings pain upon herself as well, due to her emotional attachment to him.

What I described above was meant to be the byproduct of kidnapping/war. The theories I painted above were meant to lead to an idealistic wedge between our two faves. In some ways the fight, and the subsequent ring toss, in 413 become somewhat of a performance.

I believed Olivia’s anger, and her right to be angry over what happened to her, but, frankly, Fitz wasn’t deserving of it. But who else was she going to take it out on? It’s because he loves her that she was exploited and traumatized in this way. I maintain that it is the exploiter’s (Rowan, hypothetically) fault, not the fault of the persons (Olivia and Fitz) who love. I don’t care how this narrative goes, I will never change my mind about that. Hard line.  A part of me watches that 413 scene, and I can almost see Olivia preparing herself to do something she did not want to do, but it was the only way to get Fitz to stay away from her. It was the only way to ensure there would be no more blood (the title of the episode). No more causing Olivia psychological and emotional distress in order to force her away from Fitz. Already reeling from ASD, Olivia inflicts trauma on herself via the argument she had with Fitz, including the tossing of the ring. And we later see that  in addition to the kidnapping suffering, she revisits that ring toss moment as a traumatic moment in her life (417). Think about it. Having tossed the ring at Fitz (which sent a powerful message of ‘over’ to him), she doesn’t leave it on the floor, or throw it out. She puts it somewhere safe. And in a panic, she runs to find it, as if her recovery is incomplete without it. They are never over (220).

Olivia’s Distance and Coldness: 

Olivia has been keeping her distance and acting cold because it’s the only way she can keep herself (and Fitz) safe, so long as her father is still alive and free. Until she can get justice. Remember that bringing Rowan to justice is what Olivia was trying to do before Rowan decided to leave (409). Shortly thereafter, the woman gets kidnapped (wouldn’t be surprised if the plan was in place the moment she returned to DC. Rowan told her he didn’t tell her she could leave (401)). This return to B6-13 and Rowan would make sense to me if Rowan is tied into the kidnapping. Otherwise, episodes 410-413 feel like a bizarre sweeps attempt.

Olivia has pushed everyone away. She wasn’t returning Abby’s calls (415), and the rebuilding of their friendship has been a pre-kidnapping, season 4 highlight. Instead of bringing Abby back into her personal confidences, she’s kept her work-adjacent (415, 416, 418). I mean, Abby is the woman who was instrumental in bringing Olivia home (413). 

Olivia’s pre-kidnapping dick-in-a-box , Jake, has been sidelined to strictly B6-13 related business (418). Even that relationship—the one filled with convenience—has become too complicated for her. She has rebuffed his attempts to comfort her (414, 419).  “Julia” was an identity of the past, so she invented an even more “uncomplicated” one, “Alex” (419).   Everyone is being kept at emotional arm’s length. That makes her recovery that much more difficult, but maybe in Olivia’s world she justifies it as necessary. She can only deal with work-related drama right now. 

The Return to B6-13 Shenanigans:

I have been feeling like Olivia is steely, lacking any kind of warmth, and even more emotionally guarded that usual. She’s more aggressive and angry than she’s ever been. Of course all of that makes sense. Look what’s she’s been through–all alone. She killed a guy (410). She shot another, and then beat the shit out of him for the ways in which he tormented and hurt her (413). Olivia is still not quite herself, and why should she be. The ASD flashbacks attest to that. But it’s more than that.  The lack of painted, manicured nails is a small, but important, detail in this regard. As of 420, they remain unpainted. The missing warmth of which Olivia complained in 403–despite admitting to having Jake (lol, he’s her pet)–is very real post-kidnapping. (Olitz angst music plays as she and Rowan talk about this absent piece–the emotional lacuna.) Post-kidnapping Olivia still has Jake, yet chooses not to bring him in close.  

This is not a woman who reaches for personal help. For her career, sure. In some ways, Olivia can’t make a full emotional recovery while instituting a Cold War with Fitz. That coldness and anger are taxing on the body and mind because they take work to maintain. But it’s a sacrifice to freedom and justice. Olivia cannot be the woman she wants to be, or command control of her life while Rowan remains free to inflict all manner of violence and abuse in her name.  She cannot fully recover, or have anything with Fitz (the person who knows her best on an emotional level), while Rowan remains unpunished. He will destroy it.  If the kidnapping is any indication, he will truly stop at nothing to make Olivia into the woman he thinks she should be. Whoever that woman is supposed to be, she isn’t to be with someone Rowan finds threatening.

Because Olivia and Fitz have been a part for much of this season (and entirely so post-kidnapping), my instinct is to say that this Foxtail business will bring them together in the final hour to fight a mutual enemy: Rowan.  I just can’t see Olivia burning Fitz, when, in my eyes, she’s been protecting him all this time from her father.  (It saddens me that Olivia’s own father is actually her worst enemy, but he insists on running her life at all cost). B6-13, Rowan, and Foxtail need to come to a close. Olivia and this show cannot move forward so long as this narrative centers around those things. They loom too large and have too much authority. I don’t want to watch that. I want to watch Olivia navigate new things in her life, not the same trite shit against which she’s repeatedly been told she’ll lose.

So, that’s what I think’s been happening this season. And if so, it ties most things together (there are always outstanding questions). It certainly makes the ‘justice’ theme of this season workable. Of course, I’m fully prepared to be disappointed. Lol.

Imagine if Kingsman was directed by Tom Ford. The grainy cinematography. Close-ups of supple mouths and expressive eyes. Slo-mo balletic fight sequences choreographed to melancholic music. Mournful pining and longing. Eggsy unravelling at the seams in the rain, in Roxy’s arms, grieving for his Harry. SUIT PORN UNTIL OUR EYES BLEED

anonymous asked:

Could you do an olitz fanfic where Olivia finds out she's pregnant and tells Fitz in Vermont?

Hopefully this isn’t just another Olitz baby fic. Enjoy!!


                He drummed his fingers on his desk as he held the phone to his ear. He listened to it ring twice, three times, then her voicemail. He didn’t leave a message this time, just simply pressed End and tucked the phone back into his pocket. His thumb and forefinger squeezed the bridge of his nose, a migraine looming.

“Sir?” he heard Lauren’s voice call from the doorway, “The First Lady is here to see you.”

“Send her in” he lamented, forcing himself to sit upright. Then his wife breezed through the door, wearing her usual scowl.

“Fitzgerald, when are you leaving for New Hampshire?” he turned his eyes to the report sitting in front of him on the desk.

“Tomorrow morning” his response was flat, devoid of any feeling, “Why?”

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The dude that plays Secret Service Agent Tom Larsen, a “minor”/“recurring” character, did more acting in that 1 scene than Scott Foley has done in the whole time his creepy mug has been on the show.

35 Reasons Why Scandal Season 3 Left Me Shaking My Head in Confusion

(Note: This list is not meant to apply to any one in the fandom other than myself. It is very possible that I missed some story points and therefore some of these reasons may in fact be clear to other viewers. I do invite anyone to comment with an explanation to any of these points; clarity is always a good thing.) 

  1. There was a one month time jump between the Season 2 finale and the Season 3 premiere. What happened to make Fitz desperate enough to out Olivia’s name as his mistress?
  2. Fitz outted Olivia’s name without a back-up plan? Did he not know that her apartment would be swarmed with reporters? Did he not know that she would lose her clientele; jeopardize her reputation and the livelihood of her employees? Did he not have a contingency plan for all of this fallout?
  3. When Olivia shows up at the bunker, brings Mellie in and they discuss how to handle the situation, did he not already have a plan of action ready to implement?
  4. Fitz said he outted Olivia to free her from Mellie’s clutches. So Mellie could not use her against him. Were there other parts of his plan underway at the same time? Was he already working on the divorce? If not, doing that one act falls flat and seems illogical. What was his next step?
  5. The Grant War – Did that really happen? When did it end? Who was the victor? Who lost? What were the casualties?
  6. Cyrus tells Fitz that B6-13 doesn’t work for the President. It is an agency out of his control. Yet, episodes later, Fitz suddenly has the ability to overthrow Command and replace him with whom he chooses?
  7. Huck strangling Olivia – no response; no fall out from that violent act?
  8. Pete Foster running in to talk to Fitz about Operation Remington, why the urgency to speak to Fitz after all this time? Didn’t this Operation happen 20+ years ago?
  9. Episode 6 – Rowan sends someone to kill Jake for looking into Operation Remington but Fitz sends his own man to save him. After that failed attempt, Rowan no longer is concerned about Huck and Jake looking into it? He doesn’t need to kill Jake anymore?
  10. Episode 10 – Quinn goes AWOL and Olivia gives little to no effort to find her and bring her back.
  11. Fitz detaining Rowan while Maya gets away safe is all that is needed to overthrow him as Command? For real?
  12. Adnan Salif has Harrison make a sizeable donation to the Grant campaign, why?
  13. Tom working for B6-13???
  14. Adnan meets with Cyrus at the donor dinner to say that she is in to help with the Grant campaign and has unlimited resources, why does she do this?
  15. There is a full length monologue of Jake talking to no one where we find out about his mother, father and sister, yet after 2.5 seasons I had no idea where Harrison came from and why he is so attached to Olivia? (this point is irrelevant now but at the time it was pertinent)
  16. When Rowan is head of B6-13 he is considered evil and a monster; when Jake is head of B6-13 he is “just doing his job” “he’s not the problem, B6-13 is” and “he’s a good guy”?
  17. Although Fitz put Jake in power, he can’t control him? Jake doesn’t have to listen to Fitz? So now B6-13 is back to being out of Fitz’s control?
  18. Tom is in the rafters, ready to kill Sally if she tells the truth about her husband’s death during the debate. The President and Vice President are on site and this area is NOT patrolled by Secret Service agents. No one sees or would see Tom carrying out this mission?
  19. Everything everyone has done – Mellie, Cyrus, Jake – has all been in service at the pleasure of the President of the United States. So although Fitz has no knowledge of their actions, did not sanction them, did not weigh in on the decisions they made, the burden lies with him and he now considers himself the Devil. SMH!
  20. No explanation is provided on why Adnan needed to hire Maya? Maya has been locked up for 20 years, wouldn’t Adnan have better/ more up to date connections than Maya? Why they want to kill Fitz. Is it just because they are terrorists?
  21. Jake’s primary goal when he was put as Command was to find Maya Pope. He couldn’t find her before the terrorist plot got underway?
  22. B6-13 didn’t see Maya go in and have dinner with the Pope family in a public restaurant?
  23. Jeanine Locke comes back to reveal that she has written a book regarding her supposed affair with the President and then what? She goes away again?
  24. In earlier episodes, Huck was able to hack into cell phones, etc. from his computer. (In season 2 there was the dilemma of whether Olivia would allow him to hack into Cyrus’ phone.) Does Jake have some super special phone that you can only get into by being right next to it? Is that why Olivia had to sleep with him?
  25. Olivia moves hastily to shut down B6-13 without talking to Fitz; although they promised not to keep anymore secrets?
  26. And why does Olivia feel the need to take down B6-13? To save whom? Why does she feel this equates to wearing the white hat again?
  27. Jake confides in Olivia about his horrible job as Command of B6-13; later he loves it; later he wants to be saved. When she shuts it down and tells him he’s free of B6-13, he still begs to be saved?
  28. Jake chokes Olivia against a wall; pulls a gun on her employees and no one has anything to say about this? Especially Abby, who is a victim of domestic abuse herself? And while she wasn’t there during the altercation, she later has no problem lashing out at Rowan for being a horrible person.
  29. Jake begs Fitz to reinstate him as Command to B6-13. Now Fitz has control over B6-13 again?
  30. Rowan goes to Fitz with a pretense that he can get Maya Pope for him and kill her. When has Rowan needed Fitz’ permission to do anything?
  31. Harrison is the one who figures out that Rowan killed the President’s son? The person who had the least involvement; the least information; the least insight into the entire situation?
  32. Jake has time to box up the B6-13 files send them to David with a note but Olivia doesn’t have time to go to Fitz’ son funeral or leave him a note to say that she’s gone and why?
  33. Is Tom working full-time with Rowan and B6-13, killing Adnan, pulling a gun on Harrison or is it just part time when he has time off from being the Secret Service protecting the President?
  34. Jake is a trained killer who has threatened Olivia’s life when she wanted to dig further into James’ death, choked her, pulled a gun on her employees, outted their sex life in front of her employees, Fitz and Cyrus, released a sex tape on her, killed her friend James as well as two other women, struggled with her and put her in the hospital and this is the man who she wants to run away with?
  35. At the end of Season 2, Olivia left Fitz because she “pushed her Gladiators too far…they need me…I’m their Gladiator”. But now at the end of Season 3 she leaves her Gladiators in the care of Rowan. She no longer cares about whether Harrison is alive or dead, where Quinn is or Huck’s problem with his ‘family’. On her marching orders, these people have conducted illegal, treasonous acts that could have them all rotting in prison but now all of that no longer matters?
Let Your Heart Be Light

A/N: No cowboy hats were used or abused in the making of this fic. Mintymiscellany made this wonderful gif for my fic. Thank you so much!

This story is basically Morris and Tom talking about some of the happenings going on in the White House. This was based on some tumblr conversations happening last week. Special thanks goes out to breatheinsync who wanted to see something about Lauren too. 

Dammit, she’s right, it will snow tonight, Morris thought as he poked the coals and doused the flames with lighter fluid. The warmer weather of the past week tricked him into thinking that he could get away with a barbeque for their annual Christmas party. The lobster tails sat sadly in the cold, waiting for the fire to get hot enough for them to cook. Sheila peaked outside and smugly asked if he wanted a hot toddy while he waited. He tightly smiled as he lifted up his beer and told her that he got it covered. He could hear “Christmas in Hollis” playing in the background. Through the window, he saw his children dancing and encouraging the slightly inebriated adults to join them.

A few were drunk enough to try. Lauren started to do the slide with the kids. She motioned to Tom who stood in the corner with his arms crossed. He shook his head with a shy smile and moved towards the kitchen.

“Honey, just come inside,” Sheila cajoled. “We’ve got more than enough food. We don’t need the tails.”

“I’m not wasting these tails,” he stubbornly responded.  She was about to say something when he cut her off. “And don’t tell me we can bake them. You know it’s not the same as barbequing them.”

“Fine, but don’t think you will get out of putting the toys together Christmas Eve if you get sick.” The exasperation in her voice stung a little. But he said nothing as she firmly shut the door behind her.

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Trump protester: I was beaten for holding a 'Republicans against Trump' sign
The man whose protest saw Donald Trump rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents has said the Republican nominee’s supporters turned on him when he held up a sign reading: “Republicans against Trump”.
By Tom Silverstone

The man whose protest saw Donald Trump rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents has said the Republican nominee’s supporters turned on him when he held up a sign reading: “Republicans against Trump”.

The man, who identified himself as Austyn Crites from Reno, told the Guardian he was holding the sign at a rally when Trump supporters wrestled him to the ground.

The 33-year-old – who says he has been a registered Republican for about six years – said he was kicked, punched and choked, and feared for his life when the crowd turned on him at the gathering in Reno, Nevada.

Crites cited Trump’s treatment of Mexicans, Muslims and women as the reason he decided to protest again Trump, who he described as “a textbook version of a dictator and a fascist”.

There were panicked scenes at the Trump rally, apparently prompted by shouts from at least one person in the crowd that the protester had a gun.

Hundreds of people fled to the the back of the auditorium in panic as Trump was hurriedly rushed from the stage by his security detail.


Several Trump supporters who witnessed the incident told the Guardian they saw a man wrestled to the ground and, after he was on the ground, heard shouts that he had a weapon, prompting panic.

One of those witnesses, a Trump supporter, said he had seen the protester holding a “Republicans against Trump” sign, and assumed it had been misidentified as a weapon.

Although he described himself as a Republican and fiscal conservative, Crites said he had canvassed “for a few hours” with the Clinton campaign in Nevada because he wanted to do all he could to prevent a Trump presidency

He said he was not fully supportive of Clinton but believed she was the only candidate who could stop Trump from reaching the White House.

Crites said he had not formal connection to the Clinton campaign and decided to attend the rally on his own volition.

“[Evan] McMullin is someone I also support,” he said of the independent conservative standing for president on many states, and added that he backed Trump’s Republican opponents during the primaries. “John Kasich, for example, was a great candidate.”

Crites said he felt Trump supporters were well-meaning but simply misguided by Trump’s demagoguery. “He’s fascist, he’s a dictator,” he said of the Republican nominee, saying such leaders turn normal people “into animals”.

While he was surprised at what occurred at the rally, Crites he said he did not blame the crowd for his treatment. “I like these people,” he said. “These are my fellow Americans. I love these people. I understand that they came here because they’re patriotic, they want to do good for their country.”

He added: “The people who attacked me – I’m not blaming them. I’m blaming Donald Trump’s hate rhetoric.”

“My heart still aches for what this nation could potentially do by electing him,” he added. “That hurts me much more than any of this violence.”

“The fact that I got beat up today, that’s just showing what he’s doing to his crowds. But I just want people to understand I’m going to be OK, but now what’s more important is if the country going to be OK? So do your part and vote.”

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h/t:  Paul Lewis and Tom Silverstone at The Guardian