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Don Bluth’s The Secret of NIMH was first released on July 2, 1982.

Don Bluth, John Pomeroy and Gary Goldman all left Disney to pursue this project, which had originally been rejected by their former employer as “too dark” to be a commercial success. They were followed soon after by 20 other Disney animators, dubbed “The Disney Defectors” by the trade press. (x)

One of the most hilarious aspects of FMA:B is just how the finale plays out.

like the protags get split (roughly) into Team Mustang and Team Ed Team Greed. 

Team Mustang, in preparation for the Promised Day, has consolidated power across the entirety of Amestris and organized a secret coup led by the Briggs forces covertly smuggled into Central. They then successfully take out the entirety of the High Command, and take command of the radio in such a way that they smoothly and secretively dictate all information released to the public which shuffles all blame onto the High Command and Briggs, away from Mustang, leaving Mustang’s hands clean and ripe for Fuhrer-dom, like the goddamn fucking pros they are

…and Team Greed has….um….hmmm…they sure did Show Up. Greed went somewhere. But I mean. …Ed definitely got into Central. He just……. Yeah he had no plan. None of those 4 (5?) idiots had any kind of plan in the months leading up to this. They were hiding in a basement. Stellar. Illustrious. Our Protagonist, everyone. The Prodigy. The Smartest state alchemist Amestris has seen. Hiding in a basement at home. Pretending to be dead.

Like Thank Fucking God for Mustang because FMA was never going to shape up into one of those “plucky young protag kid somehow outsmarts the whole Big Bad Organization” no Ed’s dumb as a doornail and would have gotten stomped into the ground if he didnt have An Experienced Strategic Adult With Uncountable Connections and Vast Knowledge of Military Procedure on his side.


Cartoon Saloon’s The Secret of Kells was first released on February 11, 2009.

Development on the film began in 1999 when director Tomm Moore and some of his friends first saw Richard Williams’s The Princess and the Cobbler (1993) and Disney’s Mulan (1998). The stylings of those two films - Persia for The Princess and the Cobbler (1993) and China for Mulan (1998) - inspired Moore to make a similarly styled film based on Irish art. (x)

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I love that so many people decide to watch Kingsman at the cinema. Whether you like The Golden Circle or not, if it does well at the box office it is more likely that we get the third one. And who knows…maybe that one will satisfy the now disappointed fans some more again. We all fell in love with the characters so give them a chance to evolve. 

concept art for a one-shot i’m writing, where blue zircon shapeshifts into a sapphire to disguise herself

…aand this is what my art looks like when i’ve actually had a good night’s sleep, lmao

anonymous asked:

What do you think Dan and Phil are actually doing? I don't think there's anything different going on? They're just being quiet and busy that's happened many times before...

This time around it’s different. The last time we had about a week long worth of silence (I guess but you get what I mean) was when they were in LA. That’s easy to depict as, clearly, they spent a day at the Fine Bros, a day with Cat, a day with Anthony, and easily a day by themselves because they love LA. 

But what we got going on here is different. Because A) they keep tweeting REALLY random and obscure things. They’re easily avoiding our questions, questions they would usually answer like “When is the next gaming video??” Which isn’t technically new, it’s just really weird considering they used to have a pretty developed uploading schedule, and then suddenly it’s tuesday and we don’t have any content? When they uploaded Dream Daddy on Thursday because Phil’s mum was in town for her birthday. They usually say when they’re going to upload on liveshow days beforehand.

But here’s the second clue to this mystery, WHY WERE THE LESTERS DOWN IN LONDON FOR A WEEK? Unless Kathryn is celebrating a milestone, or just love their kids and miss them, usually parents don’t stay for a whole week unless something is happening. 

Point C) how come they stayed with Martyn? They usually stayed with Dan and Phil didn’t they? Do they suddenly not have any room in their London Duplex? Yes. Because Phil isn’t going to have his parents sleep in that tiny box he calls a bedroom, and yet why was Phil feverishly cleaning it before they came over? Cool, parents are gonna look at your place (and I’m pretty sure they’ve seen it before earlier this year??) you can hide some things behind the couch and be cool, but Phil made sure the house was SPECIFICALLY PERFECTLY CLEAN. 

Also, DAN BEING NERVOUS IN FRONT OF THE LESTERS?? Boy you just went on a two week holiday with them in Florida, and have loved Mummy Lester since the beginning, there is NO WAY in hell that you are still nervous around them, SOMETHING IS UP. 

D) It’s been 5 months since That Week in March. And although it could easily have been something moving related, why would Dan make sure we remember it and to bring it up when the time comes?? 

I could go on, but they are being extremely sketchy. It’s almost eerie feeling, because we know something is up, and yet they’re being the masterminds they are and just waiting. Waiting for the right time, or the right signal, or for SOMETHING. They want our FULL attention for it, whatever it is. 

SO either their secret project is being released, or they moved again to their forever home, or they got married, whatever it is it’s SOMETHING.
Marvel Asks for Patience as Controversial Captain America Story Nears End
"We politely ask you to allow the story to unfold before coming to any conclusion," the company is telling upset readers.

What’s unusual about this statement isn’t just that it comes a day before the release of Secret Empire No. 1 (actually the series’ second issue — it launched with No. 0 last month), but that it feels at odds with the story as written to date. Under the current version of Steve Rogers’ history, his “core values” were instilled by Hydra since childhood, leading him to collaborate with the Nazis and sabotage the Allies’ efforts in World War II; in terms of Secret Empire itself, he’s plotted and executed a Hydra takeover of the United States that has left many he pretended to be friends with for dead, not to mention actively trying to murder others to further the Hydra cause. Why didn’t his “heart and soul” kick in during any of these previous events…?

Perhaps that is reason enough to keep reading Secret Empire: to discover what is more morally repugnant to a brainwashed Captain America than working to ensure a fascist takeover of the world on two separate occasions.

I love that Marvel has hit a point where it needed to release a statement about this. And that even the Hollywood Reporter isn’t buying into their shit.

my favorite things about tom’s lip sync battle:

  • he was confident the entire time
  • it was well performed and clearly well rehearsed
  • he didn’t rely on the “shock factor” of breaking gender roles to carry him
  • he made no transphobic jokes and instead said that his performance costume was similar to the spiderman costume
  • the water? was actually on the stage? and everyone still performed amazingly
  • it wasn’t a secret; clips had been released before but he still rocked it
  • zendaya being so shocked in the background. like same girl
  • he took so many aspects of traditional masculinity and flipped them. apathy? nope, he cared so much and rehearsed so often to create that. considering traditionally women’s clothing to be “emasculating”? nope, he said it was similar to the spiderman outfit. pretending to be unfazed by the whole thing? nope, he was openly nervous beforehand.
  • his muscled arms