secret recipe that makes it amazing and cheap

Smoked salmon bagels

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: smoked salmon? This is meant to be a blog for cheap food! I can’t afford that! Well, here’s the secret: smoked salmon trimmings. I don’t know if every shop sells these, but if you find one that does, and if you love smoked salmon, they’re a really good way to get some amazing-tasting fish on the cheap.

This isn’t so much a recipe as just a good tip for when you’re bored of sandwiches and other boring lunches.

You will need:

  • A plain bagel
  • Soft cheese (e.g. Philadelphia, or a cheaper brand)
  • Smoked salmon trimmings

You can pretty much guess the next bit: Cut your bagel in half, spread a dollop of soft cheese on each half, and lay some smoked salmon trimmings on top.

I find that a 200g packet of soft cheese will cover 5 bagels, and a 120g packet of smoked salmon trimmings will cover 3 of those bagels, so that’s 3 good lunches and maybe 2 breakfasts with the leftovers (toasted plain bagels with soft cheese are good, too!).

In total, this cost me £3.20.

These trimmings are also great for any other recipe calling for smoked salmon (try mixing some Philadelphia soft cheese into some pasta and adding slices of tomato and smoked salmon trimmings!).