secret pillars

⚠ Set aside one hour every morning for personal development matters. Meditate, visualize  your day, read inspirational texts to set the tone of your day, listen to motivational tapes  or read great literature. Take this quiet period to vitalize and energize your spirit for the  productive day ahead. Watch the sun rise once a week or be with nature. Starting the day  off well is a powerful strategy for self-renewal and personal effectiveness.

⚠ Laugh for five minutes in the mirror each morning. Steve Martin does. Laughter activates  many beneficial chemicals within the body that place us into a very joyous state. Laughter also returns the body to a state of balance. Laughter therapy has been regularly  used to heal persons with varied ailments and is a wonderful tonic for life’s ills. While the  average 4 year old laughs 500 times a day, the average adult is lucky to laugh 15 times a  day. Revitalize the habit of laughter, it will put far more living into your life.   


So I’ve been meaning to do a follow forever for ages now, and since it’s the end of the year, I figured I didn’t have any excuse to put it off any longer. I’ve had this blog for over a year now, and I started it as a purely supernatural fanblog, but since then I’ve gained and lost new fandoms over the past year. My biggest milestone was probably joining the Maze Runner fandom a few months ago, and since then I’ve met so many people and made so many (good) changes that it’s actually overwhelming. I’m so grateful to so many people on here, so if I’ve forgotten anyone in the long run, i’m sorry. I love you all and I hope you have a great 2015!

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I love you all and I’m so sorry if I forgot people, because I know I did! If you want my love, just pop into my inbox and I will give it to you, free of charge! Thanks for putting up with my onslaughts of ridiculous fic writing, my headcanon spams, my multishipper/multifandom trash, and anytime I showed up uninvited in your inbox to cry about something or other. You’re all magical. <3

Nikki–You were my first real friend in the TMR fandom and you’ve always been there for me, no matter what. I’m proud to call you my internet wife and proud to share all of my feelings and all of my ridiculousness with you. I’m s grateful to have you in my life as a support system and someone to yell with whenever we feel like it. You know you can talk to me about anything and you’re always welcome in my inbox and in my heart. <333

Megan–Once upon a time you were supposedly intimidated by me for five seconds and I was also intimidated by you, but then we got over it and so here we are. I’m not kidding when I say I value your feedback on my writing more than anyone else’s, and I’m so fucking glad to have made friends with one of the best writers in the TMR fandom. Thanks for being my writing partner in crime, and remember that you’re my nerd wife and I’m here for you always. XD

Aisha–You’re my favorite person ever because you shoved your way into my inbox and made yourself at home. You have no idea how much I appreciate your constant presence and enthusiasm and willingness to talk whenever, and you were one of my first friends in the TMR fandom as well, so my love for you knows no bounds. (Also, the time when we were icon twins was the most beautiful time in my life.)

Viki–You’re one of my newest friends on here but you’re also my wife to be and i’m eagerly awaiting your secret proposal. ;) You’re so full of life and sweetness and talent and i’m endlessly glad that we started talking because I should have followed you sooner and I would honestly kill to meet you in real life. <3333

Laura–MY GALLY HEADCANON QUEEN and actual fairy princess child. I love you more than life and i’m kidnapping you to live in my nonexistent basement because I miss you hardcore when we don’t talk and I’ve never felt more comfortable ranting on and on about dumb stuff to someone so basically thank you for existing. <3333

Sarah–You’re one of my closest SPN fandom friends who’s stuck with me even through a million fandom changes, and it means a lot that you did. I love you so much and you deserve a million hugs for being so sweet and supportive and I love seeing you happy with your family on my dash. You have a gift for loving everyone and I admire you so much. :)

Jime–You’re that magical secret pillar of support that I can always count on to drop by and offer hugs and congratulations and nice words. Whenever I see you on my dash, you’re always making someone feel better and you’re so good for all of us and I’m so glad to have you here all the time. I love you very much. <3