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im too old and tired for secret santas because im like so worried that ill get a prompt i dont care for and ill have to deliver art that doesnt have my heart and soul in it but also secret santas have such a dear and precious place in my heart because four years ago i met @jununy thru a homestuck secret santa art exchange and my Life Was Changed she is like the one of the greatest things to ever happen to me and i am thankful to secret santastuck 2012 every single day of my life

Merry Christmas- or whatever doesn't offend you!

Hello, and welcome to the first annual Homestuck secret Santa gift exchange! I am your admin, Saida! 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join this festivity! 

Please read the rules though, before running your way to fill out your questionare that can be filled out here!

Also if you have any questions check the FAQ to see if they have been answered, and if not, just sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what’s on your mind or ask me on my personal account.

Merry Christmas to all and hope to have you a part of this!

Secret Santastuck 2013

I took part in the Secret Santa this year and I had a-painful-memory so I hope you enjoy this dear! Merry Christmas! I also posted this on Ao3, happy holidays everyone!

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     Sollux grumbled as he finally slipped on the ugly sweater. “Ith thith good enough for you, Ampora?” He asked a bit snappily, his eyes rolling at his boyfriend.

     “Of course Sol, now hold still for me? I need to take your picture in front of the tree!” Eridan was so excited. He finally got Sollux in an ugly Christmas sweater and made him put on reindeer horns, the glowing red nose, everything! Even an elf hat, he’d put a Santa hat on him, but Sollux was ridiculously short compared to Eridan.

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