secret santastuck

Secret Santastuck 2013

I took part in the Secret Santa this year and I had a-painful-memory so I hope you enjoy this dear! Merry Christmas! I also posted this on Ao3, happy holidays everyone!

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     Sollux grumbled as he finally slipped on the ugly sweater. “Ith thith good enough for you, Ampora?” He asked a bit snappily, his eyes rolling at his boyfriend.

     “Of course Sol, now hold still for me? I need to take your picture in front of the tree!” Eridan was so excited. He finally got Sollux in an ugly Christmas sweater and made him put on reindeer horns, the glowing red nose, everything! Even an elf hat, he’d put a Santa hat on him, but Sollux was ridiculously short compared to Eridan.

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