secret santa for her

This years Barduil Secret Santa gift is for @carmentalis​ :>

I went with the ‘making this patchwork family with two Kings with their own realms in it work’-prompt (˘◡˘) So you’ve got Thranduil in Dale during his visit/consort-time.

For his time in Dale he left Legolas behind as his regent , who sends lots of letters to keep his adar updated (and to rant about some council members).

Sadly they can’t live together permanently since they are kings after all, but they have an arrangement where they take turns visiting each other every other season, depending on how the political circumstances are. They call it consort-time.

Their children have agreed to help them with it, so Legolas stays behind when Thranduil leaves for Dale and Sigrid does the same for her da. So all in all, though it isn’t ideal, they make it work.

(The kids travel more often between the two, though especially Sigrid cant manage as often as the others since she is the next in line to the throne and will need to take over at some point)

Dear @justcuzfandoms, now is the time you get to yell at me for being incredibly late.

I hope this (little) present makes you happy, even a month after the festive season ! But even more, I hope you treated yourself right during that time (ate a lot, slept all day) and, oh wow I’m so bad with delays, happy Hanuka !

At first, I wanted to write a little something, but I changed my mind and drew this stunningly aro-ace Piper ! (Hence the questions about baseball, I’d really like to know more about it thought) 

Oh, all thanks to @pjosecretsanta2016​ for pushing me again and again (it was needed) I made your job so much harder, you deserve all the praise for holding this project together ! 

(ps : this is actually the first time I ever post my art on this website, thanks to both of you for giving me enough courage to do so)

Pepper Up, Peppermint

Sixth year Lily is home, sick, at Christmas. Can a visit from her friends cheer her up? A jily secret santa gift for @ihopeyoucanseemesmiling who requested fluffy Christmas jily. Merry Christmas!

word count: 3400

The jolly chime of the doorbell cut through Lily’s medicine-induced fog, rousing her. Even after the last echoes died away, she made no move from her nest on the sofa. She was closest to the door, sure, but she was also closest to death.

Exempt by default—let the healthy people handle it.

Except no one came, and the doorbell rang again. Lily winced. She’d never before fully appreciated the horror that was her parents’ novelty chime.

“Lily,” another horror—her sister—called from the back of the house, “get off your arse and answer that!”

“I’m sick,” Lily croaked. Or tried to, instead breaking off into a violent cough.

When the door rang again, Lily wished death upon her tormenter.

“I’m baking!”

(More like barking.)

The doorbell rang again—what kind of savage?

“Lily, bloody get that!”

“I’m ill!”

“If you were that ill, you’d be in bed rather than infecting us all.”

Lily propped up on her elbows, the better to yell. “I’m sick on Christmas, and you’re worried about germs?”

Christmas Eve, technically speaking, but wasn’t it close enough?

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Kara, slumped on her couch eating an entire tray of Christmas cookies, pouting even during her favorite Elf scenes.

Alex, teasing Kara for being so bummed out about a silly Secret Santa game.

Kara, explaining one more time that this was the first and potentially only CatCo Secret Santa game in the history of ever and she is the only one who didn’t get a single gift from her Santa.

Maggie, taking pity on Kara, giving the superhero the last of her carton of noodles with a cute little “ho, ho, ho from your not-so-secret-Santa”.

Kara, laughing, telling Alex she likes her girlfriend better than her.

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Merry Bungou stray dogs secret santa! ^u^ I am @ariukoart Secret Santa!!  I’ve been her friend for awhile and she’s just most amazing and from all of our talks together I decided I should draw some small Soukoku!! 

Merry Christmas!! I hope you like it! and thank you @bsd-secret-santa for setting this all up!! 

Just had a woman come into the shop and came straight to the counter and asked about a goldfish bowl. I explained that we do not sell bowls because of their various downfalls that make them unsuitable for fish. She told me she needed a cheap tank immediately because she’d been given a goldfish for Christmas. Since it’s still a few days before I assumed she meant she was getting a fish but no. She had gotten one from her works secret Santa and it was currently sat in her car in a jar.
They also gave her a castle ornament because obviously that’s all they need.

She was more than happy to give the fish what he needs but by the time we got her everything she’d need she ended up spending £100+ because someone didn’t think their gift through.