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A while ago, I introduced my best friend to indie gaming by taking him to my local indie gaming ttrpg group. Out of the games pitched that day, he decided to play Monsterhearts (a game about teenage supernatural creatures making it through puberty and high school etc). My roommate plays a werewolf with horrible social skills due to being raised by a pack, and is faced with the task of buying the Queen Bee a secret Santa gift.

Werwolf: okay, so, I don’t know what to get her, so I’m going to break into her house tonight and snoop through her room to see what sort of stuff she likes.

GM: …seriously? Alright fine, roll to see how well that goes.

Werewolf: *rolls 14 on D20*

GM: You successfully break into the house, having learned at school that Queen will be at a friend’s house that night. Unfortunately as you’re passing her parents’ room you kick over a vase and her father comes out of the room to see what’s going on. He starts yelling, asking who you are and what you’re doing in his house.

Werewolf: I’m going to try and convince him this is a dream.

GM: Roll for persuasion.

Werewolf: *rolls nat 20*

GM: you put one finger on her dad’s lips and shush him, stroking his hair and singing gently that this is all a dream and he should go back to sleep. He looks confused so you turn into a dog and tug on his trouser leg, pulling him back to the bed, until he lays back down and pets you sleepily. You turn back to human and kiss his forehead gently after tucking him in, and close the door on your way out.

This years Barduil Secret Santa gift is for @carmentalis​ :>

I went with the ‘making this patchwork family with two Kings with their own realms in it work’-prompt (˘◡˘) So you’ve got Thranduil in Dale during his visit/consort-time.

For his time in Dale he left Legolas behind as his regent , who sends lots of letters to keep his adar updated (and to rant about some council members).

Sadly they can’t live together permanently since they are kings after all, but they have an arrangement where they take turns visiting each other every other season, depending on how the political circumstances are. They call it consort-time.

Their children have agreed to help them with it, so Legolas stays behind when Thranduil leaves for Dale and Sigrid does the same for her da. So all in all, though it isn’t ideal, they make it work.

(The kids travel more often between the two, though especially Sigrid cant manage as often as the others since she is the next in line to the throne and will need to take over at some point)

So this is kind of an early Christmas (late b-day for one) gift for @krzed and @vanilla107 cause you guys are amazing and put up with my inactivity in the Nathclo fandom—- Which speaking of which, I drew them! Finally! AND IM SUPER HAPPY WITH THIS. I discovered Ariana Grande’s Christmas album Christmas Kisses/Santa Tell Me…. so listen to that to get full Nathclo experience.

I guess this is a Chlonath Secret Santa AU, they get each other for Secret Santa, and Nath is worried Chloe won’t like her gift cause she’s a spoiled brat, and Chloe is worried Nath won’t like his gift cause it’s from… well… Chloe. Also, Older!Chlonath.

So yeah, let your imaginations run wild!

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I see your anime club and raise you, Comic book club

Vriska: President of the club. Has a whole closet full of spiderman shirts but only because venom and carnage shirts are harder to find. WILL fight you if you try to argue over her opinions on comics. Likes Venom, Carnage, Punisher, and Deadpool like a damn fool. Also reads Johnny the Homicidal Maniac because its the only thing she and Rose can agree on

John: Brings in all the superhero movies. All of them. Gets made fun of for not just pirating them but he insists that having a physical collection is more impressive. Likes the basics, Deadpool, Avengers (Favorite is probably like, Cap), Spiderman, Batman.

Rose: Reads Sandman repeatedly. Is very gay for Death. Also reads a lot of indie shit and JtHM and no one is entirely sure if its a ruse or if she really is that Hot Topic. Read V for Vendetta and is very bitter that the person behind the mask was not the lesbian from the letter.

Dave: Also reads JtHM and Invader Zim but thinks its fucking hilarious how much Rose and Vriska can talk about it seriously. Makes SBaHJ on the chaperone’s computer and gives it a virus everytime he goes to upload the new page to his own website.

Jade: Spends more time in anime club, but likes indie comics because they tend to be more colorful and less jarring style. Reads SU and Adventure Time comics and stuff like that. Supports at least five different furry comics on Patreon.

Dirk: Is in a constant ongoing feud with Vriska’s club even though theres like a 90% overlap between who goes to what club. Anytime there’s a school event with the clubs they will inevitably try to turn it into an anime vs. comics war. Says Batman is “alright” tho.

Jake: Terrible. Canonically likes Spider woman, Hulk, and the Punisher. Also probably is the one who reads Star Wars comics for the alien girls. Vriska is consistently ready to fight him any time he offers his opinion. This finally settled itself when they had Secret Santa and he bought her the Bishoujo Spider Woman figure and she threw his backpack out the 2nd story window.

Jane: The only one in the club who likes Superman and is constantly defending him. Thinks Christopher Reeve was handsome and likes to watch those Superman movies with her dad.

Roxy: Also more into anime, shows up at both clubs in order to convince her friends to join her Retro Gaming Club. She brings snacks. Likes Spidergwen, Gwenpool, Supergirl, Wonderwoman, and all of the Robins.

Aradia: hardly shows up at meetings but is also gay for Death.

Tavros: is team Anime Club, mostly because Vriska won’t let him in the club room anymore after he said something about not thinking Punisher is cool. Likes to watch whatever superhero movies come out but is casual about it.

Sollux: Is just trying to use the charger in the back of the classroom while he waits for his dads to pick him up. His brother is into comics so sometimes he’ll correct someones lore.

Karkat: Is in a constant death battle debate over which superheroes would beat each other. Never wins because it always inevitably leads to a teacher breaking up Karkat and Vriska because they’re screaming so loud that you can hear it from across the school. Just watches the movies but joined the club because he got kicked out of debate club under similar circumstances.

Nepeta: Is also team Anime Club but comes over to hang out with Jade or eat the cookies Roxy brought in. Likes cat animes, would appreciate Catwoman more if she were cuter instead of sexy.

Kanaya: Supports her girlfriend. Has read a single Wonder Woman comic in her life. Owns the Twilight graphic novels and tried to bring them in once but was to embarrassed to show them to anyone.

Terezi: Has The Hookup because Latula works at a comics store. Brings everyones subscriptions in in a huge box on Wednesday. Most of her wardrobe is free shirts Latula’s brought home from work. Likes Daredevil, Two-face, Punisher, and She-Hulk. Was conflicted when it it was decided that She-Hulk is a better lawyer than Daredevil.

Equius: Is banned from both clubs.

Eridan: Gets put on monthly suspensions because Vriska knows if she bans him entirely he’ll complain to the principal and might get the club disbanded. So instead she bans him for a month at a time in hopes that eventually he’ll just give up and go home. Likes the grizzlier Aquaman with a hook for a hand and a beard, and constantly tries to argue that the girl characters should date the supervillians instead of ending up with the heroes. He’s very obviously projecting and it makes everyone uncomfortable.

Feferi: Doesnt interact much with either club because shes got a lot of other after school activities. Thinks Supergirl and Wonder Woman are neat tho!!!!

  • Sam: I’m Rowena’s secret Santa, and I have, like, no clue what to give her.
  • Castiel: Just get her a present!
  • Dean: Oh, my god.
  • Sam: Okay, help me, please! I don’t want to give her the worst present and then have to go Christmas yodeling with Chuck.
  • Crowley: Two words.
  • Dean: I bet they won’t be helpful.
  • Crowley: Your problem.
  • Dean: I was right.

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Lucaya Prompt- The core 6 plays secret valentine and Maya gets Lucas

//Valentine’s Day Prompt! I’m still working on the other prompts all you awesome people have sent, but if you have any other requests don’t be afraid to send them. Enjoy!//

Secret Valentine

“Secret Valentine!” Riley exclaimed. She was carrying a pink box covered in red hearts. There wasn’t any doubt that she made it herself.

“No!” The entire group replied.

“But love! And friendship.” Riley argued.

“Don’t we suffer enough during secret santa?” Maya whined. 

“Hey YOU all loved your gifts. It was a good day.”

The group mumbled but Riley wasn’t taking any complaining.

“We’re doing this. Besides Lucas wasn’t here for secret santa. Now we’re all here!”

Maya glared at Lucas. “Thanks Ranger Rick. I blame you.”

“Now remember it’s a secret so no one say anything. Just pick a name and get the person a gift by the 14th.”

The group groaned collectively before each went inside the box to pick out one of the little glittery slips that had a name written on it.

On the 14th, before school, Maya went to Lucas’ house before heading to Riley.

She carried a somewhat large rectangular object wrapped in plastic  under her arm. The closer she stepped to the building the more she realized she shouldn’t be here this early. But she didn’t want to give it to him at school. People would be watching there. Definitely not at Topanga’s either since there were many people there too. Besides, Riley had allowed them to give their gifts to their valentine whenever they could rather than with the group together. Mostly because they had all pleaded for her not to make it some huge deal. They just wanted to get it over with. Maya definitely wanted to get this over with quickly.

Before she even had a chance to enter the building Lucas was walking out with a gift in his hand. He noticed her immediately and raised an eyebrow in confusion. 

“Aren’t you supposed to be at Riley’s? You always pick her up.”

“Yeah I’m going. I had to give you the stupid Valentine’s day gift.”

“Oh. You’re my secret valentine?” He chuckled. “I’m surprised you got me something.”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t get me a secret santa gift.”

“You weren’t even here.” She handed him the frame under her arm. “Besides this might be same gift I was going to give you for Christmas.” 

Lucas took the rather large frame from her and looked at it. 

“You can open it.”

“It’s not even wrapped.” Not that he expected anything else. It was a miracle he even received anything, but now he was starting to think it was a prank. He slowly unwrapped the plastic off and realized it was a painting canvas. When he turned it around it was completely painted black.

“What the hell?” He looked towards the blonde who was smiling.

“It’s your favorite color.” 

“Black is not my favorite color?!?!”

“Oh. Oops.” Maya shrugged and chuckled. “Well I gotta go pick up Riley. See you at school Huckleberry.”

“Wait.” Struggling with the painting in his hand he managed to extend the bag in his hands towards her. “I got you for the valentine thing too.”

Maya reluctantly took the bag, that happened to be very light, and stuffed it in her backpack. “Thanks.”

“What? You’re not gonna open it?”

“Later. It’s getting late.”

“I’m gonna go put this away in my room. There’s no way I’m carrying this around school all day.”


Maya paced around in her room with a single paper in her hands. How could he have done this? How dare he have done this? She was panicking. How could this be possible? She read the words on the paper over and over again. We would like to thank you, Maya Hunter, for your submission…..highly prominent…our featured artist…full scholarship to our 8 week summer program…

Those words couldn’t possibly be about her. Yet there was her name on top. She wished she hadn’t opened the stupid gift. She wished that she didn’t have the urge to call that stupid cowboy at 12:43 in the morning. She grabbed her cellphone and waited. He was probably asleep. 


“What is this?” Maya yelled harshly.

“You’re gonna have to be more specific.”

“I’m not playing games, Huckleberry. What am I reading?”

“Your gift?”

“W-why would you do this?”

“Because you’re talented Maya. I took a picture of one of your paintings and submitted it to the contest. I know you were afraid and didn’t apply so I did it for you. You won. I knew you would.”

“I don’t- I- thank you, Lucas.”

“Let the world see your talent, Maya.”

There was a moment of silence on both ends of the phone call before Maya spoke again.

“Well now I feel bad. My gift was terrible.”

Lucas looked over at the painting now hanging in front of his bed. When he had turned off the lights to his room he had realized the painting wasn’t just the color black at all. It was a dark blue. Within the frame of the painting Maya had placed little LED lights making it look like a sky full of stars. Just like the stars of Texas he always missed. He didn’t know how she had done it, but it was absolutely beautiful. 

“No. Don’t feel bad. You got it just right. That’s my favorite color.” 

Dear @justcuzfandoms, now is the time you get to yell at me for being incredibly late.

I hope this (little) present makes you happy, even a month after the festive season ! But even more, I hope you treated yourself right during that time (ate a lot, slept all day) and, oh wow I’m so bad with delays, happy Hanuka !

At first, I wanted to write a little something, but I changed my mind and drew this stunningly aro-ace Piper ! (Hence the questions about baseball, I’d really like to know more about it thought) 

Oh, all thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016​ for pushing me again and again (it was needed) I made your job so much harder, you deserve all the praise for holding this project together ! 

(ps : this is actually the first time I ever post my art on this website, thanks to both of you for giving me enough courage to do so)

Todomomo + Secret Santa

So I just signed up for BNHA Secret Santa and I am hella excited (If you guys doesn’t know about it, you can contact @todomomo ) and I just sprouted this AU. Enjoy guys!!

  • When Christmas time rolls around, class 1-A decided to have a secret santa.
  • Iida and Momo arrange the whole thing from start to finish, including make a bunch of rules which one of them is ‘Giving your secret santa a prank gift is not allowed’
  • Neither does a nsfw gift (looking at you mineta) keep it sfw you little shits
  • Anyway, Todoroki got Momo as his secret santa
  • He’s hella confused what to get her
  • She can pop up anything from her arm, what else could she possibly needs?
  • Is a cat an acceptable gift?
  • But everyone is putting a lot of thoughts in their gift there’s no way he just give her anything and be done with it
  • Clue Todoroki trying to subtly find out what Momo likes (spoiler : he’s not subtle at all)
  • 'Errr so, Yaoyorozu, I heard your favourite bag is on XY the magazine, huh?’ 'Todoroki-san I don’t read that mags’
  • 'Yaoyorozu, quick!! If you were deserted in an island what three things you would bring with you?’ 'Probably just some food so I can make a boat with my quirk’
  • 'What do you think your secret santa will give you?’ 'Oh, I never really thought about it’ 'Well?’ 'Hmm…the last time my family does secret santa I got a free vacation to Paris so maybe it’s something along that line’
  • Todo almost give up, but one day when they casually talking Momo let it slip that she likes flower but can’t have many because she’s easily get pollen allergy
  • This is it! This is what he needs.
  • Todo decided that he will give her Ice Flowers with his quirk
  • Fucking easier said than done, art is hard as hell
  • He tried to make some ice and then sculpted it manually
  • It fails and also the ice melts and it doesn’t look the slightest bit like a flower it looks like melting john cena
  • He ask his sister and mom for help
  • Todomama and Fuyumi totally knew he got a crush on this girl bc he tries so hard
  • Finally
  • Just in a nick of time, when christmas finally came and it was time to exchange gift, Todo was the first to stand up and walked towards Momo who is sitting down across him.
  • When Todo finally standing in front of her, he told her to stick out her hands. Momo is rather confused, also he didn’t bring anything with him?? But todo looks proud as hell and he just goes 'Watch this Yaoyorozu…’
  • And he just dump dozens of ice flowers to her hands until it spills and falls to the floor
  • Everyone was so amazed, like Todo holy jollie on the stick the flowers are so pretty and that’s such a nice gift??
  • Momo is tearing up guys, also she was smiling from ear to ear
  • 'Thank you, Todoroki-san’
  • All that troubles he went through instantly pays off when he sees Momo smiles bc she is so beautiful and precious and have to be protected at all times
  • 'I’m going to keep this in a sanitized freezer for the rest of my life’
  • 'No need yaoyorozu, just play with them to your heart content’
  • 'But it’s such a waste if it melts’
  • 'I’ll make more for you’
  • That night, Momo walks around with icy flower crown on her hair

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secret santa with the holland family and tom has the perfect™️ gift for you so he begs whoever has you to switch with him !!

Holidays with the Hollands was an annual time of year that you always looked forward to. There was nonstop joy, love, and genuine happiness that radiated from the family; it was contagious. 

“Okay, so everybody has to pick names from the hat!” Nikki called, prompting the popular Secret Santa. 

Pulling Paddy’s name out of the hat, you smiled widely, already formulating possible presents for the youngest Holland. Everybody else took their turn, eliciting varying reactions. Tom’s was the most peculiar. 

“Mum,” Tom whispered to Nikki. “Can I change mine?” 

“Now, Tom, you know the rules,” Nikki replied. “No changes. I’m sure you can get something good for the person. We’re family, for goodness sake.” 

“I know, it’s just–” 

“IT’S CAUSE HE DIDN’T GET Y/N,” Harry groaned. 

“That’s not,” Tom started, blushing furiously. “Well.. yes. You may be right.” 

“Well, I got Y/N, so you’ll just have to deal with it!” Sam yelled. 

“Sam, please switch with me,” Tom pleaded. “I have the perfect gift, and just please?” 

“You do know I’m sitting right here?” you asked, laughing at Tom’s enthusiam. 

“You’re all ruining the whole point of Secret Santa!” Nikki cried. Tom ignored her as he kept bargaining with Sam to switch. 

“20 quid,” Sam said. “Then I’ll reconsider.”

“20 quid? That’s all I’m worth?” you teased. 

“You’re right. 50 quid!” Sam raised the stakes, making Tom look at you with an incredulous look. Simply shrugging, you replied: “How badly do you want it?” 

“Fine,” Tom muttered, digging in his pockets to find his wallet and fish out money for Sam. 

“Cheers, Tom! It’s a good holiday season already!” 

I love this concept Char! Thank you so much for requesting! :-)

Blurb Night/Follower Celebration!


noo Medic you broke one of the first rules of combat: never underestimate your opponent

(for madjesters1 - I really like this one, I hope you do too <3)

[Miraculous Ladybug]: Sealed With A Kiss

a short commission that i did for @erialy​ who asked for a chlonette secret admirer au :) thanks so much for commissioning me love and i hope you enjoy it!!!!

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: Sealed With A Kiss
Summary: “One day I promise you I’m going to be able to tell you these things to your face. I’m going to look into your eyes, take your hands, press them to my lips, and tell you everything. You deserve honesty and sincerity with how much of yourself you give to other people. So I’m giving this to you as a promise. There won’t be a single secret between us.”

Sealed With A Kiss

Marinette finds the first one in her locker, wedged between her history test corrections and the packet of maths review sheets she still hasn’t gotten around to completing.

It’s hard to miss the card’s braided border made out of pink and golden glitter that’s meticulously glued on by hand and leaves dust trails of color on her books and pencil cases. There are roses and tulips inked on the corners and in the center is Marinette’s name written in a beautiful script that curls the edges of the ‘M’ and dots the ‘i’ with a heart. It’s too late for secret santa exchanges, too early for Valentine’s Day gifts, and her birthday is months away. She doesn’t get a chance to prepare herself for the enormity of what it must be before she opens the card and feels the pleasant shock warm her down to her toes.


I’ve thought about how to say this in person for a very long time. But no matter how gorgeous your eyes are, I can’t stand the thought of staring into them while I say something so personal. Better to write it down where it won’t be lost in translation.

I saw you walking to school yesterday as you passed the flower shop across the street from the bus stop. You looked so lovely in that blue dress you were wearing that I thought I’d give you something to help match it with. I hope I get to see you in it again.

Stay smiling. You’re so pretty when you smile.


There’s a coral pink lipstick mark kissed into the bottom corner in lieu of a signature, and the blush on Marinette’s face gets stronger when she realizes that this must have been written by a girl.

She frowns at the message and wonders what the person could’ve possibly meant when they said they had something to give her until she notices something taped on the back of the card. Marinette flips it over and gasps when she finds that there are seven hairpins attached, each one adorned with little blue snowflakes that sparkle when she holds them up to the light. She already knows that they perfectly match the blue New Years’ dress she’d worn yesterday, and despite how inexpensive the gift seems, the thought put into it leaves Marinette sticking her head in her locker to prevent anyone else from seeing how far her smile is stretching. She takes a moment to squint at the additional writing left in the corner and giggles into her sleeve: I love you in braids. Put these in next time you wear one. <3

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You Me Her

1 || 2 || 

Chapter Three: Excuses 

Word Count: 2136

↠ ♥ ↞

After lying to Lucas about the extent of her feelings towards him Riley feels she has no choice but to tell Maya the same thing. Riley thinks it’s better to hear it from her rather than Lucas, especially after the two girls agreed to no longer keep secrets from one another. A pact that makes Riley feels horrible for lying to Maya but she keeps telling herself that this is the best thing for everyone. Her guilt subsides slightly when Maya looks relieved after Riley explains that she isn’t romantically interested in Lucas. 

As the weeks pass things remain awkward. Even though no one is asking Riley if she’s okay anymore they certainly still have a watchful eye on her in all situations. Still, Riley wears a smile that doesn’t waver as she tries to navigate through every tense situation. 

As for Maya and Lucas, on the outside you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell they were dating. They almost never held hands or made contact of any sort. Riley was unsure if they acted like this because of her or for other reasons.

Not surprisingly at all Maya prioritises Riley over Lucas in ever situation, even when ‘choosing’ isn’t necessary. Riley wonders if Maya does this out of guilt or obligation but she shakes the thought every time, Maya was her best friend and she does things because they love each other. Even though Riley tries to primarily focus on Maya she can’t help but notice the slight wave of disappointment that seems to cross Lucas every time he’s passed over for Riley. At least she thinks it’s disappointment. 

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